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extremez(4)September 12, 2013

Renovated the back yard 2 weekends ago and dropped my 90% TTTF and 10% KBG. Here's a pic of the progress so far.

Does it look thin? Or am I just being impatient. 11 days in and so far I'm happy but I'm wondering if I didn't get enough down. It's roughly 6000 sqft and I threw down 25lbs. I was planning on overseeding this area in the Spring with another 25 lbs.

Do I just sit and wait and be patient or should I try and put more down???

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Looks about right, be patient. Even when it's ready for the first mowing it is going to look thin, then it will start to tiller and thicken. The KBG will take longer to establish too, and the extra room you have will mean it will have to compete less with the TTTF. I wouldn't overseed in the spring unless you have areas that have little to no grass.

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Update on my renovation that I did last fall. I'm quite pleased with it so far.

I'm wondering if I should overseed it though. There's some spots where it's sparse. Of course there's some weeds. Not many but I'll blame the little tilling I did when the work was done. I did apply CG preventer a few weeks back.

I'm not too concerned with the weeds though at this point. I just needed an established lawn. Before this it was a sandlot with crabgrass.

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Here's a shot of my front yard. I'm cutting it at a height of 3.5 inches. Hoping the weeds stay away from this area.

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