Moving, instructions for new homeowner

harleysilo(7 Roswell,GA)May 8, 2006

Well, the time has come and we are moving. Some here will remember my pond and here is a photo to refresh your memory...


So, it was originally built by me for our dogs. I layered the entire bottom and sides with stones and flagstone layed/adhered with black pond foam.

It does not had a bottom drain, which is the biggest drawback, it does however support up to 10 goldfish just fine with a homemaid filter and cheap home depot pump.

It is fine for goldfish, but the new owners want to put Koi in it. It is 9 ft long, about 5 ft. wide and almost 3 ft. deep in the far end. It's in full shade, so alge was never a problem. To sell the house I converted it back to a dog pond i.e I cholorinate it ever so often.

I'm posting this for suggestions as to what to write and leave as a note/instructions to the new owners. They are a single father with an 8 yr. old daughter. I haven't met them, but imagine the girl is the one interetested in teh pond...

So, any suggestions are welcome....

I will of course direct her to go here for the wealth of information, experience and advice everyone provides....

FYI I have no future plans for another pond at this point.

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A retro fit bottom drain will work just fine attached to a skippy filter that functions as a waterfall. Running both the homemade filter and a skippy will be ok and much better for koi anyhow. Leave them this website and the website for the skippy filters

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