Dwarf Tall Fescue & Dallisgrass - Please help

danell(7)September 27, 2010

I had a landscaper put in Dwarf Tall Fescue sod last year. It is now infested with what the Grange Co-op tells me is Dallis grass. They said to pull it and/or spray with Killz-All (aka Roundup) and re-seed. I sprayed just the back yard and quickly realized I would have to kill the whole lawn, 1/4-1/2 of back yard is now dead; Killz-All did a good job of killing fesuce but only a moderate job of killing Dallis grass. I have not touched the front yet and need to be careful what I use on lawn for sake of young trees.

Questions: How do I find a professional and what should I expect him/her to do for me? What kind of cost may I expect? What would happed if I did nothing and just let the lawn become a climax lawn? In the interim any suggestions for what I should do for back or front lawn until I get a pro on board?

NOTE: I live in zone 7 with cobbly clay and summer temps in the 90s or triple digits - if that helps any. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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I thought I should add that I live in an area with a number of open fields. Yet some of my neighbors have nice looking lawns that do not appear to be infested - perhaps they planted a different grass? Others have weed patches, my next door neighbor being one; however, he did allow me to spray Roundup and put down Cassaron in his side yard where he parks his car but his back yard is still a mess. Still others have problems with sod web worm, cinch bugs, other. Thank goodness that was something I was able to control.

I cannot afford to renovate my lawn every year or so and I know it is just about too late to reseed this year, so I'm counting/hoping someone here will give me some good advice. Looking forward to your replies. Cheers.

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