Mayberry, USA

agnespuffinJuly 3, 2012

Remember Mayberry?

I see by the news that Andy Griffith has died. He, and his Mayberry shows meant a lot to us. He'll always be seen in that role.

And "Mayberry" has become a part of our language. We picture a small town as a "Mayberry"

But somehow, there are those that feel that there is something wrong with wanting to be part of that small town community. They want their town to grow, progress, be important.

What's wrong with living in a spot "where everybody knows your name?" Do we really need the big city with all it's problems?

Is Progress always a good thing?

We'll always have Mayberry. Thanks Andy!

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Love small towns, will miss Andy. Opie sure grew up to be a force to be recond with.

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I will miss Andy! Such wisdom. Great writers for that show and he got the point across very well. Although, I think my favorite show is when Opie gets the point across. He wants to save his money for his girlfriend rather than give it to some charity the school is pushing, and Andy thinks it's to buy her a trinket. In reality, he wants to buy her a coat. Charity in the best way!

My former boss hated his small town. When he walked into the bank and the teller said, "Oh, you've gotten a raise". That's what is what was wrong with a small town to him. I think small towns are good as long as you're in the clique. Has nothing to do with progress. But I sure love having everything close and being able to get to it in my medium sized town. I guess that is what is so good about Nashville. I know a lot of people all over, but I have my privacy too.

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For a real treat...wander over to YOUTUBE and check out some of the old Andy routines.

They don't make'em like that any more.

I especially liked the ones about football. Andy's description of "Hamlet" was not like anything you have ever seen before.

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I loved that show! I loved Ernest T. Bass. 'specially when he's "heaving potatoes" when learning manners. heh I didn't find Hamlet (I think they're just calling it Horatio, I'll go check), but I did Romeo and Juliet. HA! Oh my goodness. Great fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Romeo and Juliet-Mayberry style

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OH! Horatio is my favorite episode.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poor old Horatio

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Andy Griffith and Mayberry stood for decency and could express life, not only for a small town, without cursing and sleaze. If your really wanted to laugh, Mayberry was the show to watch and Andy Griffith lived his life as close as could be to his role. If I have the choice between today's shows and Mayberry, I watch reruns of the later.

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I hope this works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hamlet

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It surely did work, and it was good. Thanks! I think I had in mind that it was Hamlet+Andy Griffith show rather than just his own work (although Romeo and Juliet was his own work they incorporated into the show).

anneliese, I wish there were more real people like him. I loved his way.

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RIP Andy Griffith, you made your mark,
One does not have to live in a small town to think one is living in a small town. One can live in a neighborhood in a city where where everyone knows you and the neighborhood can be just a intimate as a small town.

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I loved him both as Andy and Matlock.

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Neil has the original records that Andy first recorded.
We loved Mayberry and still watch it.
My children grew up watching Mayberry and I was grateful
that I could count on Andy to back me up while I tried
to raise them to be respectful, compassionate and honest.

In a time when ( reality tv ) has replaced brilliant
writing and quality television, reruns of Mayberry and old
movies are a breath of fresh air.

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My son and I sat down every afternoon,usually around 4 or 5 to watch Andy. I had just gotten home from a day in the classroom and it was always relaxing to watch this before starting dinner and DH would arrive home. A s soon as the show was over,I would feed the dogs and one of them knew that the Mayberry theme song meant dinner and the minute he heard the music,he would run into the kitchen and stand by his food bowl.

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Marda, you gave me the biggest guffaw! I heard the theme song when I read it and then I envisioned the dog gallumphing to it's food bowl. It's kinda like Mission Impossible's theme-once you hear it becomes stuck in your head! Even for dogs. heh

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That IS a funny story, mwoods, and a smart dog!

I live in a very small town, but until a few years ago, I lived in a large city, in cookie-cutter suburbia, so I know both. I like when the waitress at the restaurant down the street asks about my son even if he's not with me that time. I like not needing to send my ID through the tube at the bank because they recognize me. The lady at the garden store asks about my Mom and how my plants that she agreed to special-order for me are doing. It's a much more accountable existence. Most people who are bothered by others knowing what they are doing are probably up to no good. Definitely if you live in a small town, a lot of conversations start out, "I saw you..."

It is sad that people are so busy "doing things" they hardly have or take time to just sit and talk. My honey and I sit on the front porch and talk for a while most evenings while we watch the sun go down and/or the busy busy birds. Priceless! It never gets boring to me. Those were always my favorite moments in Mayberry, the conversations on Andy's front porch.

RIP, Andy. We loved you well!

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

TVLD had an Andy Griffith Show marathon on Saturday, and I loved seeing so many episodes of that wonderful show.

My SIL's late cockatoo could whistle the beginning of the theme song.

Andy will truly be missed.

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Once, a couple told me that setting aside time every day to commune together was their key to good marriage. They were teaching workshops on marriage at the time.

I have to disagree about him being up to no good. The person I was talking about is the kindest, most wonderful person I know. He's the only one who beats out my mom in the kindness department. They are so so so kind and couldn't even think about doing anything wrong. I love them both so much. The tellers in my bank know me well and the coffee shop folks always ask me about my son. Doesn't take a small town to live that part of Americana :) But then, I must have the best of both worlds. Not too small, not too large.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I know, I said "most" and "probably." Not accusing anyone of anything, and not referring to anyone in particular. ;)

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One does not have to live in a small town to feel like it's a small town.
When I was a child I lived 3 blocks from the centrum of Oslo, Norway. In our neighborhood, everyone knew each other and there were "eyes" everywhere. Lol, it was not a case of "I saw you..." , it was a case of if I even had a bad thought, let alone doing a bad deed, someone would go to my Family and "report" my behavior. I did not do anything "bad".
When I came to this country I visited some friends in "Little Norway" in Brooklyn, NY. Within one day a whole lot of people knew I was there (smoke signals perhaps) and welcomed me like family.
Once I got on the subway back to NY city, no one knew me. I'm ok with both worlds.

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I just love John so much. I realize you meant well. I just couldn't let anyone think it about him. He's so wonderful.

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