Dog Days Musin'

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)July 27, 2011

It's too hot to do much else. I do believe the equatorial nations of the world got it right when each one invented it's version of the siesta.

Been cruising youtube. Came across several of my favourite poems that I learnt in childhood, or yet, early adolescence. This is one I chose to memorize for a 10th grade English Class. Everyone else was doing Robbie Burns or Emmy Dickens or some others in the same vein.


Was pleased to find that some European bank had commissioned a series of ads and hired top shelf actors to read classic works. I was pleased to see John Gielgud reading "Ullysses" but he's reading it too fast for my taste. Time constraint, methinks.

This has lead to searching for other poets and works on youtube. Yeats is the bomb. It's been a most pleasant hour or so of some creative time slaying.

Time slaying is a fine art, and works the same way as those who subscribe to the theory about time spent fishing not being charged against one's allotted time on this marble.

Where's Batya? She mentioned a hydroponics project a month or two ago.

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Heard someone talking a couple of weeks ago, and they were citing a survey given to people who were older on what they would've done differently. The overwhelming answers were, and I totally agree, risk more, did things that lasted longer (invest in the future? something like that), and pondered more. Ponder more really stuck with me. I remember in my senior seminar class the professor was taking about how some people think others who sit and think are wasting time. But he thought it was a worthwhile thing and other thinkers of his time have too. I don't disagree. But just sitting and thinking, that takes effort. At least as an American.

So what are you going to grow with your hydroponics?

C'mon batya! Come report.

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