Can anyone id this plant for me?

jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)May 4, 2006

I don't remember planting it .... just wondering what it is - I hate when that happens. The blooms look like a delphinium but the leaves aren't what I remember as the leaves of a delphinium. I did attempt to grow some larkspur from seeds last year but it doesn't look like larkspur either.

Can anyone help?

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you're right, i don't see any spurs, jean. but that is the first thing i thought of before i read the text. i dont' know what delphs look like.

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

Could that be campanula? I can't remember what its flowers look like.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Thanks FTM and ZC - It has been identified on the Name-that-plant forum as a Verbascum phoeniceum - aka purple mullein. Apparently it is a short lived perennial but propagates easily from seed so I am going to try collect some seeds for next year. It is such a pretty color!

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That is so incredible, Jean! I looked at your pics the other day, and I just couldn't figure out what that was. I, too, thought maybe Delphinium/larkspur, but....yeah, just not the same.

Yesterday, Mom & I went plant shopping (holy cow, I'm an addict, I swear! LOL), and guess what I bought? A Verbascum ('Jackie') that has flowers shaped just like that, only a different color! I'm so glad you found out what it is, though. :)


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I think it might be a new favorite, but then I say that alot!

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Stunning photo Jeanner! Mystery solved.

I planted verbascum last year and this spring it was gone, and it was in a good garden bed. Talk about a short lived perennial. In this case also known as an annual. LOL 'Jackie' is really pretty. Good luck with it Brenda, maybe it will like Cali better!

Campanula grows well for me, the peach-leafed type the best. No luck with the shorter 'blue clips' types.

Delphiniums last two seasons in my zone 7, with decline in the second season. Just too hot for them, but boy do I love them. Raptures.

Foxgloves are great too and will grow well via re-seeding provided they like their location.

Surprising my Lobelia cardinalis is coming back gang-busters this spring. Lobelia is another plant that has to love it's location or it goes poof. It's growing on the back side of my pond in damp clay, partial morning/mid day sun. Full shade from afternoon sun. Next to several varieties of Joe Pye Weed (eupatorium). Also, great blue lobelia.

QUESTIONS for the plant people. My Lousiana iris plant (Black Gamecock) is huge, but has never bloomed. All my other iris (Siberian, species, yellow flag, Japanese) bloom with no problems. Could it want a lower Ph? My soil is clay and tends to be 8.5 and the city water here is also 8.5. Rain is about 5.5 to 6.0 It started as one small fan and is now 3 feet tall and just as wide with many fans. It's lush looking. It is on the damp left side of the pond near my other pond marginals that do bloom (those listed above). I fertilize once per year in early spring with general purpose Miracle Grow, but maybe I should try Miracid or something else? I have an Endless Summer hydrangea nearby that blooms pink (as proof of the higher Ph). I need ideas - thanks.


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Thanks for the mullein info, CT! (Great to see you back here, too! :)) I can only hope it lives over, since as you said, it really is pretty.

On the other hand, my Delphinium 'Blue Butterfly' didn't make it. I sure wish I had more luck with those.

My Lobelia 'Cranberry Crush' went poof, but I think the gopher might have got carried away with it. It also probably didn't help when I blasted the top off of it with my pellet gun while running off feral chickens last fall. LOL

I've had a Campanula (Serbian bellflower, 'Dickson's Gold') for many years, but it hasn't spread, and the light blue flowers are somewhat lost amidst the golden leaves. But, hey, it's alive! LOL

Oh, my foxglove is enormous! I planted it last fall, so I was suprised when it sent up 6 or 7 stalks in early spring! LOVE those!

I don't have any Louisiana iris, but I've read that they like neutral to acid water and/or soil conditions. How long have you had it?


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I just discovered that I have another verbascum, the buds look more like a bright pink. Apparently I bought several of them! I need to go root through my tub of tags (I think I have the tag for every plant that I've ever bought) - unfortunately they are not well organized.

I have been growing foxgloves from seed every year for several years, they are an easy plant to grow from seed. This is the first winter that I didn't start any, I am hoping they reseed from the plants this year. I usually avoid biennals but I can't resist the foxglove - besides the deer won't touch them so they are one of the few shade plants that I can grow.

So ladies, where are the pictures?? Huh??? You KNOW I'm going ask!

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hey ct! i have a silly question since your other irises are blooming. also, i am not sure if the "rule" applies to black gamecock. is the rhizome exposed?

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