a real life Saint!

rob333July 17, 2012

Totally cool. This guy catches an autistic girl who fell three stories. And his license plate says Saint on it. I think he is.

Here is a link that might be useful: video of it from ABC news

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He is a hero in my eyes, he took action when it was needed.

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I loved it when, in response to the statement that he's a hero, he said: "A hero ain't nothing but a sandwich"! West Gardener, I think he's a hero, too.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

Thank goodness he was not afraid to, or unwilling to, take action like so many people are these days. Yes, he truly is a hero.

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Some stand by and say, "What can I do?"

Others don't wait for the question---they just DO.

The guy is living up to his beliefs and hopefully spreading some courage and no-time-for-second-guessing around to onlookers dotting the whole world, who now, might not just stand there when their turn comes up.

Somebody raised him right.

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