On Turning70

mawheelJuly 13, 2014

My younger sister, whose birthday is today, did just that! She wasn't very happy about it, for she looks and acts 20 years younger. (She's really a beautiful woman.) She improved her outlook by leaving on an 8 day Southern Carribean cruise.

Having passed that birthday several years ago, I wrote her that it really wasn't so bad becoming a "septuagenarian". After all, as the song says, "Age ain't nothin' but a number"! (I think it's the "Uppity Blues Women", who sing this. I'll check it on Google and if it's not, I'll post a correction.)

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It is interesting how different people view different ages. Some mind certain birthdays and others do not.
Happy birthday to your sis. There are some really good years after 70.

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A neighbor threw a blockparty on her 65th birthday, gave notice on her job and decided that it was now time to live it up and enjoy life,

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Since I turned 90 I take it one day at the time and wake every morning checking to see if I am alive, so far, so good (smile)

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