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youreitJune 2, 2008

So many times, I'll see something on TV and be reminded of my friends here on the Ponds forum.

There's a show on Animal Planet called Creature Comforts, and it's one of the funniest shows I've seen in a LONG time! For those who haven't seen it, they've taken recordings of people on different subjects and matched up their voices with animated creatures. VERY funny, and I always think of the animal lovers on this site. :D

And yesterday during the NASCAR race, I saw a hilarious commercial featuring Carl Edwards! They were trying to find out the secret of his inner peace. They noted he had a koi pond installed in his car, as well as the Karate Kid in pit row sending him peaceful thoughts (among other hilarious stuff). I was laughing so hard, I didn't even notice what the commercial was selling! LOL


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

That was *the best* commercial, wasn't it? Carl needed a koi change. Very pretty micro pond. Wonder if they do the back-flips too?

I dunno what the commercial was about either. We tape the races every week so we can actually watch them some time without interruption later.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Sometimes I do miss watching TV - we only have one TV that is hooked to the antennae and we can't find the remote for it!

Are you all ready for the switch over to digital? I guess we need to do something about that, it would be nice to have a TV that worked - assuming we can find the remote!

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LOL @ back flips! Yeah, that koi change was the BEST!

We're ready for the switch, Jean...well, we have satellite, anyway, so we're covered. I think if the remote was lost here, there would be bloodshed. LOL You should see it around here when the electricity goes out. It's like someone died. Me, I'll take books or logic puzzles over TV any day. :D


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Should I send a screwdriver or a wrench? Sandy

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