My wife's early birthday present.

pondmaninfl(z9 FL)May 19, 2006

My wife has a birthday the 28th of this month. She likes rats and has always wanted some for a pet. I heard about Dumbo rats some time back and suggested that she could have rats as long as they were Dumbos. Well, this past monday, she came across an ad online of a woman selling a Dumbo rat. I gave her a call and found out that she had two of them for $5.00 each. She couldn't promise that she could hold them until Saturday. Tuesday, I got home from work, got me a snack and an ice water, and sat down at the computer for a bit. I got up from there and went to get a shower. Just as I get to the point that I couldn't answer the phone, it rang. When I got out of the shower and got dressed, I checked to see if they had left a message. Sure enough, it was the woman with the rats. I thought she was calling to say that the rats had been sold. Nope! She was calling to see if we could meet her and her family somewhere to get the rats.(she lives in a different county) So, my wife and I went and met them and got the two Dumbo rats. They are black and both are males. They are adorable.

My wife is happy with them. Frances thinks that they are squirrels with no hair on their tails. If we don't watch her, she will bark at them and scare them. We plan to get her out of that habit and see if we can train her to treat them like puppies and not like a little stuffed animal.



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you are such a sweetheart, scott! (i plead the fifth if you repeat this, lol). not many people would accept rats for pets. as a matter of fact, i used to want one when i was little. dumbos are adorable.

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I remember the Dumbo posts on here, and they truly are adorable, even for those who don't care for the "average" rat! :D I would LOVE to see pics, Scott. What are their names?

Since I know I'll forget, let your wife know that we're sending birthday wishes her way! :)


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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

I want pics of Mumbo and Numbo, the two MALE, cohabitating rats (I THOUGHT they had LAWS against stuff like that in Florida :-P, riding on Frances' back, just as soon as you can find the proper tranquilizer to get her to acquiesce to such a request :)

Happy Birthday to Sarah!

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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)

Well, I had to install the camera software back on my computer since I didn't do after changing the hard drive but I got er done.

Here are the cuteys.

The pictures aren't the best but better than the third pic which I wish had came out clear. It was of them peaking out from under one of the pillows.

Oh, their names are Lilo and Scratch.


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aaaaaaa! i just love those ears! thanks, scott :)

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Awww!! Those ears really do make them so adorable. Love the names, too. Much better than Frik and Frak.

Be careful when cuddling them at night, Scott. One involuntary muscle spasm, and the Dumbos will fly! :D


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