Tall Fescue and Zoysia Border

davidpj(7)September 11, 2011

My neighbor and I have a small island of grass between our front yards. My lawn is tall fescue and my neighbor is putting in zoysia sod next spring.

I can replace my small amount of fescue that's in decent shape with zoysia sod, but I'm wondering if there are other good choices.

I know zoysia will invade my fescue, but what exactly does that mean? Will it choke out my fescue? Will it be unsightly especially in the winter when zoysia goes dormant?

Other than creating a bed between the grasses, are there any other ways to create a border that will stop zoysia?


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Couple of ways. Yes a flower bed would work, shrubs, or deep shade.

As for invade, Zoysia is slow, but steady and like Bermuda will choke all all competition if allowed too. Zoysia forms a very dense turf.

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