Sometimes, You just have to wonder

agnespuffinJuly 26, 2011

I am sure, that by now, everyone with a newspaper, TV or radio knows that most governmental bodies, state and federal, are having a hard time making ends meet.

So, I have to wonder why our state has picked this time to have a contest to choose a new design for our license plates. Is everyone working for free on this? I doubt it. Are they going to charge a bundle for the new plates?

But, the contest had boiled down to a selection of eight, then three. Soon a winner would be declared. WOW!

Whoa, not so fast! It seems that there is now a dispute and we will hold the contest all over again. $$$$$$$$$

The reason for the new contest. It seems that there is a faction that thinks it's important to have "In God We Trust" on the plate.

I have no comment.

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Haven't they heard of separation of Church and State? Duh. And I believe in God. Get real, people. Wish the government would get its act together and move forward. All right already! It's time. Wonder what's going on in any of those heads.

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Job creation.

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Don, you could be right. We probably have a whole new department just for designing plates. Then, there's all the people involved in the contest. It really boggles the mind when you think about all the jobs this one thing has created. (personally, I think our new governor is buying votes the only way he knows)

I think, but not sure, that we are one of the few states where the plates are still made in prisons, by prison labor. Maybe we should move that process out into the private sector.

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Tongue was firmly in cheek......Job creation

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I was wondering if maybe all those jobs related to the design are being done by prisoners?

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Agnespuffin..........s'cuse me....LOL......I'm blonde.

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