Too much certainty herbicide applied - Help!

GSIMM05August 6, 2014

I have a mainly KBG/Ryegrass lawn with some crappy tall fescue mixed in. When we moved we had a crabgrass and triv infestation, so we killed it off and started over. Now, the triv is back 2 years later and taking over in a lovely lime green ugly variant.

I got some certainty and I applied too much (don't ask why, but I screwed up). I applied 1.15-1.25 oz per acre instead of the recommended 0.75.

I realized this about an hour later (thanks to labels changing) and doused the lawn with lots of water about 2-3 hours after the application (at 7pm at night). It rained like hell last night as well. I also mowed the grass short (bagging the clippings) 8 hours after the application in the hope of stunting the translocation of the chemical (the grass was very long before the app). Lastly, I used a crappy surfactant (80% non-inert instead of the 90%+ recommended on the label).

Do you think I have a chance of saving my lawn or am I screwed? Will the KBG survive the higher dosage and do you think the mowing, soaking of water and bad surfactant will help to save things?

Thanks in advance!

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While only time will tell, you didn't exceed the recommended dosage by all that terribly much, and then you reacted exactly the right way by flushing it and mowing it.

The surfactant probably didn't matter, I regularly use inappropriate surfactants for something I'm going to use immediately.

If you made me guess? You've shocked the lawn, but it's going to look slightly bad-ish for a while, get over it, and recover to move on with its life. Figure by October you won't notice you ever did it--except maybe the grass will be a little less green than it would normally be.

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