I want to stay put! (Long)

anneliese_32(6)July 10, 2010

Crazy couple of weeks. Last week was doctor appointments for my husband and me. Eye clinics, both of us, different days. His heart specialist, my 6 mo. check-up with my family doctor for descriptions, and my husband's yearly check-up with his Orthopedic Surgeon for his bad hip. On the way out, as elevator door opened, a man on crutches swung in before we could get out and knocked my husband to the floor. His better hip started to hurt immediately, so back up to the doctor. Not broken, but badly bruised. Should not put weight on it and since the other hip can't bear weight anyhow, they transported him across the street to the hospital to keep him immobile for several days. He is home since yesterday afternoon, but maybe Lilo, George he could have walker competitios down the road.

Highlight of the days, the cat made it through her yearly visit to the vet and her shots (I almost did not), and the semi-annual appointment with my Oncologist was great and I don't have to come back until next July. After picking up my new glasses today, I don't want to see another doctor for a while and stay home.

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Sounds like the good news far outweighs the bad. Steve S.

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Started out as all good news, until this person tripped your DH,I am glad no serious harm was done. I don't blame you for not wanting to see a medic again for some time, I am only in the system for less than a week by now, and I am happy when it's over.
Walker races sound like fun!

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Gads, anneliese_, I can see why you want to stay put for a while. It's not easy.

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