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mwoodsJuly 21, 2011

Bet you thought this would be a food thread but it isn't...not really. I was watching CNN this morning and they showed a man from NY who was cooking a chicken breast on the hood of his car. It was about halfway cooked after several hours of being there. Yes it really is hot here in the East and in our area of Pa,it will hit 99 today and 100 tomorrow. So far we've had a week of this stuff and coupled with the humidity,it's hard breathing sometimes. I guess some of you are having it a lot worse,but right now I would love one of George's great Nebraska snowstorm stories!

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gandle(4 NE)

Eat your heart out. 74 degrees right now. Yeah, it has been 100+ the last 4 days but we really have a nice break today.

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The temp inside our garage was 100 degrees at Noon. Wish there were somewhere else to keep the freezer. It's working overtime trying to keep the food frozen. I just hope it keeps working--and more than that, our blessed air-conditioner.

Come on, October!

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don't wish it away! Let summer be summer. For now. In another month, it can decrease. Lemonade and lightning bug time. even if I am sweating so much. UGH! And drinking water like crazy. I'll be glad when it abates some from the upper ninety-100 degrees. Some.

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Lower nineties here and a little humid for us - 45% - feels pretty good.
The little window a/c is running, keeping it @ 80, I just finished outside work for the day - so little shade where I need to be, and the sun is hot.

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Was outside in it a bit today but came in when the heat index hit 106. You know how folks go south for the winter? Well my Mama used to pack up we kids and head for Dallas in the summer about this time. I think it has imprinted me that this is how summers are supposed to be. ;-)

When we get days like this, I wonder if Dorph finished his solar oven and advantages all the free btus. I wish I had acted on my plan to build one.

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Oven is up and working, but used very little in the summer. I eat mostly fruit and salads during the summer and if I want meat I usually just grill it.

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It started in May....then we had 57 straight days of over 90 degrees. Many days went up to or over 100. We won't even talk about the Heat Index.

Then we had a day that broke the streak. I think it was only 88 and then we went back up.

However, I'm glad we live in the South. Because it's been hotter in other places. I really don't know how people that are not used to the heat, stand it. I think we'll be in for the worse soon. I can't help but wonder how this will affect the hurricane season.

And now a word for everyone. Take it Easy! Other than birthin' babies and going to the potty, just about everything can wait until cools off a little.

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Oh yes, hard to take heat. We have window ac's in our bedroom, the livingroom and the kitchen. Today when I left our room and walked out into the hallway the heat slammed me and it was immediately hard to breathe. And that was in the house, yikes. I had to force myself to go to the front porch and water all my tomato and basil plants I have in pots.

Keeping hydrated and not letting the dog stay out longer than to go to bathroom or maybe ten minutes or so in the shade. I've been spraying him down with the mister before he goes out. I use that trick on myself when it gets real hot. Damp clothes and hair and a fan is good. Our electric has been going off several times a day. You really notice it fast.

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Can you imagine what it must be like to be stationed in Iraq, with constant summer heat like this and in combat gear?

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Lots of water, a gallon or more a day is not unusual when working in heat. Stay covered and let the cotton tee get soaked with sweat (or glisten) and it will help cool as it evaporates.

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I remember once when working at another nursery, and I came in on a Sunday in summer to take care of the watering........I started to get weak, disoriented and nauseated and it struck me I may be in trouble bad, in the days before cell phones and the only way to call for help was behind locked doors in the office. Turned the hose on myself and then collapsed in front of one of the big ventilator fans so the wind would cause the evap to cool me off.

Love the heat and never have let it stop me from working outside or in the g'houses, ditto always refused air conditioning since I was afraid of the differential and that it would spoil me for working in hot environments.......but glad we got a window unit for hubby's comfort thissummer, and I have retreated to the cool kitchen until dusk...... It's too dam*ed hot, even for me and the bright sun in my eyes triggered the zig-zags of a migraine aura. whoa.......brutal.

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Well, obviously you were ok, cause here you are, but don't leave me hanging Sus! What happened after you hosed and collapsed there?

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I got up fifteen or so minutes later, totally exhausted and went home with the worst headache of my life. I think, however, if I hadn't had that hose in my hand, and two enormous fans nearby I could have bought the farm that time. People like me who work all seasons in outside environments probably drink more fluids than anyone I know. I also wear improbable clothing in hot weather. No, I don't work in shorts and a halter....I wear heavy jeans and cotton tops and when needed for protection long sleeves and up until a few years ago, heavy boots. The hilarous thing is, drinking fluids constantly becomes a habit, because you cannot depend on thirst to signal dehydration. So when we have an unexpected cold day, we still drink the same amount of fluid and I think you can extrapolate the results. LOL.

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We have had triple digit temps twenty five days in a row.My daughter in Dallas told me her car interior was 118 recently. It had been in the parking lot at her work.

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