IU7 - California or Bust!

saucydog(z5MA)June 25, 2010

Here's the highlights from Kathy's California garden:

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Argh! I don't know why the pictures aren't showing up...I'll just have to link the album (not as glamorous).

Here is a link that might be useful: IU7 Kathy's Garden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thank you Saucy! I see Cindy has found the clematis on its beautiful support, Saucy is enjoying bees, there is a lovely brick path...and a garage door surrounded by a gorgeous lush vine. I am recognizing a few more people this morning...but not all of them.

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It's so nice to see all of you and know that you are having such a good time.

Fantasyland indeed! I love the blowsy effect of the garden; relaxed and pretty. But I want to know where Ted and Doobie are...

(my favorites are "The Minglers" and the bee zeroing in on the Lavender)

(and I just sent a blast through the bendy straw as a salute; I'm cracking myself up... cheap thrills)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

In honor of the Idyllunion, I planted a much admired combo from last year's adventure, spiraea with clematis Pink Fantasy. I mean, not as expensive as a trip to CA, right? (In fact the 2 spiraeas were sale items from last Fall.)

Eden, I'll be expecting photos of Jenni's 'little' Wallace. Officially a Summer baby I guess! Almost a week old already.
Of course, Brenda and Diane. Gotta watch out for those two...

Chelone, you also need a fart machine... Maybe give one to the boss?

It's a great evening here, but lotsa rain predicted for the weekend ahead. This is NOT Californa. But we do have fresh red currants as our dessert treat tonight! YUM.

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I actually do have a Fart Machine, 'bug. It was a Christmas or birthday gift from the helpmeet. Had I show any presence of mind I would have sent it to Kathy so she could have stashed it somewhere in the shrubbery... another missed opportunity.

I doubt the Fart Machine would do much for the boss, frankly, whose tone and demeanor has gotten more unpleasant for weeks now. Yesterday was a horror and I returned volley with my own special seasoning of contempt and TDC (thinly disguised contempt). If she wishes to play that game with me, she may well find she has met her match!

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Okay, here we go with Day Two:

Ruth Bancroft
Robert Sinskey (the lavendar field)
Boeschen Vineyard (lovely hostess)
Dariousch (Middle Eastern building)
Peju Vineyard

Sorry I am not able to label them better...we packed in a full day and now it's time for me to begin another. I am loving California and know I'll be back :)

Here is a link that might be useful: IU7 Day Two

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It certainly does look like a magical place and you all look like you are having a great time. Love the toe shot!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Well, I was disappointed when I had to cancel, but now I am positively distraught! Great shots and love having faces (and toes) for everyone. So glad you are all having such fun! Keep those photos coming.

Chelone, brava for your return volley and glad you, too, are having such fun lately (bendy straw)-you're cracking me up, too, just picturing it. I am thinking I need one of those-good therapy.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wonderful, wonderful pics LIsa many thanks for taking the time to share.


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No time to post a bunch as we're moving to our next destination but I wanted to share a photo from my favorite, the garden of Keeyla Meadows.


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Back atcha! (straw underarm and in mouth)

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These are great Lisa. I love the toe shot too.
Love seeing all the different plants and vistas, and idyllers enjoying it all.

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UnbelievableÂleave on vacation for a week, come back to find numerous threads running down the screen! Starting right here as it was at the top even though IÂm tempted by all the titles, I refuse to rush through them. Lots of catch up reading and IÂm high on anticipation of garden updates, IU7 news and gorgeous photography! I suspect IÂll be commenting out of sequence and referring back since IÂm reading out of order but this seems the easiest way to jump back.

Thanks for the great shots of KathyÂs garden, Saucy, I hope to discover thereÂs more! The IdyllÂs look right at home relaxing in the company of good friends. I could never have imagined the splendor and beauty of these gardens on the west coast for real. What an awesome trip it must have been!

Eden, congratulationsÂthis is the first boy in your family, isnÂt it? ThereÂs sure to be a photo of him in one of these threads and IÂm already wondering if heÂs another one with a lot of hair, lol.

Cyn, so nice to see a post from you resounding of humor and good spirits!

Still wiped out from arriving home last night, however, toes and bendy straws? I must read on a little moreÂ

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