Ocean almost died sunday..

isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)June 6, 2007

He's been taking lessons for his glider pilots license. His seatbelts were either not tight enough or somehow worked themselves loose to where he could go through the canopy (mistake 1). He went on the winch got too fast (mistake 2) tried to slack the rope up(something you're not supposed to do..mistake 3). The rope pulled his nose down, he went negative, went through the canopy about to his chin, and lost control of the plane. He blacked out for a while came to and landed.

They airlifted him to the hospital and nothing was actually broken (which is amazing to me). He's been up and around yesterday and today (with the help of codeine of course).


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Geez!!! That is scary, Adrea! I'm so glad he's ok. Were you there when it happened? :(

After DH heard every family member say he was going to end up killing himself in his little ultralight plane, he finally agreed to sell it...without ever even flying it, thank god.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Wow! Sounds like a miracle to me! He has gotten a second chance, for sure!

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Glad to hear it was only a close call - maybe enough to not fly again?

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

I was hanging out before work getting ready to come on in the next 10 minutes. I got a phone call from my roommate and she did see it so she was shaken up enough to have to hand off the phone to the other roommate.

The only thing that could have maybe been avoided by my being there was my unique ability to say if he was coherent or not. He did not want airlifted (it's over 3,000$) and was still conscience to tell them that however they chalked it up to concussion making him incoherent....

He still wants to fly and I support him on it. He is going to upgrade the seatbelts in the glider. The plane likes him it did maneuver that he was high enough when he came to and caused a loop trying to get resituated.

His instructor is likely going to ground him for a while (not that he'll be up to flying in less than a few weeks anyhow).


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sheepco(MN z4)

OMG, I'm so glad he's ok! Someone was looking out for you guys that day!

I've got an 81 year old neighbor that has built, flown and sold 8 ultralights so far, and is looking for a new kit. So I guess the need to fly is strong. Course he's in better shape at 81 than I'll ever be. Still farms his own land and drives his motorcycle all over to check the crops every day!

Hope Ocean's feeling better every day!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

We want to be with them because what they are is exciting then we want them to stop it so they aren't exciting anymore....Sigh....

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We have a guy flying around here in oneof those things, he comes down so close he waves, but I'm always surprised when I see him the next weekend, (that he's still around). My son runs out with the camera to get his picture and is so excited, I only hope he isn't planning on doing that when he's older! He's 10. I hope Ocean's doing well, but that is just too scary! You must be a heck of a strong woman, to support him Adrea, but then again, I'd support my man if he wanted to bungee jump without a cord. LOL

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wow! it says a lot for you to still support him, and for ocean to want to still do this.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

But of course he wants to fly again! It is an inherent XY chromosomer's trait to ignore any such near death experience in order to continue to do what he loves. He will learn from these mistakes and become MUCH better at this hobby. Don't ask me how I know this! ;-)

My hats off to you for continuing to support him.

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Hi Andrea. I am so happy he was not seriously hurt!

Kindest regards always, 

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

"Sorry he's such an XY too."

Heyyyyyy...... wait a minute! My mono brain cell tells me something ain't quite right with that comment.

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

Well they decided he can still fly but he has to the glider first....mostly because it's the one he likes to fly. Everyone was glad it was a safety meeting and not a funeral. I'm going to ask if we can keep the old canopy it seems fitting to mount it over the computer in our room for some reason.

Three weeks ago (may 19) we thought I broke my fingers in a sandrail (for those who don't know basically a VW engine on a frame with a rollcage) rollover. We spent four hours in my visit to the er. The next morning Ocean asked if I wanted to go for another ride....oh yeah I did......too bad it was broke (the cv joint popped). After all it was a simple miscalculation of speed and me ignoring no hands outside that caused it. Up until then it was fun. Maybe I'm enough XY to understand lol.


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