photo editing programs

fairy_toadmotherJune 13, 2007

can someone tell me what program i need (hopefully inexpensive) in order to get still photo from video?

thanks! i am dying here.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Dearly beloved... we are gathered here today because poor Fairy_Toadmotha died while trying to figure out how to grab still frames from a video. The poor soul did not realize that unless the video format she was using was extremely high resolution (normally devoted to very high-end camcorders) that such still images would have very poor/inadequate resolution. Perhaps too inadequate for most applications. However, if she can still hear me in the afterlife, there are certain inexpensive software that do an OK job of capturing still images from a motion video.

R.I.P. (Record in Peace) Toadmotha!

Here is a link that might be useful: ASC Capture software

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i'm still going to check this out though...your powers of communication are out of this world.

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No kiddin', FTM! It's like we was learnin', and we didn't evern KNOW we was!

(Thanks for the info from this side of confused, too, Father Fi.)


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