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youreitJune 30, 2007

Permission has been granted to pass this story along, and I hope you all have others you can pass it along to, as well. Andrea (Ademink) has been an inspiration to me and to many others in her work to help the homeless. And now, her dreams will be coming true! Bless her! :)

As Andrea says in her 2nd email, "This is a bit lengthy but please grab a cup of coffee & take the time to read it all!" It's worth it! :)


Email #1

> Good morning!




> I will try to make this succinct and coherent but I

> might wander, so bear

> with me! Hehe




> As some of you know, my future vision for The

> PourHouse is to have a

> Community Center for the homeless that gets away

> from the "services and

> shelters" mentality. I would like to have a place

> where the people we serve

> can begin to look again at the "whole man" and move

> beyond daily survival to

> recognizing their dreams, talents and desires.




> In this Center, I envision a free (nice) coffeehouse

> where they are SERVED,

> a library, arts center, music area, job and computer

> training, a place for

> men to have their own area to garden and various

> other more unconventional

> ideas. In addition, I would like to have a floor or

> two of transitional

> housing where men are paired up with a

> "non-homeless" man to build a

> relationship.so that he can help him on his journey

> toward wholeness. My

> vision also includes multiple AA and NA meetings in

> the facility as well as

> a free counseling center. There is much more to my

> ultimate vision but that

> should give you a good, nutshell idea for now. :-)




> Over the last several years when I have envisioned

> this facility, I always

> pictured it in an actual location in my mind's eye.

> It seemed that every

> time I talked about it.this particular area is where

> I could see it

> existing.




> In the last couple of days, I have received

> information that THIS ACTUAL

> LOCATION has come up for sale! To say I was blown

> away would be an

> understatement! LOL It is 3.5 acres and is located

> in a PERFECT

> spot....close to the city but not SO close that we

> would constantly fight

> against being pushed out. It is not in a

> residential area and is more off

> of the beaten track so it is not right in the public

> eye.




> It was previously an industrial facility that has

> since been torn down and

> so it is land only. It has environmental issues

> (not sure what they are

> yet) that would have to be dealt with but the plus

> side of that is that most

> people don't want to mess w/ the headache and so it

> will keep most buyers at

> bay.




> My request to you is for prayer that God's will

> would truly would be done.

> I don't want my vision to get in the way of HIS and

> want to make sure that I

> continue to allow Him to open and close doors. We

> will be approaching the

> attempted procurement of this property through both

> conventional and

> unconventional means - tax credits, city funds,

> private donations and other

> things that I don't understand. LOL




> I REALLY want to make sure that we use wisdom in

> this venture and pray for

> obvious answers to our questions, requests and

> needs.



> Thank you for taking the time to read this and for

> taking the time to pray

> for me and for The PourHouse.



> If you have any questions about any of this, please

> ask away!!! I'm so

> excited I could barely sleep last night and I'm sure

> that my husband would

> love for me to process this with someone else

> besides him! Ha!




> Blessings and thank you.




> Andrea

Email #2

Good afternoon!

If you did not receive the initial email pertaining to

this follow-up, please email me and I will send it to

you. This is a bit lengthy but please grab a cup of

coffee take the time to read it all!

It appears nobody will grow an extra arm

Since emailing you last week regarding this potential

property for The PourHouse, I have some exciting

updates. We have received the environmental report on

the land and from what we can tell, it has already

been cleaned up and we have a "go" from a safety

perspective. We are still awaiting a copy of the

official Certificate of Completion verifying that it

has passed inspection but so far, it looks good and so

we will not be forming a mutant colony if we inhabit

the property!

Jesus rocks my worldÂ

Last Saturday morning, on my way to go to a

neighborhood garage sale in Geist (first garage sale I

have been to in a year, by the way), I told God for

the first time that I REALLY want to get this

property. "Your will be done" and various other

disclaimers thrown in, of course, but I (sort of)

boldly "came before His throne making my petitions

known". I went to a hundred sales, or so it seemed,

and then my mom and I went to an adjoining

neighborhood that just had a few houses with sales.

I walked up a driveway and saw a large collection of

industrial light cages with glass for sale. I love

old stuff and so perused them  noticed they were

$30.00/ea. and stopped perusing. As I was waiting, I

noticed that one of them had the name of a company on

them. I began to question the man about where the

lights were taken from. I asked him if it was company

"A", located at blah blah blah. He said it wasnÂtÂit

was located elsewhere and that the name of the company

was "B"Âbought out by company "C", etc, etc. I

continued to quiz him about who the company was

purchased by, what the physical address was at that

time, etc.

I pulled out a printout & map from my car of the

location of the property we are looking at and

discovered that the lights came from the *original

building that sat on the downtown property we are

trying to purchase*!!! The original 80 year old

building was demolished some time ago and these lights

were thrown in the salvage dumpster. Someone knew

that this man liked old items and so pulled them out

of the dumpster and gave them to himÂ..back in 1997.

He held on to them, tried to sell them on consignment

several years ago and nobody bought themÂand then put

them in his garage sale in Geist for me to find 10

years later.

It is obviously an understatement to say that we were

all blown away!!! He sold them to me for $3 each and

told me he has more that he is going to give me. He

told me that they need to be in our new building when

we build it and I concurred. I am normally not one

who calls everything a "sign" and, in fact, am often

hesitant to do so lest I push my own will and way in a

situation. However, this is a bit like a 2 by 4

upside the head and WOW, was I encouraged!

Dough re miÂ

Unless there is an unforeseen problem with the

environmental Certificate of Completion, we are going

to move forward with purchasing the property. It is

in a highly desirable location and so time is of the

essence. (The price just dropped by over 40% because

the company desires a "quick sell".)

We need $500,000 to purchase this land and I am

writing to request not only your prayers, but also for

you to consider how you might be able to invest in

this venture financially. Additionally, I would

appreciate you sharing this information with others

that have money just burning a hole in their pocket

who would be interested in partnering with us in this


Being the straight-forward nuts and bolts kind of

person that I am, I didnÂt create an "adopt a brick

with your name" program or anything. If that

motivates you, I have a giant Sharpie that can

accomplish the task  just let me know!

If you would like to sit down with me to discuss this

further or have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would

appreciate any thoughts, feedback or ideas!



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I am unable to partner in the purchase but I did make a modest donation. I hope you raise enough money to meet your goals or find a wealthy benefactor to pick up the entire expense.

Brenda - thank you for bringing this to the attention of the pond forum community. CT

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

When a mover-and-a-shaker with a big heart puts her mind to it, it will happen! What an inspiration. Bless your heart Andrea.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

You guys!!!!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME! You don't even know how much it blessed me (not to mention PUZZLED ME roflol) when all of a sudden I got two donations from ?????

THANK YOU and thank YOU, crazy twin Brenda, for your support.

You are GREAT!!!!

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i think it is an awesome idea! first of its kind, if you ask me.

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hey brenda! i can't open the link.

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Has the link worked yet, FTM? I can't imagine what the problem is.

Here's the link, in case you want to try to copy and paste it directly in the browser.


Wild and crazy Brenda :D

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thanks, girlfriend!

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