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fairy_toadmotherJune 15, 2007

i stopped in soudan, mn for the soudan iron mine tour. very cool. they take you a half mile under ground. i will have video loaded eventually. it is actually darker under there than my pics, and my hands were going to go numb from cold during the rail ride. i didn't see any bats :(

they are there though.

jasper deposit


the lift bridge to enter the harbor

old anchor with wood and lighthouse in background

tommy the belgian and harry the percheron, respectively

the end until i get video up!

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

WOW! That was fantastic! :-) All of it!

Really nice lighthouse! Maybe the bats are in a more non-touristy part of the mine so they are not disturbed during their sleep time?

Jasper deposit ..... Very pretty natural design isn't it?

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sheepco(MN z4)

I haven't been up to the north shore for a couple years - might have to go this summer! Thanks FTM!

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i didnt' want to come home! may i join you? right, i have exhausted my vacation time. i didn't appreciate coming back to 90 degree weather.

my thoughts on the bats, as well, chicka. not to mention how dark it was they could have been right in front of me. there are so many cubby holes for them to find down there.

i am such a rock hound and love jasper! i can't remember the exact type of jasper it is, but the guide said it was so hard to drill through they had to start avoiding it. i also saw some copper and malachite deposits.

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bump :)

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Gorgeous photos, i would have loved to go down in a mine. Was it hard to breath? The stripes on the rocks were mesmerizing. Really love lighthouses too :-) What a great trip! You might have had a little bat friend riding around on your shoulder and never known :-) Im thinking of getting some bat houses to attract natural bug zappers. My mom said she was to scared when i told her thats what i wanted for Christmas. Strange Christmas wish, huh. I dont know anybody who has bats though i would have liked to ask some questions about it first. Thanks for the bump up!---------bonnie

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oooohhhhhh yyeeaahhh! Love seeing these pix! I'm green with envy, and I live here! (well only a 6 hour drive away!)

My parents just left this am for another toot 'up north' in their motorhome. They love the mines, but I don't think they've done the wolf center yet. I'm calling them tomorrow! Hope it doesn't get so hot it drives them home early...even if I do have to go pick mom's beans Saturday...

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Great photos FTM - I am taken aback by the size of that ship against the lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's house. Horses are always sweet! CT

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it wasn't hard to breathe at all.. the said the mine breathed for itself, thus clean air- no gases and no air had to be pumped in. i thought that was very interesting, despite being a half mile underground.

i was hoping for bats, but didnt' see any. they are there though.

thanks, ct. that was the exact effect i was trying to show. the ship was longer than the breakwater the lighthouses are on, if that is the correct term. the lighthouses weren't large but big enough.

harry, the dapple percheron, is my fave. i couldnt quit petting him, or walk away. i kept going back. of course, i had to have a carriage ride.

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