Time flies

lilosophieJuly 28, 2013

I've been scanning pictures - something to do when it is so hot;
thought I share this one:

Grandson Trevor - he'll be 21 in September!

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Nice young man.
I talked the other day to a friend of my sons, the last time I saw him he was 10 and I was his den mother. Now he is a grandfather! Where did the time go?

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That is something I need to do, scan pictures. I have all my grandmothers old pictures and I am the oldest and knows who the people are. Need to pass them down to my children. Any Ideas would be welcome.

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Looks like he's having fun! Beautiful specimen of a horse there, too.

Hey Gloria! I would totally suggest you do that. Wonder if you could them onto a thumb drive and then copy several. That way, they can print their own and reprint as many times as they want. I will tell you this, I never ever saw my grandfather or great grandfather on my father's side until last week. I asked him to send me a photo. It was so sweet to finally see his face. Your children will love it.

Joseph O is (Daddy's daddy) on the back row, far lefthand side (and his dad Frank Sr in front, holding the 2nd oldest sibling. I look like Frank Jr on the back row far right hand side). My daddy's daddy died when he was in his teens (15, I think). I actually know nothing about the great grandfather.

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DVDs, thumb drives, picture hosting sites all good for sharing. Get the names, dates, relation and places if possible and scan the back if that info is there. People that do genealogy will thank you. My Mom wrote on the backs and my Sister scanned and made CDs and DVDs for any that wanted them. Also have copies of written family history and relations on disc. Recording stories and history with camera, video or webcam is also good.

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Yes, times fly. Our GS will be 7yo in Oct. When he was just a little boy, we bought him a little red wagon, and grandad would pull him in the wagon to the local park.
They came to visit this week, and GS wanted to pull grandad to the park.
I just luv the pic.

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Great pictures, everybody. Thanks for sharing them.

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WG - wonderful picture!

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I too luv it west! It says it all.

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