my drive to ontario

fairy_toadmotherJune 15, 2007

my return to us was made miserable by the ten minute interrogation and questions of my life history.

lake superior

i took this b/c i was amazed at the way the rock was eroded.

terry fox scenic overlook in ontario

a must stop if you ever get to ontario, and it takes such a short time:

the bridge at the start of the trail

another unknown flower

indian head:

just for kicks, compare this pic with above. same thing. i simply raised my camera slightly and it automatically adjusted the lighting. interesting.

moose or bear?

this is where i heard the unknown frog

i saw a couple moose on my way back to ely. these pics are from a few hours later, at 5 am. i went back out to get some shots. not good photos, though. turns out she also had a calf, but i wasn't fast enough with my video. my video turns out so much better than my pics.

dont you just want to grab that snout with both hands!

i like the date stamp, but i don't. it gives me a better record than my memory ever would, but some pics it ruins even if cropped.

i didn't make it to sleeping giant provincial park but i could see it from where i was. i also didn't take the cable bridge over eagle canyon which is very near ouimet. it was getting late and i had places to go! unfortunately, the amethyst mine closed before i got there.

Here is a link that might be useful: legend of indian head.

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

WOW! All of your photographs! WOW!

That bridge just seems to draw you into the trail to see what beauty lies ahead. I need to get ready for work but I'm enjoying your photographs too much. :-) You really took stunning photographs, FTM.

Thanks so much for sharing them here! Gonna go back and drool over them all over again. :-)

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sheepco(MN z4)

Ditto from me!

Did you stop at Split Rock Lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls too?

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thanks, chicka! amazing what a good camera can do for you. i was impressed with the bridge photo. i didn't think i could get the depth without a special lense- like all those bridge photos you see around.

no i didn't sarah! i do know i want to go back one of these days, hopefully with dh in tow. thre was a falls i contemplated but i don't think it was gooseberry. i pretty much stayed on the circle tour highway as far as Pearl, Ontario then turned back.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Ah, too many places to go, too many things to do on a vacation! I can only hope I win the lottery before I'm in a wheelchair (again :) so I can travel all I want when I retire!

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Before I can comment on your photos, I must first ask you a few questions:

*What is your middle initial?
*Is it E.?
*As in Fair E. Toadmotha?
*Who was your 3rd grade substitute teacher?
*If train 'A' travel north @ 55 MPH and while train 'B' travels south @ 47 KPH, what are the names of the train conductors?
*Did you have any Moosehead while in Ontario?
*Taste great?
*Less filling?
*Did you have any moose head while in Ontario? (not the one shown above, of course!)
*Taste great?
*Less filling?
*Nice moose droppings you got there in pic #13x2. Taste great? Less filling? *SORRY*
*So do Canadian people really end all their sentences with "eh", eh?
*Did you find any rocks nice enough to steal....errrrr... to relocate back to your pond?

To be continued...

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exactly semper! you are just hilarious, i might add.

despite all the "night danger, moose" warning signs in canada- including one of those light up road construction types (wow), i didn't see moose until i was back in minnesota.

as far as the rocks, know me too well. i so wanted a huge rock with amethyst throughout, and some from lake s. i walked away deciding i would wait until i get to the mine. good thing, b/c my psychorock episode made me forget i took the bus. i had all kinds of thoughts afterward on my way to the mine about how i would pack it in my suitcase!

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sheepco(MN z4)

Dontcha hate when the carry on isn't big enough for the rocks? (or in my case all the wine last time I was in Ohio). Thank god they make 'em with wheels now.

About 7 years ago I drove to Alaska with the folks. My Dad is a stickler for not trashing the inside of the car, so Mom and I kept a sort of briefcase for all the maps, brochures, journals, and things we picked up on the way, kept it all neat and easy to find stuff; had shoulder packs for all the junk we'd need during a day; of 'course a litter bag so we wouldn't strew garbage all over in the back seat :), etc...He never found out we were stashing rocks in the trunk (up in and around the spare, heaven forbid we'd put more stuff in the car) 'til we got home. But I have the most amazing collection of rocks from that trip, some of them pretty big, and I can still tell stories about where every one was found. They're all in my gardens :)

sigh...what a great trip that one was...i need to go back...

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sheepco(MN z4)

I'm sorry you didn't get your big rock FTM.

You just tell me where you want one from and I'll pick one up and send it!

(Just kidding, I know that the 'best' rocks must be found yourself)

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i love that story!

my sister brought me rocks from their drive west. that's sister love for ya! i have one from the crazy horse monument- my fave, and not just b/c it is the most interesting. i have one from california. i thik that is the one that is sort of blue. i panicked yesterday, b/c i can't find it. i know that it has been sitting in a specific small pile for a couple of years now, and it isn't there! i havent' put them anywhere for fear of forgetting which was which (except crazy horse, that one is obvious). maybe i moved it or it broke. i did find pieces of it that are a similar color, but i thought it was larger. i doubt anyone came along and helped themself. i think there is one there from oregon also, but i can't remember which one that is, either. grrrr. i wish i knew how to engrave them so i would remember.

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sheepco(MN z4)

I've been known to write on the bottom of my special rocks with a sharpie marker. Lasts for years...

Yeah, yeah, I know...but weirdness loves company! :0)

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i was going to do that, but i didn't think it would work! grrr. now i know, of course, that will be the side i decide i want to display later :)

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ooh, i did get the moose schnoz on here! had to bump it up to help bonnie. not shy, huh?

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sheepco(MN z4)

I could look at these all day...glad you're not shy!

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FTM - will you be my tour guide! I love your travel photos - lovely.

I think the purple flower is a member of the Milkwort family called a Polygala paucifolia or Fringed Polygala (aka Gaywings). CT

Here is a link that might be useful: Fringed Polygala Images

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FTM i love the moose! Sorry you didn't get the good rock. When we went to Hawaii they had a lot of great lava rocks and i soooo wanted some but its good i didn't sneak any because we got checked for bombs. My aunt who is 72 was the one they picked on and she was happy to be frisked because it was a cute guy. I dont know how we would have got the rocks past him. We set off the bomb alarm and a whole bunch of people circled us and i guess they thought we were terrorists or something. It was very exciting and scary all at once and i was soooooo GLAD we didn't sneak those rocks :-) ---------We might have gone to prison or something! They finally concluded it was volcano gases put off during our visit to the volcano on the big island and they finally let us go. We almost missed our flight back to Oahu where we were staying. I will never forget it thats for sure :-)---------bonnie

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normally i am shy :)

ct, you found it! i'll admit i haven't even looked. i just love the fringes. quite unmistakable, eh?

bb, what an experience. i would never have known about the gas effect. although, where i used to work certain hairsprays seemed to activate the explosive detectors.

    Bookmark   July 21, 2007 at 7:40PM
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