chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)June 1, 2008

Hello. My name was Mario.

I was caught by a cat. My throat and crop was Swiss cheesed by bite wounds. My body has cat claw punctures and scratches. Most of the feathers on my back and chest are missing. I have no butt feathers. Some wing feathers are missing too.

The lady who owns the cat looked for me for two days but I stayed hidden. I was frightened, cold, in pain and cannot fly. She finally found and captured me. Later in the day she brought me to get some medical assistance. I was given medication for pain and some antibiotics. I was then anesthetized for one and a half hours while my crop and neck were cleaned up and stitched up. There were six gashes in my crop and seeds were coming out from all the holes.

I was nearly decapitated by this cat! There was not enough skin to cover the crop. It was hoped that as the crop and neck healed, new skin cells will form and cover the area. It could be that my crop will be more exposed than other Mourning Doves. The big question, aside from Would I survive? was Would I grow feathers to cover the crop and neck?

After the surgery I woke up and had a long refreshing drink of water. It never tasted so good. My crop no longer leaked. I had dinner served too. Right after the surgery I am finally warm, comfortable with my bandages and have plenty of sweet seeds and water and am safe.

I found myself next door to another dove who was pecked and beaten by his own deranged parents. There was also a fellow, Barry, with an eye problem and a bright orange belly.

I will not show you my massive wounds. You may faint. It was hoped that as I got healthier and stronger, perhaps I would show you my progress. The following day I got my antibiotics and medicine for pain and decided to sit in my water dish. The bandage got soaked and needed to be changed. Now I had a new warm bandage and that greatest invention, warmth from a heating pad and thick towels beneath my birdy feet, continued to make me comfortable.

But I was very weak from the ordeal with the cat, my wounds, the infection, and just exhaustion. This was too much for my little birdy body to endure. I passed from this life to another where I am free of pain. Free of fear from cats and others who would try to harm me. Free to eat my sweet seeds. Free to have my feathers back too.

I have left the other life without raising chicks to carry on my line. There will be no grand-chicks joining me beneath the feeders. My hope is that the birds I have left behind will stay safer and cat free.


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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh I'm sorry chickadee! At least you tried once again, their little bodies are not meant for that kind of trauma.
And your stories continue to inspire the rest of us. Rest in peace Mario.....

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Thanks Sarah.

Mario suffered soooooooo much! The smell from his neck wounds honestly was nauseating. I think he must have been injured longer than just the two days to have such a massive infection. But, the lady did care enough to find him and bring him in. As always there was no charge for a Good Sam doing good things.

I thought maybe it would be better to just end his suffering but ... then again ... he's made it this far ... he deserves a chance to live. He made it through the surgery and rallied. His last hurrah. :-(

I wasn't going to post this because it is ~VERY~ sad but ... sadly it is a reality too. Maybe Mario will help people think before they let their kitties roam around?

Maybe not.

Maybe at least one?

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"Maybe Mario will help people think before they let their kitties roam around?"

Amen on that last transmission, Chicka!!! Poor little Mario may be the inspiration someone needs to make them realize. Yes, even just one.

He was so beautiful...*sniffle*


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Oh im so sorry for the poor little dove. That is so sad! I love doves and i often just sit an listen to their soft cooing they do to each other. When we first moved here we didnt have any coming around and i really missed them terribly bad. Now we have two or three pairs that come and they have wing slap outs. They are so funny slapping at each other until the dominant pair wins. So sorry sweet little dove Mario rest in peace.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Ahhh, poor sweet Mario, I'm glad he's not in pain anymore. Rest in peace Mario :^(

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Oh Chicka!! Thanks so much for trying!!!

Good to post this, because maybe someone else will try a little harder for the next one!! There was hope there! Mario showed it. He survived the surgery and was a happy fellow afterwards.

At least he got to see your kindess and gentle ways before parting. I can't thank you enough for that!

Godspeed Mario

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