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lilosophieJuly 30, 2013

The bullfrog tadpoles (lots of them) are the target, glad the egret and heron do their job, or we would be overrun with bullfrogs.
They are not natives, someone imported them because they liked frog-legs and now they are considered an invasive pest.
We usually have a pair - maybe they are the same and hibernate over winter -noisy buggers!

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Egrets are such elegant birds. I wish it good hunting. Have not heard a bullfrog in ages. They went with the local ponds and their relatives, the tree frogs.
Thanks for the picture.

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I don't like the heron one bit. We have our pond netted so we don't lose any fish or frogs. We have about 5 frogs, 1 is a bull frog, No tree frogs here. Haven't seen any heron this year.

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I was surprised when I saw an egret in our pond last week. It had a pretty good meal when it preyed on a poor frog. Between a frog and an egret, the egret wins.

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Good morning, Kimball
Welcome to the party. The egret and a blue heron patrol my pond fairly regularly and thin the bullfrog population. Too bad for the frogs, but they would overran the pond and the frogs would eat al the fishes, so it's a balance.

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What a lovely little visitor! It's good to have a camera handy I tell you!

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Ah serene. Nice photo. Makes me smile.

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