O.K., who has been messing with the thermostat again.

gandle(4 NE)July 2, 2013

42 degrees this morning. I thought this was July.

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85 degrees here in Eastern Washington at 8 am. Should be over 100 again today.

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Anybody who says that climate change isn't happening, either isn't facing reality or is a little cuckoo -- maybe both!!

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I don't know who excatly is messing with the master thermostat in the sky, but I'm sure messing with mine. It is hot; and I'm trying to stay cool. I'm just grateful that I have A/C and can afford to run it 24/7 if need be. Also grateful that I have enough water to give all plants and trees an extra drink of water.
Sigh, it is hot here.

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BTW, I'm reading that CA may not be able to keep u[p with the "power usage" during this heat wave, and that the "power grids" are not up to date, and they "may" need to be updated, and we may have "power outages" again.
Here we go again, with the power outages, the same as many years ago.

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Been up to 104 but now going down to low 80s, our fans are getting a work out. Would welcome your 42 at night although the plants would complain.

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NOAA says today's high: 108ú, we are under red flag warning. There was thunder and lightning last night - tomorrow it shall cool down to 106ú -

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