Possibly walked through Poison Hemlock?

Krystalfoxfire(6b)May 9, 2012

I just discovered that I may have stumbled through a large patch of poison hemlock!

I touched the leaves and possibly some sap but am not suffering a rash or burn marks, and I did not ingest any part of the plant. I'm told simply inhaling from the plant is dangerous.

If it is infact Poison Hemlock, should I be concerned at all, or seeking medical attention?

Here are the images:

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lycopus(z5 NY)

Sure looks like it. AFAIK it is only toxic if you eat it, though I suppose some people could get a rash from touching it. I pick this plant to show my students at least three times a year and even have them smell it (smells pretty bad). Never had a reaction from it.

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Thank you for the ID!
I'll keep that in mind and not walk through there again. :)
I didn't smell anything bad around the plant (the breeze carried a sweet floral smell actually). I guess the bad odor would be from the sap/broken plant matter?
Hm, interesting that a lot of the flora in the local park gets mowed down but they've left the entire hoard of these poisonous ones.

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Nasty stuff. Dispose of it carefully if it's on your property(wear gloves, don't burn it, bag it up and send it to the landfill). Tie a bright ribbon on it so you'll know where it is and where there may be plants in the future.

Here's a little more info...

Here is a link that might be useful: Poison Hemlock info

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