The Toxic Neighbour Strikes Again!

chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)June 11, 2007

We have endured and endured and turned the other cheek until we are cheekless but this latest assault is beyond all comprehension or reason.

I was hand weeding our overgrown veggie garden most of yesterday. It was semi-neglected because we were doing other things. Lots of weeds, some volunteer rudbekia :-) and volunteer gooseberries too. Maybe not so bad to let things go for a while?

Any way I always have a small flower pot with me to collect the stones I may uncover. I got two pot fulls! Hmmm. A piece of broken glass. Maybe the gulls dropped it as they flew over? The edges were rounded like it had been worn smooth by the sand and wave actions. That went into the pot too.

Hmmmm. A nail. Maybe a gull dropped that too? Another nail. Another nail. ANOTHER! I found 18 roofing nails in the veggie garden! All within a *~*hand's toss*~* from the Toxic property.

There has been no roofing activity in the neighbourhood for at least 8 years. Mike went over the property with his metal detector and found five more nails. Also all in the veggie garden. It looks like someone had a few hands full of nails and randomly threw them over the fence into our garden.

Again, we have no proof that it was of a Toxic origin but who else would be so evil? No one here walks in the garden barefooted. Too many bunnies and squirrels pooping everywhere. Sometimes we wear sandals. Daisy, our dog, NEVER wears anything on her feet. Thankfully no one was hurt. I don't know how long the nails were there. They were very rusty. (To inflict more injury and infection?)

Was she trying to injure our dog? Us? Or is she just evil and stupid?!?!? (Well, we know she is evil and stupid already!)

Enough is enough. We contacted the police and told them what we had found and we have no real proof who actually did it. They were given our Toxic history too. The police tried to contact her but she was at work. They left her a note to contact them TODAY. If they do not hear from her they will contact her tomoorw ... personally!

They'll probably only be able to give her a warning and I am 1000% sure she will deny everything. We already told the police she denies everything even though we have photographs of some of her Toxic assaults. The police are well advised. We found out other people have actually sued her (and won) for things she has done to them. The police and courts know her!

I am soooooooo angry! Where's the missle launchers when we need them?



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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Oh C3D, ((((BIG HUG))))
I wish I could give you a real hug. Lousy neighbors come a dime a dozen.
I've got a doozy on the west of me. Their 20 unneutered, unspayed cats kills our song birds, frogs or whatever they can catch, and crap in any fresh mulch that is put down. Their flea ridden dogs come p*ss on all my plants, even right at my back door and crap all in the yard. Their land mines are EVERYWHERE!!! I've talked to my neighbors, husband talked to them, but they just don't care. Animal control told me I had to pay to rent a cage and trap the animals myself, then they would come pick them up! I've never had the nerve to trap them b/c I'm afraid they will be put down. It's not the animal's fault.

You have the police on your side. That's at least one BIG positive. Hang in there. :)

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Oh, Chicka...I hope the authorities can eventually put the smackdown on she who must not be named! The fact that Daisy was threatened in any way makes me wanna get all up in her grill! My temper is such that I probably would have thrown the nails right back over her fence (which I've done with garbage from semi-toxic neighbors here). Not the best tactic, to be sure. :D

'Poo, your story makes me change my mind about a law in the works here in California to make it illegal to keep unneutered pets (with exceptions for breeders). Hit 'em where the money don't shine, baby! LOL Sorry you don't have such laws there yet, though. :(


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

That's just crazy. And down right vicious. I'll never understand what drives some people and I guess that's a good thing because I'm not sure I want to understand that kind of thinking. But I am guessing she is trying to push you into retailiation so she can make you look like the guilty party. Or she wants to be on Jerry Springer.

Go get her C3D!!!

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Awwww. Thanks Poo! Wish I could give you a real hug too! :-) Sorry that you have a Toxic One too. Amazing isn't it? The mentality or lack thereof, of some people!

Hi Brenda. Daisy, though crazy as she is, remains a high priority at Camp Nappy. She is under the computer desk as I write this and she is passing Daisy gas. **GASP** Please excuse any errors in the spelling of this post. I have a severe lack of oxygen to the brain right now. ~COUGH. COUGH.~

Hi Jean. I dunno what to say! This was the last straw but things seem to be improving ...

I went out to do stuff this morning and came home after Noon. I started taking groceries out of the car and there's the Toxic One on our driveway yelling at me as she is coming closer.

How could you call the cops on me? I was coming home for lunch and I got pulled over because of YOU!

(LOL!) How great is that? They pulled her over, not for a traffic stop but because she is Toxic!

They said I did this and that .......

I tuned her out as I was silently cheering inside because they stopped her car and talked to her right then and there! I think they just happened to notice the plates on her car and knew who she was.


I continued to ignore her while I emptied the car of the groceries and doggy ice cream and a new squeaky toy....

Her face has now become a deep crimson color as she continued to tell me how horrible we have been to her as she flails her arms about.

How dare you! I'll ....

OK. I had enough! I have ignored her x 13 until then. I cut her off right there and asked:
Are you threatening me?

The Toxic One was taken aback and shut up for a few seconds as I continued ...

Good. Now YOU understand we are done playing games.

I went inside the breezeway and closed the door. I know she still had more things to tell me but I can't waste my time on, uh,(how do you say in English,) intestinal byproduct of completed digestion, like her.

She must really have been angry and rattled because after some time she started mowing her lawn. What's wrong with that?

#1: She is supposed to be back at work for the afternoon.
#2: She just mowed it Saturday afternoon!

Working off a little extra energy?

We saved the nails. Evidence, dontchaknow? The police were shown the nails and they told us to hang onto them in case we do bring her to court at a later time.

We had also told the police we feared for our dog. The police assured us she would be advised that any animal or plant on our property better stay untouched and healthy. :-)

Funny that the nails just *happened* to appear in the only area that hasn't been monitored by our ~sham-cams~. They must have been thrown sometime in May or this month as the veggie garden was cleared and weeded before that.

Funny too that Daisy has started to run to the fence when TN is out and growls at her! Doesn't do that to any other neighbour!

Have a Toxic free summer everyone! :-)

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Hey, C3D. I am so glad we haven't had a neighbor like that. We did have one who was called the Crazy Hungarian by the neighbors but it was more a culture clash and poor judgement than craziness. I was happy when they moved but felt guilty about feeling that way. They never did try to fit in and it seemed the neighbor down the street who was a police Lt. was always trying to explain things like too much noise, screaming fights (in Hungarian), trash collection rules, property lines, Neighborhood Association rules, firing guns at any hour inside the city limits, drunk driving, speed limits and using a belt to chastise their kids. Funny, that was close to where you live. You don't suppose...? Sandy

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Good for YOU, Chicka, for saying just the right thing! I always think of the right thing to say AFTER the fact. :D I would have been shaking after that confrontation...or had a bad case of gas, like Daisy. LOL Ridding herself of the appropriate.


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Yes, here at Camp Nappy we have Toxic Neighbour Season. We don't have just the standard spring, summer, fall and winter ... dontchaknow?

When I saw TN I kept repeating to myself that I will act as though I do not hear her but I was surprised she came up our drive. She must have really been shaken by the police speaking to her!

Mike is going to purchase a motion detector that will flood the area with light when there is activity there as well as a sham cam at the very end of the garden. Even if we were as wealthy as Mr. Bill Gates, our fortune would be depleted if we had purchased real video surveillance systems for our fence line. We have so many trees and shrubs there that segmentally the property line view is blocked and another camera need to be positioned. The flood lights should help TN with any constipation issues she may have when she is caught.

We live next door to TN. On the other side of her property is a side street that separates her from the nearest neighbour. TN would need to cross the street to wage an assault on another property and directly across the street from her lives a police officer that was forced into early retirement because he was severely injured in a store robbery many years ago.

The TN can direct her wicked ways semi protected from view by the many trees and plants we have. To take out our plants so she is more in view would play into her way of thinking. We have not done anything against her. We would be able to go to court with "clean hands," having only tried to block her access to our property and reporting her toxic ways to the local authorities. We have never killed her plants. They are innocent nor damaged her property. This makes our case against her much stronger should we go to court.

We did phone the police officers who came out to talk to us and thanked them for having a chat with TN. They did not go into much detail but she did deny she had ever done anything! They mentioned the photographs we had taken of her cutting our shrubs last June and the year before. They also mentioned the photographs of our chain link fence that was cut and our "videos." He said she looked shocked that they knew all about this but said nothing. :-)

LOL! That was great! They know they are sham cams but said we should invest in at least one real video cam.

The officer said he believes we will not have any more problems of any sort for a long time, if ever. But she is disturbed and I don't know how strong her memory remains. We shall see.

I am just weary of this battle and her yammering and denials. We have yet one more incident to add to her history. We don't have direct evidence for much of it but we have photographs of the damages and her in the act a few rare times.

The **ONLY** reason we have semi-tolerated her as much as we have is we are convinced she has serious mental issues. We suspect a kind of dementia but given her long Toxic history (decades) she is probably just a sad excuse for a human being and has nothing else in her life than to be Toxic. Yes, It is truly sad to lead such an existence. She has two grown children and several grandchildren. They NEVER come to visit her. That is sad. A tragic life to lead, ehh?

We turned all the cheeks we have on our bodies. LOL! We are now cheek-less, although Mike *really* wants to "moon" her one of these days! LOL! He is so mature!

No sign at all of her today! What a great day, ehh?

Her property looks more and more sparse. She has planted no flowers this year and basically just mows her lawn. It looks like a home that may be getting ready to go up for sale? I won't jump to conclusions but she has not done anything in her garden this year. Sometimes she hires help to do things for her and even they have not planted so much as a geranium in a pot. She does not even have a hanging basket!

Oh....! I do hope that should she move she will not have ANY neighbours! A padded room somewhere may be best!?


Time to take my migraine meds and get on with a non Toxic day.

Hello? Sorry that was so long......

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Anyone still awake?


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Have rifle. Will travel.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh C3D, sorry you and Mike have to go through all this. I know of a nice 40 acre parcel in west central MN for sale in case you should decide to move.

I know that will not be the case, stand proud - and even though you may feel sorry for her, that's what enablers do (no offense). Perhaps if she had to pay for her actions she could get some professional help...we can hope!


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Ima_Celery(OHzoned 6)

Have rifle. Will travel.
Sir! Thank you, Sir!

We have decided to retaliate. The trees and bushes will be cut down and replaced with an endless row of Potty-Aries. (Or did we decide this particular style was an assiary?) ,

HA! And to think my C3D questioned my maturity! HA! :-)


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Ima_Celery(OHzoned 6)

Thanks Sarah.

We stand proud AND mature here. LOL!

Hope your ankle is all fixed up too.


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LOL @ Fi guy. I'll gladly bring my little air pistol. :D

And my camera, if Mike is going to ASSume the position. LOL


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Hey I've got a cannon!!

Oh no, sorry, it's just a canon - but if you can get her to perch on a tree, I can shoot away!

Okay, even I'm groaning on that one.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

LOL! Hey... I bet your Cannon SLR shoots many, MANY more rounds per minute than the M16A2 service rifle I once "owned".

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

And my camera, if Mike is going to ASSume the position.

Brenda? Then I can safely ASSume you were not on the tour bus in St. Kitts when Mike was getting his *all over* tan? :-) He still won't tell me if he was sunny side up or not when he became a spontanious tourist stop. LOL!

Yes I freely admit. He is as mature as an XY can get! (Right Semper?)

Ohhhhhhhh Jean. I can't get the TN to do anything! I'm afraid any branch she tried to perch upon would break. Miss Twiggy she is not!

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Yes indeedy. You couldn't find more mature XY individuals than Sir Nappy, Herr Horton, and myself.


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Jeanabel's Canon? I LOVE that song! (I'm trying to take the focus off of you, Jean. I got your back.) :D

LOL!!!!!!!! @ sunny-side up! Holy burnt bits, I don't think I'd be able to focus anyway, with the tears of laughter blurring my vision. Lordy, lordy, that's FUNNY!


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sheepco(MN z4)

Laughing so hard at Semper's reply (oops, 'scuse me :0) that I nearly fell off my chair at the thought of 'holy burnt bits'! Though I DO realize it may have been a painful experience, what with the tourists looking on and all...

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Worry not. He wasn't outside long enough to get his buns toasted. The bus load of tourists arrived (and stopped in front of our house) ~maybe~ 10 minues or so after the tanning session began.

Wasn't there a song .... They Call Him the Streak? :-)

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh there was definately a song...

So glad the UV affects were minimal. Should he ever decide to go for the all over tan again we could sure use a celery start up here.

Then again we don't get out much around here, might wanna keep the celery for yourself :0)


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you both are having quite a busy life this week!

ray stevens! dont look ethel! my favorite is "mississippi squirrel revival.

Here is a link that might be useful: video

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Hey! You're not a stalker, are you? LOL! :-)

Us busy? Lemme see.... Toxic Neighbour, Chimney Swifts getting in the kitchen, Daisy brought a baby mouse inside, The Robin, deer and Carolina Wren dramas, the Hermit Crabs, more Daisy ...

Nope. Sounds about normal for Camp Nappy. :-)

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fairy_toadmother's me again margaret. :)

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

I had to laugh at the TN the other day. There was a Blue Jay in a Maple Tree in her yard. She had rocks in her hand and was throwing them at the bird yelling "You filthy bird! Get out of MY tree!

She never got close to hitting the bird who eventually flew away from HER tree. I was waiting for a rock to bounce off the tree and bonk TN in the head but that didn't happen. (DARN!)

Then I was thinking about some ~sage~ advice someone from a long ago defunct website had suggested to deal with the TN. I was to bake cookies and invite the Toxic One over for tea or coffee and "discuss" her actions. LOL! Yep! I can talk to someone who lobs rocks at birds to get them out of her trees!

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OMG, she really IS whack! I'm thinking that some day, one will be flying over just as nature calls....oopsy, look at that. :D

Geez, can you imagine having someone like her in the sanctity of your own home?! I'd have to strap on a vest first. LOL


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Hmmmm, time to get a fake bluejay and tie it up in the tree!! Watch her goes nuts trying to get it to fly away!

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

* at Heather's fake bluejay *

:) Mary

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

LOL! I *love* the fake Blue Jay idea! :-) Hmmmmmm. Now how to rig it up to a Scarecrow so it will shoot water or poop on her if she does hit it with a rock?

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Yeah!!! LOL A good fake poop (unless you want to collect the real stuff...) might include plain yogurt, some black food coloring...and something chunky, to give it a nice, thick, adhesive quality...

Ohhh, the possibilities!


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Oh you all are wonderful over here!!! I have a toxic one that poisons everything and puts out birdseed with a mouse trap in the middle of it. Isn't he lovely? He used to shoot every bird he could until we called the police so much his wife was embarrassed about blue lights in their yard all the time and she made him quite. I dont think i can call the police about him putting out a mouse trap though. What kind of mind to sit around all day and think of new ways to hurt innocent creatures? Chickadeedeedee i soooo feel your pain. Maybe the next time she attacks your pond she will fall in and in her heaviness will get stuck bottoms up and you can plant lily pads as cover and no one will ever know what happened. LOL :-)-----------bonnie

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Hi Bonnie. The Pond people are very nice. Our back yard is fenced in with a 4 ft. high chain link fence (which she has cut). Sightings of our neughbourhood whacko are very rare. I think we have seen her *maybe* once since the police contacted her.

Still hoping she will move far far away.........


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