What kind of Bromeliad?

Flowerful(9)May 8, 2014

This is varigated. Any idea it's name and what color it blooms?

Thanks in advance.

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Guzmania, Neoregelia?

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Are the leaves smooth or are there tiny barbs/teeth along the edges (looks like it)

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To alisonoz
The edges of leaves on the bomeliad have teeth/barbs.

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Then I agree with the decoguy. You might add Aechmea to the possibility. Unfortunately there are so many cultivars now, and interspecies crosses, it can be really difficult to ID WITHOUT the flower, especially at that stage of growth.
Yours looks like a little beaten-up, but even if it does not flower, it may well produce one or more healthy pups which will reward you with a healthy blooming plant.

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I have bunch of similar plants from 1 my daughter gave me when she moved away, it's been growing and multiplying really well, winter-early spring blooming, similar colors to Bird of Paradise, in my opin, named Billbergia "Foster's Striate", Form of Bromeliad.

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