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gmatx_gw zone 6July 18, 2012

news but not in a good way. It seems like Amarillo, TX has a doctor who is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. She, however, found a new love (another doctor) in Lubbock, which is 123 miles south of here. Amarillo doctor evidently paid hired hit man with bars of silver ($9,000) to kill the Lubbock doctor. Someone said silver bars have ID marks on them that identify who the bars were sold to. It just amazes me that anyone would either (1) think he could commit a perfect murder and never be caught or (2) be willing to spend the rest of his life in prison for $9,000.

It was really a double blow for the Lubbock doctor's family as their father was killed on the 2 year anniversary of their mother's murder by her second husband.

I would have much rather seen us in the news for the great contract Bell Textron received to build the new commercial helicopters. They are our best industry here.

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Both parents were murdered? I am speechless. whoa. The chances of winning the powerball are probably smaller. I wish they'd won that more than a half billion dollar lottery. That is so awful.

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Seems there is rarely a day when there is not a murder within a 100 mile radius. When and why did live become so cheap? It's not only here in the US, it's everywhere.

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Hasn't it always been anneliese? There have been wars which decimated neighboring tribes. It's so awful to bear to think of the things humankind can do.

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Lord luv a duck!
I'm wondering how he got through Med school.

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Today's news from Aurora, CO realy shows the complete disregard for human life. I bet he did not know a single person there. This makes how many mass-shootings in a week?

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gmatx_gw zone 6

Yes, mankind has always been cruel but we have reached such a low. Why have we gotten to this point and how do we change it? Is it lack of moral values taught by our parents or whoever raised us? Is it a rub off from some who believe they deserve whatever they want when they want it? What is it?

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