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panteradonJune 20, 2007

I am not sure I am in the right place, but I'll give it a try.

I am building a pond/waterfall. The purpose is to have a large waterfall. The pond will be clear water. No fish or plants. It's really a large fountain.

The waterfall will be 7 feet wide annd have three drops. The pond will hold about 800 gallons. (8 ft x 6 ft x 2 ft)

By my calculations, I will need a pump in the 10,000 GPH range.


Would you use an internal or external pump?

What would be more efficient?



Any comments are appreciated.

I am adding a drawing of the fountain.

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Your original post was over in the Discussions area, Panteradon. This is the off-topic area, so not as many people will see it. :)


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