Idyll #323 Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

lmcilhargieJune 29, 2007

Maybe not lazy for most of us, but sometimes hazy and definitely crazy!

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High of 78F and sunny today. Perfect gardening weather. I've been taking cuttings all morning and Bella just got here. We just finished our Friday morning McDonald's hashbrowns and orange juice. Brad always brings that back for her when he goes to the bank on Friday mornings.

Sue, sorry you've been having such a hard time. I had a mild case of shingles years ago and it does sound like that could be what you have. Living in the city we have crazy episodes like you described happen on a pretty regular basis, though they don't often end up in my garden. Hope you have a better weekend.

Norma, it was so good to see your post. Have fun with your company. Sorry your back's bothering you.

T, those poor babies! And poor grandma, mommy and daddy too!

Deanne, what can I say...picture perfect!

Kathy, love the dahlia! I'm not a big fan of daylilies but that one of yours is sure pretty! Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like lots of fun.

Mary, have fun at the play. Your book sounds very interesting. I need to start making time for reading. Since Bella, I haven't been and I miss it.

Michelle, have fun playing in the garden today. Too bad about the Pretoria but lucky you, finding the h. maple sugar. They aren't to be found around here this year.

Cindy, hope things settle down for you after this weekend and you're able to spend more time in your garden. I'm so sorry to hear about all of the critter damage. That would be so discouraging. You'll just have to focus on making things the best they can be for next year.

Bella's being too quiet which means I need to go see what she's into. Have a great Friday!


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Well I was right. Bella had gotten into the baby wipes and went through about 20 of them 'washing the floor'. Think she's trying to tell me something? At least she was helping with the housework, lol.

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LOL on Bella "cleaning" Kenzie likes to use the Swiffer.

Its 71 degrees here at 11:00 with sunshine and just a gentle breeze - who could ask for more? :o)

I'm working on the potager trying to get it in shape.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Pls. send Bella to my house....
she can wipe all she wants there!


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Cindy, I'll ship her right out! Warning though, she IS more work than she DOES so you might want to rethink that.

Michelle, isn't it funny how little ones always want to help us? Could we see a picture of the potager once you have it all tidied up? Sounds like you're having about the same weather as us. Nice isn't it?

Peanutbutter sandwiches and chocolate milk for lunch here today. As soon as Bella's finished, naptime for her and weeding time for me.


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I first started lunch in the potager. Baby carrots and super sweet sugar snap peas. Then lunch of left over pork loin, fresh fruit and potato salad on the patio. This is the life!

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Bella could have helped me clean today too. I laughed out loud yesterday because we have had a lego toy sitting on the rug in front of the tv for two weeks since Wyatt was last here. The upstairs is all done and I'm having a cup of Earl Grey because it sounded good and the AC is on so a hot drink is ok. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and it started raining and has rained most of the day. Perfect for cleaning as I don't feel I am missing out on the garden. I still need to do the basement area as we will need the extra sleeping room. The fridge is really bare too, so That means shopping. Yuck!

The only reason I'm at the computer is I just finished clearing a months worth of paperwork from the desk and needed a break. LOL.
Have a good weekend All. Sue I hope you get to the bottom of your condition and feel better soon. Cops is my least favorite program and DH has it on all the time. I'm glad they weren't in my back yard.
P.S. I was going to post a simple bouquet I picked last evening, for everyones birthdays I have missed, but after I resized it I couldn't find where I put it. Maybe later.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Family Pictures!!!!

Reed Aslan J. and family - 5 minutes old!

5 days old

6 days old - mother Indy

9 days old

Dad and Reed

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi to all! I'm waiting for my cousins to show up and thought I take a peek in...

Anyway Bug I got such a kick out of Reed...especially pic #1...You guys are raising a genius! What a clever little fellow...only five days old and he can already hold up his hand up and show us all how old he is! :-)

What a darling...


P.S. I'm addimg a link I thought you guys might enjoy...Don't stop at the first page...there are several more...just *amazing*!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Birth of a Hummingbird!

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Oh Marie, he couldn't be any sweeter. So tiny and perfect. And what a loving family he's been born into. Sarah sure doesn't look like she just had a baby either. Such special pictures. Thanks for sharing these Nana. He's really something to be proud of!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahhh Marie, he IS precious. And such a handsome family. I am so happy for you.

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Ahh Norma, the lego toy conjured fond memories of our living room when I was a kid. Neither Mum nor Dad fussed about leaving things "set up". The living room oriental rug was a perpetual sea of corrals for my herd of Breyer plastic horses and the fleet of Tonka trucks... . No one cared, it was just as easy to step over them and settle into the wing chair with the newspaper. I like your style. And your reappearance. :)

Bellatheball sounds like a veritable whirlwind of activity, Eden. Power to you, sister! it's easier when the command can be enforced with a training collar; the neighbors barely raise an eyebrow. ;) Your containers are beautiful and I've been wondering how the bed is coming along? (if you outfit Bella with a training collar you could send her to my house, too... ditto Kenzie, Michelle).

Kathy, it actually does get HOT in coastal Maine! It all depends on the prevailing wind. Generally speaking it's out of the west/northwest (cool). But occasionally a stationary front funnels the hot stuff up into our idyllic "coHnah" of the country. And if the conditions are just right the predictable "sea turn" is overwhelmed and never occurs... leaving us in the hot 'n' muggies. If you look at the map of Maine you'll "get it" instantly; the way the coast sweeps up from southwest to northeast pulls any fronts right along it. Fronts that "retrograde" create the "northeasters". (And they're norTHeasters, not "nor'easters"... if you're on the water it's important to be specific and careful about prevailing conditions). Fun to talk about such things with you, as your experiences are so vastly different from my own very limited experience.

I was unable to get on line on Thursday (a recurring irritation for several months now). I called the provider and patiently went through a series of steps to correct the "issue". Fixable, but what a pain to have to do deal it all. I groused considerably about the price of monthly hook-up and the litany of glitches that have plagued us over the past year. I don't miss cable TV one bit (sorry Michelle), but internet connection is important to both the helpmeet and I. Funny how times change, huh?

I can't wait to hear what mary is going to see in Toronto, too. I haven't bothered to see what we'll be viewing one week from tonight... but it will be fun.

I believe we'll be receiving the first load of lumber on Monday. Not sure if the framers will arrive with it, or wherther or not the mid-week holiday will play into the factoring of the start date. Doesn't matter, really. Once they get rolling it will move right along. We finalized the window selection yesterday and the order's been placed. I have to deal with garage doors next week... and (drum roll) they will be "custom" ones. You were right; and I knew it. They'll be "front and centre" for all time and they have to look good. The helpmeet repeated he could "live with" the metal ones, but said he knew the custom ones would look a lot nicer. I am blessed with a helpmeet who's aesthetic sense is honed to a rapier edge.

All talked out. (for now).

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Not a huge fan of babies in general (right up there with dogs), but what terrific shots!!!

I especially love Indy, fussing over her (?) new charge. What a special time for everyone in your family.

I'm so happy for ALL of you. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This is to help Chelone change her outlook on babies: Reed, the opera star. Hope it works for you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Reed sings

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Cute pictures/baby - and very cute opera star! (Randy provided translation :-)

I thought dog-hating Chelone (and others) might get a kick out of the Charlotte story I was telling GB earlier... Charlotte looks a bit sad when we got out and leave them for an hour or two. Yesterday morning Arlene and I went out to cruise past all the houses on this year's garden tour (so I could prioritize which ones I wanted to see in case it's hot on Sunday and I run out of steam...) Charlotte looked sad when we left but I didn't realize how dramatically expressive she is until we were talking to a neighbour this morning when we took the dogs for their morning walkies. Les said when Lee (our mail-lady) delivered the mail yesterday, she heard an awful weeping, wailing and moaning - and thought it was me! Lee knew Les is one of the responders for my emergency call system and thus has a key to the house. So Lee ran over and told Les about the dreadful noise coming from here, thinking I must be in big trouble! Fortunately Les had seen Arlene and I leave and knew Randy and I were baby-sitting Charlotte (although she hadn't met her until this morning - Charlotte charmed her as she does everyone she meets...) so she was able to reassure Lee. So Reed and Charlotte already have something in common - both opera stars :-)

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

First of all, congratulations to Nanamarie! How sweet! And great pix.

Hi yall. I know IÂve been a bad idyller, sorry. IÂve been rushing to get my garden and the subdivision stuff done before we leave for a weekÂs vacation tomorrow. I planted the last of my plant ghetto tonite! How did I ever let myself get drafted into Âhelping with the relandscaping the 15 areas in our subdivision? ThereÂs money in the budget this yr left over from the snow removal budget we didnÂt use. So IÂve been planning, buying and hauling shrubs, and hauling water to keep the new areas alive where there is no irrigation system. I also bot and planted the annuals at our entrance signs. And finally, to get our part-time landscaper in gear, I got fed up and planted stuff myself. ItÂs been a challenge and IÂve been learning a lot.

The top priority has been our entrance signs. TheyÂre both tough areas for different reasons. Of course, the new designs are subject to Âcommittee input and approval J. Both are exposed to killer winter winds and weÂre limited in one case by an agreement with the homeowner behind our sign to screen him from the road in exchange for irrigating the plants; and by Âsight distance requirements by the twp and county for that corner. In all areas, IÂm trying to limit shrubs and plantings to those that donÂt need a lot of care and maintenance and are drought tolerant.

Last nite the 16 hostas that have been in my pot ghetto that belong to the sub finally got planted. And we finally got the raking and mulching done on the last entrance area

The next area IÂll be tackling is an island bed. I hope we can put planting off until the fall. The trees have been removed and the bed needs extensive clean-up in case there are stray roots. IÂm not doing that heavy labor. ItÂs an oval, 32 L x 13 W. The only thing I know for sure weÂll do is cover each end with 4-5 of medium sized stones to deal with the snow and salt thatÂs dumped there in the winter. IÂd like to use Barberry ÂRosy GlowÂ, ÂGold Coast Junipers (or something similar) and that new variegated Yucca ÂColor GuardÂ. I like those textures and colors together but I think there should be a dark green tough, drought tolerant, evergreen in the mix. I wouldnÂt put the Yucca in my yard, but I think this is a good application for it. IÂm hoping the board will elect to delay planting in the rest of the areas until fall when nature will take care of the irrigation for us and I can just play in and enjoy my garden and life!

I had the stitches removed from my dental surgery and itÂs healing well so far. As a reward, I went to our FarmerÂs Market and picked up a couple plants for myself. Last week, I got bit by something and my whole right arm was swollen. IÂm on benedryl, but it itches like crazy.

We had a great FatherÂs Day dinner at DDÂs. When my DGD arrived, my DD asked her why she was wearing menÂs baggy shorts below her knees and two tops. She said she had no shorts or summer clothes that fit. This is pure manipulation and laziness on her motherÂs part and it infuriates me. She gets tons of child support yet canÂt buy her child some clothes to wear? Sheesh. I was a divorced Mom, got no child support and my DD never went without a warm coat, boots, or appropriate clothing even if I had to work 3 jobs to do it. So you can imagine how furious I was. DH and I had a private powwow and then told GD weÂd take her out and teach her how to Âpower-shopÂ.

So after dinner, we did just that and really had fun doing it. I stationed DH outside the dressing room as a runner for different sizes. GD was appreciative and thrilled with the haul: 6 prs of shorts, a pr of cropped cargo pants, 6 tops and a pair of sunglasses. DD and SIL were elated that nothing was too tight or over the top. DD got teary eyed and said, "Thanks for making her feel so special like you always did me. We really appreciate it." So a few tears were shed all around. When we left GD was grinning from ear to ear and trying to decide what she was going to wear to the town festival/ barbeque and fireworks.

ThatÂs what IÂve been up to. No time to read and catch up w/you guy and I feel awful about it. I stil have a few things to do before turning in. The airport shuttle is picking us up a 6:30 am. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of all. When I get back next week I should be able to idyll regularly again. And it wonÂt be too long until IU4!


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Yipee, Im officially on vacation. Im enjoying a ceremonial glass of wine and thinking about all the packing/cooking/shopping/watering I have to do before DS and I depart for the redwood forest on Monday am.
bug, what fantastic pics of itty bug Reed ! I concur with Eden, how relaxed and happy everyone looks in pic oneHard to imagine my young adults were ever that small..

Ei ! Hope all is well with you. Thanks for posting the HB pic thread-they were wonderful. Hope you can hang around a bit.

Chelone, it is interesting to note the difference between the Norcal and Socal coast too-(in Socal you go to the beach in Norcal you go to the coast) There are parts of the Northern Calif coast where 70 degrees is pretty much a heat wave, notably Mendocino county and north. Crescent City which is on the ocean just south of the Oregon border is a fog shrouded, damp grey place.
Glad to hear you and helpmeet opted for the custom door option.

Honey, nice to see you and what a nice story !

Where has Cynthia been ?

Thought you all might enjoy these photos-they are not very good so I hope you can make them out..

This is what I refer to as my climbing fuchsia. The fence behind it is 6 ft so that is the scale.

This shows the flowers..

Kathy in Napa

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Today we're working on Jenni's herb garden. We'll hit the farmers market for some plants and then work on getting the soil in decent shape. It'll be fun. Bella will be there helping too. After today, Meg's off on vacation for the next week so I'm going to try and get lots of things done around here that I can't tackle when Bella's around.

Norma, I'm like you. I don't mind cleaning when it's raining out because I don't feel like I'm missing anything. If it's nice out I keep being drawn back into the garden and get little accomplished inside.

Michelle, hope you enjoyed your day in the garden. I know you did!

Chelone, maybe that's what Bella needs, a training collar, lol. No really, she's not bad, just a busy two year old. She does keep me running though. The bed is coming along. I only have to paint the fronts of the two side pieces and it will be finished. It's on my list of things to do while I don't have Bella this week. It's hard to paint when she's here. I'll post pictures when it's finished, promise! I agree that you made the right decision going with the garage doors you really liked. You'll be looking at them for a long time. Be sure and take lots of pictures of the garage construction to share.

Honey, you are one busy bee but I can't imagine you NOT being busy all the time. Have fun on your trip. What a sweet thing you did for your granddaughter, something she'll always remember.

Ei, great to hear from you. Loved the baby hummer link. Drop back in and let us know what's up with you. Have you sold your house yet, and isn't the wedding soon? Hope your mom's doing ok too.

Kathy, that's some tall fuchsia. I'm in the process of killing a hanging one I got a few weeks ago. The leaves are turning yellow with black spots. I think I'm overwatering. Why oh why can't I get the hang of fuchsia growing???

Marie, that video reminds me of something Brad would do, making the baby sing, lol. Reed is such a cutie. And you're so lucky to have such a good dogsitter in Woody. Idyll friends are the best!

I've got to get going here and get a few pots watered before Jen picks me up at 8. Hope you all have a good day.


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Before I totally forget to ask this: I have a Canna and a Brugmansia that came from Wendy. The poor things are still hangin' in there in spite of falling off "the list" repeatedly. TODAY IS THE DAY, my friends. I have the potting soil and have the following pots available:
12"h x 14"d (several of those)
14"h x 15"d (one)
which plant should go in the bigger of the two? and I recall Wendy telling me to put the fertilizer for the Brug. down low, so the roots will reach for it; should I do anything in particular for the Canna? Canna wants sun, Brug. (varigated) would prefer more dappled/filtered sun, would it live happily on the deck under the canopy with morning/ early afternoon sun through the screen? Please help me, I won't do a blessed thing unless I hear from you (I suffer from tropical paralysis).

There really isn't much with more energy and resolve than a toddler, is there? It's a good thing none of you take me too seriously. ;) I really do think kids are just like dogs... they're trusting, friendly (even the shy ones when given some time to "warm up" to you), have to explore EVERYTHING (with their fingers, noses, and mouths). And they respond wonderfully to consistently applied, gentle discipline. And they're frequently sticky.

I can't wait to see Eden's finished bed. I came home with 2 cans of Krylon "Fusion" to paint up one of the pots listed above... in honor of Eden's creative use of color in her garden. I think I will use it for the Brug., indulging my bent for cool, soft colors.

I was entranced by the hummingbird nest, as was the helpmeet. What a treasure to view. Ain't the internet great? Where do you guys find this stuff?

Kathy, that Fushia is huge. I just love the explosion of color in your gardens. I know you've mentioned painting your arbor (this week?), and have probably decided on a color, but I don't remember... which one?

Honey, you are the sort of committed neighbor the world needs more of! Any chance you'd be able to share some pictures of your handiwork? I am really impressed at your willingness to put the function and hardiness of the plant ahead of your personal preferences. That'a the mark of a really talented gardener, I think. And it's what makes successful plantings! How are the loud neighbors these days? ;) I can only imagine your irritation at the clothing sported by your grand daughter. If your suspicions about her mother are correct, I can only shake my head in disbelief. What's up with using a kid for such a purpose; I sure "don't get" that mindset, and I'm really glad I don't! Got a problem with your ex.? deal with it and get over it (grow up!). But leave the kids out of it. ICK.

Hmmm... babies as "props"... you know, 'bug, I hadn't really given that aspect of babies much consideration. ;) . Nah, still too much work; once the neighbors know you have one you're "on the stick". As my friend Terri says... now you have to "keep it alive". :) I just love the shot of Indy and slumbering Reed. So often the pets are shuffled out of the mix, rather than included in the family. There is a touching and wonderfully hopeful message conveyed by the love, affection, and bond clearly evident the posted shots. Would that every new baby was delivered into such a loving environment... . So happy for your newly enlarged family. Tell us more about ELDER DGS, and his "take" on it all. Please?

Poor Charlotte! how confused she must be. If anyone can assuage her pangs of lonliness I know it will be Woody, Randy, and her family. As I said, I wouldn't hesitate to have Wrecks hang with you (as long as you administered the regular beatings that are part of our routine). Woody, I am presently revisiting your thought process with regard to selecting a door color for your shed. I haven't quite settled on a color (darker shade of what already exists) or maybe some new direction? I'm also contemplating black or burgundy (high gloss). Thoughts?

If I don't shut up and post this soon I'll never get an answer to the questions I need answered! LOL

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Good Morning Idylls! Just want to check in...been busy at "work" and in the garden. I started a new shade garden, but I've got to get the mulch in. My neighbor and I made 'tufa pots and troughs yesterday, and we get to unmold today. Like many others I see, my house is in need of some work, so I'm trying to get that done this morning - at least the common areas :)

Just have to share a funny - Sarah's reading me the classifieds....she's auditioning new pets for us (NOT going to happen!)....she is reading Chinchilla, Bunny, Alpaca, then she comes to "nurtured male pygmy goats - very friendly"

LOL, later when I looked, it was "neutered" not nurtured - no wonder they're so friendly :)

GB, that's a very beautiful grandbaby! So alert already, too! Your family all look very happy and the video was enjoyed by all in the Saucy household :)

Hope you all have great gardening weather and are able to at least sit outside and enjoy the season!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Guys!

Thanks Kathy & Eden! Good to see all of you too! Yes, its been crazy busy here - weddings, home sales, vacation plans, mom, sis, Scout, taking are of vacationing neighbors gardens, and helping my BFs daughter design and plant her gardens, etc., but were all doing fine. BTW, Im very excited about BFs daughters garden plans. She has some wonderfully creative ideas and vision...kind of a "Japanese Fusion" in the garden...I think it will be fantastic, if we can pull it off! :-) She wants to get rid of *all* the grass in the backyard and do the whole thing in gravel, stone, and boulders....even the layout of the beds reminds me of that Chinese Yin and Yang symbol when you see it on paper. :-)

Thought we had a serious buyer for the house about 2 weeks ago...she just loved the place! :-) Got such a kick out of her...she was *so* excited! They had a house to sell, which wasnt a problem for us, since we havent even looked at houses yet ourselves. Anyway she had the realtors in to give her an appraisal on her house and I dont know if she wasnt happy with their numbers or if it made our house unaffordable for her, but anyway, we havent heard from her since the appraisal. I was disappointed, but disappointed for her too...I think she really wanted our house and I know how disappointing that can be when you have your heart set on something. Of course we are disappointed too because it was nice to think our house would go to someone who would love it.

Our realtor is coming over today to talk to us about the whole realty situation here. I think they are going to ask us to come down on the house and we are a point. The market just stinks here right now...houses on the market are dropping their prices by 20,000.00 and more!!! :-O A wonderful market for "first home" buyers!

One of my cousins children is getting married in August you can imagine all the commotion and busy-ness here. I cant believe my son will be married in *two months*! I did find a dress (not beige, Honey...LOL!) but a beautiful midnight blue. I fell in love with Michelles dress and guess subliminally (my spelling and English are getting more atrocious with every passing day...LOL) I kept on getting pictures of Michelle in her beautiful dress in my head. Anyway, Ill have to post some pics when the time comes. With regards to Honeys friends advice about beige and keeping you mouth shut. I have followed the "keeping your mouth shut" part, but am afraid there is already silliness going on with the upcoming wedding. My hubbys family hurt about certain things the brides family has done (whos invited, whos not, whether someone was or wasnt included in the shower, etc....more people from her family invited than ours...just silliness!) Even my hubby has been grumbling to me. Yes, I guess if you *want* to be insulted by one thing or another, you can....but why??? Ive tried to be diplomatic and keep myself out of it as much as possible. I tell you, makes me glad I was married in Vegas! ;-)

I havent had much time for visiting, but plan to go back and enjoy all the eye candy and catch up on everything thats been going on here. Cindy...I was sorry to read about your mom and of all the family dealings....I hope the garden will be a soothing respite for you. BTW, I *do* remember seeing pictures of your beautiful gardens....Wonderful! I *love* everything youve done. Cant wait to take a peek at the container garden post too! Commiserated with Norma too about the deep freeze in early spring. We had a spell of *very warm* weather in April, followed by several days of hard frost. I thought it would be the end of my roses, which were leafing out generously, due to the warm April temps. I had to cut them all back pretty hard, but theyve all seemed to recover, although Im still pretty concerned about New Dawn. Ive had that rose for over 15 years, even cut it back to the ground one year when we were siding and still she has always put on *the best* show, with never the slightest bit of die back or disease. But, this year looks like it could be her last if she doesnt make a turn around. :-( I did lose some butterfly bushes too, but luckily my favorite is doing just fine. I dont think Ill be replacing the others, if we do end up staying here. Other loses too, some delphiniums in the rose bed, etc. We had our Cicada invasion, but wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And yes, in my grand tradition (remember the JBs?) I carried a cicada into the house in my hair and found it in the shower...UGH! What *is* *it* with my hair? Well, I guess I cant really blame the hair could easily resemble a nest or some lovely matted place to rest their weary heads...LOL! Humidity and curly hair...a wonderful combination! I woke up this morning looking like the young bride of frankenstein. I *do* have a new hairdresser (hair stylist?) I am so aging...I keep on calling the place a beauty salon and get the funniest looks from people when I say it. Anyway, the new "hair girl" is great and is working on beating my hair into submission...not an easy feat in summer. Her goal is to have me lovely by wedding time...hey, Ill be happy with *not* looking like I have a "fro"...LOL!

Well, I better be going, its time to get to Brigittes and water her gardens. I think she is coming home on Monday. Glad to help, but glad when she gets home too...LOL! Actually, I cant complain, we have been having regular rains here lately, which sure have helped. June (one of my favorite garden months) has not been disappointing. The gardens are really looking lovely right now. If I get a chance, maybe Ill post a few pics.

Hi to all! I will try to catch up on my reading and catch up on all that is going on in all of your busy lives too!

Will leave you with a cute email I got the other day....

Watch out for this scam. Police are urging visitors to the city center to be especially vigilant for a new gang operating a slick routine that is aimed at stealing from unwary persons. They say that the gang usually comprises four members, one adult and three cute little ones.

While the three younger ones, all appearing sweet and innocent, divert their "mark" (or intended target) with a show of friendliness and fun, the fourth - the eldest - sneaks in from behind the person's back to expertly rifle undetected through his or her pockets and bags for any valuables being carried. The attached picture taken from CCTV operating in the inner city shows the gang in operation.

Have a great day all! Ei

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Heat. I'm living on cantelope, cheese and ice cream sandwiches.

I can't catch up with you guys, but have to say the photos on the last thread were just wonderful! This one is off to a great start too! A 6 foot fushcia - in my dreams. And ittybitty Reedbug waving at us from the hot tub. What a truly beautiful child.

It's cooler today and we had decent rain last night. I knew it was raining because of the thumping under the bed. Bed is just 7" above the floor, much too narrow for a muscular dog to get under, but Dannie has a noisy flop wiggle crawl on her side approach that positions her under the middle when it rains. The funny part is when she tries to get out in the morning. I usually take pity and grap two legs and slide her and any dust right out. No grandchildren to wash the floor under there. Bella you are a funny girl!

Chelone, unless you're doing bonsai, you need deeper pots for both. 2 feet. Most of my brugs are in 3 footers. Go shopping or put some drainage holes in your trashcans and plant them there. Or you could plant them in the ground and dig the cannas in fall and take cuttings of the brug. Both need full Maine sun to get big this year.

I'm desperate to mow the lawn but grass is still wet. Looks like weeding is on the agenda instead.

Hi to all! Cynthia

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Gulp! I think it's COMPOST TIME for the Canna and the Brug.! Unless one of you wants them. I have NO intention of buying another pot for something that I consider an annual. Sorry. Totally NOT MY STYLE; at least with all the other crap on my grill right now. How about I "pot 'em on" and we talk again later in the season, IUIV?

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Hey Chelone, I say live dangerously and try those plants in the pots you have-I'd put the Brug in whichever one holds the most soil.The things grow like weeds, I have a canna in a 5 gal pot , and a Brug in what amounts to about a 7 gal, the biggest disadvantage is that I have to be very diligent about watering, it uses it up fast. My other Brug is in a half barrel, which will mean it gets it's own personal greehouse rig this winter...

More later...

Kathy in Napa

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Chelone, both plants will do fine in decent garden soil planted right into the ground. In fact I spent most of my day today cleaning up my tender plants and planted a few cannas in the beds. Brugs need a bit more water and food than cannas but both are bulletproof once established and will get bigger in the ground than in any of the pots you currently have available. Cannas are surprisingly drought tolerant too so if you don't water it for a couple of days you should still be good.

Marie, great first shots of the new addition! Interesting method of delivery.

Lots of inspiring pictures are being posted around here these days. As usual, I should say.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. We're in a pattern of almost perfect weather here-upper 70s, dry and sunny. The only wrinkle is lack of water. I had the sprinkler running all day today and plan the same for tomorrow. My shoulder iritation is no better and spreading. It's definitely not shingles. The best way to describe it is it's like a sunburn. Looks like a sunburn, feels warm like a sunburn, and it's slightly itchy but not annoying like a sunburn. Actually today it could be a little bit of a sunburn but something weird is definitely going on. My medrol pak finishes tomorrow. On Monday I'll give the doctor a jingle and see what happens. I don't have time for this crap.

OK, I really, really feel like having some good ice cream so I think I'll see if Tom is up for a ride down to the homemade place in town.



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I just checked my mailbox and there was a package. It was from yellow tail. It contained a corkscrew, 4 yellow tail refrigerator magnets and 2 yellow tail keychains that have little flashlights that light when you squeeze them. No wine stopper though, lol.


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Reed is a beautiful baby! His momma looks lovely, too....whatssup with that at 5 minutes after giving birth?! ;o) I've not tried to watch/listen to the video of him singing but will soon.

Lovely day here---gorgeous weather and also no g'kids to watch. I did lots of weeding, helped DH make a goat hoof trimming station (about time he made that job easier on his back by getting the goats up on a platform) and also did quite a bit of housework. The day went by far too fast, but it was such a delight to have the weather be nice on a day when I could do whatever I wanted.

Babies (aka 'the little germs') shared their illness with their mother. She only made it for an hour at work before needing to rush home to be ill in the comfort of her own porcelain. Blech! So far James & his little brother have avoided the germs (not the babies ;o) ) and we're hoping that continues.

Norma, it sounds like you've been incredibly busy! Lovely to hear from you.

Ei, missed reading from you, too!! I sure hope your New Dawn rose will pull through....for some reason the idea of that prolific beauty dying off just makes me sad. Once I have a fenced area (complete with guard towers, machine guns and spot lights) to keep the deer and elk away from certain plants...I wanted to plant a New Dawn. I loved the photos you've shared of it going up the side of your house.

Sue, hope you find out soon what is going on with the rash. I miss hearing how things are going for you and know this has been a very busy year so far for you. Think of you often.

Deanne's yard, gardens and containers are, once again, WOW! Beautiful photos that she's shared and I was glad that she was able to fix the problem with the pond leakage.

Honey, hope you have a wonderful time on vacation. Miss you!

I hope Mary is having a great time.....did she say it was The Tempest? I know Micheal York was going to be there...and for some reason The Tempest comes to mind but I don't know if I'm making it up or not! :oD

Eden, miss you, too.

Heck, there are lots of you guys that I feel like I've been missing!

Chelone......... :o( I have those white garage doors with the fake wood grain. ROFLMBO!!! I think they are fine, they do not bother me a bit....I'm thankful to have a garage (we didn't at our first home and I love having a warmish, dry car to get into in the mornings) and I'm incredibly thankful to have garage doors to keep the mice out of the garage. So.....I'm fine with those garage doors that you hate. :oD I'm glad that you found some doors that you will enjoy looking at---it is so very important to have things that we like and if something really bugs a person, then who in the world wants to look at it for the next 30 years? I just cringed when I'd read how much you hated the garage doors that I have.....and I have looked at them a bit closer since reading about your distaste for them. Nope, still don't bug me (thank heavens, since I cannot see 'plaining to DH that I want to replace them ;o) ). front door------that bugs me! I hate that darn ugly door (yes, I chose it). DH turns a deaf ear when I talk about replacing it...but someday maybe I'll just go purchase a new one. ;o)

Okay, I'd better quite yapping even though I'm thinking of other things to keep prattling about---I'd like to do a tiny bit more weeding before the day is done.

(I'm a fuchsia killer, too, unfortunately).


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Bug, how precious, and what a happy looking family! Looks like DD came through the experience with flying colors! She doesn't even look tired! :) Lol, Reed singing was just hilarious--what a talented little guy!

Sue, glad you don't have shingles, but would sure be nice to know what it IS, eh? Okay, I've read ice cream twice in my quick skim, and I haven't eaten supper yet....and there's a box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer right behind me..cut it out, you guys!

Eden, lol I was so SURE they'd send you a stopper!

I really just popped in to say hi and do a quick skim. Been busy, busy. We're having a string of nice weather...70s, low humidity, perfect for working outside. Yesterday, I was rescuing some iris from wild raspberries that moved into a bed-don't ask me where they came from! Anyway, Jim came home and said we were invited to an impromptu fish fry at some friends house. Who am I to be disagreeable?? Brushed off my knees and put on a clean shirt and away we went. We went to my niece's house for a cookout last night, so I didn't get much done outside, and just about had to have Jim roll me into bed, lol!
Today was an all day outside day, and I loved it. Got lots of stuff off the porch, and the pot ghetto is getting smaller and smaller.
Had a wonderful day with my great niece the other day. We made mud in a bucket, she got filthy, the Schwan's man came (thus the ice cream sandwiches tempting me) so it was a good day. A six year old will make ya tired, tho. She's a gardener at heart...she cut a bouquet of flowers, and was VERY interested in dead-heading. I have a small pair of pruners, and she worked over the larkspur for me. If you could funnel the energy of Kenzie, Bella and Caleigh, it would be a force to be reckoned with, I'm sure.

Okay, the ice cream sandwich, and then a more later.
Hi to everyone, and have a great rest of the weekend!!

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Baby Reed is adorable and daddy is a hoot. Im very happy for you Marie. I know youve waited a long time to be a grandma, so what a thrill this must be for you to have such a perfect little grandson.

I ended up with another urn from our shopping trip. Luckily I found a canna Tropicanna Gold to go in it. What else though? It never seems to work out, first too many plants, then a container without enough plants to go in it. I also got 3 roses that were ½ off and several 6 packs of annuals for .42 each. The canna was 75% off. I also found 2 hydrangea Blushing Bride for 6.50 each.

Im feeling better about the garden, after having a few days off, it finally looks somewhat presentable. Now I can maybe start on a few projects.

Eden, what fun to be creating gardens with your daughter. Im sure Bella will be a big help too.

Chelone, I used that Fusion paint on my kitchen trash can recently.

Ei, lovely to hear from you. Sorry the house deal fell through. It would be wonderful to know the person buying your house and garden would love them as much as you do. I cant wait to see your dress. I cant believe that I impressed you so much LOL

Brenda, Im wondering if the other Idylls have a Schwans man? Are they everywhere? Schwans is headquartered about an hour from here.

T, Im with you on hating my front door. I keep talking about changing it. Pretty soon DH will think its his idea.

Eden, per your request, here are a few potager pictures.

The sun coming up over the garden:

The front 1/2 circle is annuals. Yellow marigolds in the front, Bright light chard is supposed to be the next row, but the deer or rabbits keep chewing them down except the big one in the middle. They must not like that color. There are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, baby carrots, spinach, lettuce, super sweet sugar snap peas, onions and asparagus way in the back. There are also flowers for cutting, zinneas, sunflowers, bells of ireland, black hollyhocks and some mixes.

The lilies are also for cutting. Pay no attention to the ugly urn planting. It was one that really took a beating by the wind. It is just starting to rebound.

In the triangles around the urn are opal basil and extra curly parsely. There is another basil on the right bottom that I don't recall the name.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

A beautiful day here, coolish but Im not complaining. I love days in the 70s to work in the gardens. Doug and I got so much done yesterday and Im over the moon because he got my behemoth bracket mounted on the pine tree in the back for me. Ive been wanting to get an overlarge hanging basket for that corner for a while now and I finally found the bracket and basket I wanted at Kinsman Co. (Thanks Wendy) Anyway, the bracket is designed to hold up to a 28" basket! The one I got is a 20" basket and it came with a coco fiber liner filled with holes around the sides for side planting. Here is the result.

What doesnt show in this photograph is that we put the bracket about ten feet up the tree so the trailers in the basket can have space to do their thing.

We spent a couple quality hours working with the compost bins. LOL we have a couple huge bins on the hill in the back that we put shredded pine needles and leaves in during fall cleanup and we wanted to get them to cook down a bit so weve been adding grass clippings and yesterday we turned one of the entire bins out and mixed it up and watered it well. Its going to be garden gold when done.

The daylilies are beginning to open as well as the Asiatic Lilies. One strange thing is that I planted out a bunch of new lily bulbs last fall and the rodents ate every single one of the Oriental bulbs but didnt touch a single Asiatic! Go figure out that one.

Eden, here is a photograph of that new container I got at HD for cheap

I found the Maranta arundinacea variegate at HD as well. What a cool plant! It hides the air conditioners as well as some vents that come out of the house in that spot.

Michelle, I just LOVE your potager garden! Ive said it before and Ill say it again, I dont know how you get so much accomplished. It all looks perfect. I cant believe how flat the land looks in that third photograph. No wonder you have wind problems. ~~ that photograph of the pottager facing the shed with the pink bench is to die for! You really should be featured in a garden magazine. Its all beautiful.

Great to hear from you Brenda! It sounds like youve been a social butterfly. Ive never been to a fish fry. What kind of fish do you normally cook for that? ~~ No kidding about the energy children have, no matter how fit I keep myself I still get to dragging at the end of the day.

T, Im guilty of having those garage doors with the fake woodgrain as well and to be honest I never looked at them twice re fake woodgrain. I just thought they looked nice, white, clean and new and they worked when I pushed the button. LOL We all have different priorities. ~~ Thanks so much for the kind words re my gardens and pics. So very happy you enjoyed them.

Sue, great to hear from you but bummer about the mystery skin issue. I sure hope they can figure it out soon. ~~ Ive been watering like crazy here as well. We got a few drops of rain last night but not enough to dent the dryness. Its breezy and the dew point is really low so the trees are sucking every drop of water I put down in hours it seems. Id love to get down and see your gardens sometime soon. Dougs on vacation this week, whats your schedule look like?

Cynthia, I LOL over Danis wiggling under the 7" of space under the bed. Hows all your kitties doing? I havent heard about them in a while.

Eileen, how great to hear from you! Sounds like youve got a full plate. I dont know how you can bear to sell your house and leave your gardens. ~~ Cant wait to see you in your dress for the wedding. ~~ LOL about the duck scam!

Eden, the quickest way to kill a fuchsia is over watering. Try letting the medium get almost dry before you water but not so dry it starts to wilt. Also how much sun is it in? Ive found that most of the trailing varieties cant tolerate as much sun as my uprights. I need to get you some Beacon and Lena cuttings as Ive found they are the easiest fuchsias Ive ever grown.

Kathy, that fuchsia is awesome! I just love it.

Honey, have a great vacation! Glad to hear your dental surgery is healing well.

Chelone, Im really glad to hear you went with the custom doors. I know youll be so much happier with them.

Bug, what a marvelous set of photographs! They are all wonderful but I just love the first family shot. Congratulations to you all.

Another couple pics from this morning

OK Im about talked out for now and need to get on with my day. Have a great day everyone!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh the photos! Michelle and are my garden tour of the month! I haven't been to a nursery in weeks! Life is full in other ways - and sleepless.
Everything is a FIRST for Reed. Last night it was a baseball game and fireworks for Canada Day.
We expect to return to Ontario next weekend. Poor Sarah will have her hands very full!

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I just watched Reed's singing debut, how hilarious!! His daddy has, obviously, a great sense of humor. Thanks 'bug for sharing it with us.

Michelle, your garden is beautiful.

Deanne, that hanging basket is incredible!


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Deanne, the basket is awesome. I dying to know how you plan to water it when its 10' up. I see your Arabella, I want to thank you for the recommendation. I love mine, its doing so well this year.


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Michelle, that potager of yours is just the neatest thing. I would have one in a minute if I had the space. I love all the planting around the shed too with the gate and the bench. I don't know if I told you that I finally did come across a gate very similar to yours, just more rusty that I have propped against my privacy fence with scarlet runner beans climbing it. I always think of you when I look at it.

Sue, I have a dozen cannas I that have sprouted in nursery pots that I need to do something with and I think I'll do as you're suggesting and put some of them in the ground. I haven't done that before. Oh I remember that ice cream place!

Deanne, WOW!!! Very cool hanging basket! I can't begin to imagine the logistics of planting it or caring for it but I have total faith that you'll keep it looking beautiful. What a great job you did on it! I really like the shape of your new container, and that plant's just perfect in it. I had that same plant that I picked up at HD also 3 summers ago. It got too big and I let it go but I loved the dramatic variegation in the leaves. What's the small pink/green plant in the urn on the left of the picture? Your gardens are looking lovely. I miss my lysimachia alexander. I had to yank it last year. It got something that made the leaves all distorted.

Marie, Sarah will have her hands full but I have a feeling she'll do just fine. She's going to be a great mom! I know that you're going to miss little Reed though.

I've got some fake woodgrain doors in my house and I gotta say they don't bother me either but I have my own dislikes. I wouldn't be caught dead with vinyl windows and I'm not a fan of wall to wall carpeting. We're all different and I think it's great to be able to pick and choose spending the money on the things that make YOU happy. I can't wait to see Chelone's really cool new garage doors that will make her smile everytime she drives up!

Brenda, we have Schwan's here but I've never bought from them. I might just flag them down next time I see a truck in the neighborhood and get me some ice cream sandwiches. Sounds like you had a great time gardening with your g.niece. Don't let the pot ghetto get too small. I've come to think pot ghetto's are like a security blanket for gardeners and we get nervous when they get too low and have to go out and replenish them.

T, isn't it nice to have a day all to yourself? No grandkids? I have no Bella until next Saturday. In a couple of days I'll be missing her but I have a list of chores to get done that I can't do when I'm watching her. I'm going to finish painting the bed, organize and vacuum the basement, weed the garden and maybe even read a book!

I just dropped in here to look at pictures and this is getting long. I'm off to do laundry and then maybe I'll choose a book and get started on it this evening too. Have a good one all!


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I got a call from my sister a little while ago. My dad had to take my mom in to the hospital. She has a bile duct obstruction and he has to drive her from Alpena over to Traverse City, about a 3 hr. trip, where they'll do surgery tonight.


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Takin a break from all my pre-trip chores. Hurray, the watering is done ! I still have to wash the car and marinate the chicken for tommorow nights dinner-my job tommorow, BILS have a 10 hour drive from Portland and DD 8 hours from EugeneDS and I only have a 4 hour stint. I am taking two bunches of lavender and two bouquets of Dahlias for our cabins .

There are indeed many wonderful photos here on the Idylls these days ! Michelle , how cool your potager is ! I love the shape and the brick work. It really charming. I hope you will continue to post pics as it progresses. So what roses did you get ? And .42 cents for 6 pak annuals?? My god, we cant buy them wholesale for that price out here ! I would have come home with a boatload for sure !

Deanne, that new hanging basket is a stunner-remarkable since you just planted it-looks like its been growing for a month. I used to have that pink pelargonium with the variegated foliage, but lost it in our heavy frosts of last winter. Its unusual to loose pelargoniums here-they usually skate through winters just fine. Your photo reminds me that I would love to replace it. That is a very cool Maranta too.. Sounds like you have a nice set-up for your compost. I do the hot composting method and usually do a batch or two in the fall. If I turn it every couple of days it will be finished in about 6 weeks.

Brenda, we have a Schwans truck here too..I dont get anything from them , but I have a neighbor who swears by their ice-cream. When I was a little girl growing up in Los Angeles, we had the Helms Bakery truck that came by every day. It was a treat to be given permission to buy a jelly donut funny I cant eat donuts anymore; I find they hit my stomach like a load of rocks.

Ok, hi to everyone, I need to get back to work. ..Happy fourth to all !

Kathy in Napa

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Eden, I hope all will go well for your mother. I'll check in again later to see if there is any news.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just quickly reading....

Eden, so sorry to hear about your mom. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about what a tough year it's been for your mom and your family...I know it's been rough and I wish I could express myself better. Please know that I am thinking of you all and sending my good thoughts and prayers that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


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Eden, I hope all goes well for your mom's surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with her and your whole family.


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Good Morning, Just a quick update...once they got over to the hospital the Dr. decided to wait until this morning to do the surgery. My dad should call and let us know how things go later this afternoon. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I sure do appreciate them. You guys are great.

It's beautiful here today, but chilly. It got down into the 40s last night. The lilies are all blooming, the phlox paniculatas are starting and also the monardas. The garden's looking good this year, although crowded. This morning a friend and I are going on a little road trip to a place called The Weed Lady. It's kind of a nursery/gift shop I think.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Best wishes to you Eden! Hope things go well for Mom and Dad!

A trip to a nursery sounds grand. ;-)

Last night was Canada Day festivities at the mall with lots of rides for SS. Then watched a band and skydivers (a sky diving dog too!?!). I came home with Reed and DD, but others stayed for yet more fireworks.

It is 5:30am, I've been up a while too. UGH.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

Eden Im so sorry to hear about your Mom. Ill be thinking of you and your family today and sending all positive thoughts for a positive outcome. ((((Eden)))))

Thanks everyone, so glad you like the new basket. Its full right from the start because of the way its planted. Ive included a link to a pic of the catalog I bought it from. I got the 20" one. You can see all the side planting holes. ~~ Here is a long view of the basket. I can actually get up on that rock to water if I need to but I was able to reach it with my long handled watering wand. The problem right now is that I need to find a heavy duty swivel so I can give it a quarter turn every day or so and Ill need a ladder to groom it.

Kathy, we got a couple of the plastic composters from the city for cheap a few years ago and we use those for the kitchen scraps then Doug built us a couple really large bins on the hill behind some small pines for the leaf and pine tree debris. We bought a shredder and shred everything before it goes into the bins. They all work great and Ill tell you, there is nothing like home made compost. I wish I could have yards of it!

Eden just how big did that maranta get for you? Im also in love with the variegation in those leaves. Id like to be able to take it in over the winter but well see how it goes and just how big it gets. ~~ That small plant you asked about is a caladium. I really love the narrow leaves on that one. ~~ What a bummer you had to get rid of your L. Alexander. Sounds like it might have had broad mites. They can cause that distorted foliage and are a bear to get rid of.

Michelle, Ive got five Arabellas now. LOL Its such a lovely blue and goes with everything. I found a couple smallish plants I found at Loews for $9.00 earlier in the spring.

Sure would love to see more pictures of everyones gardens????

Time to run and get the watering done. Doug and I are going to go for a 30 mile bicycle ride today after he gets back from the dentist and I promised Id be ready so Id better get on it! LOL

Have a terrific day everyone

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

((Eden)) Will be thinking about you and your family today, and will check in later for news on your Mom. The waiting to hear can be tough. BTW-you're right about the pot ghetto getting too small, lol! I'm looking at the empty spaces left, and browsing around online to see what I need to fill it. Maybe if I were to figure out the total on what I've spent on plants this spring, it will curb the temptation.

Michelle, your pictures are so beautiful! Everything looks so perfect!!

Deanne, once again, stunning containers! The hanging basket is just too cool, and I love the "for cheap HD" container...AND the plant in it! Sure wish I had space and the attention span to overwinter tender plants inside!
Never been to a fish fry?? Oh, my! We usually fry blue gill, northern, maybe a few bass and crappies. The guys have worked it out to an art. Very lightly breaded, crispy, and not greasy. It's like eating popcorn, you just can't stop. And, there was a great broccoli salad that had grapes in it. Wouldn't have thought of it, but it was yummy. The guys also made curly fries with one of those apple peeler/corers. And, there was cherry pie, spinach salad, chips and salsa...I'm gonna have to eat really clean for a few days. That two meal day set me up a couple extra pounds, but was so worth it! Gotta start the eating good today, because last night, Jim and I had a bonfire, laid in the hammock and looked at the stars and ate s'mores.......lovely!

Gotta run, I need to make Jim an eye appointment. He broke his glasses, and assures me they'll be fine for a while, but I see no reason to put it off. We both need tested, but since his glasses are broken, he's going first. Maybe I'm just putting off hearing that I need bifocals, lol!
Have a good day, HI to everyone I missed, and I'll check back in later!

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Good Monday morning!

I had a gal from our church stop by yesterday for an impromptu garden tour. I was pleased that they were fairly presentable.

Deanne, to answer your question, I did take pictures of the teapot arrangement. Ill try to post later. Actually, I ended up making 5 arrangements for a supper that we went to. Its fun to make each with a different container and different flavor. Kind of like mini container gardens.

Brenda, a fish fry, bonfire, smores and a hammock what wonderfully delightful summer activities.

LOL on my gardens looking "perfect" I sure have you guys fooled.

Kathy, I picked up a Knockout, The Pink Knockout and Tamora.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Honey, you are not a bad idyller, because I think I have that (dis)honor! I feel like it's been ages since I've had a chance to post or read.

It's been an interesting spring/summer over here (definite emphasis on crazy, not lazy or hazy). Work was madly busy, which was good, but with a significant staff issue that created a lot of stress. That was finally resolved (i.e. we currently have one less person on staff!) and the "replacement plan" should lessen my load in the long run. And that's a good thing, because I don't ever want to work this many hours in spring again!

On the home front, it's been just as crazy. We've had the house restained, the deck stripped and stained, a major pond installed, a major trench dug to run power to the major pond, etc., etc., etc. It's hard to de-stress from work when you are sharing your private space with various workmen and their various machines. I've had the pleasure of weeding while the stainer was up on a ladder, singing along to Guns 'n Roses, been caught nekkid in the bedroom while someone unexpected strolled through the yard, and OH! my poor containers...

The deck, which is FINALLY done as of today, has been the worst horror story. The guy first came out in mid-April, eager to get started. The usual weather delays happened, then UPS lost the stain, and so on. My containers were planted late, in a window of opportunity while UPS was searching for our shipment, and for the past two weeks they have been crammed into the screened porch, which is far from full sun, along with the midlife crisis grill. To water the pots, I have to do the watutsi around the grill. But tomorrow night they move back out.

And then there's the pond. I PROMISE to post photos tomorrow. I was looking forward to having a landscaper plant an area for me, when DH informed me that he said we would do ALL the planting, since I was so good at that sort of thing. le sigh! But it is in, it looks great, the initial planting is done and we've had a wonderful dip in it on Saturday. Lots more to plant, but there's plenty of time to tackle that.

Tomorrow is the first official day that no workmen are to show up!

Kathy, you would have appreciated my day yesterday. A friend was gracious enough to share her free tickets to the Cubs game. We sat in the 9th row behind home plate, the weather was completely perfect, the Cubs won, and it was an all together perfect summer day. I hope everyone has at least one of those this summer!

Before I lose this post, I will add some "speed comments". I do hope that Eden's mom is doing better, and I think that Reed and his family are absolutely adorable. I also think it's very cool that Charlotte is vacationing with Woody, and that Woody's mail person is so concerned about her.

And I can't wait for Idyllunion!

You all also will appreciate this - I had to write a section of the city's environmental plan, and all who have read it have had tons of praise for the job I did. I don't think anyone realizes how easy it was for me - I was assigned to write a section on natural landscaping!

Now I will promise to be a better idyller, and to post my pics tomorrow. I have the day off on Wednesday and have about 5,000 projects and chores planned, but may just spend the day reading (is it bad to wish for rain? even when the plants need it?)



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No time for a proper post this morning (rushed) but want Eden to know I am thinking of her and her mother.

A warm hello to V. (the long lost).

Having a wonderful time here in Maine, please send money. Later!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning all!

Why am I craving soda, pretzels and beer this early in the AM?!

Beautiful stretch of weather here after the heat broke, but we really need some more rain. Even the weeds are wilting. We go on vacation this weekend, so maybe it will rain at night only. Many of my daylilies are in bud, I'm hoping they can hold off on the blooming until we get back. Some are new, and I'd like to be here to see the blooms - I have to see if 'Huckleberry Candy', 'Dewberry Candy' and 'Wineberry Candy' live up to their pretty pictures. Tons of buds on the 'Charles Grimaldi' brugs too - definitely worth the trouble of overwintering.

I bought a new groudcover lysamachia (sp?) named 'Persian Chocolate' last week, I guess I am a sucker for plants named after food. It is a zone 7 plant, but I've planted it in my warmest area and will hope for the best.

Eden, thinking of you and your mother, hope everything went well.

'bug, Reed is just beautiful - you and your family are truly blessed.

T - nice to see you! Hoping the babies are feeling better by now. It is so awful when the little ones are sick.

Chelone, didn't mean to stress you out giving you those plants - compost them if you need to! I have grown canna and brugs in pots of that size and even managed to get some blooms; frequent watering is the only downfall. You could try them in the ground too - could you rent part of that veggie garden from your helpmeet?

V - glad you could stop in! I'm sure you are looking forward to getting your place back to yourselves. The pond sounds excellent - large enough for swimming too! Good work on the environmental plan - it is fun to write about something that you love.

Deanne, I love that new hanging basket. So much prettier than the ones in the catalog even! I saw those basket liners with the holes and I had doubts, but not anymore.

Getting a late start this AM since I have to run a work errand before heading to the office, and the place doesn't open until 9am. I guess I better hit the shower and head out soon though. I'm getting tired of work, I haven't had a real vacation since last summer. I just have to keep telling myself that this time next week I'll be relaxing on the beach. Yesterday though I made the trip in to the office in less than 25 minutes; the rest of the world must already be on vacation.

Have a great day!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

No time to post for me but terrific to see V, Ei, Honey check in!! I was worrying about you folks.

Eden, I hope things go well w/ your Mom -- she sounds very tenacious and I will hope for the best -- comfort hugs to you and your family.

Im dragging here at the ofc after doing the PA road trip in 24 hours again -- just glad that tomorrow hopefully we all have the day off to RELAX!!!

I am loving your photos, Michelle, of your garden -- so peaceful and graceful -- and Deanne's as usual are spectacular -- I look forward to hearing of your antics of watering on a step ladder for that new tree addition!


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Good morning all.

Wonderful to see V!!!

Chelone, the check is in the mail........ ;o)

Wendy, soda, pretzels and beer? Sounds interesting......LOL.

Babies spent the night here last night and they awaken at 4:30 usually. They didn't start crabbing until right about 5 and by that time I was almost done making DH's work meal so it all was fine. I did feel a bit resentful that everyone else was getting something and I was waiting for my first cuppa coffee. Mama Bear was growley. I do have my coffee in front of me now, so all is well.

Babies are crawling around in the living room (baby proofed as much as a room can be without making it into a padded cell and in the entryway. They love playing with the swinging baby gate, so I've left it open for them to open - shut - open - shut.....they can do that for a very long time. ;o) They've just crawled over to me to smile a hello, little cuties. Yeah, I'm their g'ma so they are adorable. ;o)

Back to the baby gate---one of technologies modern marvels? Who needs baby toys, just buy a swinging baby gate and don't latch it closed.

No gardening here other than to pull weeds as they appear.

Well, I'd better get off of here, they have entertained themselves pretty well and I need to give them some attention.

Hope Eden's mother is doing well this morning.

Hello to all!

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Good Morning, It's a bit overcast and chilly here this morning and we're forecast thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. That's ok though, we could sure use the rain. My mom's still waiting on the surgery, hopefully this afternoon. The frustrating thing is, Sunday night they made it sound like an emergency and if we'd known it would be this long, my dad could have driven another 2 hrs and brought her down here to Henry Ford hosp. Instead he's stuck in a hotel room in Traverse City with no family help out. One of my sister's is going to be able to go up tomorrow though. The Weed Lady was a fun little day trip yesterday. Lot's of plants, cool container gardens and lots of rustic, rusty garden ornaments. I picked up a couple of new coleus, needlepoint and twist and twirl, a fuchsia koralle and euphorbia efanthia. My friend had also found me an old flour sifter to add to my 'kitchen containers'. I went over to the farmers market today and got a little blue sedum plant to put in that and also found an euphorbia faded jeans.

Deanne, it didn't get THAT big but I just had so much other stuff to bring in that was also big that I let that one go. Now that I see yours in that cool urn I wish I hadn't. The hanging container looks great now, but I can't wait to see a picture of it when it really starts draping down.

Cindy, you must be beat with all of the time you've been on the road on top of everything else. Hope tomorrow's a nice relaxing day for you.

T, wow, those babies get up early. Bella's not allowed, lol, to get up until at least 7am. No really, but she has never gotten up earlier and it's usually around 8am when she stays over here. I can just picture those little guys smiling up at you and crawling around playing together!

Brenda, s'mores are one of my favorite things!

Wendy, relax and enjoy your vacation! Hope those daylilies wait for your return.

V, well there you are! You've been busy but I bet the house, deck and pond all look spectacular! Those kinds of maintenance and construction projects are always a pain but it's so nice when everything's finished and looking good. I hope you're able to start posting more often now. I miss hearing from you.

Chelone, sounds like you're busy but happy. Enjoy!

Michelle, I had 3 different people stop by yesterday for garden tours too. Hopefully they didn't see all of the stuff that I see that needs to be done.

Brad's left for work, so it's time for me to get started on something around here. Again, I thank you all for your support where my mom's concerned. It means a lot to me. Have a great day.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

T - don't want you (or anyone else) thinking I drink beer at 9am (though it is 5 o'clock somewhere - another song for another time...) Here are the lyrics that will explain:

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer

Just fill your basket full of sandwiches and weenies
Then lock the house up, now youre set
And on the beach youll see the girls in their bikinis
As cute as ever but they never get em wet

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Youll wish that summer could always be here

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer

Dont hafta tell a girl and fella about a drive-in
Or some romantic moon it seems
Right from the moment that those lovers start arrivin
Youll see more kissin in the cars than on the screen

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Youll wish that summer could always be here

Youll wish that summer could always be here
Youll wish that summer could always be here

By Nat King Cole

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Wendy, I have a flag hanging in my garden that say's "It's 5:00 Somewhere", lol. I also have a sign hanging above my desk that says "What if the Hokey Pokey is all it really is about?" I like Jimmy Buffett's outlook on life. Pass me a margarita!

The sun is hot and that ol' clock is movin' slow
And so am I
Workday passes like molassas in wintertime
But it's July
Gettin' paid by the hour and older by the minute
My boss just pushed me over the limit
I'd like to call him somethin'
But think I'll just call it a day

Pour me somethin' tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve, but I don't care
It's five o'clock somewhere

This lunch break is gonna take all afternoon
And half the night
Tomorrow morning I know there'll be hell to pay
Hey, but that's all right
I ain't had a day off now in over a year
My Jamaican vacation is gonna start right here
If the phones for me
You can tell 'em I've just sailed away

Pour me somethin' tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve, but I don't care
It's five o'clock somewhere

I could pay off my tab
Pour myself in a cab and be back to work before 2
At a moment like this, I can't help but wonder
What would Jimmy Buffett do?

Jimmy Buffett spoken:
Funny you should ask, Alan
I'd say
Pour me somethin' tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve, but I don't care

Pour me somethin' tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve, but I don't care
He don't care
And I don't care
It's five o'clock somewhere

Jimmy: What time zone am I on?
What country am I in?

Alan: It doesn't matter

It's five o'clock somewhere

Jimmy: It's always on five in Margaritaville, come to think of it

Alan: I heard that

Jimmy: You've been there haven't you?

Alan: Yes, Sir

Jimmy: I've seen your boat there

Alan: I've been to Margaritaville a few times

Jimmy: All right.
That's good

Alan: Stumbled my way back

Jimmy: OK Just want to make sure you can keep it between the
navigational beacons

Alan: Between the bouys.
I got it

Jimmy: All right.

It's five o'clock.
Let's go somewhere

Alan: I'm ready.
Crank it up

Jimmy: Let's get out of here

Alan: I'm gone

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Ah ha!! Thank you Wendy for the clarification and Eden for the follow-up. ;o) These little ones are fussy enough that by the time they go home, it will be time for Margaritaville! Fussy, whining and unhappy ---me and the babies! ;o)

How many more hours until their parents are off work? :o0


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Reed is outside on the deck with Mama, vocalizing, DSS is out for lunch with a friend. I've tidied up a mystery clematis on the arbor and removed loads of lamium too. Dishes done, laundry folded, DH reading, me about to take a nap.!! Sympathies T!
Chelone, I had a good laugh over your closing words. Now that Mom is around no more, I can expect a check from no one. Those days when I got a surprise package or she'd leave a few bills tucked away after a visit were neat moments. I tend to be more open and get what is needed and asked for. You remind me that the surprise element should be passed on.

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Let us hoist a glass in honor of the lovely Beverly Sills, NOT the iris! The delightful, vibrant voice who did so much to advance opera with her good-humored, unpretentious personality.

Wendy, I definitely smiled at "soda, pretzils, and beer". I recognized the words instantly. I love Nat King Cole! If you're "beachin' it" in my area and want a garden fix, ring me up. And, NO, I am not stressed about the Canna and the Brug., just feeling guilty about not "tucking them in" sooner. Thanks for the print out... a very sweet gesture and much appreciated.

Eden, waiting for surgery is just awful. I've thought of you on and off all day. I hope things are fully under control and the stress level is tolerable.

Michelle, your potager is just so, SO pretty. I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the parterres and the formality of kitchen gardens when I was in France. It was enchanting for me. I don't know if you've ever visited Colonial Williamsburg, but there is is much in the same vein there. The helpmeet and I hav been twice and I can't wait to go back again. I've been told the gardens at Mount Vernon are similar. I am very much looking forward to watching your planting mature. Great sense of style, born of observation and awareness. :)

T., lol about the unlatched baby gate. Ain't it always the way? the best toy for a kitten is a paperbag, a cardboard carton, and crumpled up newspaper, and something to climb. But I think your next move is going to be the roasting pan and thw wooden spoon... buy earplugs, NOW.

Deanne, your planter is wonderful. I have NO idea how you manage to fuss over that Armada as much as you obviously do. Gad zooks! I was laughing at the necessity of locating the swivel thingy capable of bearing the weight... maybe you should check out marine hardware... try West Marine, you might score big. The helpmeet asked if you have one of those motorized skyjacks to elevate you easily for watering, deadheading, watering? might be something to consider... :)

'bug, where are you now? are you "there" or "at home"? I'm so confused.

Work has been crazy... always is before a big holiday and the kick off to someone's dream vacation involving their boat. My boss is stressed off the scale; and I didn't cave into a fit of temper (reading, Marian? ;) ). I took a deep breath, ignored her and kept right on sewing. I left at 2:30, went to the garage to bail out the helpmeet's car, and hurried home for the afternoon and evening appointments. I am looking forward to pulling weeds tomorrow.

Rex goes in for surgery on Friday morning. I'm nervous about it. He's only been "away" one night since he was adopted and I know he will be hurting when he comes home. I'm nervous about what we will have to learn to accomodate and suffer through in the weeks to follow... . Shoulda had the hole dug and him gassed 2 weeks ago... gulp

V., I've missed you, too. I want to know more about this pond thing (go back and reread). And I know what you mean about doing something you love. I love teaching people about sewing machines and demonstrating technique. I'm so happy you've had such a good time doing something with such a long lasting benefit.

Gotta go, dinner's ready. And I'm hungry.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It looks like things are looking up a bit so I thought I'd come for a chat.

Eden - I hope all is going well with your mother. Surgery is a nerve-wracking time.

Chelone - more pictures of the garage soon...? On the paint issue: when I Photoshopped the shed looking at color options, some shade of red - in the cool end of the range - was the next most attractive option for me after the dark blue-grays. I decided against it only because red would have stood out more and ultimately I want the shed to fade into the plantings (which are currently still not there other than a 'Waterfall' Japanese Maple we picked up on a brief holiday in Niagara the other week...) My first shot at the door color was 'Soot', but it was too dark so I backed up a shade to 'Blue Note', which we like. When your garage is done will the front door of your house and the garage doors be in the same view - i.e. when you look at one, will you see the other at the same time? Your front door is an eye-catching aqua shade - right? If you will see it at the same time you look at the garage doors, that might influence the color choice for the garage doors...? Do you want to draw the eye to the garage or let it fade into the background? Red is certainly a traditional barn door color where I grew up. The doors to the horse barn and the cow barn ant my grandfather's were red but the doors to the wagon shed and the loading areas for the hay lofts were just naturally gray cedar like the barn shingles/siding. I really enjoy construction projects so am eagerly awaiting the next round of pictures....

V - it sounds like you've been into some major projects too. The pond is a swimming pond? The local garden tour here was Sunday. The biggest garden was one right on the lake. They had done some amazing (and, no doubt, expensive!) work including remodeling an old swimming pool into an ornamental pond. This is what the end result was:
It was an interesting contrast to the smallest pool on the tour - at another garden:

That one made me think of Deanne for some reason....

We've been having a good time (food issues aside :-) with Charlotte. She's such a sweetie! Here's a shot of life at the doggie spa on the weekend (bad picture - I clearly need more exercise!)

And a close-up of the big teddy bear, looking a bit like a buffalo!

This weekend we hope to reestablish the compost heap behind the shed. Randy is responsible for shelves etc. on the inside. That work should start this coming weekend as well. Half the garage is littered with shed stuff and we need to get it sorted out! My big project for this summer is putting a brick edging around the front beds. I had been thinking about doing it for a while. The trench-edging is getting to be a major chore so I wanted an alternative. I didn't want to do the bricks until I was reasonably sure the shape of the beds was pretty final - because it'll be hard to change them once the edging is done. The shape of the beds are more-or-less what I want them to be - although I need to change some things to make the bricks work in places. I'm using a 4" aluminum edging between the bricks and the grass to help keep the grass from growing between the bricks. At the rate I'm going, it will take the rest of the summer to finish! So far, the driveway border is done and the small bed between it and the main front bed. We swung the driveway border around to incorporate the wisteria 'tree'. It would look better if the wisteria bed was wider but I can't widen it because of the deep ditch that runs along there. We were planting that bed today - I sure hope the forecast for reasonably cool weather with showers for the next few days actually happens or things might not make it. It is sooo dry here! Here's what it looked like before planting:

OK - I've run out of steam.... Hi to all...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So here's the "skinny" on the pond...

DH's dream for several years was to put in a small pond at the top of our backyard hill, with a stream coming down the hill and emptying into a larger pond at the bottom of the hill. We went so far as to get three different quotes, but it came down to one huge sticking point - this was DH's dream, not mine, but it would require a lot of ongoing maintenance, and much of that would fall onto my shoulders because of his travel schedule.

Then last summer, I took a copy of Garden Design with us on vacation, and read a brief article they had about natural swimming ponds. They're much more popular in Europe than they are in the US, but they are catching on here. The idea is that instead of chemicals, you use a natural filter of bog plants to keep the water clean. We were intrigued! Right after vacation, I met a local pond builder at the farmers' market, and he was intrigued by the idea as well. We decided to take the plunge (tee-hee) this spring.

I've uploaded a few pictures to give you an idea, and tomorrow I will try to get a more complete album on picturetrail (since DH and DD took a lot of photos, I have a pretty good record). The landscaping outside of the pond is pretty minimal right now, but it's only been done for a week and a half.

At the top of the hill, we have a bog. The bog is about four feet deep but largely filled with stone. The water is cleaned as it filters up through the stone and the plants. Some of the plants were purchased and some were transplanted from our wetlands. (And for any lurkers who don't know me, I feel compelled to explain that we own the wetlands that we dug from, we only took plants that were strongly populated, and we have been restoring the wetlands so that these plants have increased in number.) Enough of that, here's the view from the bog:

The stream meanders down the hill, with several small falls and a "tropical" island.

At the end of the stream is the swimming area. On either side there are shallower areas that also are planted with wetland plants. The large granite slab in the lower left is the jump-in rock, although I am a weenie who sits and slides in rather than jumping. The pond is large enough to paddle back and forth a bit but isn't really designed for doing serious laps.

Of course, with all swimming pools, sooner or later the neighbors find out and you just can't keep them out. We think as many as thirty of them may be hanging out in our pool every day:

So that's our story. If you google "natural swimming pond" you'll find some more explanations about the concept.

Woody, I loved the photo of the redone "concrete pond". I especially love their view.

It's just starting to rain here, which is quite badly needed. The new plantings haven't had any rainfall since they went in. Of course, I'm hand watering, but that is never quite the same.

I think I'll post now. The lightning is picking up; I've pulled the power cord and am on battery power now, but all the same, we'll get this post on its merry way!

Enjoy the 4th, all!


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Absolutely fabulous V!!! I am going to show the photos to DH---we have a lot of natural springs on our property and have talked of making a pond....but a naturally filtered swimming hole? How cool would that be?!

I look forward to seeing more of your photos and doing some studying about the subject.

Thanks for sharing.


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Hi everyone

We had a fabulous time up in Toronto that I will fill you all in on tomorrow. It's GREAT to see so many interesting posts. I'll have to comment later as it's past my bedtime and I'm fading. I just returned from an impromtu girl's night at the movies watching Evening.

In brief I did just want to say I've been thinking about Eden's mother and hoping all goes well.

Baby Reed is indeed perfect in every way and cute as a button.

V - your pool is magnificent. I've read quite a bit about natural swimming pools and think it wonderful you have immersed yourself in this project.

Happy July the 4th


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I so hope Eden has only good news to share today!

It's Independence Day! And another year has gone by during which I've not made my longed for swags and jabots out of red, white, and blue... next year? I found 2 boxes of sparklers that have to be a dozen years old; after as many years exposed to the seasonal humidity here do you think they'll light? ;)

V. it's great to read what you've been up to. I heartily approve of the bog and pond project. I spent too long poring over a book on natural swimming pools some months ago. I was immediately intrigued, too. Interestingly, most of them seemed to be in Germany and also Scandinavia (which rather surprised me). But they were HANDSOME, much more appealing to somelike like me who grew up in lake country. I chuckled at the way the neighbors showed up to use the pool.

Woody, thanks for the reminder to take a few pictures today. The "catbox" is now the staging area for a considerable amount of lumber that was delivered on Monday morning. If I am correct the framers are going to start tomorrow or maybe Friday; they are wrapping up another job, and I wouldn't be surprised if they show up next week. I don't really care. The garage doors will open to the southeast, the front facade of the house faces east. I had wanted to stain the garage red (in the "bahn" spirit) but the helpmeet has stated repeatedly that he prefers the natural, weathered grey to match the house (rats!). So the question of the door color remains open. I like the tourquoise shades very much, but after 16 years I'm thinking a change might be rather nice. As for the garage door question... lol, I KNEW as soon as I voiced my dislike of the fake grain that several of you probably have it on your's! The guy at the garage door store asked me why I didn't like it; after all the priming and painting I've done on this house, the cardinal rule is to sand down the grain before applying the finish coats. Priming is intended to raise the grain and fill it in, then you sand down the high places for a smooth finish. Pronounced grain through paint is the mark of a poor job. "Oh yeah". But here's what I learned about the reason the grain is embossed on the metal doors (it's pretty cool): evidently the process of embossing the sheet metal actually increases its strength, making it more stable and more able to withstand bumps that could dent it; so that's why flat metal doors are not available. I will try to figure out a way to give you an overview of how the garage and the house lie, one to the other, so you'll have an overall concept of the "compound". I should have asked Vladamir and George to snap a picture as they flew over it, huh? ;)

I can't wait to hear Mary's tales of Toronto. I thought of you yesterday, actually. I had to repair one of the backdrops for the theatre. Evidently the canvas was getting "tired" and there was 3' horizontal tear up by the burlap webbing reinforcment strip that allows them to tie it to the bar. The thing was HUGE (50'w x28'h), heavy, and I was nervous about it tearing more as I maneuvered it under the needle. I will be able to survey my handiwork in a week. ;)

OK, well that's all for now.

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Shortly after I finished the above post, I went outdoors with the helpmeet. It is an absolutely GORGEOUS morning. It was nearly perfectly still, nothing but bird songs, the rustle of cats and the dog in the woods, and the approaching conversation of cyclists.

I know it will vanish shortly as the hubbub of tourist activity picks up. But right now... I live in paradise. And this is precisely the reason I prefer to begin my days with Old Sol. The only others I encounter appreciate the same peacefulness I do.

Have a brilliant day, my friends.

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It's raining here. That's good though. We're supposed to have thunderstorms off and on throughout the day. I did get the weeding under control yesterday and feel good about that. I've got plenty to do inside today so I say let it rain! I do feel bad for those who have outdoor parties and picnics planned though.

They finally took my mom in for surgery around 5pm yesterday. The surgery was done endoscopically and wasn't successful. The Drs. aren't sure what they'll do now but may try again Thursday.

V, I love your new swimming hole! I see where you say the bog is about 4 ft. deep but I was wondering how deep you made the pond? What an interesting project!

Happy Independence Day!


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The last few days down here have reminded me of New England summers, with cool mornings and low humidity days. And a day off just makes it more gorgeous.

I ooo'd and ah'd at Michelle's gardens this week-end but never got a chance to post and say how truly gorgeous they are. You've done a wonderful job Michelle. The potager is a beautiful design, especially that center section. and I see that purple basil :) Are gardens like their owners? Yours looks so peaceful and calm.

Deanne, I have one pot up high like yours (coverted basketball post) and it never comes down. It's not complicated though, just Avalanche lilac petunias and reseeds itself each year. A little too thickly this summer and I should have figured out a way to thin it as they're not as healthy fighting for the limited soil in there. Your design looks gorgeous right now, can't wait to see the progression through the summer. Beautiful!

I like the idea of a natural pond V. You have been busy! Is that a diving board for the neighbors in the third photo? There is one area of my yard that has unbelievably bad drainage and a pond in that section could hold the run off and help with my mosquito breeding program. It's been a dry summer here, so the plants that love wet clay are not doing so well there this year. Anyway, looks like you guys did a ton of work and it is supurb! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Eden, I'm so sorry to hear the surgery wasn't successful. Good that they tried the less invasive route, I hope there is another option to make your mom better soon. Hugs.

Hi to all and enjoy the holiday!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Fourth everyone! The weather here continues to be fabulous for July-dry and warm during the day and dry and cool at night-perfect for sleeping. Last night we had a very impromptu roaming garden tour/dinner with Monique, Deanne and co. that ended here for dinner. Fun as usual.

Eden, what are the complications of a bile duct blockage? Is it related to you mom's cancer treatment somehow? Hope they get it resolved soon. Love that Alan Jackson/Buffett song, BTW. I just had Tom make a CD for me from his Ipod and that is one of the first songs. I saw Alan Jackson recently at the regional airport in Hartford. I was down there having a drink with a friend and his private jet flew in. He walked off, waved to the crowd lined up at the bar windows and jumped on a big black private motorcoach. He was playing at the Meadows, an outdoor concert venue.

V, what a fabulous idea for a pond! You've got the perfect spot for it too. Woody, I wouldn't mind that one with the water view as well. No room here for a pond though...

Well, I've got a diagnosis on my skin irritation-cellulitus-a skin infection. Apparently nothing to fool around with. I finished the prednisone prescription on Sunday. I could tell it really wasn't doing anything and on Monday the condition got pregressively worse. I tried to get the backup doctor who has very limited office hours and doesn't answer the phone when they do have hours. Finally someone answered and told me that doctor was on vacation and that I should go back to the walk in clinic. Great! Don't you just love the health care system? Well, at least the walk in guy seems to know his sh** and is newly open so has no real business to speak of. It's as close as I've ever come to having my own private Anyway, he marked the infection site with a pen and sent me home with a strong antibiotic and some prescription motrin. I was forbidden to go to work yesterday and told to stay cool and quiet. Every six hours I have to take a pill and use hot compresses on the area for half an hour. Every day I have to call him and tell him if the infection site is getting larger. If it does I will need to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Good grief! That got my attention. So far the antibiotics seem to be working somewhat but I've got alot of pain in my neck and right shoulder. He says that's normal. If you're wondering how you get this (I was), it's either through an insect bite or a cut. Since I don't see either around the spot where it started I think it was from scratching poison ivy and creating an open skin area that way. At ant rate, I looked this up on the internet and it can get really nasty.

Before I forget, does anyone else do Sudoku puzzles? A friend got me hooked on them when I was home recuperating from surgery. At first I was resistant but he kept leaving books of them on my desk and sending me copies from what must be a 365 day desk calendar every week. Every week a new sheet of them arrives in intercompany Usually I don't like this stuff but with all the doctor mandated quiet time I've had on my hands recently they've really come in handy. If you've already got enough ways to kill time on your agenda then forget I asked.

Chelone, good thoughts for Rex on Friday. Zoe is having her teeth cleaned on Friday as well. Although it's fairly routine, I always hate the thought of anesthesia on a 16 pound dog.

OK, enough from me. I'm supposed to go to a party at a co-worker's house this afternoon but the party pooping doctor told me I need to stay home and rest. I did sneak down to Monique's for a little while last night with no ill effects. What's the difference between sitting here and sitting at someone elses house? Nothing as far as I can see as long as I stay out of the sun. I do need to bake for that shindig though so I'd best get moving.

Enjoy the holiday!


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16 lb. dog? LOL, that's just a wee bit bigger than our heftiest cat, Spencer. My boss has little dogs (a**holes!), and we've debated getting a "pet" for Rex, too. But, as you would expect, training (read: "regular beatings") would be involved. I've wondered about Zoe on and off, Sue. What's up with her these days?

My immediate reaction to your "skin thing" was... Lyme Disease? I was thinking also that's it's amazing we don't have more "issues" with our skin, bein' the largest organ of our bodies, 'n' all. Do what the good docs tell you! One of our favorite customers at the shop died last week. Melanoma. He was a marine pilot (guides ships into port), he was 56. So, my good, dear "virtual" friends, be very, very careful and mindful of your largest organs... please!

cluck, cluck, cluck... (your fair skinned mother hen pecking her concern...)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Well said, Mother C. We lost my FIL to melanoma when he was only 56. I spent all last summer with a nice-sized scar on the back of my calf, and was quite happy to have the scar along with the news that the dark spot that had been there was not a melanoma.

Sue, do be careful! Cellulitis seems to be one of those under-the-radar things that can become quite serious.

Eden, I'll be thinking of your mother and hope things go well tomorrow.

Sudoku - there are fights in this house between DH and DD over the daily puzzle in the paper. 'nuff said.

Speaking of DH, he was in a very helpful mood this morning and pulled out the coffee grinds and carried them to the compost for me. Except the pot wasn't done brewing...

I forgot to mention the pond depth! It's 5 1/2 feet at the deepest, so DH and I can stand just about anywhere with our heads above water. There are a lot of shallower places as well.

The rain last night totaled 1.2 inches which we badly needed. We moved all the pots from the porch back on to the deck so that they would enjoy the rain, but one of my coleus from Deanne had 3 large stems snapped off! As I told DH, it needed to be cut back anyway, but I would not have been quite so drastic.

We're planning a quiet day today. I need to "fluff" the pots - arrange, trim, etc., pull a few weeds and plant a few things. I also want to finish my book. Think I'll start with the reading.


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Good morning

Yikes Sue - that skin condition sounds nasty. Glad the antibiotics are working - take care of yourself. I love Suduko and find them very handy when waiting for the children at a game or music lesson. I think we have that same calendar! My mother does one a day and is quite expert - we've enjoyed them together the last few years.

Our trip to Toronto was a blast. DH had meetings to attend so he was busy in the daytime but we met up in the evenings. Travelling with him on business means doing things in style rather than my usual frugal style and we enjoyed the perks of a lovely hotel and free breakfast in the concierge lounge. Annie, David and I filled our days attending the Jazz festival, shopping at Eaton center, visiting the top of the CN tower and generally enjoying the city. The weather was perfect. The highlight of the trip was seeing Michael York in Camelot. We had been given tickets in the center of the 4th row and they were superb. DH knows the lead and we went back stage after to chat with him. Annie, who is somewhat stage struck was in heaven and David quite awed by the whole experience. DH and I even managed a quiet drink together in the hotel bar which for us is a huge treat as we have just about zero time alone together these days.

Today we are having a quiet day. It's raining on and off which is just what the gardens need. I'm making pulled pork for dinner and am looking forward to reading, baking rolls, some time with my violin and perhaps taking the kids to a movie. I have a feeling fireworks might be rather soggy tonight but if weather permits the next town over puts on a nice display.

Enjoy your day everyone


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Hey V - what are you reading right now? I just finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (beautiful) and am immersed in Violin Dreams by Arnold Steinhardt (no relation to DH though they share spelling of their last name). The book is a journey through his career as a violinist and member of the Guarnini String Quartet. Bach's Preludes and Partitas for unaccompanied violin weave in and out throughout the book. There is a CD with his two recordings of the Partita in D Minor with the famous Chaconne - one from early in his career, the other near the end. I'm looking forward to listening them in detail but right now we have Bon Jovi resonating from the CD player.


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Well, I thought I might possibly get taken out to breakfast this morning but Brad had a racquetball date so I'm eating pop tarts. Not quite the same, lol. I have done dishes and phoned my mom. She sounded good, much better than I was expecting so that made me feel better too. David called, I don't know if I told you all, but he's been housesitting at Jen's empty condo all summer. Megan's taking it over when her apartment lease runs out at the end of this month but until then he's having the time of his life, being on his own, rent free. Anyway, his car died this morning. Sounds like an alternator problem to me. He's working double shifts both today and tomorrow so he called his sisters and lucky for him, Jen came to the rescue and loaned him her car. She's off for the next few days and she'll be with Randy (the fiancee) anyway. I'm sure Brad will be involved in some way in getting Dave's car repaired, lol.

Sue, listen to the Drs. and be good! At least now you know what you're dealing with. Boy, I hope you get that cleared up soon. How great that you, Deanne, and Monique were able to get together. In answer to your question, there's a mass near my mom's liver that they think is causing the obstruction. What they're trying to do is put a stent in to open the bile duct. Her symptoms are itching all over her body, and she's not able to keep much of anything down. So she's pretty uncomfortable. They did get a biopsy yesterday and if they need to they'll start radiation as soon as possible.

Brad's the Soduko king here. I don't have much patience for puzzles. Hey, is Alan Jackson as tall in person as he looks like on TV?

Mary, I loved reading about the fun time you and your family had in Toronto. Sounds like you have a relaxing, fun day planned for today too. Enjoy!

Pop tarts are finished so back to cleaning the kitchen. It's dried up outside but looks like we're in for more rain later. The plant's are happy!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I feel like a new mother.....exhausted. Off to nap now! DD is at Tai Kwan Do with SS & her Dad. I fear for the poor girl next week when laundry, meals and dishes are her job. Anyway, what she needs more than sleep is time. Time to be herself and do things she enjoys. So yesterday she played soccer with the neighborhood kids while I enjoyed Reed.

I return to the farm on Saturday.

Best wishes to one and all. Thinking of Sue, Eden's Mom, and others too. How nice there was a gathering over good food ladies!!!!

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Brads gotten his tools together and is off to see if he can repair Dave's car. Poor guy, this is his only day off in the last two weeks of working 12 hr. days and this is how he gets to spend it. Car's are such a pain in the butt!


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Marie, if Sarah discovers the secret to having time for herself while raising a small child, expecially an infant, she can sell that secret and make millions. From what I remember, and even still now, when I have Bella, there is no "self" time unless you count spare moments snatched here and there or the times Brad takes over. Young children are demanding little creatures, but they're so worth it aren't they? LOL on you feeling like a new mom. I can so relate to that statement! Bet T can too! Glad you're getting to spend time with Reed and are enjoying it so much! You're going to miss that little guy when you go home :(


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Sue you are a mess this year! Must be the healthy living. Glad you kept pushing for treatment, it really is a serious condition. Get well quickly, can't do IU4 without you. Actually we'll bring it to your house if you can't travel :)

So the bounty of my backyard today includes ticks (multiple) crawling down my arms while I was attacking the overgrowth outside of the 'manicured' (ha) areas. And I messed with the healthiest looking poison ivy I have ever seen. I was battling more forsythia (should be on invasive species list) to make room for a hedge of grasses when I spotted the deep dark green 3 leaved stuff standing 4 feet tall.

Crap! Major T-storm going on. Dannie is in the tub and I gave her xanax but she's a mess. This is a bad one right on top of us, and she reacts to storms a state away. I want in the tub with her. Monty is panting too but he's not as severe. I did have to dig out his storm cape (embroidered 'no fear'). Katie, the only one I grew from seed, is la de da, but the noise woke her up wondering if it was supper yet. Nice heavy rain though and we can sure use it. Japanese beetle count is low so far, and someone on Midatlantic forum said that was cause of drought.

Gotta hit send fast, lights are flickering!

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NPR just said they're evacuating the National Mall. (That's where the fireworks are held.) Thunderstorms and Tornado watch.

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Wow, a thoroughly delightful day here on the compound. I weeded the front beds and watered them, too. Sadly, I fear I lost the pretty clematis, "Maidwell Hall". It budded up nicely this spring, but then gave up. I finally got around to cutting it down. I'm sad about that, but it was right behind a huge hosta in what is traditionally a rather dry bed and I suspect it was simply out competed for water. (The irrigation line is broken and has not been repaired yet).

I pulled more weeds on the terrace and watered those beds, too. I deadheaded the Alchemilla, the Bearded Iris, the Peonies (still have some flowers on them, little but definitely there!). I tied the Casa Blanca lilies to their stakes, and assessed the Clematis to determine what to tie where.

I watered the back beds, too. Cut back the Alchemilla there, and nipped off the brambles that I've been unsuccessfully battling for 15 years now. I then stepped on a bumblebee and was reminded how much a sting can hurt. Oww! Rex and the cats had a great time supervising me.

All windowboxes are watered and appropriately fussed over; though compared to Deanne's fleet, my chore is a walk in the park. ;)

Dinner was steak on the grill, corn on the cob, salad, and potato salad. A real "summer" meal. No room for strawberry shortcake just yet.

Skies are grey and rain is forecast (much needed!) for tonight and tomorrow morning. We can only hope. I'm glad I watered today, it really is shockingly dry.

Helpmeet is outdoors now, weedwhacking the vegetable garden in preparation for mowing it. He prefers to work after dinner, he is recharged after a mid-afternoon nap... I am ready to toddle off to beddy-by-lo, lol.

Any pictures of Deanne, Monique, and Sue's get together?

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I have Kenzie today since DD and DSIL have to work. Its a busy time when you work in a resort area. Her and I took a nap together. She slept longer and I did get a little garden time. You dont get much done with her here. I did discover that she enjoys sitting on a blanket outside and playing with Little People. She especially likes the barn, the house and the school bus. I was able to pot up another container. Someone stop me! I stopped and picked up some 75% off plants. I scrounged around and found a crock that part of the bottom had broken off. I glued it back on and the missing part should provide drainage.

Things are very dry here and extremely hot. There was rain yesterday a mere 3 miles from here but when I got home not a drop. We had just a tiny shower a few minutes ago and the temp dropped 10 degrees which was nice but the moisture wasnt nearly enough.

Eden, sorry to hear about the unsuccessful surgery. I hope they can figure it out. The itching doesnt sound pleasant either.

Sue, I have purposely not tried the Sudoku because I know I dont need another addiction. Be careful with the cellulitis I have known a couple of people with it recently and one ended up in the hospital.

V, pretty cool swimming pond. Im impressed with the ambitious projects that you guys take on. We have a pond and some have used it for swimming, but not me.

Time to look for some supper for the little squirt.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Mary, I accomplished my goal today and FINISHED "The Inheritance of Loss" by Kiran Desai. It's a beautifully written story set in India and the US that touches on India's changeover from British rule, its current issues with ethnic factions and the struggles of immigrants. I really enjoyed it a lot.

"Snow Flower" is in my stack of books to read but will probably wait until vacation. I'm already diving into "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. I really enjoy her writing.

Like Chelone said, it was a great day on the compound. The pots are now back out on the deck, trimmed and arranged. The porch was swept clean, a few new plants went in the ground, and the small hosta that was being eaten alive by the Blue Angel was transplanted (for I think the third time) further forward. This hosta has lovely petite purple flowers, but the buds on this one were white because they formed in the total darkness beneath Blue Angel.

And we all enjoyed a great dip in the pond before our grilled steaks. Ms. Kingsolver would have approved of the grass-fed beef that I purchased at the farmers market last Saturday from a farmer that I know by name. My taste buds approved as well!

V.. who is trying to remember that she has to go to work tomorrow. :(

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I'm having a bit of trouble accepting that today is a work day, too. It will inovlove a lot of cutting and gluing of foam for the set of cushions I made on Monday and Tuesday. I'm always surprised at just how long the foam and its insertion takes. The nice part of the mid-week holiday is the easy two days work before it and after it. :)

I can hear the sound of RAIN, gentle and steady. We could really use a solid 2-3 days of it, but it's not sounding likely. Our dry spell is nothing like so many other areas in the country. We covered the lumber in the "catbox" last night, using some very nice, heat welded plastic "curtains" that I made for a restaurant several years ago. When we redid the job I was quick to snag a few of the retirees.

Rex was "on alert" last night... very tuned in to the sound of distant fireworks. He would bark every so often and hobble out onto the deck to listen carefully before repeating his disapproval. I wondered how poor Dannie would fare with fireworks given her dislike of thunder.

V., I was thinking of your and your pond yesterday. I have two two gallon pots of Iris ensata. They're a very pale lavender-pink and are just covered with buds. I certainly hope that wonderful plant will be part of your plan. I have a couple of others around here, though the "fancier" varieties are not nearly so rugged of constitution. Of all Iris, they are my favorites. I also have 2 wonderfully healthy looking Chelones, they're believed to be white but missing tags lend an air of mystery to them. I am not sure where to put them. I've wandered around the yard with them in my hands for a few days now. I'm thinking I will add them to the bed in front of the house and buckle down on taking better care to ensure deeper watering. :/

OK, time to wrap it up and get on out the door for more fun with canvas. Have a great day, guys.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow, V - that is a great swimming "hole" -- I remember seeing one of those on an episode of Gardener's Diary - I think the woman was German & lived in NE somewhere - not a prairie type pond, but hers was just lined chock full of plants (I remember wondering how she weeded the beds around it) -- it was an old, old episode - but since then the concept has always entranced me -- but your "neighbors" coming so quickly are not ones Im sure I'd love to have come on a daily swim... im such a silly. You have been one very very busy lady.

Eden, Im sorry to hear your Mom's procedure was not successful - I hope they have some other options. Thinking of you -- and feeling for all. Hang in there.

Sue -- Im so glad you got your infection diagnosed but take care - as Cynthia says, we need to see you at IU!!! Get lots of rest and hope your antibiotics work wonders. I have in fact become addicted to Sudoku myself recently -- it helped me take my mind off the family stuff -- when I didnt have the attention for a book, I could pick up a puzzle - so relaxing and mind-cleansing. I probably looked nuts sitting around doing 'em, but they were lifesavers for me. I look forward to it every day now.

I had a pig-out, bad food day - fried chicken (compliements of the Colonel), ice cream, doritos, many, many bad things - got 'em all over and done w/ among some weeding and watering.

Chelone - like you I'm afraid a number of my clematis are toast from lack of water while I was gone; it's so sad isnt it to lose 'em? But I guess we have to think of learning experience & hope for new opportunities next year.

Cynthia -- that was an ugly storm we got wasnt it? my own Chloe suffers from the angst & hid under a pile of pillows on the floor I've learned to build as her "bomb shelter" - it seems to work pretty well for her. I heard a story recently about how bad an outbreak of poison ivy we've had all over this year due to the weather conditions (global warming, rains, etc.,) have produced a bumper crop -- apparently it's gangbusters all over the country.

well, I am dragging too today - hard to believe gotta get back to real work -- I wish I could have taken the week off. The good news is we've got a "monday" and "friday" ahead of us - today's monday and tomorrow can be friday!!

Counting the days to IU now -- we're getting into the home stretch!!

Question -- anyone gotten any new great shrubs or woodies this year they want to talk about? Im really happy w/ the Fagus Black Swan and the Cercis Lavender Twist - they're doing well so far and have held up well to the weather (& neglect suffered from me so far)....


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all! Great reading what you're all up to...most seem to be much more constructive than we've been ;) V, great pictures--a natural swimming hole??....too cool!

Did anyone see the CMA awards (I think that was the show) when Alan Jackson walked off? He was ticked because they wouldn't let George Jones sing his whole song "Choices I've Made", but were going to let Alan sing "Pop a Top". So, he sang a little of George's song, turned, walked off the stage and left. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. I'm a Jimmy Buffett FREAK, too, BTW. I was stunned that he's never won an award until he and AJ won video event of the year for 5:00 somewhere.

Sue, sorry to hear about the skin infection. Food for thought-I never give much thought to bug bites, or the various "dings and dents" I inflict on myself. Take care of yourself, and hope you get cleared up SOON! I LOVE the Sudoku puzzles-very addicting! As a matter of fact, I have an electronic one that I carry in my lunch box when we're farming. The guys think nothing of leaving you sitting somewhere killing time for an hour, I needed SOMETHING to do. I got my DD hooked on them, too.

Eden, I'm so sorry they weren't able to complete your Mom's surgery. It's so worrisome, and makes you feel so helpless. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Michelle-I feel for you guys with the rain. We're having the same thing. More than once this year, we've been able to sit on the porch, and watch it raining in town, about 3 miles away, and not a drop here. We were supposed to have decent chances yesterday. Got 1/10th yesterday morning and another 1/10th last night. Could see lightning and hear thunder, but it just didn't make it to us. A few miles south of us, they got a nice rain. Unfortunately, none of our farm ground got any of it. They're predicting serious heat this weekend, and the crops are going to need some water REAL soon. DH keeps hopping between the weather channel and three different radars on the computer, then outside to look at the sky.

Either our social life needs to slow down, or I need more self control! DB and his partner were here yesterday, and Jim fried fish. You would think I'd be sick of fish, but Jim just does the BEST job on it-it would take a long time for me to get tired of it. We had more wine than any of us needed, cheese, fruit, home made cookies (DB's contribution) and chips and salsa. Once again, I went to bed bloated and miserable! Today, I'm drinking TONS of water, and so help me, NO sugar shall pass my lips today.

I need to get off the computer and go exercise. I SO don't want to. Between all the crap I ate yesterday, and the heat and humidity today, it just isn't at all appealing. Hoping the H&H kick up a storm this afternoon. They're saying slight chances, but that's usually when we get our decent rains.
Hi to all I missed, and have a great day everyone!

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Greetings, everyone! Life has been nutso beyond belief but the gardens look great! I'm procrastinating with pics since the camera died (we go through at least one/year) and things have been so dry that they don't look like I want them to look for an Idyll view!!

We got rain here yesterday -- the first substantial water not from a tap and freezing for my babies. Many things have been added to the collections so watering has become routine. I've got the whole Park figured out and can do everything in less than four hours!! My Yankee frugalness won't let me do more, and the rain barrels dried up weeks ago.

Reed is amazing and jeez, so is Sarah!! The pics convey all good things, and I love how intent DSGS is in watching his brother. I'm a huge fan of home births, but also realize that my own DS wouldn't be alive if he hadn't been born in a hospital. So -- glad this worked out for them.

I want a potager. Rich asked if more lawn would be gone. When I answered yes he hid my sharp-edged shovel. He also reminded me that I have a cedar raised bed that's still waiting for appropriate poop before being covered and cooked for the year. There's my answer :-)

Much, much, much going on and won't bore anyone with details other than to say I'm very glad my worst addiction of the summer is the homemade ice cream that's less than a mile from my house. Sounds like an national ice cream tour will need to become part of Idyllunion at some point :-)

Some quick notes:

Woody -- The seed roses are flourishing and think I may be able to seed collect this year !!!!1

Sue -- Remember the clump of Stella d'Oro you gave me?? It is now 10 strong plants and serves as the basis for the driveway/lamppost gardens. Very cool mixed with pansies and zinnias.

Deanne: The daylily that fell out of the car (still have the pic in my office) is budding and I Can't Wait to see it in bloom!!

Marie: Okay, you've got me hooked. The Park likes clematis, and clematis like the park, and I now have several (no ## in case Rich is reading ;-)

Eden: Made the horrible mistake of planting some of the little red peppers quite near the alpine strawberries and my poor city friend who didn't know the difference ran for the milk jug in a hurry!! No hospital visit needed, but she now understands "ornamental" and will forever remember what strawberry plants look like.

Cynthia: My neighbors adopted a greyhound that literally bounces on all fours. She is the darling of the neighborhood but doesn't like lawnmowers much. Thought of you when I saw that the CNN crew moved off the Mall yesterday.

Marian: What does it mean when Christmas cactus bloom in July????? I had forgotten to water them for a while; okay, several weeks, and when moisture hit they bloomed. It's been that kind of year :-)

Kathy: Do you plant a banana with your roses? According to a swamp yankee it's supposed to boost the potasiam (?sp) and be a good thing. I haven't lost any yet, and have started a President's collection -- Lincoln, Kennedy, Hoover and am on the lookout. Why Not??? Did move the Golden Showers out of public view in favor of a new pink climber whose name escapes me since I'm at work.

Everyone else: I've run outta time but not good thoughts of All!!

Very soon, am hopeful to have more time and fortitude to get here more often. Fingers and toes crossed!!


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Good morning

Another rainy day here which the gardens and I are delighting in. A slow, gentle rain I can almost feel the plants drinking in. Hope it's made it to GB's farm and Woody garden too. Brenda and Michelle - same for you guys - what a worry it must be.

I'm feeling almost guilty that I'm not rushing off to work - the summers remind me of the Idyllic days at home with the children after David was born and before I went back to work. Today our most pressing task was an early morning visit to Target for a squirt gun - an essential accessory for "splash day" at David's day camp, even when it is raining apparently LOL! I then dropped Annie at her summer play practice, returned books to the library and enjoyed a second cup of coffee while listening to NPR and cleaning the kitchen. I'd like to tell you the whole house is spotless but that would be a lie. Instead, the kitchen is presentable, laundry almost caught up on and fresh GF muffins just came out of the oven - can you smell them? I've also been making progess on a new violin piece and am hoping to be able to set up my first lesson of the summer when my teacher gets back into town tomorrow.

As the rain is keeping me from the garden I'm about to begin an ambitious renovation of a bedroom in the dollshouse. I've been bitten by the mininatures bug again and in addition to working on the house I've started a set of miniatures of famous paintings. I'm putting together tiny objects for a "vanitas" or "momento mori" (objects that respresent the transience of life) in the style of a Dutch Still Life. Keeps me out of trouble but I'm not sure the other members of the family get it LOL!

At 3 today I'm taking David for a bass lesson, then tonight DH and I are hoping to sneak out together to see Michael Moore's Sicko. I've heard it's very thought provoking.

Cindy - I bought the Red Majestic contorted hazel this spring and am loving it. I actually have it in a large pot as I loved the position of it against the white of the house at the beginning of the path to our front door. It will go into the ground soon to get nicely established before fall, but I'm still planning its permanent location.

Brenda - a fish fry sounds delicious! It's been years since I've had some. A good old English "Fish and Chips" wrapped in newspaper used to be one of my favorite meals.

Hope the work week speeds by for those toiling away.

Here is something fun from our trip to Toronto. Annie took part in a promotion for Dove, walking down a catwalk and posing for the camera in return for free smaples. Here is the mock-up of a magazine cover they just sent her.


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It's not raining here, wish it was, and I've got the sprinkler going. Brad's gone off to work, Dave's car is in the shop, and I'm dividing my time between painting (the bed) and vacuuming while waiting for coats to dry. I have today and tomorrow to complete my list of thing that I can't get done when Bella's here. I think I will get most all of the tasks crossed off, with the exception of the basement. Jen and I are planning another gardening day at her house of Sat. with Bella's help. That should be fun! I still haven't found time to crack open a book :(

Chelone, It made me sad to picture Rex hobbling. I hope his surgery tomorrow sets everything right for him. I'll be thinking good thoughts!

Mary, what a darling picture of Annie. Reminds me of a cover for Seventeen mag. Does anyone remember that mag? I don't even know if they publish it anymore. I'm intrigued by your miniatures work. I'd love to see pictures. I forgot to tell you, I have one of those really tiny mini fuchsias in one of my container gardens and it's blooming the tiniest little flowers now. So cute!

Hi Martie, OUCH! I can imagine how hot those peppers would be. I've learned to be really careful with them when I'm collecting the seed. I chop up banana peels and bury them around my rose bushes.

Cindy, My cercis covey is doing well too. It looks like a little tree this year as opposed to the stick it looked like last year when they sent it. I'm liking the chartruese shrubs I purchased this year, cotinus gold spirit and physocarpus nugget, though the nugget is still really small. They really light up the garden. Also I'm really liking the little weigela my monet. It stays tiny, and has beautiful, green, white and pink leaves.

Brenda, sounds like you guys really NEED rain. Hope you get some soon! Those meals of yours sound delish! I had pan fried lake perch yesterday afternoon and it was good too.

V, don't you just love those nice relaxing days at home. Hope you get to have them more frequently for the rest of the summer!

Cynthia, poor Dannie, she's been having more than her share of thunder to contend with lately. She's spending alot of time in the tub! Good that you're getting rain though.

Michelle, great that you got to spend a day with Kenzie. Bella likes little people too but her favorite thing to play with is little plastic animals. I've got a whole box of all different kinds that I pick up here and there, when ever I run across them.

My paint's dry and I need to rotate laundry from washer to drier, and move the sprinkler. Always more to do around here! Hope you're all having a good day.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mary, I'm impressed by those beautiful eyes looking out at the the camera. I believe Annie wasn't able to do this in the past? In any case, a cover to remember always!

I'm zonked. We return to Ontario tomorrow, home on Saturday with Charlotte. By Sunday I'll probably have taken a quick look at what remains of the gardens...Martie, pray for my irreplaceable clematis, all 200+....Sigh.

At the moment, Sarah is off to Tai Kwan Do once more with DGS, then to a water park for a short while with his friends before returning for lunch.

I have remained at home with DH to proofread forms relating to small claims court, an added touch we did not need in our lives.

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Hi there idylls!

I can't believe that even though I'm off work for the summer & school's out I still hardly have time to post let alone read the accumulating idyll threads! Sorry to be so absent(V, I sense a smart remark from you lolol).

Eden I'm so sorry your mom has needed surgery & that it's not resolved so far. Such a worry for you all. I'm thinking best thoughts for you all. Keep us posted.

V-what a COOL pond! Your backyard looks so different-that must have been quite alot of work-I guess that's why you haven't been around here much. I've missed you.

Eileen-hey stranger! Thanks for the hummingbird link that is awesome to see! and to think that nest is so tiny. I was intrigued by the tranformation of the baby birds-I never knew they didn't start out immediately with the very pointed beak.

'Bug-nice to see Reed & family-he's very cute!

Deanne-love seeing your pics and your artfully done plantings. Hope you're having a fun summer with your camera! Hey BTW have your fuchsias ever been attacked by small 1/4" bronzey beetles? They defnitely are not J. Beetles-much smaller but just about as destructive. When I get time I'll try to look them up but Iwas just wondering if you knew about these.

Mary I'm so glad you are finally done with the school year: )

Sue wow you've had your health woes these past few months-hope the creeping crud heals quickly: (

Hi Chelone! I'm speechless? lol that never happens.

Michelle Ooooo!~I am so glad to see your pottager!! Everything looks great as I knew it would-you really have a knack for design. Well, my bowling ball is half covered with glass discs...I had a bit of time to fiddle around then our summer got busy so I hope to get it finished before fall hits lol. How have your peas done?? I decided I didn't plant enough vines and will do more next season-we hardly have a bowlful of pods from four vines(well I never said I was a skillful farmer : ) I expected the pea harvest to be over by now but we've had some nice cool nights so I hope I get more-though I'm itching to yank the vines and plant flowers in their spot.

We recently got back from Hocking Hills after a week's visit and had a nice relaxing time. We're going back again that last week of July-yeah, during the IU: (

We've been busy with swim lessons,etc. and I'm working on downsizing our closets,cupboards and pretty much the whole house-this seems like it will take years. I'd much rather weed,dig or mow! IN THE HOT SUN among SWARMING get the picture.

Chris started his new job this week and it's pretty cool that he's his own boss more or less and can work whatever hours he chooses. Naturally the A/C in his car died & had to be repaired so we know where his first big paycheck will go! Funny how it happens that way-but thankfully it didn't happen earlier than this.

MIL is still requiring much of our time but luckily it's more for errends and such-I worry when it becomes health issues care. Her eyesight is declining and they've increased her insulin dosage-not good since that indicates a lack of blood sugar control. She ODed on insulin once last month with no serious impact though it could have been. She recently visited her aunt in an assisted living facility and has declared that the living space was so small & so expensive she would rather swallow a bottle of vicodin(sp) than leave her home when her health further fails....this is what we deal with from her. oops-I see I'm ranting!

Hi to Saucy-hope all bones are healed: ) and your summer is back on track?

Sending a big hello to the rest of the idyll posse-hope things are going well for all.

And now I am off to set up the sprinkler for Ryan...and my garden; )


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LOL!....ROTFL... MARY!! I was doing a backtracking-turbo-skim and found the engorged tomato....!(since I was stunned I'm assuming that was a tomato) OH my GOSH is that FUNNY!!! Chelone I think your carrot needs some of what that tomato had if you know what I mean; )-you guys are just great for a good laugh.

BTW as I try to catch up I'm also touched by so many looking for me~I realize it's hard to keep track of so many idylls and their whereabouts so it was a nice surprise to be remembered: ) The days you had been wondering about me I was in Hocking Hills.

Need to go back and see what else I've missed! Just HAD to comment on the mutated veggies.


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Hello Babs! Just checking in and how great to see your post! I KNEW you'd appreciate those veggies! Glad to hear that Chris started his new job with his new paycheck. Sorry to hear that MIL is still having and giving you problems. Since Bella's turned two I've often wondered how you ever had time for posting here. Wasn't Ryan about that age when Idylls began? Glad you had a nice relaxing vacation and how neat that you get to go again. I missed you!

Marie, small claims court, oh dear!

Still painting here but getting close to being done.


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The die is cast. I took Rex down for the application of his morphine patch this afternoon. I returned home with a bandaged dog (requiring supervision), 2 bags to apply when taking him outdoors for a bathroom breaks (can't get the patch wet, it's on his right hind leg), and an Elizabethan collar to keep him from chewing at it while we try to sleep. Yeah, RIGHT. The thing is huge (a very large lampshade) and he was less than tolerant of it when I put it on him and adjusted his collar. :( This is going to be a complete nightmare... an expensive one. I'm worried about how we're going to deal with the recovery period. I don't see the E. collar being a viable option for the hours when we're working. My boss won't love it, but I think he will be coming to work with me on Thursdays and Fridays. Swell! I'm very tense about what awaits us. Very tense.

Eden, what's the skinny with your Mom? What's the next step? I'm concerned; answer if you want to, but know I'm thinking of you.

I rescued a bird from the room where we keep the rolled up foam this morning. He was fluttering against the window glass, poor thing. I tossed my sweatshirt over him and gently picked him up. Pretty thing! but very frightened. I release him and he flew right off... some lucky bird.

There are 3 or 4 Tall Ships coming into port tomorrow. The "parade" is slated to begin at or around 10 AM. One came in this morning, and it was fun to see the crew members on the spars. I can't imagine climbing the ratlins on land, let alone the high seas... NO THANKS! but you do things you would never imagine you'd ever do when the circumstances call for it. I'll put my camera next to my handbag tonight. They're really pretty vessels.

No framers today. The gentle rain has vanished and the sun is back. Hot and humid.

I'm also thinking about Sue and the "creeping crud" thing. Like you haven't had ENOUGH already? What a really crummy hand to be dealt in the summer. Please do be a good cooperator and do what must be done to accomplish the "mend".

Mary, the covergirl is beautiful. Dove soap or Dove chocolate? ;)

Order's up! and I'm hungry. (being tense makes me hungry... lol).

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The helpmeet did the clinic visits with Rex. He wasn't really able to adequately describe what they have planned for the fleabag.

I did my homework, and have linked it below. I think I'm going to be sick. And my boss is probably not going to be happy when I announce that Rex will be spending Thursday and Fridays in the shop under my supervision. There's just NO way he can be left alone in that collar for 4 hours. And he isn't "crate trained"... post surgery isn't the time to start doing it. If he can't come to the shop, then I'll simply have to take the work home. This is a "family crisis".

Jeez, I hate dogs!

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Well, good thing I took pics of my garden to show you all yesterday. We had a thunderstorm come through a little while ago with strong winds and a tree from my neighbor's yard came down and is through my shed roof. The shed is holding it about 6 ft above my garden. It's lying across the entire garden and into the neighbor's yard on the other side. It must have knocked down the clouds and moon too. They're gone. The tree is lying on the power line that runs to the house but we do have power. I've called the electric company but if you don't hear from me for a while it'll be because the electricity has gone out. I'm here alone and I'm still shaking. Brad's on his way home though. Pictures to follow if the power holds.


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Aww... Eden, when it rains it pours, huh? (((hug)))!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Just a quick visit to wish Rex - and Chelone - well for the surgery. Chelsea had to wear the E. collar after a foot injury. Poor thing kept banging into things and looked bewildered. She also threw up in it during the waking-up process at the animal hospital. She HATED the vet - any vet - (not sure why; she came with that problem) so no one could safely clean out the collar at the animal hospital. We had to do it - lots of fun! So I hope Rex has a fast recovery and you and your helpmeet have an easy time as nurses!

I just saw Eden's note - boy, that must have been a scary few minutes when the tree came down! I hope the electric company comes quickly....

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Lot's of smashed plants, at least one broken urn. The clouds fell in the garden, on my new little kousa and broke it. I could just cry.


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Oh Eden! How rotten! What a mess that is going to be to get that tree out of there. Thinking of you!!!

(Rex, you fleabag......take care tomorrow!! Sending you good thoughts that you will be moving around and feeling good as a puppy after you've recuperated).

BABS!! So *good* to see you!!! :oD

Hope Sue is behaving and that the celluitis is improving. Scary business!

Hello to all! (yeah, this was a fly-by-----zoom, zoom!)


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"It must have knocked down the clouds and moon too. They're gone"

That picture of the cloud on the ground broke my heart.

But Eden will come up with something wonderful to fill the spot, I just know it. From loss comes opportunity! Sniff.

I never thought I'd live to see the day when Chelone refuses to go to work if she can't bring her dog :) Softy. You go girl! Wishing Rex the best for his surgery. My guys wear their basket muzzles post surgery so that they can't get at the sites. E collars are horrid uncomfortable things. From what I've seen of Rex, he doesn't have that long narrow snout, so basket muzzle isn't going to work, but an option is the 'soft' E collar, it's made of cloth. If your vet doesn't have them, call a few other vets to see if you can get one. Or you can get some bitter apple and spray or brush that on the bandage to deflect him.

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Oh poor Rex having to wear that collar. Bud had to wear one once and he just hated it and crashed into everything. I got it off him, kept a good eye on him and started using the bitter apple like Cynthia said to keep him from licking the wound. Stand your ground with the boss. She's a dog lover right? Doesn't she have a couple of little ones that she brings in herself? I hope she's understanding. Well wishes for Rex that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. One more thing for me to worry about until I hear he's come through ok. Let us know!


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Oh Eden - how rotten. (((Hugs))) to you though I'm sure what follows will be in every way as wonderful as what was lost. The timing stinks though doesn't it?

Hugs also to Rexie boy and your Mum. I'll be checking tomorrow for updates.

Yay Babs!! Glad you enjoyed the pepper and your vacation. Hope you can come back to visit more often though completley understand the pulls on your time.

I'm about to head to bad. A good friend dropped by this evening and we enjoyed wine and talk on the patio. Actually, there was an enjoyable amount of both so I should retire before revealing too much more.

Nite-nite everyone


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(((((Eden)))))! I'm so sorry about the damage and you feeling so upset/scared. It's times like this that I wish I lived a skip away from you. I am SO thankful that no one was hurt. A crushed urn and smashed plants(gee and a humongous tree laying over your garden)still are extemely upsetting and I always did admire the sun & moon not to mention your shed(maybe Brad can repair the shed?)! I know you'll find a way to salvage what you can and recreate what you've got~sniff~Earlier today I was viewing garden pics you'd posted and I was ooing and aahing at the results of your hard work. I hope the cleanup shows more things intact than thought. I hope you can get good sleep tonight.
In regards to how I had time to post when the kids were little it was pretty easy because I would post at naptime~AJ napped all the way up to age 4 or at least had quiet book reading time. Both boys were very good at independant play so I could take a few moments to post during the day. I also would post at night because Chris was often doing school work. These days we are more on the go in general plus when I'm working the idylls went to the back burner-unfortunately.

Poor Chelone-and Rex! I hope your boss is understanding and things go well. ; )I will drink some wine for you-it's the least I can do...
I missed an earlier chance to wish you & your helpmeet a happy anniversary~Hope it was fun...did you conserve water like a good girl? lol just kidding.

Saucy-I saw the pic of you skiing-you go! If that were me you'd see a pic of the skis over my head and my face would be flopping through the water at high speed: )
I enjoyed seeing the pics of your earlier garden & the present one-I gasped at that later pic-It's beautiful!
I also enjoyed seeing your kids-they grew so much! Thanks for showing those pics. I'm really glad you're sticking around here!

'Bug I wanted to tell you that I like Reed's middle name-such a noble name.

Hi T!! How are the babies? HAve you had any time to work in your curvy beds?

Mary send some of that rain back this way please? Minus high winds,hail or lightening: )


Better get going, Chelone really needs me to drink that wine NOW.


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Thanks you guys, you made me feel better. It can all be fixed or replace and it's only stuff. We were planning to rebuild the shed this year and then I didn't want to do such a big project this summer while dealing with my mom's illness and Bella being 2 but looks like I was wrong, lol.

Babs, that explains it. By the time Bella takes a nap I'm so tired I usually take one too. Must be the difference between being mom and grandma. I never took naps when my kids were small.

Cynthia, 'from loss comes opportunity'... maybe I'll just write that quote on the wall in permanent marker tonight :)

No sign of the electric company yet. Lot's of people have no power so I doubt that we'll see them until that's all restored. Maybe tomorrow. Expecting a visit from the insurance adjuster too.

G'nite, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just returned from a FINE dinner out that only Deanne could describe adequately. A "goodbye for now" affair. Everyone, especially Reed, will change so much before we meet again....

I could just cry too. Over E collars, fallen trees, ill health.
I'll no doubt be crying on saturday when I see my garden. I'd better remember:"From loss comes opportunity!"...and write it 100 times on the chalk board. :(
Wrecks, bon courage!

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Just a quickie this morning.

Eden, I'm so sorry to see what has befallen your own little eden. You must be just heartbroken. I like your notion about writing the opportunity line in marker. ;)

No Wrecks in the house today... will be very quiet. I don't think we'll be putting much stock in that silly collar. He spent the night downstairs on the bed with Daddy, the morphine patch is probably mellowing him out by now and is supposed to last for about 4 days. I'll know more this afternoon and tomorrow when I go to bail him out.

Hang tight, Eden! plant life is pretty resilient and it will likely be fine... next year.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)


Just a quick one this AM, trying to finish last minute packing and get ready for work - hopefully we leave for vacation tonite, if we get the call that this week's occupants of the cottage decided to depart tonite instead of Saturday AM.

Just wanted to let Eden and Chelone and Rex know I'll be thinking of them today.

Eden, having a tree fall like that is devastating - so sorry you had to go thru that ((((Eden)))). I've had it happen three times in my garden now. It truly can be an opportunity, though you probably just want to cry looking at the mess right now. The first time we lost a tree it was in summer, and we happened to be home on vacation. DH helped me dig up about 20-30 plants in the path of the trucks needed for removal (the tree was HUGE). After the tree and debris were gone, we dug out and doubled the size of that shade garden (there are plenty more trees left) and rearranged the plants with some design in mind instead of just plunking. This is a project we might not have undertaken at that time, but looking back I'm glad we did! You'll be amazed, most things will survive, though they may not look their best this year. Fortunately nobody was hurt, and your house is intact! BTW, you may want to speak to your neighbor's insurance adjuster too...

Chelone, good luck with Rex today - I'm sure with your attentive care his recovery will be smooth. I hope you can bring him to work with you, I'm sure both of you would be more comfortable that way. I've tucked your phone # into the center console of my car already, I'll try to call you early next week if I can.

Hi Babs and Ei - glad you stopped in. Waving hi to all I've missed! Have a great weekend!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Just a drive by this morning-I'm in closing mode.

Eden, jeez, a tree! That could very easily happen here. As others have said, you'll no doubt see the opportunity and go for it once the shock wears off.

The creeping crud is much better. Dr. Feelgood called me this morning to check. I still have a week or so of the antibiotics left and will watch things closely.

Good thoughts for Rex. Zoe is off having her dental. The biggest trauma we go through with that is the no breakfast rule. Tom has to hold her upstairs while I feed Nick and she screams bloody

Hey Babs, great to see you!

OK, I'm gone...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm standin here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin
Its early morn
The taxi's waitin
He's blowin his horn
Already I'm so lonesome
I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
cause I'm leavin on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Theres so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I tell you now, they don't mean a thing
Every place I go, I'll think of you
Every song I sing, I'll sing for you
When I come back, I'll bring your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
cause I'm leavin on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time
Let me kiss you
Then close your eyes
I'll be on my way
Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times, I won't have to say

Oh, kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
cause I'm leavin on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

But, I'm leavin on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Words and music by John Denver

Talk to you all later friends, from Ontario.
Hi Rex!

    Bookmark   July 6, 2007 at 9:47AM
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Eden, I feel so bad for you and your garden. We had straight-line winds 6 years ago and my garden, which was pretty young back then, had a similar look. It was at the end of June and things actually looked pretty good later in the summer. I hope that there wont be more damage trying to get the tree out of there. Brad is so handy, were you planning a new shed or remodeling the existing one? Kenzie really enjoys farm animals of which we have lots. She really likes to play "farm" She's very interested in Grampa on the tractor, but refuses to ride in the tractor.

Mary, what a fun opportunity for Annie. The cover is just the coolest.

Cindy, I remember that Gardeners Diary too. I lost a clematis too. It was a new one last year. The others are all going strong. I actually water my garden very little. I picked up sambucus Black Lace and a couple of hydrangea Blushing Bride not overly exciting, but interesting shrubs are hard to find around here. Im envious of Edens weigela My Monet

Brenda, we are having the "serious" heat. 93 yesterday and more for the weekend. Unbelievable that some areas are experiencing so much flooding.

Babs, Im growing Super Sweet Sugar Snaps this year and they are producing like crazy. I showed Kenzie how to eat them right out of the garden when she was here. I have about 7 of fencing with vines on both sides. I think its so wonderful that you and Mary can have the summers off to spend with your family.

Marie, the clematis I have never get extra water beyond the first year. I think they really are quite tough. Fingers crossed for your garden. Im sure leaving is going to be tough ((Marie))

Chelone, thinking of Rex and you today. I would love to see pictures of the tall ships. Dont see many of those in Iowa ;o)

Wendy, have a great vacation the beach right? Right up my alley.

Ive been asked to be on a mini garden tour in 3 weeks. Approximately 50 people, but Ive never had that many people here at one time. It should be interesting. Fortunately Ive got things somewhat in order.


    Bookmark   July 6, 2007 at 10:26AM
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