Ginger Kitty is mad!

sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)June 22, 2008

We went to Colorado for a week and Ginger Kitty had to go into boarding. She figured out we were going and made it known she didn't approve. You have never heard such complaints as we got for the whole week beforehand. I swear she didn't let me out of her sight the whole week.

She has been using her soft side carrier as a cave so we didn't expect any problems putting her in it, but suddenly, she just didn't fit. It took both of us to insert one cat who suddenly had at least 8 legs, rather than the usual 4. For some reason, DH simply had to go to Krogers rather than one of the other stores that carry the cat food Ginger will eat. We wasted 2 hours travel time going from Krogers to Scotts to another Krogers and he still didn't find the right food. When we finally got to the vet's, Ginger was still complaining but she was now directing her distress to the technician checking her in. Then, she released her fur. Have you ever seen a cat suddenly lose what looks like a quarter of it's fur? I know it wasn't really that much but it surely looked like it. There was white cat hair everywhere even though she was still in the carrier. All in all, the drop off was just a hint to the tech of what was in store.

When we got back I made sure to wear clothing that had not been marked by my son's 3 cats. I don't think it made a difference. When I arrived at the Vet's, the tech gave me Ginger's report card for the week and told me that Ginger was really a smart and lovable cat even though she upset all their routines. Ha! As if I didn't know that would happen. The first problem was Ginger did not like being near the other cats and became so upset they put her in her own private room with all her toys and bed from home. That calmed her down a bit but she was still upset and talked to them all the time. The tech was surprised that it really seemed like talking rather than crying. The first time they put down food for her, she looked at it, yowled, turned around and walked away. She did not eat for the whole week and lost 5 ounces which is a lot for a 6 and a half pound cat. They had to treat her for dehydration.

Since she seemed lonely, they gave her extra exercise time and let her out with them while they worked in the boarding area, especially the hour before opening in the morning. She wouldn't let them pick her up or cuddle her but she followed them around and discussed everything she saw. The tech was a bit embarrassed to admit she answered what seemed to be questions or comments several times. When they brought her out she was talking to them and when she saw me she had fits, scolding and in general, telling me off. She was still doing it when we got home.

She has been my constant companion this week. I can not move from one room to another without her behind or beside me. She is eating so much I was afraid she would make herself sick. It looks like she has gained back what she lost and more. As I do the laundry she sits on the dryer or checks out the clothing, especially what I wore when I played with the other kitties. She even gets into the dryer. What a week. It seems we won't be making very many trips from now on. It's too hard on the tech. Sandy

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LOL!!! Oh, Sandy, what a delightful telling of Ginger's traumatic week! She DOES sound so very smart, it's scary! My favorite part -

"...but she followed them around and discussed everything she saw. The tech was a bit embarrassed to admit she answered what seemed to be questions or comments several times."

What an entertaining, enjoyable kitty!

As for cutting back on trips...ohhh, I know how THAT feels. DH and family are going on an all-expenses-paid, 10-day (or is it 12?) Mediterranean cruise (Rome, Greece, Spain, etc., thanks to DFIL) in Sept....and guess who can't bear to be away from Pookie and Roscoe (and the garden...ok, home in general) for such a long time? Did I mention I passed on the Caribbean cruise in Feb. 2007, too? Yep, I'm whacked in the head, I KNOW! :D


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Awwww. Ginger kitty needs a vacation after that week! We need to find a brave soul(s) who would come here to watch our herd if we are going anywhere. Usually it's Mike's orthopedic surgeon (the Knee Guy) and his Mrs. since they know the herd. The ones with special needs come with us. Barry was boarded last time.
What? Doesn't everyone board their Robin? :-)

Abby Normal

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sheepco(MN z4)

Sandy - thank you so much for seeing the other side of the coin! We techs really do NOT torture or neglect the pets in our care. Cats DO stress out when boarded, ....BUT...they survive! And while I have rearranged my vacation schedule many times to accomodate my pets, I will not stop doing what I want or going where I want just for them. I miss them terribly when I'm gone....but I WILL take vacations! Just like a small child, pets must learn they occasionally will be left, but we will return.

Finding a 'pet-sitter' to stay in your home, or at least come once a day, is ideal of course. But they're hard to come by.

We've just got to make it up to them when we do return!
Don't let the guilt trip stop you!

Brenda, you're nuts! 'Course we already knew that. Can I go in your place?

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I think Ginger needs a companion so she doesn't feel so lonely when you leave her :^).

Are you allowed to take a supply of catnip to the boarders with you? Maybe that would calm her down for a little while at least. Course that might not be too good for the other kitty borders!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Chicky, you would have to find Dr. Doolittle. I thought there were some bonded pet sitters in your area. I can just imagine the look on their faces when they came to check in.
Sarah, I doubt every one has your loving but firm nature when it comes to animals. I'm willing to give them a chance but we often think of pets as our babies. I can still remember how hard it was to find a baby sitter the first time. LOL!
Brandy, I don't know if it matters to us how crazy you are. The fact we all are crazy is why we are here. I think. Sandy

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