A Poem for Wednesday

sweet_betsy No AL Z7July 16, 2014

Here you are, Don, a poem as you suggested. When I read it, I think of Lilo and her goats.

The Goat Paths
The crooked paths go every way
Upon the hill � they wind about
Through the heather in and out
Of the quiet sunniness.
And there the goats, day after day,
Stray in sunny quietness,
Cropping here and cropping there,
As they pause and turn and pass,
Now a bit of heather spray,
Now a mouthful of the grass.

In the deeper sunniness,
In the place where nothing stirs,
Quietly in quietness,
In the quiet of the furze,
For a time they come and lie
Staring on the roving sky.

If you approach they run away,
They leap and stare, away they bound,
With a sudden angry sound,
To the sunny quietude;
Crouching down where nothing stirs
In the silence of the furze,
Couching down again to brood
In the sunny solitude.

If I were as wise as they
I would stray apart and brood,
I would beat a hidden way
Through the quiet heather spray
To a sunny solitude;
And should you come I'd run away,
I would make an angry sound,
I would stare and turn and bound
To the deeper quietude,
To the place where nothing stirs
In the silence of the furze.

In that airy quietness
I would think as long as they;
Through the quiet sunniness
I would stray away to brood
By a hidden beaten way
In a sunny solitude.

I would think until I found
Something I can never find,
Something lying on the ground,
In the bottom of my mind.

--James Stephens

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Thank you, Sweet Betsy, for taking today and for that goat poem, it is so "goatly" describing their nature perfectly. I so enjoyed reading it.

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Neat poem. I had to look up the word "furze" and found a photo.lol.
I guess it would look pretty much the same if they were goats.
Gave me a chuckle.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ooops. I'll try it again.

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Thanks for the poem. Heather and furze for me always mean hot summerdays.

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Thank you Sweet Betsy for sharing your poetry. Have had goats and sheep among others and they have unique personalities. One of my favorite funny memories is when they got into the pomegranate bush and the sheep cane out with red stains around their mouths.

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