Peat Moss on Grass Seed

dschribsSeptember 6, 2007

WhatÂs everyone's opinion on using peat moss to cover grass seed?

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

If you use a mechanical seeder, its not necessary. If you have much vegetation or other organic matter on the seedbed,and can just run a roller over it after planting to press it into the soil, also probably not too necessary.

BUT, I can tell you where I have used it to good effect. When I have areas in a seeded area that come in a little weaker than I would like, I broadcast seed over the top of the seedlings and then put a light covering of peat moss on top of that. It both helps keep the new seed moist in an area where I don't want to press it down and keeps the birds from scarfing up the new seed, which they will often do in that situation.

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Thanks rcnaylor

I'm going to be reseeding some areas on my lawn that I burnt with fertilizer this year. Valuable lesson learned - don't fertilize on the fourth of July. When you say light covering, how much is light? About 1/4 inch or so?

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I used peat moss when I FIRST had my lawn and it did help a lot - improved soil, etc.

I have read since then that Compost is basically a LOT better than peat moss. So peat moss = better than nothing but not as good as compost. I think it IS cheaper, however.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

I agree with Parafly re general soil improvement. But, for a light covering over new seedlings and re-seeded seed, I think the consistently lighter, finer texture of peat moss for that specific job is hard to beat.

As far as how much, yeah, up to a quarter inch. Just enough to keep it from being super easy for birds to spot and get and help keep it moist. Especially if you have some of the original planting coming up you don't want to get it too deep.

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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)

I did the same as rcnaylor two years ago with the front yard -- especially in the strip between the sidewalk and street. It works well.

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