can anyone name this tree

idigbigrocksMay 24, 2014

I have a small tree (or shrub?) growing that I got a start off of from my mother. When she got it it was given to her and she either forgot the name or the person who gave it to her didn't know. Right now it is about 3 ft. tall and a single stem coming from the ground, it is blooming right now with pretty pink flowers that remind me of sweet peas with about 7 or 9 on a small stem. The stems have reddish bristley looking hair on them and then after they mature they become kind of stickery.. The leaves are the same type as what is on a walnut with 9 small leaflets making up the whole leaf.. I was thinking it was some type of locust tree but I can't find anything like it in my trees and shrubs book. If anyone knows what it might be I would really appreciate knowing its name.

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here is a pic of the hairs on the stems

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here is a pic of the flowers

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saltcedar(Sunset zn 30/usda 8b)

Robinia hispida or similar species.

Here is a link that might be useful: R. hispida

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that's it ! thanks saltcedar that was quick. I have a couple other things I will be posting about that I can't figure out the name of.

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