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mawheelJuly 4, 2013

4th of July, everybody! If fireworks are allowed--or haven't been cancelled b/c of lack of funds--enjoy them. As for DH and me, we'll watch the live TV showing of the ones on the National Mall at the foot of the Wash. Monument. For most of my growing up and young adult years, we were part of the crowds waiting and watching. Lots of fun!

It'll also be an inside day for me, as the temp may go into the 90s. Come on, October!!

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Happy 4th too. Fireworks have been cancelled on account of an abundance of water. My cat likes that and I watch, as usual, the celebration in Washington.

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Happy 4th! from me! I had my fireworks last night, provided by Mom Nature, a rip-roaring T-storm! Haven't had one of those for years, and this one pulled out all the stops, the lightning was spectacular, both intricate woven bolts and sheet-lightning, bringing the outline of the hills in old relief. The show lasted better than an hour, power went out for less than a minute.
Gussie was not amused, it took three doses of Rescue Remedy to get her kind of calmed down and she spent the night in her pen, holed up in her Dogloo.
I even had a ten minute cloudburst!

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What is RESCUE REMEDY. May try some myself.

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Happy 4th to all.
My first 4th in this country was spent at the Washington mall. It was an awesome day.
We are spending a quiet (we hope) day at home.
I fixed potato salad, we'll have hot dogs and Apple, caramel tartlets.

Below is a photo of our flag showing through our blinds in the living room. It looks nice and shady, but we have one more hot day,

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Happy 4th.

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gandle(4 NE)

Have a good one.

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Happy 4th!

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