Green grassy foliage, long stem red flower. ID?

TheoryOfGravityMay 16, 2012



Height: low growing grass; 4-ish foot high flower stems

Foliage: low growing grassy

Light: sun loving; the flower stems lean toward the light

Flower: orange red "pod" from which a white & yellow flower emerge.

Southern California. Planted at a school. What is this? I'd like to buy a few.

Sorry, I'm trying to upload a pic and add an optional, but it will only do an optional. So here's a direct link showing the whole plant:


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hm, how did people get their photos to show up in their posts? Let me try HTML:

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What you have there is an Australian native plant called Anigozanthos commonly called Kangaroo Paw.


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Sweet! Thank you, deejaus. I'd like to have these in the sunny spot of my yard. Much thanks!

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