Idyll #482- Walating in June

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)June 9, 2010

Today I walate in the rain....

And you?


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I am presently WALATing in an interior, boring view of a large DC awfice after more 2 hour commutes on metro which is again becoming a daily thing -- one just has to try to forget from day to day..... Much prettier WALAT even in rain at your place, 'bug!


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Wow, Denise that buddelia is unusual. I always scroll from the bottom up and its interesting how I usually can tell from the pictures whose garden I'm viewing before I see the name. I don't envy the color choosing challenge. I'm horrible at it.
Deanne, the robin photo is fabulous! How nice that you found yourself a garden helper. Will she be helping more this season or was it because of the tour? Does she garden?

Cindy, I know the feeling about disorganized garden records. I have a plant that is growing in one of my gardens which doesn't look like a weed, I don't recognize the foliage so we will have to wait until it blooms to ID it. Awful about the 2 hour commutes. That would drive me crazy.

'bug, there's nothing like garden pictures in the rain. Everything looks so fresh and lovely.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What is happening in your garden these days?

Here the aquilegia have pretty much ended as have the hellebores, lupines, iris and bulbs, including the camassia.

The candelabra primulas are still blooming away as are foxgloves, dictamnus, clematis, roses, persicaria polymorpha, aruncus dioicus, poppies, baptisias and martagon lilies.

I am looking forward to more roses and clematis. It's an exciting time!

Here are a few shots from our rainy day-


Peonies with Clematis Durandii

Woody's rose

White Baptisia about to pop -

Clematis Juuli

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow, Marie - things are looking so special there. I also noticed your trellises installed against the shed(?) and they look terrific -- great design!

No photos here, it's been dreary squishy wet and again I got home late - I even missed the wonderful 70 degree temps of last evening -- no matter what the plans one might have for WALATing in my area sometimes, metro or traffic may decide otherwise. I'm learning to swallow the disappointment -- I did notice that Juuli is still going strong like Arabella; and definitely the first daylilies are starting to pop (if they ever dry out)....that should be tomorrow I think.

Michelle, you've got it - disorganization seems to be constant in my life lately and Im not happy with it, but I guess it will have to go a bit longer -- maybe by July I'll have accomplished half of my garden to-do things, LOL? I need to be doing Julie jobs but don't. or join the EAT program!

Well, I better log off and go do a couple of those little things tonite.... it's hard to believe IU will be here before we know it. I did manage to get a couple of camera cards tonite so at least that's off the trip to-do list.

Well, I guess I should add a little photo -- this was from a couple weeks ago tho- since I've been doing the "head" thing (I got this greenman last year) - he looks like he's in jail doesnt he?


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The ultimate WALAT, IU is just around the corner and Im glad to have started the prep for this months ago-thereby reducing (but not eliminating) the last minute frenzy Âgot a pretty firm commitment from DD for kick-off event assistance , and will call DS into service as well. We are circling the chuck wagons !

I wait patiently for Âbugs Clematis tour. I am so thrilled with my Arabellas ! I just planted the things in spring and they are just growing and blooming away, so glad for the Idyll enabling there.

Ei , I have a similar cultivar to Broadway Lights, but I think itÂs called ÂBecky . I moved it last fall, and gave a chunk of it to a neighbor. I really like it, and am pondering dividing it again this fall to place elsewhere in my own garden.
RE: the green beans (and incidentally kudos to Woody for her great breakdown of the veggie gardening at her place-) I have grown haricourt verts, the french filet beans - bush variety, and I always plant the seeds in successive weeks to get an extended harvest.

Oooh Deanne, what a great photo of the robin !

Cindy, lol your jailbird greenman ! Look here, gardening is supposed to be fun, so give yourself a break on the organization front .. a 2 hour commute eats an impossible hole in the gardening time on weekdays, and probably leaves you drained once the weekend comes around. Your garden looks so pretty in all the pics youÂve posted ..

Ok, IÂm having a BLT for dinner and hitting the sack early ..waves to all ..

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OYYY!!!! I guess I won't be buying large quantities of fertilizer these days for the farm...

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'Bug, love the large expanse and maturity of your gardens. That white baptisia really caught my eye with the subtle coloration. I seem to be craving orange and white this growing season, probably because I never had much in previous years. And I want to do shocking things with the orange, like pair it with violet or magenta!

Think Ill give scrolling from the bottom a try, Michelle, and see how I do. Deanne, Im sure I could spot any of your bird photos instantlyanywhere. That robin could have flown right off my screen, wow!

Cindy, really like the greenman and if his jail bars are a terrace railing, please do show what else is up there! Your daily commute to the awfice sounds exhausting, how on earth do you shake that off at the end of a long day?

Kathy, IU7 is growing closer thanks to all your planning and organization. What an event! Its going to be hard waiting for everyone to return and post their photos. Hopefully, Idylland wont close down completelyId not enjoy being left here alone with only Hal to talk to.

I did do a bit of walating before and after the rain yesterdayabundant shades of green on the far north corner.

Clematis venosa violacea is doing well after the move to a new location

A bright group of hosta soaking up the rain under dark skies.

From a couple of weeks agothis French Lace weigela was so covered with blooms the variegation barely shows up in the photo.

OK, off to bed lusting after Denises buddelia Silver Anniversay.

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Funny story, GB...glad that was not you plastered across the news stands :)

Something about this time of year makes me always feel like the show is all over...when you list all the plants that have gone by, I think, "what's left" and think it's over :) Luckily I'm always pleasantly surprised.

Everyone's photos are beautiful! Wow! What great gardens we have...and how lucky to have a bird photographer in the midst. I never grow tired of seeing them up close.

I have my very first hummingbird feeder - and a little bird came! I have hung it in my workshop and enjoy being so close to such a sweet little bird. In TN there are so many they can be quite annoying with their territorial antics - like big bigs buzzing around and always fussing with each other. Here they are special and rare :)

Yesterday I worked on my idea for a stand to hold my big alocasia leaf. Welding is fun, but boy is it tiring. Just new skills that I need to master to make it more comfortable. The stand is not as pretty as I'd like, but it will be hidden by foliage in the garden.

The kids go to Maine this weekend...don't know what I'm going to do as I've not got the plans laid out yet. I need to work on the edging in the GG (and maybe take some photos!).

Have a good day, friends!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Deanne - I forgot to comment on that bird photo. My first reaction was that it made me dizzy! It was so 'real' that I felt like I was on the branch with the bird - and was about to fall off! The second reaction was to stroke the wings of the bird because they also looked so real on the monitor. Even when you KNOW it's a flat photo, it was so good that my mind kept trying to interpret it as a 3-D real object that I could touch. How do you DO that?!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Randy is busily painting the shed today. The color is definitely darker/better but the white trim will probably have to go if it is really to blend into the background. So now the question is - how much do I really want it to 'disappear'? What do you think? I don't think I like the third picture. Picture two does indeed make the shed 'disappear' - maybe too much so. If I leave the trim white, I think I'll need to surround it with a lot more big white flowering things than there are now. I'm somewhat leaning towards that ophion (and Randy is getting tired of painting!) but it's a 'six of one; half a dozen of the other' situation at the moment so all opinions welcome!

At 3:00 today:

Mock-up with door color used on the trim:

Mock-up with a darker color used as trim:

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Woody, I like the white trim especially after you mentioned the green/white theme in that area. Of course I'm not one to make my sheds disappear.

I'm lusting after 'bug's foxgloves which I can't get to survive in my garden.

Candy, nice foliage displays. I have 'French Lace' too. Mine had gotten very large but this past winter I had a lot of die back.

Cindy, I'd like to see what else you have on your porch. What a nice aeonium.

I have some 'Sarah Bernhart' peonies on my desk and the scent is fabulous.

A few shots from my garden.
The fairy garden:


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am wondering if a cream colour would help soften the shed trim. Or maybe leave the door all green and keep the white trim elsewhere. I'd have to play with it.

I am paralyzed once again with my the new photo posting host site. Grrr.

Today has been a strange one, too wet to garden even though partly sunny. Maybe I'll catch up tomorrow.

Having DH home for lunch every day is getting on my nerves. I can't complete tasks. I also have been asked for advice on DSIL's parenting coordination meeting tomorrow and spent a great deal of time on that. It puts me in a terrible mood though....Fury! I hope my response came across as very reasonable though.

Everyone is sharing wonderful clematis shots! I'm waiting for more GG views soon.

Candy, don't worry about the Idyll forum disappearing during the California walat. We'll keep the home fires burning! :)


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Woody, I like the second showing...with the door color used for the trim! It really does seem to disappear.

I just got back from Sue's garden...she bought a leaf that I had cast of the ornamental rhubarb in her garden. It was fun to see it turn around like that.

I haven't tried foxglove yet, Michelle, but they do great in my neighbor's garden. She's got them in part shade in a bed with lots of manure. Don't know the secret, but I like them too.

I guess I'd better go. Sarah's packing for Maine and she has a little party to go to after school tomorrow (it's a half day).


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello all,

Well Im almost at the one week to go until my garden tour and I think Im going to be ready! Woohoo! Of course Id like the containers to fill in more but for crying out loud, its only June! I hope they dont expect more for the beginning of the summer. All the beds are mulched and edged, 99% of the garden art is where I want it and there arent too many garden failures this season so I hope folks enjoy their tour.

Saucy, Sues leaf is absolutely gorgeous! Love it. You are such an artist! Also am amazed that you are now welding! Fabulous!

Bug, love your late spring gardens. Everything is so lush and beautiful.

Michelle, love that Pink Fantasy clematis! So beautiful! I think I need to find that one and the fairy garden is so darling!

Woody, I really prefer the lighter trim on the shed. The "disappeared" look is a bit too disappeared and flat looking to my eye. If you dont want the contrast of the white how about a lighter green or gray? ~~ Many thanks for your kind words about the bird photo. I really appreciate your taking the time to post that.

Candy, beautiful images of your garden. Love that Wigela French Lace. I have one but it didnt bloom as well as yours.

Kathy, I dont think you caught this over on FB. The castor bean update photo you requested.

Denise love that Buddleia! Beautiful images

Cindy love that greenman head. Beautiful! ~~ Bummer about your commute.

OK Im going to make it an early night. Ive got some pics but will post in the morning. Have a great evening all

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow its crunch time at genteel hort. therapy at the moment; instead we are weeding, weeding, weeding all the enabling gardens and then planting the annuals that need to go into them. Im *pooped*!

Lol gardening girlfriends & I have said the same thing. Were hoping that if we pool all our money we can *maybe* buy one cottage that we could all live in when the times comes. The estate does have some other property not far from where I work, but that is strictly for assisted living. Other than that, they have no other properties that I know of. The story behind how the mansion and estate turned into a retirement village is pretty neat in itself. In the library they have all these wonderful old pictures of the estate and a history of how it all started. Ive been reading all about it when I have the time. The 35,000 sq. foot mansion was built in the early 1900s as a gift from an elderly woman who was worried that widowed elderly woman had no place to live after World War I. So she had the mansion built as a "home of great beauty and refinement" where these widows could live out their golden years. The mansion has a parlor, library, theatre, 2 green houses (and of course the Alzheimers wing, physically challenged wing, and assisted living apartments. Later a clinic was built on the property, along with the townhomes and cottages. The property is pretty big and Ive only just begun investigating. :-) There are many wooded areas on the property which I definitely want to investigate further. My boss tells me that original to the property and left undisturbed are many woodland plants, including stands of trillium, Sanguinaria, jack in the pulpits, etc. There are 3 ponds on the property (I don't know if they are man made or not) and there is also a natural stream which can be pretty rough and active when there are storms. There is also a formal rose garden, bowling green, and multiple terraces...its like heaven working at such a beautiful place. Well okay, maybe it doesnt feel exactly like heaven this week, but thats just because were so busy getting the enabling gardens finished. :-)

Deanne...that pic is *stunning!* Of course Ive saved it to my Deannes Birds folder. Thank you for sharing it. So glad you have such a good garden helper. Im sure everything will be wonderful. Please be sure to share with us how everything went with the walk.

Bug...*love* that toothy grin...Ivy is such a cutey patootey! Your home and property are looking just gorgeous.

Kathy what a lovely contrast of the Niobe and your Jasmine (Im green that that you can grow Jasmine outdoors). I love the way the Jasmine highlights the Niobes filaments...beautiful! Thanks for the tip on successive planting of green beans.

Michelle...what a sweet thing to say...well you certainly brightened my day by saying it! :-)

Denise that Silver Anniversary is gorgeous...I wish I had some space!

Candy your garden pics are just beautiful! I love all the pics, but especially the "shades of green" pic, what a subtle but beautiful contrast in colors and form. Have not done much with the shed of late, too busy at work and in my own Garden of Weeding. I did pick the colors though; and have chosen a different shade of orange to repaint the window...a sort of smoky rusty orange called smoky flame? something like that. Hopefully Ill be able to get back to the shed after this week-end.

Gorgeous pic that man planter and how youve planted it. I dont think he looks like hes in jail. I think the pic looks like something from an old southern estate.

Well, I cant wait to hit the sack tonight...I am *pooped*. Im struggling not to let myself believe that my weariness is age related. I just keep on trying to convince myself that its just hard physical work Im doing right now; that most people would feel the same, and that it has nothing to do with my age. If I say it enough maybe I'll believe it. :-)

Ohh...just caught Michelles little fairy sweet! Re the foxgloves...Ive been sowing them for years - well except for the yellow which are perennial and sow themselves plenty. Anyway, its only been in the last few years that the biennials ones have finally seemed to stick around my dont give up! I have a mix of purple & pinks in the front now (not quite as full as Bugs beauties) and finally a nice little patch of the pure white in the white garden. Your clematises are *gorgeous*!

Okay I can tell I'm over tired and feeling cranky so I'm going to call it a night. BTW, thanks Saucy...putting them on the metal hook will work perfect for easy...why didnt I think of that! :-) Sorry about the cherries...they do the same to my Amelanchier trees, but I dont mind since even though they taste delicious, they are too much of a pain to harvest. I have heard that they make a delicious pie.

Good Night All!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Candy - you've been holding out -- what pretty combos of plants - I'd love to see more. That weigela is lovely - most of them are too large for my garden, but I think I just bought midnight wine and Ghost this year to try. I'd love the variegated ones, but they seem to get too large in this climate altho they might die back in the harsh winters if we continue to have them.

What a lovely feeling that must be to be ready for your garden tours, Deanne -- great to take the stressor away - and maybe you will even have lots of fun. Your gardens are so magnificent and artistic - they just flow from place to place - and immaculate of course.

Never got to even check what it looks like outside tonite -- watered a couple front containers and that was it before dark.

Michelle - I love that combo of clematis. I recall 'bug having the Pink Fantasy and it was on my wish list but never got around -- you've got a great job combining it - it echoes the other amazingly well.

Woody -- I like No. 1 and No. 3 - I agree with Deanne(?) that No. 2 makes it disappear too much, I think. While No. 1 w/ the white stands out, it is quite pretty - it's a pretty shed so I like seeing it; I know whatever you choose, it will be very pretty and suitable in the end to the site and look you're striving for. Maybe you should live with the white for the season and if you hate it, paint it next year?

Im going to have to try to remember that fairy garden, Michelle -- for future play - in a small yard that would be the perfect solution (I've already been dreaming where I'd have to pull something out to do one, LOL. You have the perfect idea!)

'Nite all.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My, I've finally managed to post some photos with my two hosting sites tonight. So if you like, here they are...below. No energy left for doing it again.

I also posted other flowers here:

Take care and see you all tomorrow.

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Wow, between here and FB I could spend about 2 hours looking at Idyll photos. Spot on Saucy, some great gardens for sure !
I bought a few annual type stuff today to plug in where I ripped out the final group of rust covered snapdragons last weekend. Were they ever a mess this year- I planted in fall as usual but we had steady rain winter and spring next year I might try a February planting instead.

Candy, fear not, there will be updates along the way during IU.

Woody, I am decidedly wishy-washy on the trim color-I like them both ! I do think your idea of leaving the trim white and accenting with big white flowering things is super thoughis H. Annabelle hardy for you ? I can see Clem Henryii clambering over the roof

Michelle, love all the pics you posted today..your photo compositions have been top notch lately- and always a treat to see your garden.

Foxgloves, I grew them religiously for years-they tend to perennialize here though short lived. I miss having them and I almost put a 6 pack of Foxy in this spring I may do that in Sept- I have a green-white little vignette that they would do nicely in.

Deanne, I went back and found the original pic of the castor bean combo in the last thread- you posted it on June 2nd- its really zooming along ! I can only imagine what it will look like in another month thanks for the update and I hope we get to see another ? I love that pot by the way ..

And thank you bug for the link to you wonderful Clematis pics.

Waving to all ..almost my bedtime

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well we are having a cool and cloudy day again today and Im not complaining. The Manhattan lilies opened up ten days earlier than normal and if it stays cool and cloudy they might just hang on long enough to still have a good showing for the garden tour next weekend.

The clematis are beginning their annual show and Im loving it. Arabella has been open for a couple weeks now and the Polish Spirit on the arch is going to be lovely again this year. Betty Corning is fabulous in all her four locations here. What a performer she is!

She isnt as large as last year here on the new trellis but we had to move her to get the trellis installed

A view from the top of the hill

The lovely Abundance, love this color with the Japanese Maple

Bug, lovely clematis pics! Thanks for that link.

Kathy, Ill definitely post another update of that container in another few weeks.

OK time to get out of this chair and get my day started. Have a great day everyone!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Michelle - that fairy garden is so perfect!

Deanne - I continue to think you're nuts re all those pots , but it does look beautiful....

Re the shed - I've decided to go with the 'disappeared' look. We will paint the trim with the door color but with a satin finish instead of the semi-gloss of the door so there might be a slight difference. I tried mocking it up with lighter greens and grays or beige tones and did not like them. I keep looking a trees and seeing basically two shades of green give you the general feel of soothing green life. So I'll go for that. There really isn't space to grow something big and showy and white very close to the shed and, until the ash comes down - which may be later this year! - clematises wouldn't have enough sun. If there is enough sun later, I'll probably grow a vigorous white one - or several - over the shed which would give a nice green and white feel even with the trim green. The next couple of days are supposed to be rainy so the painting won't happen until next week.

Today we did a little 'plant hunting'. On Wednesday, Randy had his colonoscopy. Barb and I went in to pick him up at the hospital - we arrived early and parked on a sidestreet. There was a magnificent green smoketree beside us! I have never seen anything like it before. All I've ever seen before are purple ones and they don't really appeal to me. Plus they are shrubs, and this was a TREE!

I had an eye doctor appoinment today, not too far from where the tree is. So we went prepared - and took 4 cuttings! I doubt that they'll 'take' since they had already started going woody and I only have rooting hormone for softwood cuttings. But we'll see what happens...

If they do root, heaven knows where I'm going to put them!

When we got home, Vyvyan had more wilt - notice the two wilted flowers - plus there were two short stretches of wilted leaves. I cut them off. She's battling hard but I'm not sure of the outcome yet. Some leaves are still very pale/yellow. Maybe I should have left well-enough alone and not trim her back and try to get her to climb again....

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Well crap, I just lost a post and am to tired to do it again.

Another daymaybe, I'm going to bed. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sorry Norma! I'm ready for BED now too. Did lots of gardening and mowing before the big rains arrive tonight.

Here is Phoebe in her new haircut.

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Well 'bug it does show off her attractive figure ..

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

For the last two weeks I've been trapped in a Don McClean song. Well I don't mind too much, even though it is a moody song, it's still one of my favorites:

Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey
Look out on a summer's day with eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills, in colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand what you tried to say to me
How you suffered for you sanity How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not know how, perhaps they'll listen now

Starry starry night, flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue
Colors changing hue, morning fields of amber grain
Weathered faces lined in pain are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand

For they could not love you, but still your love was true
And when no hope was left in sight, on that starry starry night
You took your life as lovers often do,
But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you

Starry, starry night, portraits hung in empty halls
Frameless heads on nameless walls with eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the stranger that you've met, the ragged man in ragged clothes
The silver thorn of bloody rose, lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me
How you suffered for you sanity How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will

I truly had a snowy linen land when the tree lilac's blooms started But you can imagine the fragrance...especially since the tree is right outside my backdoor.

I don't mind the shedding - the flowers are light and airy and disintegrate fairly quickly. Although I certainly *love* the fragrance I think my favorite thing is when there is a breeze that sends the little shimmering stars twirling and whirling and falling to the ground...truly magical!

Deanne...your visitors are going to think they died and gone to heaven!

I'm on Oriole alert now thanks to Saucy!

Bug - do you know which clematis this is? I knew once, but can't seem to remember. Sorry I couldn't get a better closeup picture. It's too high up on the arbor and I'm too short:

Michelle...weren't you the one who made a beautiful gazing ball out of a bowling ball. My gazing ball broke and I haven't been able to find one in the color I want. When you have the time (no rush...whenever you have the time) would you mind posting a picture of your gazing globe again and maybe give me some rough instruction? For instance, what did you do with the finger holes? Also should I cover the whole ball with plaster of paris or cement or whatever? Or could I just paint the ball black and then glue the glass gems on?

Okay, have to get to bed. Today was very hot and humid. I worked on planting the annuals in the flower beds at the mansion entrance and then my boss said I needed to get out of the heat and I didn't argue. :-) She really is the sweetest boss ever. A service dog came to visit the residents today...a lovely old golden retriever named Jake. Just the sweetest gentlest thing. Afterwards we played dog bingo with some of the residents. A resident would pick a card and it would have a picture of a breed of dog. They would mark their bingo card if they had a match and then I would read the back of the card which gave information on each particular breed...guess who had the most fun? That's right,! Can't wait till the boss breaks out the bird bingo! :-)

I think I'll take a break for a few days so I don't wear out my welcome. :-)

Sorry about your post Norma.

Good Night!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

We are supposed to get morning and afternoon thunder storms so I have to make this fast and get outside to get some work done before the rain arrives. Figures, its my last weekend to get Dougs help and Its supposed to rain today and tomorrow. Isnt that always the way! LOL

Eileen, I cant see your pictures???!!!!! Can you put them back up? ~~ It sounds like you are having a terrific time with your new job. We have a lovely Golden Retriever in our neighborhood who visits nursing homes. His name is Charlie and is the most popular dog in the neighborhood. He is such a sweet and gentle personality.

Bug, Phoebe looks great in her summer haircut.

Sorry Norma, I hate it when that happens.

Woody, what a bummer that Vyvyan is wilting again. I so hope she pulls through. ~~ That smoke tree is amazing. If your cuttings take where do you think youll put them?~~~LOL yes indeed, I am nuts, every year I say Im not going to do as many but it seems I wind up with as many pots by the end of the summer. I am a collector of things.

I had such a great day yesterday. I made the trek over to VT to Walker Farm (almost a two hour drive each way) to look for a fuchsia Hidecote Beauty. Wonderful plant and they had one basket of it! So I was a very happy camper but the best thing was they were selling off some stock plants in twelve inch pots for $9.99 so I got some beautiful large specimens of a Fuchsia magelanica gracilis aurea and one of the white and green variegated variety, a Cuphea cyanea and a lovely large pink salvia that didnt have a tag in it. Anyway, nice big mature plants to fill in all those last little places that needed filling for the garden tour.

I havent decided whether or not to deadhead the allium or to paint them. Les painted his one year and they looked terrific. Well see how I feel about it early next week. Maybe make them pink to match the astilbe? LOL

Have a great day everyone

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Good morning all--Off to Sonoma County with my coffee in a commuter mug this morning for a final preview.Not going to visit any gardens -it's a little early for wine-tasting, lol, just want to make sure I know how to get to them.

Deanne , maybe if you post a pic of your one salvia one of us may be able to ID it ?

I can't see Ei's pic either !

Great day to all, catch you

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Deanne, I've changed my stand on the allium seed heads. I used to keep them because they are pretty and interesting. They now get cut back ASAP. I've been flooded with seedlings and can't stand the work of picking them out. I'd rather plant other things in the area but DH loves those allium, so some of them remain.

I too can't see Ei's photos, so the clematis ID guess will have to wait until next time...

We are expecting the same wet weather as Deanne this weekend. I raced out early this morning and cut an area of lawn before the storms arrive. Also planted 3 clematis that were still in pots. Yesterday I dug out a huge wild rose from our bridge area and planted 2 clematis there. One more rose to remove, but it sure is lots of work! I had hoped DH could help with the last one, but he is still working on getting the stove electrical work repaired. Always something!

Next week is supposed to be sunny and so I hope to tidy up Reed's garden in honor of his birthday on the 17th. DD and DSIL are up at the fair grounds working on things this week before the fair on the 18-20th. My baby girl turns 34 on Saturday, Father's day on Sunday. And then it will officially be summer!

Dishes are done, one load of laundry too. Need to fill the feeders and get some groceries, but then I think I'll consider this a day of rest. I wonder if DH will foil my plan....

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Norma, I think I lost a post, too, and I hate it as well. At least I THINK I posted-maybe it was the medication...oh well.

Can't possibly catch up completely, but have to say I love those foxgloves of yours, 'bug. I am so envious. I never have much luck with them. What a beautiful girl Phoebe is!

I can't see your pics either, Ei, but your comment about the cherries reminded me of my mother's sour cherry pies. They were the best ever! I wish I knew what tree it was-I'd plant one just so I could try to replicate her pie.

Denise, I have never seen a Silver Anniversary buddelia before-now I want one! It is spectacular!

Deanne, I love the view from the top of the hill. Your garden will be the hit of the walk.

Very cool to see a hummer at your feeder, Saucy. My DH bought me one for Christmas and I forgot to put it out.

Woody, the shed looks great either way. I was actually going to suggest purple trim, but I don't suppose that would make it disappear, huh?

Michelle, I really like the Arabella and since Kathy also said hers is growing wonderfully, I may add one. It is a marvelous color.

Candy, all the pics are great, but I especially like the combo of greens in the first one. Wonderful choice of varying textures.

Cindy, I love your greenman. He should look happier being surrounded by your gorgeous pots!

Kathy, your mention of a BLT makes me hungry for home-grown tomatoes. I don't have enough sun, but our milkman drops off some of his throughout the summer. Such a treat!

Here, DH is sounding good on the phone. I go for a family wellness seminar weekend on the 18th and then he is due to be discharged on the 23rd. The master bedroom and his office are painted. I like the color in the office better (a blue/grey). The bedroom is a little too blue for me, but he may like it. If not, one coat of something else will cover it.

I am itching to get out in the garden, but that will have to wait a couple of days. I guess that will force me to clean up a bit and move all DH's stuff back in the rooms. I would much rather toss or donate quite a lot of it. Being somewhat restrained, I was also forced to do all my end-of-year special education progress reports, so at least I have accomplished something.

Chelone, hope you are busy with fun projects.

Will try to keep up more. Waving to all...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Latest mock-up... I think we'll go with this one. The colors are BM 487 on the body of the shed; BM 441 on the door and door-window trim; probably BM 455 for the door and window trim and BM 486 for the corner and top trims.

With the rain today and tomorrow, it likely won't get done until mid-late next week.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

That looks great, Woody!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Woody, I like this version the best also. How fun to play with the colors this way instead of in real life - and I'm sure Randy appreciates that as well.

I've been an infrequent lurker lately. Still busy and lots of non-productive stuff getting in the way of free time. DH was in an accident about a week ago; he's fine but his car has been totaled. So now we need to replace it, and we were really planning to keep that one another couple of years so we're not prepared mentally for this!

And to add to the car fun, mine needs a new A/C compressor, which is going to cost major $$$ and is taking forever to do. Well, not forever but it's been at the dealer since Wednesday morning. Somehow I whined just right and got them to pick up the rental car, but it small comfort at this point.

My garden work is terribly behind. We get rain during the week, which of course gets everything growing like mad, and then lots of heat and humidity on the weekends. So when I have time to work, the weather stinks.

Is she done whining yet?

Looking on the bright side, my DD comes home from her European adventure on Monday - can't wait to see her and hear all about the trip! And all the IU7 reservations are in place and I'm getting very excited about that!

We had a friend stop out this afternoon with his 11-ish daughter. She was thrilled to see the chickens - went right in the coop to get a closer look - and asked me to pick up the white one so she could pet her. It was so much fun to share the birds with such an enthusiastic audience!

Ei, your job sounds great, and it also sounds like a good match for you. Enjoy!

I love Phoebe's summer 'do.

Deanne, your garden photos are wonderful. Very inspiring!

We're having a late dinner tonight, so I must go rustle that up. I'm going to try to be a better idyller!


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Hot and windy today, and Im hiding in the house with my 2pm Sat afternoon beer (3 hours late) till the sun goes over the yardarm. Did some hose dragging after I came back from my jaunt to Sonoma County this morning, but more watering is called for. The wind seems to be dying down a bit grateful for that . I have plants in the garage waiting patiently for planting-still addressing the holes left by the edited out snapdragons.

I have made the momentous decision to SP my beloved Frederic Mistral rose he has looked purely awful for at least 3 years now, and really ruins the look of the area he resides in-its such a large bush that it really dominates the space. So, this fall he goes. To be replaced with ??? Im sure Ill come up with something !

Cyn, glad to see you here today .. glad the DH sounds good and that life progresses and I urge you get Arabella at your earliest convenience ! Im very smitten with mine- still blooming ..

and speaking of Clems, Ive been thinking hard about Betty Corning . Any feedback here about the duration of bloom and the appearance of the vine after the blooming is done ? I know Im in a different climate altogether, but I imagine a long-bloomer is a long bloomer everywhere.

The shed looks great Woody. Those are colors I really like , and it will be fun to design the plantings around it once the Ash tree meets its demise.

bug, still more Clematis to plant ! So tell us, do you actually have a favorite ? Or maybe a top 5 will do ?

I wonder what ever happened to Dan McClean Ei ? I always liked his cover of Crying (the classic Orbison tune) but it seems like he faded off into nowhere. Maybe Ill google him.

Hi V ! DD will certainly have put on some miles between the trip across the pond and the jaunt to the left coast- good thing shes youngmy biological clock would be a mess. And what a PIA to have 2 vehicles out of commission at the same time . Im getting the wheel bearings done on mine next week thats one of those 1k type events.

All for me tonight..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Add me to the list Woody. That is a perfect solution to the subtle but attractive background shed problem! Your Fringe Tree will now stand out in the foreground!

V, I'm so glad you made time to join us again! Missed you!!! I'm sorry about the whine worthy problems. We've had our share of household tasks to tend to as well. UGH. And the weather really has been strange and wet little time for large areas of weeding. Glad you have DD's return to anticipate!

Cyn, this has definitely been the foxglove year here. They are everywhere except where the allium have invaded. I particularly like the pure white ones and the apricot ones....but the bright pink ones seem to be the most common. The plants persist even in areas where they were aggressively removed over 10 years ago.

I too love Deanne's photo from atop the hill. And hey girl, you did a great job on your expedition yesterday! Garden tours allow us to buy "fill-in" plants, right?

I've filled in a few more containers, something I can do in the garage in rainy weather. Nothing to compare with Deanne's, but rather fun.

Cindy, I think the fairy garden is a wonderful project for you to share with your granddaughter...but maybe you could practice now in anticipation?

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm trying to come up with my 5 favourite clematis for Kathy... Of course that does not mean they will do well in the mythical land of California...or that my favourites will be the same if you ask me again.

OK, here goes:( I can't count!)

White Swan:



Blue Bird:





Blue Belle:


Blue Boy:

Mary Rose:


Black Prince:



Venosa Violacea:



Buckland Beauty:

There are Many more too, but I guess this 5 is enough for now?

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Rainy until about 2:30. So I spent about 4 hours cleaning my garden shed. It was so bad I could hardly get in it. When it finally quit I started in weeding around the edge of my biggest garden. It looks much better. So the day wasnt a bust after all.

Cindy, do you have weigela My Monet ? Its a fabulous dwarf weigela. It only gets probably 18" tall and wide and has the prettiest foliage.

V, your friends daughter and the chicken reminded me of the other day when I went to the country nursery thats near us. There was an Asian family leaving with 2 chickens. Apparently they sell chickens along with plants. What a bummer about both cars. Its no fun to have to buy a new car before you are planning to.

Cyn, glad to hear that things seem to be going well for your DH. As for Arabella it has such an incredible long bloom time. Basically late spring and all summer.

Deanne, I cant imagine that you have any spaces that need to be filled in LOL, but good score on the plants anyway. I love the combination of the j. maple and the clematis. Ive been on many garden tours and have never been to a garden that can rival yours. Yours will surely be the showpiece of the tour. All your hard work shows.

Ei, if you scroll up a ways, you can see the bowling ball in the Arabella picture. I used GE Silicone II to glue the flat marbles on and then used tile grout over the whole thing which fills in the spaces. I used either a black or dark gray grout. It s held up well for quite a few years. Your job sounds great and what a neat sounding place.

Woody, the shed will look great! I really like the green smoke tree. I have seen the purple ones trained as a tree also.

Night all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This being the foxglove year here at the farm, I thought I'd share an amazing piece of art. The photos were taken by my friend at an outdoor sculpture exhibit at his friends' garden tour. The friends' son made this gate! Can't imagine what this would cost!

Oh, and after commissioning your gate, you'd need to ship it from England....or get Saucy to weld one for you!
There were many wonderful pieces exhibited!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Many thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I really appreciate it! ~~ Its foggy and rainy here today but Im hoping to be able to get some stuff done in the rain. I dont melt so shouldnt be a problem. I picked up a few more pots at Home Goods yesterday and got a Biggy, Biggy HUGE one for $49! Their ceramic pots are such a bargain this year. Also the smaller ones are only $12 compared to $34 for the same size at Home Depot. Anyway, the big pot is for the double brugmansia in front of the fence on the hill and the glaze color exactly matches the fence color. I was so very pleased when I got it in place. I also got a new set of garden art on Friday and thought youd like to see my new fishies. I first saw this fellows work at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden last summer and decided then and there I wanted some of his work so what better excuse than a garden tour to splurge? These are hand made ceramics and come with stands for the garden and bases for indoors. How cool are these guys???? The artist is Tyson Weiss and Ill put a link to his site below.

Bug, that gate is absolutely FABULOUS! What an amazing piece of work. Thanks for posting that. ~~ I had such a good laugh over your five favorite clematis! A good list for sure. ~~ I did containers in the garage yesterday too!

Cyn, I definitely concur with your getting Arabella. That is the longest blooming clematis here. It even blooms into the fall for me. Basically, it will have flowers from June to frost here.

Michelle, many thanks, I so wish you could get out this way and see Sues and Moniques gardens too. They are so incredibly fabulous. And didnt you know, there is always more space to fill and if I cant find one Ive got a huge driveway and can put pots there. LOL ~~ Ive been looking for My Monet and want to find a spot for that here. Such a pretty plant.

Kathy, what a bummer about your Frederic Mistral rose. What happened to it? ~~ My Betty Cornings here are great performers and seem to keep throwing flowers throughout the season. Nothing to compare to the first flush of bloom but still some flowers. I looked through my archives and found a pic with flowers on it from the end of August last year.

V. so sorry about your cars and sorry the weather isnt cooperating. Its been so strange here, either cold or hot but not many days in the 70s. Last week we went from 90s to days not getting over 56. ~~ Bet you cant wait to see DD and hear about her European adventures.

OK time to get some breakfast and get my day started. Have a terrific day everyone.


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I like the choice, Woody. It does fade into the background! I love this and have learned something!

V. I wish I could come visit your chickens and help you pull weeds. I'd be as excited as an eleven year old.

Wow, GB! Talk about inspiring! I really LOVE that gate and it gets me thinking about things that I could do. I need more clematis, I've been thinking. I will look at your list. I think I saw Roogouchi for sale for $4 (at select seeds no less).

Deanne, I love the popeye-esque mouths of your fish! I hadn't noticed that the first time I looked. I am going to work on potting up some things today.

Michelle, it is nice to have a potting shed all your own to spend time in even when it's raining. Are you getting ready to make some leaves this year? All the rhubarb I've found has munched holes in the leaves. Horseradish makes a beautiful casting and no holes...

Okay...I have tested the theory that woman can live on stinky cheese and smoked chicken alone...but I'm ready for an omelette. With herbs and cheese, I think. A last few hours before the kids come home from Maine.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

V, if you can't whine here, where can you? Such a bummer about the cars, but glad DH is fine. I was holding my breath for that milisecond before I reached that part of your sentence.

No fun having a bill like that for your car, Kathy. My check engine light has been on for ages-will get it in when school is out, but am dreading that bill. Sad about your rose and the snapdragons, too. Your garden always looks so pretty, though. After a little SALAT (with a glass of your preferred beverage), you will come up with the perfect replacements.

'bug, here I have been miscounting my plants all this time! Looks like I haven't really bought too many. Now, I can definitely add the Arabella. You are too funny! And how I would love to have that gate! It is spectacular.

Speaking of clematis, is there any reason it wouldn't climb up the downspout if I wrapped a little chicken wire around it? Is that a bad idea?

Those fish are wonderful, Deanne, and having the crane in the background looks perfect. I would paint the allium! You can always deadhead after if you don't like it.

Cindy, what fun you are going to have planning all the things to do with your granddaughter! I hope it will give you a way to enjoy your commute. I shudder every time I think of that.

Now that Saucy has got me thinking about food, I am off to the kitchen. Hope the kids had a grand time in Maine. One of my favorite places. I would live there if it weren't so darn cold in the winter!

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I prefer Woody's last photo of the shed too. I showed Marty the series, and he prefers the one rimmed in white! Oy. A bit of cross-purposes here on the paint choice. And then it occurred to me yesterday, very belatedly, that being in a historical district, I need approval for color choice! I think they'd have to take Marty away in chains before he'd repaint The Wall again, so I'm pretty sure the blue-grey will remain, but they're definitely not Craftsman/bungalow colors.

Amazing workmanship on the foxglove gate. Found this quote today: He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.--St Francis of Assisi

Happy Sunday from your affectionate laborer. Off to give Ein a good run on the bluff then transcript work.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

If St Francis is right, then each of us is a garden artist! I great approach to this rainy day.

Now Cyn, Arabella is not really a climbing type of clematis. It CAN be guided upwards though. Read about it here (
in terms of height etc. You may ALL want to check out the site below for the clips I like to use on my clematis. If you buy any, buy MORE rather than less...

This morning DH helped me remove the last of the diseased wild roses. I then ammended the soil and planted Clematis Zomibel. My source says it is fine in zone 4, but the site says zone 7. We shall find out!!!

OK, I think there's time to run out and find some white astilbes before lunch....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Neat fish Deanne and nicely placed - I hope the bird doesn't get 'em :-) As the brug expert, we have a question(s) for you. Randy now has responsibility for the brugs - and they are doing much, much better! When and how do you repot them?

GB - fabulous gate! Speaking of welding and such... Barb called Mario for me yesterday and spoke to his wife. She's still very ill and now Mario is not well too. He's had to hire additional help to do his 'bread and butter' business so it looks like he's unlikely to be able to do my tutueur for me. I have asked if he can recommend someone else who can do it for me, so I'm waiting to hear back about that.

Denise - Marty is undoubtedly thinking 'house' when assessing pictures of paint jobs rather than 'hide the shed' so his preference for the green and white version is not surprising. I was just double checking the paint cans and collecting the stir sticks as samples to take with me to the paint store tomorrow to get the trim paints. And it's a good thing I did because I thought the body color was 487, but it's 489 - apprropriately called 'Oak Grove'. So that means I'm likely looking for 488 for the corner and top trims and will have to to re-evaluate the 455 choice for the window and door trim when I see the paint chips against the stir sticks.

Saucy - this has been a learning experience for me too. I think the hardest thing to do was break out of the standard two-tone walls-and-trim rut (e.g. green and white) and actually consider using 4 different, but related, colors! I got to that point by imagining the shed as a big shrub and thinking of what colors I might use if I tried to paint a picture of it! Deanne - I was never very good at the art classes I took but in this shed painting odyssey I did consider things like color 'values'and where light and shadows are when I chose what colors to put where. I hope the final result when the shed is all painted will turn out as good as I hope!

Looking at the shed mock-up now what strikes me is I need a tree in the bed that serves as a traffic circle for the paths that meet at the front of the shed! If a green smoketree cutting roots, I think I'll put one there. There isn't enough light for it too bloom there now but when the ash comes down in the next year or two, that would fix that problem.

Parts of Vyvyan continue to wilt so I think the battle might be lost there. There are no signs of my Niobe this year - that's the only other one I have that has wilted. I hope Vyvyan doesn't fade away and die altogether. I suspect the dry winter, dry spring, severe pruning and deluges of water in June (we're up to 5" this month so far!) all combined to weaken her to the point she was suscepable to this. Maybe if conditions are more normal next year she'll recover her strength again. There are definitely some stems that are strong and healthy-looking but others that are pale and sickly-looking even if they are not wilted.

It sounds like I should check out this Arabella.... The Henryi in the Chinese wisteria is starting to bloom in a few places but is not yet putting on the show I had hoped for. We noticed the other day that one of the metal poles supporting the wisteria is either broken or bent severely. It was quite windy and the volume of the wisteria branches waving about was clearly too much for it. We're going to wait until fall when the leaves drop and we can see what's what, then we'll probably do a severe prune to reduce the size of the tree and put in new, stronger support stakes we have on hand.

This is shaping up to be a year of some significant changes in the garden...

I was wondering - if New Dawn didn't survive the severe renovation planned for it in late July, would Betty Corning take to growing on the swag do you think GB? How long does she bloom? I know it's a hard prune but would it take to what I do with 'Summer Snow' - I cut off all the smaller stems but leave the thickest stems for it to start new growth from (see picture).

For that one I want it to get off to a fast start to cover the fence so I don't cut it back as hard as recommended. What would Betty do with that sort of pruning? (I'm looking for a back-up use/alternative to roses for the swag if New Dawn does not take kindly to the hack job waiting for it this summer!

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Good evening friends..still a hot one here but the forecast predicts the return of evening/morning fog and temps down to a more normal low 80 range. Glad for that news;the new plants I put in this weekend are not happy with this heat.

The Lilies are starting to open hereit never fails that I wish I had more . I always have some failures or losses in wet years because of the standing water in the garden in winter. I have a couple that I think got nipped by our late frosts. I have my Lily Garden catalog out on the desk and am making notes for next spring. They are such a perfect bridge from the big first rose flush into Dahlia season and the late Salvias. Lusting after Deannes Regales, I bought 3 bulbs and they are just opening now-6ft tall and intoxicating perfume.

So I coppiced my Cotinus this winter , but the results I am getting are not what I had hoped. It is even floppier than it was before-I was envisioning nice straight stems shooting up from the base-at the moment I seem to have a very large groundcover . This was a cutting grown plant bought at a charitable plant sale several years ago, and has endured multiple moves. Have any of you coppiced one before ? I just wonder if I need to start with a new plant to get the effect Im looking for.

bug , thank you, thank you ! I bought some of those little clip thingys a couple years ago at an Orchid show, misplaced them somewhere-they havent been seen since, and I forgot all about them till you posted that linkthose are perfect for Clems and may even do for the delphs. Im going to order more ! You are my hero for the day
Aww Woody, sorry to hear of the continued decline of Vyv. Putting on my rally cap in your behalf.

So Denise, what happens if you paint the house without official blessings ? Neighbors complain to the history police ? This neighborhood has CC&Rs but there is not an enforcement body and I dont suspect there ever will be. I think it was a selling point back in the day when the homes were new (mid- 80s) and I think pertains to things like parking your boat on the street , putting cars on blocks etc etc. I imagine color was involved , but thank goodness we have a much more diverse palette now-you need some sort of distinction in tracts where all the houses look the same.

Garden pic from this week, note a small piece of the aforementioned floppy Cotinus mid-left.

see yall later !

From June 2010

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Woody, I hate to tell you but my 2 Henryi have wilted the last 2 years. One didnt come back this year.

I think Ill have to order some of those clips. Thanks for the link bug.

Deanne, hopefully we can make the trip out east with in the next couple of years. Your pond area is so pretty and the fish really add to it.

Saucy, Im keeping my eyes open for leaves. I noticed my rhubarb has holes too. I will probably pull a bunch and that should stimulate new growth. I still have one that I didnt get painted last year. I dont believe I have ever seen horseradish.

Kathy, I have no advice on the smokebush, but your garden is looking fabulous! I have a large smokebush that Im thinking needs a clematis climbing through it.

It was a somewhat misty/wettish day again. Later we did take a walk. I took my camera along and got some shots of the wildflowers that are in bloom. They are uploading now so I will put a few up tomorrow. I picked the first of the sugar snap peas. Usually about the time the asparagus is finishing for the season the sugar snaps are beginning.


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Good morning. Wet and dreary here for the last two days, thought not a wash out so I worked on gettting things potted up so that when I am in California they won't be in danger of drying out in their little pots.

I have an appointment in CT today so I think I will swing by Variegated Foliage to treat myself.

No progress on the GG this weekend. I still need to procure the supplies. I think I've decided on steel edging because my friend can get it through the landscape supply catalog. We just need to take a ride.

I had a fun weekend without the we're working on our last week of school. It sneaks up on me every year. Doesn't matter if I plan for it or not, it sneaks up on me!

Well, time to start this day. I'm thinking I'll get ready early and then hang out in the garden until it's time to leave :) I'm sure I can find a weed or two.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Rise and Shine! Well....OK, go slowly because here anyway, it is another gloomy day so far. I woke up ever so early and went outside to prune lupine blooms and scatter the seeds down by the creek. I also collected rocks and hauled them to place around the clematis on the bridge. Then I put dried leaves in the compost bins. I put seeds from Sweet Cicely and Anthriscus in garbage bags for the dump. I am dripping wet and perspiring and DH is just now rousing himself from bed to grab the shower...

Last night I finally got started on my book for book club. There's a remote chance of finishing it on time, for the 28th.

I just took some Betty Corning shots for Woody and Kathy. If you think your rose was too imposing, Kathy, I'm not sure that Betty is your solution...
Betty, front view.

Betty, even with the new support, is reaching outward quite far, which is fine with me.

Here's a single bloom.

And Kathy, my smoke bush which was almost 2 stories high last Fall did not make it through the winter. I cut it back and this is the new growth so far.

OK, there've been many interruptions in writing I must push onward with my day.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

Well we had a wet and dreary weekend and its still cloudy this AM but Im not complaining. The Manhattan lilies that started opening a while ago are still going strong and a couple hot and sunny days would probably mostly finish them off. Im hoping these beauties hang on until the weekend garden tour. Im so happy with the gardens this year. Its incredible what a helper two days a week can accomplish! Ive NEVER had every area of this property groomed all at the same time before and Im so pleased. Doug helped me hang my new outdoor print on the shed yesterday and it looks terrific there. Ill have to grab a pic of it later today. There are a few problem areas with slug damage but Ive put down some slug bait and other than that nothing to be done about it. Yesterday I went out and bought another dozen Diamond Frost and that should be the end of the plant shopping until after the tour. I love that plant! It looks great wherever its used. Ive started adding it to the borders in the last few years and love the look of it. Like short babys breath.

Kathy, Ive no clue as to why your smoke bush is flopping. I prune my Golden Spirit ever spring and it grows beautifully. If it doesnt get some straight growth in the next season Id probably replace it. ~~ I have to agree about the lilies. They are so wonderful and absolutely fill a niche this time of the year. Your Regales will just get taller and more beautiful with each passing year. Mine are huge this year. ~~ Just love that phto of your garden! What wonderful combinations of texture and color. It really flows!

Woody, what a bummer about Vyvyan, Hopefully shell come back strong next year. Clematis wilt is one of the most annoying and heartbreaking problems in the garden. ~~ I usually dig my brugs out of their pots for winter storage so they get into new quarters every spring when I bring them out. Ive repotted them at any time though. When Ive got baby brugs I pot them up throughout the season as they outgrow their containers.

Bug, thanks for the link to those clips. Im going to order them as its always a challenge to get Arabella woven into her supports. Thats a perfect solution. ~~ Where are you going to put your white astilbes?

Denise, love the St. Frances quote. Wonderful!

Cyn, no reason that I can think of not to grow a clematis up a downspout just so long as the roots dont get flooded.

Saucy, lol about living on stinky cheese and chicken. What kind of cheese was that?

OK time for me to get a bit of breakfast and get outside. Have a great day everyone


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A few shots from yesterday.

It's wild rose time. The road is lined with them. Talk about inhospitable conditions.

Wild Phlox:

I liked this combination of lavender and sedum:

Does anyone else grow clarey sage? I'm just wondering how much it reseeds. I think the flowers are extremely pretty and will make nice cuts.

Geranium 'Nimbus' a really proflic bloomer. It's also much larger than any other geranium I have. This one must be a good 3'diameter and 2 1/2' tall.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops...sorry girls! I don't know what happened with the pics? They don't show up for me anymore either. It wasn't that big a deal, just pics of my Cornus kousa and Japanese tree lilac in bloom. I'd have to re-do the whole post and I'm just not up to it.

Anyway, can't stay as I have to make a late dinner. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Michelle's beauteous pics, Bug's glorious gate pic (I'll have to check out the Clems. when I have more time)and to say I too love the quote Denisez shared...perfectly said. Oh, and of course Deanne's fish...I'd love to have a few of those for my fun!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Michelle I'm attaching a piece about Clary Sage. I used to grow it and loved the blooms. I was scared by people who warned me that it smells of cat pee...but I never had that problem. For me, it was a biennial. I continue to have seedlings from it since Taryn gave me the original plant.

This afternoon I managed to weed a strip along the side of the house and, imagine!..I planted another clematis there. This time it is Asao, next to Versailles. Then later I mowed a path and edged the Reed garden just as light was fading. I see that somebody has been digging up my white Muscari. Grrrr, I don't have many of those.

Ei, I'm so jealous of people who have success with Cornus Kousa. Everything indicates that I should have success with it...but no. :( My fringe tree though continues to bloom and make me happy! Also, Persicaria polymorpha is going strong still.

It seems every favorite is something white! (dictamnus, foxgloves, baptisia, martagon lilies, Clematis Huldine...)Even Astilbe in white is wonderful. Deanne, I planted those among the candelabra primula and hostas in the flats near the creek.

Really missing Chelone - and news of Wrecks and the felines.

Sleep would be a good idea now....but first to track down the missing cat! (Vita)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Unlike most other folks, it was hot, humid and dry here all weekend long - all the predicted t-storms fizzled and we just sweltered. I got up early both mornings even without caffeine and limped out into the yards to get busy -- managed some serious holly pruning in front to find them covered in scale (blech) (which necessitated a stop at nursery to get spray ... and those jumpin plants that happened to pile into the car) and the roses got some serious pruning. Potted up some containers but it just multiplies, more plants meant more pots.... Luckily I also had a stock club meeting so that forced me away from the house and to think about something else, LOL....

We finally got a bit a water here tonite - and boy do we need it.

Deanne -- that's so great that you've got it all under control and can relax and enjoy the garden tour -- I know it's going to be glorious.

Kathy -- 'bug's the clem expert, but I can concur that Betty Corning is one big Mama.... and she always seems to droop off my arbor - I need to figure a way to keep it going over the top - she gets top heavy and like pantyhose that stretches, just starts to droop and droop -- very unsightly, LOL. I love her but she needs to watch her figure better. Dont know what size clem you're thinking of, but she's definitely one of the bigger ones around.

Cyn - I've got my Jackmanii superba on a rain spout - I bought a couple wire wraps from Gardener's Supply that fit on top of one another; but I imagine the chicken wire would work just as well.. Once you get started, you'll find all sorts of places for these lovelies to go. I have some trouble w/ rabbits these days (or too much shade) so I am sometimes disappointed when they disappear from under a shrub I was looking foward to seeing it twine thru.

O, 'bug - nothing better than Spring photos of all the fresh beauties on your farm. Even that small cotinus looks great - I have been cutting mine back as well, and it isnt flopping that I noticed (& even in a bit of shade)but it's gotten almost 4 feet tall from all the rain earlier in the season.

Michelle - what pretty spring shots; I'd love to try that clary sage; I've seen it in other gardens (I believe Mary grows it also) - it's just so pretty.

Denise -- I'd just keep a low profile about the house colors -- oops, maybe the historic board will never notice (I've been known to do that w/ my HOA any number of times - just claim ignorance when caught, LOL).

Starting to think about things I need to do for IU prep -- -and read the latest regs about whatever one cannot bring aboard a plane -- it sounds pretty daunting - luckily there are stores I believe on the Left Coast...

The lilies are really starting up here too, Kathy -- I seem to have a lot of light pinks this year; I never know how I ordered what I did... luckily I staked them over the weekend so the rain we got tonite should not pound them to the ground for a change.

I managed to watch the movie It's Complicated one nite and must say I thoroughly enjoyed it - it's a bit raunchy and ribald, but Streep and Baldwin were wonderful in it -- maybe divorced folks can relate more to its storyline, but I thought it was well done and the actors were obviously having a blast!! It wasn't entirely predictable either.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

A couple of the lilies blooming (I just uploaded a bunch of photos and thought I'd share while Im thinking about it).

More lilies seemingly behind the Albizia Summer Chocolate:

From the other side: (one is up entwined with Betty Corning, LOL):

The garden run wild:


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Need to check out that Albizia Summer Chocolate! Maybe for Woody's chocolate garden. Are you maintaining that still?
Wonderful photos Cindy!

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Another misty/rainy day. Many areas are having flooding issues. It's time for the sun to shine again. We went to town tonight. I was able to find a new outfit for Rick's class reunion. I just don't get around to shopping for clothes in the summer. It seems like plants are so much more interesting. I also bought some slug bait for the first time. I've never had a problem before, but hosta 'Guacamole' appears to be pretty tasty.

'bug, thanks for the info on the clary sage. I guess I haven't gotten close enough to smell it. I think I need to take a lesson from you and all your spots you find to add clematis.

Cindy, I've wanted to see "It's Complicated" Isn't she a gardener in the movie?

Saucy, I meant to tell you how much I loved your turtle picture - I want a turtle in my garden! I'll have to show Kenzie. She'll love it.


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The turtles are a bonus, Michelle. If you have to live with mosquitoes (from the waterway behind the house) then you get turtles, I guess. Besides, you're growing roses along the roadside...impossible here :)

The other thing I'm seeing alot of this year is LARGE garter snakes. Yikes. I think it's the new chipmunk population that is feeding them and the cat. Yuck yuck yuck!

I still really want that albizia, Cindy, lol! Your garden is putting on quite a show.

Today is looking gorgeous...clear and upper 70's. I'm going to put on my gardening garb and get at it! This week we're preparing for the Antiques Sale. My neighbor plants old chairs/stuff with sedums and takes it to the sale. I'll be watering and weeding. Things are shaping up at her place. After quite a few years of letting it go, we're whipping it into shape!

Have a great day.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - the chocolate garden retired with Randy! :-) Hot Cocoa was evicted from the garden earlier this spring for the crime of too much blackspot! A neighbour took cuttings of it last fall - she didn't want the big plant. Last week she showed us a happy-looking young plant from one of the cuttings. She said she has 4 of them. She gave one to a former neighbour, kept one for herrself and will give the other two away too. Did you see my question from the other day - do you think Betty Corning could grow on the arbour and along the swag chains as a substitute for the New Dawn rose? We decided yesterday we'll do a purge of the roses (New Dawn, Therese Bugnet, Blanc Double de Coubert, The Fairy and some Angel roses are all getting SP'd later in the summer....) and replace them with flowering shrub + clematis combinations.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, I think Betty C has a mind of her own and would resist being told how and where to grow. Her girth might prevent people from passing through the gate. That's just my experience. I hope others will add their thoughts!!!

I still have Blanc Double, but as an outcast in a distant area where she gets NO attention. I was about to do exactly what you and Randy are doing this Fall, SP them all, but wouldn't you know, this turned out to be a fabulous rose year, the best ever! So I am very much enjoying Rose Marie, Felicia, Crocus Rose, The Alexandra Rose, Cornelia, Prairie Joy, Morden Sunrise, Burgundy Iceberg and some others whose names I don't remember.

Did some cutting back of tulips and camassia, then some quick weeding and now off to the dump. It's a beautiful but HOT day unfolding. Lots to do before weekend company arrives.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

GB - I was afraid that might be the case re Betty... Any suggestions on what else might work? Should I just treat it like your veggie garden arbour and plant several (TBD) at the foot of the swag posts and the arbour structure and get them to climb to the chains rather than trying for one that would cover the whole arbour+swag?

Cindy - love the look of your garden!

It's been a good rose year here so far too. It smells lovely in the front garden, with a combination of roses, honeysuckle, the last of the peonies, the Blue Wave petunias and even a Brug flower or two. But I'm still going to SP the listed things - it's almost like getting another garden because now I need to plan for significant replacement plants that will 'fit' the feel of the garden. I don't think I'll miss the evicted plants too much, although it'll take a couple of years for replacement to get big enough to fill the holes. But planning for new is lots of fun.

Sunny but very cool here today. Randy continued to work on the shed painting. I thinned out the bridalwreath spireas and cut the prunings up for the brush pick-up.
Copper supervised; Misty slept on the job!
The shed door end window trim are done now. Tomorrow is supposed to be raining so the top and corner trim likely won't be done until Thursday or Friday. I think the door might need to be darker, but we'll live with this:

The Copper beast on the job:

Misty not!:

The swag is just starting to bloom - you can easily see why we decided to clear New Dawn off the arbour to start over. Once we took that decision, the decision to remove it altogether easily followed.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Using one of Randy's roof view photos, this is a mockup of where the tuteur will go (eventually...) as well as where the BDC, Therese Bugnet and Fairy roses will be deleted. The BDC rose is the X in the bed with the mulch path behind it. The Angel roses in that bed will go too - essentially that bed will be mostly cleared out and replanted. A hydrangea with clematis will probably be the featured shrub in it. The Therese Bugnet rose may also be replaced by a hydrangea/clematis combination. I'm still figuring out details.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Tonight's dinner was somewhat interesting for a change. LOL. We started with leftovers...but good ones. But then I was adventurous this afternoon. I picked up local strawberries, 2 kilos of them! I turned them into a cold strawberry soup, a recipe I've wanted to try for ages. It was really good! It uses balsamic vinegar, sugar, orange and lemon rind and yogurt. Best of all, there's enough left for another day.

Tonight I took a walk-about with my camera. Here are some of my favorites-
Campanulas and lilies

Elderberry blooms

Roses on fence

Juuli and foxgloves

Morden Snowbeauty

The Alexandra Rose

Rose Marie

Enough for now! I got carried away because I've never had good roses before!!!

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I believe pinks and white must be the color of the day in both 'bug and Cindy's gardens.

Cindy, I love your garden gone wild! You have some really cool plants. I like the Albizia Summer Chocolate - what a yummy name LOL I especially like your brick work with that fabulous urn in the middle.

'bug, your roses are looking especially lovely.

Woody, I've tried to grow New Dawn for years. I always have winter cane die back so mine never really climbs. Yours is so pretty but I can see your desire for a change. It is fun to plan something new.

The sun finally came out this afternoon. We spent the evening limbing up some of our trees. Of course this involved largish limbs dropping in my gardens. Not too much damage was done and the job is mostly finished. The lilac hedge was also trimmed down some. I had 2 swings that I wanted Rick to hang in trees for Kenzie. She loves to swing. So branches had to be removed and one thing led to another. I took her to a park with a very large wood playset. There are lots of things to climb on and do and all she really wanted to do was swing. She is enamored with tire swings, so one of them is a horse tire swing. She's coming over on Friday so she will be surprised.

Well, that's all I have for now.


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Just a quick hello-enjoying the pics from today ! Cindy is that Albizia in a container ? Ive often pined after it , but no space for something like that here. Your garden continues to look so pretty. I agree with Michelle, I always love seeing your urn area-it must be so nice to come home from the awfice and go out and drink that in.

Rethinking Betty, and continuing to ponder.

Waving to all !

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

We had a gorgeous day here yesterday and are in for another beauty today. What a treat! Unfortunately its going to be in the 90s for the garden tour this weekend so things will be melting before our eyes, but, nothing to be done about it. The tropicals are growing at light speed and overall things are in good shape. Im having a ball having the time to polish things up and arrange the garden art to my satisfaction. Yesterday I went out and bought two ceramic pots in chartreuse to go in my red/chartreuse container section on the hot tub deck. Im having way too much fun! LOL

Kathy, Betty is at the top of my favorites list. Yes she gets large but is such a beauty! I have her draping over my white picket fence in the driveway garden and its beautiful.

Michelle, cant believe you were limbing up trees while the gardens are in bloom!!! Yikes! Glad you didnt have too much damage. Kenzie is going to love her swing!

Bug! Your roses are gorgeous! How very lovely and I really like that pink lily/campanula combination! Also love your Persicaria. What a great plant that is.

Woody, why are your removing the roses in the front bed? That tuteur is going to look great in that garden.

Saucy, hw did your gardening day go yesterday? Looking forward to seeing you today!

Cindy, your gardens are looking absolutely lovely! Love all those lilies and hemerocalis with the clematis. Simply beautiful!

Here are a couple pics from this AM, my new purple pot for the front steps. It was a bit steep but I absolutely love the color and shape of this one.

The driveway urn is filling in nicely

OK Im off to start my day. Have a good one everybody

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Deanne, I'm looking forward to our garden visit today. I had a great time in the garden yesterday - I cleaned out three aisles for my neighbor and Jake laid the sand. She uses beach sand in the aisles and walks barefoot in her garden. It does pack down nicely.

In my own garden I continued to get things planted and pulled some weeds. The front of the house is done in red this year, but it's not ready for it's photo op, ladies! I knew you'd ask :)

I need to photo the GG, but I haven't been able to get the messes cleaned up so that I can get the camera out. I am a messy gardener (person).

Okay...time for me to get ready to go to Deanne's. I've gotta whip this house into shape first!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just loving all the photos - this is just one of the best of times in the garden isnt it? I confess by late August Im usually burnt out and dont care - but for now I've still got the enthusiasm and so do the plants, LOL.

Woody -- would you consider replacing the ND swag/along fence with several of the Type 3 clematis and/or another vine? There's a variegated lonicera that's really pretty and would provide color if clems were out of bloom. Or some other combo like that. It's interesting that most of us have pulled our ND's -- it just wasnt giving me the most bang for its placement and it is a monster eventually, pretty as it is.

Gardenbug, I just love your photos - you've got lilies in bloom too now, wow! Your area season catches up quickly. And is that a sambucus black lace? I thought it was too cold in your area for one -- I love the look of it.

Deanne - your pots are terrific as always and spurs me to want to try some or do better -- I have to pull myself back - sometimes it gets too overwhelming to water... But Im living vicariously through you, LOL.

Kathy - the albizia is not in a pot - it suffered some dieback in the first year winter, but even this past one where it was so horrible, it's gotten up and gotten going; altho its original leader died off, so it's a bit lopsided & I suppose I should stake but I havent.... but I sure do love its color and leaves.

Michelle - I think all kids just adore swings, and the homemade ones are the very very best - to this day, my DD recalls the one in her grandmother's backyard. I've tried to get Weigela My Monet a couple times, but no luck (or the one I saw I think was $50 which I refused to pay) - it's on my wish list to try -- I've loved seeing yours and Laura's - and you know me and anything variegated, LOL....

Deanne - in your driveway urn shot - what's planted behind the ajuga? It has a blue bloom - almost looks like part of the ajuga but I was thinking it's something else, like a campanula or a geranium? Love its colors with the ajuga. I really really need to pay more attention to trying to do some edging plants - mine all seem to die out and I end up with grass...

Well, gotta get the day going -- it's DD's birthday and we're actually going to have dinnere tonite together -it's been a few years since I celebrated on the day with her - usually they've gone out of the country - but with the baby on the way, they're starting to cut back on big celebrations, LOL - the first of many more...


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Deanne - the roses are coming out of the front bed largely because they are big and prickly to work around. Queen Elizabeth in the driveway border will stay, as will the mass of seed-grown Angel roses in the herb bed. ND is largely being removed because it's too high to do maintenance easily. I think the ideal place for it is to grow it along a 4' tall cedar rail fence - the color would be perfect with the cedar and on a low fence, it would be easy to maintain. Let's face it, we're not getting and younger and trying to keep ND in shape from a stepladder isn't going to be possible at some point. So, better to remove it now and give something else time to get established - something that is not going to rip you to shreds and, if ignored for a while, isn't going to turn into an impenatrable mass! Have fun with the tour- wish we could go see it....:-) We really enjoyed it when we were a host garden on the local tour here - but it was exhausting too. I'm sure visitors will be bowled over by your garden!

Cindy - Group 3 clematises will likely be the main things living on the swag chains. I'm starting to make lists/think about what I want to do - GB - prepare to be bugged a lot... :-) When I proposed to Randy replacing ND with clematises 'like on GB's arbour in the vegetable garden', his response was 'YES! YES! YES!' We both love the look of that.

Cindy - I have the 'Harlequin' variegated honeysuckle on the fence on the north side of the yard. It doesn't twine and has to be tied in so that wouldn't work to well on the arbour and chains. I'll look at others but I think I may stick to clematis. GB - you created a monster when you introduced me to clematis I think - this is all your fault :-)

The rain has stopped here but I doubt it'll dry off enough to paint today. I'm really anxious to get the shed finished and move on to other things.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi Woody! I'm certainly prepared for clematis questions. You might also consider annual vines, like Lablab, for color at other times. I love these and they're easy to grow from seed. I start them indoors before planting them out. The pods are at least as handsome as the blooms!

Deanne, I like those new "purple" pots of yours! The remind me of giant eggplants!

Cindy, the lilies are on their way to blooming, but I confess that the ones with the campanula were bought in bud recently. (Guilty!) Yes to that being Sambucus black lace. Some years it does better than others, but it always returns.

Yes, the roses look mighty pink, as do the foxgloves, but really, I've been enjoying orange and purple lately, sometimes even together.

This morning I weeded the main walkway under the arbor, in the rain. The weeds just grew 8" overnight! ARGH!!! I hope my buddies can come help out tomorrow to do a quick cleanup near the house! I may have to resort to bribery.

Looks like a bit of sun trying to peek out! I hope things dry up enough to work out there tomorrow.

Enjoy your gardens this evening!

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I agree with bug on the hyacinth bean vine. I usually grow it in a few spots. Im growing Painted Lady bean vines in the potager this year for something different.

Talk about weeds! Weve had about a week of rainy weather and you can about imagine what the weeds are like by now. I really have to concentrate on that.

I have s. Black Lace and it is very vigorous here. In fact the last couple of years I chop it to about 2 in the fall and it had filled out quite a bit and isnt as floppy and spindly.

Deanne, thats the way things work when you are married to a farmer. They do those odd jobs only after spring field work and before fall field work. Your driveway urn is so pretty. Is that a cuphea in front? I like the 2 colors. Oh, that purple pot is to die for.

Cindy, funny you havent been able to locate a My Monet at a good price. I picked mine up at Lowes a few years ago very reasonable. Ive seen them a number of places since. I may add a few more.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

My post from earlier today seems to have gone missing... gb - I have considered lablab before but wasn't sure if the color would look good with our our yellow house. Also, the dried beans being poisonous worried me a bit with the dogs around. Can you (and Michelle) please post pictures of it so I can get a better idea of the color?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, do your dogs eat your outdoor beans now?
I haven't grown lablab for several years. I seem to travel west to DD's just at the time when seedlings need special attention before planting out. I'll post google photos though.

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Wowee, as I did my WALAT tonight I considered the special event just around the corner-IU kick-off is just one week from tomorrow did that happen ? Im really looking forward to returning the hospitality that so many of my imaginary friends have shown me on my visits east. I surely regret the Idylls who cant make it this year, and hope to see some of you in October.

Re: Wiegela My Monet absolutely nowhere to be found out here.

I am really thinking hard about changes I might make in the garden this fall . The concrete removal thing though is keyif I cant make that happen the plans will need to be set on the back burner. I really need to get a quote soon so I know what kind of budget I am looking at-I need to be able to do the project and still have funds for a trip to NE this fall, and of course IU next summer.Who knows where that will be, although I m sure there will be discussion next week.

Cindy, I couldnt help but notice your Daylilies ; I keep lurking over at the DL forum but have thus far restrained myself !

Lovin the aubergine pot Deanne- Best wishes to you on your garden tour, I know your guests will be blown away by your fabu garden..

All for now waves to all!

I miss Chelone too ! And Mary , and Marian, and Eden ! (though some I see daily over on FB !)

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


This is a website that some of you may want to bookmark. It contains a Clematis of the Month section as well as a printable shopping list to keep in your purse. ;)

It is cloudy here this morning, but a gardening day is about to begin!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

GB - I printed that list off a few days ago and am looking at COTW for more information on each of them that looks interesting. I figure it'd be smart to use the 'easy' ones to start with. You grow Markham's Pink - right...? How early does it start blooming and how long does it bloom? I'm considering it as a candidate for growing through a shrub that doesn't need pruning in spring... Re the lablab beans - because we dog-sit a changing 'pack' of dogs, the fact that I haven't noticed any of the current pack eating things like beans doesn't mean the next new dog we take care of won't. I'm sure that if I checked them all, I'd find there are 'no-no' plants in the yard, but I try to avoid the obvious ones. Also, the only beans and other legumes we've grown have been on the driveway or in the front yard. The dogs don't have free access to those areas. If I grew lablab on the arbour, they would then have access to the beans unsupervised. I had already Googled lablab for pictures, but the variability in color is always high. I like seeing pictures from people/places I know, which gives me a better feel for how 'true' the color is.

Sunny and cool here today - should be a good painting day. With luck, maybe Randy can finish the trim on the shed today.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I grow Markham's Pink in a pretty shady area so it stays small. It does no get pruned. It is on the post of the patio gate. It blooms a while...but not for really long. A month maybe?

If you grow the type 1 clematis over things like cedar shrubs, it tends to kill off their green growth. Just from my experience....

Lunch now...and then back to work outdoors. Planted a bunch of things from the plant ghetto today, which is always exciting as well as a relief!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good afternoon all,

Well, Im all tuckered out and its only 2:40 in the afternoon. I must be getting old or something. Im about ready to have a break from all this intensive gardening. It will be a fun weekend but Ill be glad when the garden tour is over. I spent some time yesterday and took scads of pictures then last night resized them and arranged them in a gallery that starts at the front and goes all around the house and shows all the gardens and container areas. Ill post a few highlights here and do a separate photo thread for those interested in taking a virtual tour. The weather continues to be such a frustration this year. Today is again very cool out, mid 60s, windy and they are predicting the next three days to be in the mid 90s. I seriously dont ever remember a year with this kind of temperature fluctuations. I have a few begonias and caladiums that are quite unhappy with the current state of affairs and the pansies dont know whether to bloom or fry. As soon as they recover from one bout of 90 degree days and look like they are going to have another good bloom then it gets hot again and ruins them. Some of the hydrangeas and brunneras have some burned foliage from that 100 degree day we had a couple weeks ago. Anyway, enough complaining about something I cant do anything about. I just wish the temperatures would settle down to something in the middle of what weve been getting. Next week I have to hit the ground running in the painting studio as I have a class the weekend of July 9 and still havent painted the piece yet! Yikes! I must like working under pressure. This will be the sixth in the series of roses and fuchsia charger plates and Im actually looking forward to doing some painting.

Saucy and I had a terrific visit yesterday and she brought me three of her lovely leaves. They are hosta leaves and are for the side of my shed next to my new print. I found a site that sells outdoor art and bought a piece for the shed that can be viewed from the bench in the shade area. The leaves are going to go to the left of the print. Cindy has picked up a couple containers that have the look of the urn in this print and Ill replace these two containers with the new ones next year. What Id really like is one of those beauties from WFF but they are just too pricy.

LOL Bug about the pot looking like a big eggplant, indeed it does! I didnt see it until you mentioned it. I think next year I should grow eggplants in it. Wouldnt that be a hoot? Im very happy at the moment that I have NO plant ghetto. Everything is either in a container garden or in the ground.

Woody Im looking forward to seeing mature clematis on your swags. That should be gorgeous. Hope Randy can finish the painting today. Doug finally finished painting our shed and gate here so things are looking spiffed up for the garden tour.

Kathy, Im so sad I cant make the IU this year. There just isnt any way I can get that painting done between now and the class dates and include a trip to CA on top of it. So anyway, hopefully Ill get to see you in the fall. I know you are going to have the best IU ever!

Michelle, yes that is Cuphea cyanea in the driveway garden urn. I really love that plant. It blooms its head off all season. I was going to plant a couple W. My Monet here this spring but couldnt find any. The last few years they were everywhere and this year are not to be found.

Cindy, that is a geranium next to the Ajuga in the driveway garden. Ive unfortunately lost that tag so cant give you the variety. I seriously dont know why the ground covers do so well in that garden except that it is sunny and hot. Not something youd think Ajuga would like but this is a really great patch of Burgundy Glow and I dont seem to be able to grow it anywhere else.

Here are a couple of the clems blooming here right now.

I think this one is Gurnsey Cream

Pearl dAzure behind the rose garden

Betty Corning draping over the white fence in the driveway


Polish Spirit and Arabella on the arch

OK Ive got to get back at it. Lots left to do on the list for the day. Have a great day all

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Another victim of thunderstorms and digital ineptitude here. But things are looking up! at least I think so.

First of all, thoughts turn to Cyn. and I surely hope that things are looking up for you and DH. I grew up with that crap and it's definitely "nowheres-ville".

I'm not much fun these days. Just seems to be a little black cloud that trails me and periodically puts me in its shadow. Thoughts of dead friends, missed opportunities, and the passage of time tend to bring on tears with alarming frequency... any chance that at 51 hormones factor into the equation?? ;) As long as I don't lose my sense of humor about it all and Wrecks doesn't die in the next few months leaving me destitute of something to kick, I'll be fine.

At any rate, I'm barely able to hold my tongue when faced with a workplace tantrum or the designation of defacto whipping boy. I find myself becoming downright contemptuous of that foolishness and have actually just gone home when it's abraded me beyond my ability to "turn it off" and withdraw into my work.

Your pictures have been a delight; esp. Woody's single peonies, which have charmed me utterly. Catherine Deneuve elicited an audible guffaw, too.

What nice people you are. Wish I was going to Idyll in Fantasyland... please post virtual shots here, maybe send more private ones to my e-mail... since I've not "optimized my FB experience"...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, I'm breathless - from your photos, Deanne -- it's impeccably artistic and beautiful. I loved that ptg when you showed me but it's even more unusual and stunning on the shed - the worries I had that those containers might not work have vanished - they're going to look amazing there. How innovative - most of us would have hung iron work or ornments/pots of some sort on the shed -- another one of a kind choice that sets your gardens aside, Deanne -- of course, the fish are stunning amongst the maple and the pond as well.

Thanks for the plant i.d. next to the ajuga - Im going to bet it's Midnight Reiter and I'll have to look for it - it's given me some more ideas on how to whip my edging problems.. It makes me feel better to know you can't recall the names of everything you plant any more,either, LOL. I was really starting to wonder about my mind - just too much too fast and no time to organize it appropriately.

This is the first evening I had the chance to get out in the garden - no time for WALATing but I managed to cut the grass, smush the daylilies and do a little deadheading. It felt great - two whole hours in a cool, low humidity evening - late leftovers for din but a sense of accomplishment. Since we're going to be getting the same stinking 90s on the weekend, AGAIN, as your region, Deanne, I likely will have to turn my attention to IU prep and packing, with some yard chores in the early a.m. each day.

Kathy, the daylilies are pretty good this year; the last 2 years of adding more colors and stock seem to be paying off - I especially like the couple of spider types that are finally blooming - but just not enuf space for more - and still some to like SP as I dont like their color or something...

Good to see you check in, Chelone - wish we would lift your spirits -- sometimes, if one can, you just have to kick yourself and say, gotta find some good things to look at in life and throw the yoke of the other depressing things off -- you've got a great dawg, helpmeet, health (except for raging hormones I bet, LOL) and likely other friends still alive with whom you maybe need to hang with more!!! Even blow the stuff at woik - I've been working really hard to "suck it up" all the time and keep my mouth shut - something totally alien to me... but likely speaking these days where I am does nothing but earn one the unwanted attention of folks you dont want to have notice you - it's a job, it's a job is my mantra and I leave it and come home to my "Real life." I do know however that it is easier said than done for some folks who are really feeling depressed -- but pls dont let it sink you --
- Ok, nuf philosophizing from me - here's hoping all the folks are enjoying nice evenings in their respective gardens and WALATs or SALATs are in order....


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Hi Everyone. Sorry I haven't been a very good idyller. I have been really busy with the kids,helping with new babies. Jenny had to take Anna to lactation consultant every day for a week after the baby was born. She lost weight, bottom line, Jen's milk did not come in. She had colostrum, but the milk did not show up. I have read about it, but never seen it in my experience. I am a diehard believer in breastfeeding, nursed all my kids, and both my girls have nursed all their babies, so this was a new one on us. Anyway, we found a formula that works for her, so all is well. The baby is gaining weight, she sleeps a lot, and I think this will work out just fine for Jen.

Deanne, your gardens look like a painting. So gorgeous! Your hard work is paying off.

Cindy, I loved the pic of your garden, it looks so pretty. Mine is still mostly leaves, except the annuals. I really have a lot of shade, so have to go with textures more than flowers, which doesn't really impress in pics. But soon the flowers will be blooming.

Chelone, I hope you start feeling better. When I was your age, I sold Skip's van, made him take me to the Rocky Mountains, quit the job I had for 15 years, and did a couple of other out of character things that I can't quite remember, but I know I spent a lot of time in tears, and felt like I was going insane. My mom promised me it was hormones, and that I would return to myself, so I will tell you that too. I liked it when the hot flashes showed up, because then I knew it was physical. But that was at the very end of a couple of really horrible years. Somewhere in the middle I discovered the idylls, the conversation here gave me something to look forward to everyday, but they didn't know it at the time. Hang in there. My mom told me to put my head under the faucet with cold water, but it didn't seem to work for me. Get an iPod if you don't have one, and put in all of your favorite music. That helps.

Eileen, so nice to see you! Glad all is well and that you have found a job you enjoy doing.

Bug, thanks for sharing all of your pictures. I really looking at your farm.

Mary hasn't posted for the longest time, and I don't have her email. I hope everything is okay with her.

Skip has been gone this week, and I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. He should be back in about a half hour, so I doubt if I will now. Devin just said he wants go home to spend the night there. He has been hanging out here for a few days, and I think he misses the babies, or his memory foam:)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Fly-by post...

Shed not quite done (south and back walls still only primed but trim is done....

Hi Chelone! Hang in there.... :-)

Deanne- gorgeous pictures - some of those clematis are on my 'consider' list - will have to look closer tomorrow....

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Congratulations Randy! It has receded handsomely.

Deanne, your shed wall is so lovely! Waiting to see the leaves now. Is your Betty really that pink? I love Perle d'Azur...but it was slow to take off here. What a treat your guests are in for!

Had a busy day and ache.

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I cant find my post from a couple of days agohow does this happen?! Im sure I hit submit after previewing but its not here. All those individual comments on photos, Michelles fairy garden (Ill show you mine one of these days) sheds, clematis and rosesgone. I cant summon the words from memory so Im just going to blame Hal and move on, sheesh.

Vacation plans were modified with the gulf oil disaster. Leaving tomorrow but we decided to shorten the trip this year. Truthfully, I dont mind as we have the big annual family get together coming up in July and I need a little more space between the two. The gardens will have to fend for themselves as it turns out my plant sitter was unavailable this summer. Weve had over 4 inches of rain during the last week so that should help offset the upcoming predicted heat and humidity. Ill be more than ready to come home and check out the great time the Idylls are having at IU7!

Ive been running on fumes and adrenaline the last few days and am about to deflate like a balloon. It drives DH crazyIm such a list maker. And my camera is doing this weird thing, the image kind of rolls on the LCD monitor, has vertical lines and a pink tint, then after the first photo it seems OK.

Must get to bedquick wave to everyone and have a great weekend!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi all!

After three days and MUCH frustration, I have managed to a) get my camera working again; b) take some photos; c) transfer them to the computer; d) find them on the computer; and e) relearn how to post.

So later I may actually post a few, if not on this thread I might start a new one, as I don't want to mess this one up by mistake *LOL*

I am such a Ludite!

Chelone! I am so glad to see you again! Sorry that you are not in the happiest of places just now - been there, done that, no fun at all. It does pass after a while, in theory anyway.

I have been reliving my memories of the compound a lot this week as IU VII approaches. I wish I were flying west instead of east next Friday, well, sort of. I am looking forward to a reuinion with DH's family, it has been twelve years since we were all together, and this time it is for a wedding and not a funeral. Oh how I miss you all! I expect to see lots of posts - but I won't have a computer until July 3, so I bet I'll be reading for a month!

Bug, I feel for you and your family. We are all so lucky to have shared a little bit of Reed through you. And yes, the full moon will always be a Reed moon to me too.

Woody, I didn't think the shed would look good blending into the background so much, but I love it! Good choice!

Deanne, I hopoe the garden tour is a huge success this week-end. Who wouldn't love your unusual garden! (Unusu8al in that you have so many lovingly tended pots).

I too have been thinking of Cyn and hoping things are looking up.

Drema, you sure have been busy! Happy busy though!

Interesting that so many are thinking of SPing New Dawn. I am not a rose person so can't comment. I am terrible with roses, having managed to kill off every one that I've ever planted...

DH started my daylily bed today, and I have bought two plants to put there. Of course I forget the names already, but I'll check the tags tomorrow. Thanks for head up about the deadheading chore, Woody. I actually have a very small garden and don't have to deadhead much at all, so I think I will be able to keep up.

My Stella D'oro, Purple D'oro, and Many Happy Returns are budded/blooming. Also, I bought a daylily called Wild Horses from a mail order company, got a little tiny plant, but now it has four leaves and a scape! I can hardly wait! I have several other beautiful daylilies but got them before I bothered keeping tags, so I have no idea what they are. I can take photos and post when I come back, unless they are done by then. They are not rebloomers.

I too miss Mary. Did we do swomething bad??

O.K. here goes: my fence and the Spite fence, where the daylily bed will go to hide the grass and weeds in the he** strip.....

View from the front

View from the back

Ignore the dates on the photos - I have not yet figured out how to reset the camera...

See why I want to do something? I have clematis Tangutica and Virginia Creeper started on there now.



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A busy weekend ahead, the final crunch before a passel of Idylls descend on me next Thursday. The most difficult part of the whole event has been admitting to myself that the time is finite and there is no way to cram in everything I would like my friends to see. Since I will be within range of my computer for the first couple of days I can promise lots of updates for those who were not able to join us this year, and Ill take my laptop with me when we hit the road for the coast.

Deanne, your garden is just perfect..Im going to try to set aside some time this weekend to view the gallery you posted at leisure- Love your Saucy leaf and the cool shed painting too. I hope my visit in fall sneaks in before the 1st killing frostheres to Indian Summer !

Hormones Chelonejust harken back to the hormone kick-in era pituitary overdrive. At least we dont get a face full of zitz this go round, and life experience should give us some perspective. I think back a few years and even though I pride myself on emotional stability I think I was pretty close to being a mess- had the DH passing going on at the same time . I feel much better now; its just a road you have to travel . I just had to concentrate on the positive things in my life , and learn to live with the negatives. Lets see, I dont live in Haiti or Afghanistan, I have a job, I have a house, I live in a beautiful part of the world, my kids have some struggles but they are nice people and I am in a position to help when needed. Not so bad. I wish you were Idylling in Fantasyland with us too ! Never too late to change your mind..kick off 5pm Thursday. You only live once, right ? Too bad life can be so complicated.

Drema, I loved your tale of the mid-life crisis, the road trip, the heave-ho on the job. Boy do I have days when I would like to heave-ho. I sure look forward to having you with us next week !

Hi Julie ! Bet that side yard of your has more square footage than my entire lot, lol. So why dont you just take down the chain link ? Is the wood fence the neighbors ? All our fences here are redwood lots are very small , chain link is rarely seen. But what a great opportunity for bug-like Clem action ! Id be foaming at the mouth.

Ok, gotta go, I have an early day of IU prep tomorrow

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Julie - I think Kathy has the right idea. Take down the chainlink - leave the posts and top (and bottom - I don't see one) rails so you could easily put it up again if need be. Then you could clear out the grass by hand before putting in the bed. You might want to install a grass barrier at the base of the fence to prevent grass from coming from the other side.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Taking down the chain link is not an option. We are thinking of using Round-Up (illegal in this town, but WTH) - just along the edge, and then installing a grass barrier. Then digging the garden and amending the soil, and I can start collecting the daylilies! Yes, I was foaming at the mouth for a while, but a) the neighbour is nuts and b) who would want to be friendly with someone who thinks this is a solution??? The wood fence is three feet from virtually ALL of the windows in that house. Can you imagine resale?? A few other people have had "situations" with this lady so it's not just me. We are actually enjoying the privacy and simply want to hide the mess. It will come.



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I never had to deal with the zit-ravaged face so many teens suffer. I was just white-skinned and geeky in an era of tall, tanned, oh-so-perfect in bikinis... (and couldn't swim to save their lives). My navy blue Speedo set me apart... along with heavy duty sun-screen. A real trend setter, huh?

Big day for Deanne! It's all beautiful and the day will be a complete success. You couldn't ask for a nicer day...

Big laundry day for me. Not sure what I'll do today, but lawn mowing will be a central feature. There is plenty of weeding, too, but my zest for that sort of thing seems to have by-passed me this year. I just don't seem to be able to assign it any sort of priority. And that's OK.

We saw "The Drowsy Chaperone" last night, and it was delightful! We laughed and laughed and I suspect our next cat will be named, Adolpho. :) Can't believe that Monday will mark our 18th. year of marital bliss.

So, yes, so many things for which to be eternally appreciative. Yet, so many poignant reminders of the passage of years and how cruelly dear freinds were deprived of life's seemingly simplest rewards... . Yin and Yang, Sweet and Sour... And so it goes. Ain't biochemistry great?

In our community, anyone who puts up a fence like your neighbor's is required to put the most attractive face of it on the neighbor's side... meaning she'd have to look at the rails herself, Julie!

Shed looks great, Woody.

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I meant to share the following observation about nearly 2 decades in the same house: infrastructure shows signs of decline about yr. 16 and by year 19 it begins to fail...

New Samsung 'frig., wth bottom freezer drawer and centre closing doors arrived about 2wks. ago. Love it! most of all like the flat, white surface that matches Bruce and doesn't trap the inevitable grime transferred by gardener's fingers... . The old one with the compressor that complained incessantly disappeared along with the box the new one arrived in... .

The new boxspring and mattress arrived 2 1/2 wks. ago. It was made by a local mattress manufacturer and has a "pillow top" on both side of the mattress so it may be "flipped" periodically, thus prolonging its useful life. It replaced a 25 yr. old set and I have no idea why I was so lax in buying it after enjoying its comforts for a couple of weeks. Talk about "pennywise and pound foolish"! Best of all, the old set was summarily loaded into the truck and "taken away".

Next up will be the washing machine... Kenmore toploader will be replaced by a front loader, though I have no idea aobut make and model at this time. Thoughts, suggesions?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am SO very jealous. Being over 40 years in the matrimony business, I actually NEED a new stove. DH is in his 4th week of repairing it...Now at his income level, this is a TOTAL waste of his time, but repairing the electrical works, piece by piece, seems to intrigue him. Le Sigh. Pas moi! The mattress...well it is over 30 years old. These may not be as visually delightful as fresh paint or new slip-covers and bedding, but they would refresh an old lady's soul I think. But then Adolpho sounds like he might as well!

Julie, I wish your neighbor felt the urge to move elsewhere! What a waste of a life to be so miserable, and annoy others too.

Well I've prepared the salad for the guests, weeded the tomato patch, swept a couple of rooms and scrubbed the entry floor. DH went to the dump and also for a haircut. The cats are snoozing and I must go dry my hair and feed lunch to DH.


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'bug, just over one year ago I realized that spending 15-30 minutes to "zero in" on an oven temperature of 350 degrees was:
1.) a waste of my time and energy
2.) a total waste of fuel.

As soon as the cakes were cooling I was on my way to the "stove store". No "permission" sought... I just went and bought the damn thing! Mr. KnowItAll had plenty to say about my decision, too, lol. I ignored him (a perk of mulitple yrs. of marriage). He maintained his idiot stance until the stove was installed and he actually had to USE it... lol. Within 10-15 minutes he poked his out of the galley and said, "Honey... great call on the range. This thing is great".

I was the one who said it was time for a new 'frig., too. I pointed out that summertime is not the time of year when you want your flagging 'frig. to -hit the bed and have to deal with keeping things adequately cool inside thermally insulated boxes for 2-7 days until the replacement arrives. Apparently, my practical, pragmatic nature has attained more lustre than I'd heretofore considered!

Ditto the review on the double-sided "playground equipment".

Blow him off, 'bug ! order the damn stove... he can play with old one in the barn... while you whip up more soul food that he's able to imagine!!

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Chelone, I have to say I have fridge envy:) I got a new one a couple of years ago, but I have seen commercials for the one with the center drawer. Very cool! I noticed that when you buy everything at the same time, it tends to break at the same time. My fridge usually goes out when we have an event of some sort.

Bug, I have been telling Skip we need a new mattress. Ours has had it, a canyon in the middle. Anyway, our son Sean got memory foam at Sam's club and we put it on our bed as an experiment. Skip told Sean to get a new one, because we were keeping this one. An inexpensive solution. I just love it.

Woody, the shed looks great! Good pick on color.

I have to run, finish folding laundry and figure out something for dinner. I don't think they'll go for popcorn and cheese which would be my choice.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello all,

Well we had the most wonderful day today. Lots of gardeners through here asking great questions. Many folks wanted to know where in the heck I found so many unusual plants and "how long does it take you to water this?" LOL The absolutely BEST treat of the day was when a lovely couple came and introduced themselves and asked if I was Deanne and it turned out that the lady was cheleinri from RI who recently bumped up the Driveway Garden thread. How very cool is that? Someone from Garden Web came from RI (probably a two hour drive) because she heard on the Idylls we were going to be on a garden tour today! That is about a neat as it gets. I told her she needed to jump in on the Idylls as its a great group of gardeners and friends here.

Sounds like lots going on here and I'd love to comment to one and all but I'm exhausted and about to hit the sack so I can be rested for day two of the garden tour. I'll catch up with everyone later.

Nite all!

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Hello Cheleinri! Jump in...the water's nice :)

Sounds like you had a nice day, certainly deserve the accolades for all that hard work.

I took a very sad picture of the GG paths tonight and thought I'd share, just so you can see the paths. Sorry about the blurriness and the mess on the ground. The picture frame is a Saucy creation that still needs a mirror...doesn't look quite right there but I haven't moved it. Hopefully you get the idea of what's going on here :)

I got a Pagoda Dogwood for the "island" in the is the smallest little tree I've ever seen. Stan at Variegated Foliage said it would grow fast and I can't pass up a Charlie Brown tree.

It's been a long day and I think I should head to bed.

'Night friends.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Father's Day to all the idyll dads! My DH forgot it was Father's Day and booked an early flight to New Orleans, so DD and I are chilling for the day. We have a joint toe-twinkling scheduled at 5:00 this afternoon.

We had a whopper of a storm come through here on Friday afternoon. Our power went out about 4:00 pm, and the only status we could get from ComEd was that thousands were out of power, so suck it up and quit whining. Saturday morning after the Farmers Market, we bought four large bags of ice, borrowed a couple of extra coolers and transferred the contents of the fridge. Ten minutes later, the power was back. :) The land line phone went out in the second storm and was down until this morning.

The good news is that the chicken coop and run survived the storms just fine! The weather service was warning of hurricane force winds; at the office we ignored common sense and stood out on the porch to watch the winds roll in. Sure enough, the trees across the road were bent over, just like the news footage of hurricanes. Lots of trees down all over the area, and some corn fields flattened by the wind as well. All in all, we had little to complain about.

After all the rain, I had to choose my gardening activities carefully, but did manage to get some weeding done in some neglected areas in the back. The front gardens took a hit from the wind, so they will be allowed to "bounce back" before I tromp through them.

Also checked on my bees yesterday. DH and DS observed, and I think my son was quite impressed to see his mom calmly handle frames that were crawling with hundreds of bees. The bees seem to be doing well and definitely are reproducing.

Chelone, I say the best cure for the blues is to hop on a plane and get thee to Cal-i-for-ni-ay! Common sense and frugality be damned - come have some fun.

Okay, I know that likely won't happen for a hundred very good reasons. I do hope that things look up for you. And the iPod suggestion is a good one that may be a bit more practical.

Add me to the list of those who think of Mary often and hope that all is well with her.

Work continues to bounce along. Good times, bad times - it's not the worst job but there are things that could be better. I've noticed that I have changed from someone who used to be very chatty at the office to someone who is annoyed by those who chat for too long. Is this another sign of old age? LOL!

Woody, the shed is looking great!

Julie, thanks for the fence photo - now I understand what you're up against, so to speak. So you'll have to smuggle in some round up, eh?

Looking forward to the upcoming IU festivities!

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Those fence wars are truly perplexing, Julie. Seems one of those fences needs to come down. Neighbor, tear down this wall!

I fear buying any new appliances. They all seem to be built like cr*p.

Congrats, Deanne, on making it through the first day of the tour. I can easily understand driving 2 hrs to see your garden.

Tired of hearing about paint yet? I think I hate the light grey-blue on the siding. So bright! I love dark colors. But it's up on two walls and there's another gallon so the color stays. My neighbor, Mr. Gonzalez, has a wonderful dry sense of humor. He says the new paint colors has him thinking he lives next-door to Mexicans!

Marty was going through an old photo card and found these photos of Jen, the fuel dock dog, the one that keeps the birds off the dock. Seems the only thing about early retirement he regrets is not visiting this dog. She loves it when someone turns the hose on her.

Gotta get back to work or I'll never make it out of town.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Had a wonderful relaxing summer-type day! Took DH out to lunch after doing some piddly garden jobs. We ate outdoors and it was breezy and wonderful with a delightful young hostess. I had a lovely salad with a Nutella crepe for dessert! Sinful but FUN!
Later we drove off in a northerly direction, picked up some fresh strawberries and ended up visiting my clematis friend/guru. He handed me 3 clematis as we were leaving, I handed over the strawberries. We were both delighted. On the way back we admired the bright yellow fields and stopped for ice cream. Mine sounded good (peach mango yogurt) but was terrible, and DH's "chocolate mud" was good.
Phoebe enjoys us being back home again.

Last night at our event we were surprised by the number of people deathly afraid of our pooch. Phoebe had to remain in the back room for hours (which irritates me), but every little while I'd send a grumpy child back there to play with her and she worked her magic to make them happy once more.

Time to rest up for dinner! ;) Hope Deanne's day was perfect. I bet she'll be relieved to collect herself and spend time on art work for a while!

Thank goodness things survived the winds V!!! I think that "bouncing Back" is what your plating style is all about! Glad the chickens did well! I noticed bees out on our flowers during the rain and was surprised by that last week.

Happy to see the GG Saucy! It's true, the Pagoda Diogwood will grow quickly. I already "see" it there. :)

Enjoy your last few hours before Monday appears!

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Hi ho Idylls, I hope all are enjoying their Sunday..Im working on maps and menu plans this afternoon, with frequent visits outdoors .A nice day out today , but a bit of hose dragging is on the agenda .
It looks like the good-weather-fairy is smiling on Idyllunion this year , it will be predictably cool at the coast but pleasant inland .

I do like the way your paths have turned out Saucy ! The Dogwood will set off the island quite nicely too.. Are the goddesses in safekeeping ?

V, I would have stood on the front porch too ! At least it was covered right ? We only get storms like that in winter in these parts . The fence building companies benefit , as do the tree guys.

Appliances ..Chelone , I am not thrilled with my last 2 Kenmore units especially the range- I really regret going the el-cheap-o route on that one. Its perfectly serviceable still at this point so I have no excuse to give it the boot. My fridge was bought when I thought I was moving , so again I went with the economy model assuming I would be leaving it behind. It works fine , but a bit of an upgrade would have been nice. At this point the home improvement budget is depleted for this year, I have a bathroom that is in dire straits , 2 windows that need to be replaced , and the all important RV parking space demolition to prioritize for 2011.

Well Denise , maybe the trim color can help abate your dislike of the house color. Id be seriously bummed if I had to drive up to a house with an unsatisfactory color every day after the awficethats the nice thing about being a gardener right? Its a whole lot easier to get rid of a plant you dont like ..unless its a neighbors tree

Ok, somehow it got to be almost 3:30, so I need to get back to work ..waves to all , and see you soon to my IU VIGGS!

Kathy in Napa

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The Goddesses are waiting for a path...they hang out down in the basement when they're not in the garden...not sure what sort of Goddess-y things they do down there :)

Nick is bugging me to get the materials...and I've found my supplier! Maybe I'll call tomorrow...or not...things are busy here.

I don't like that Phoebles had to stay away from the fun, but glad she had some visitors. Funny to send the kids in to check on the frightful beast :)

Good to know the chooks and bees are well, V.!

Chelone, I think V. has the right idea with a trip to Cali, but I know it's not in the cards. Perhaps planning something fun locally would be fun? The NE Idylls could surely make you smile?

I guess I'd better turn in...lots on the plate this week. Work will involve lots of watering...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yeah, Chelone could visit Ontario and learn to love weeding here! She could bring Wrecks to meet Phoebe!

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Just a quick pop in as I'm fairly exhausted. I picked up Kenzie Friday night. We picked up my Mom and Dad and ate dinner on the patio of a restuarant on the lake. Saturday was busy with her and also trying to line things up for our Father's Day barbeque that was held today. Last night we took Kenzie back and grilled at my parents place at the lake. A campfire followed.

Kenzie was thrilled by both of the swings that Rick hung for her. She spent quite a bit of time swinging.

She leaves on Tuesday to go to Florida for awhile.

Today was a lovely day for the barbeque and the swings were a hit with the kids and even a few adults.

I offered to help with our church's vacation Bible School which is Mon - Fri this week from 4-7. Hopefully, there's a little garden time left when I get home.

Kenzie is very interested in the flower names. I saw she was standing next to one of my garden gates. She asked "Gramma what's the name of this clematis" I think she is definately a Idyll in the making.

Saucy, I showed her your turtle and she loved it. We have seen a large snapper in our pond and she has named it Jack.

Deanne, it sounds like you had a fabulous day. What fun to have some Garden Webbers there.

Chelone, it sounds like you are really sprucing things up. We purchased a new matteress about a year ago. The fridge is as old as we are married as we came home from our honeymoon to find the previous one had died. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so blue. I'm sure it could be hormonal as others have mentioned. I've not gotten too far into that process but have dipped my toes so to speak.

Kathy, how exciting that IU is so near. It sounds like a fun one.

I think that's it for me. I'm starting to get starry eyed.


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cheleinri(z6 RI)

Hi all-

I just wanted to say it was absolutely worth the drive to see Deanne's garden this weekend. It's hard to overstate how much fun it was to be there. Sort of like Disneyland for a gardener. Deanne, you've posted scores of beautiful pictures through the years but it was even better to see it all in person- all the many details and nooks and crannies, and just the overall feel of it. It's a bonus that you and Doug are so very nice. We really enjoyed meeting you.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Now that I have drooled over your pics, laughed, and felt the need to send hugs (I'm betting it is hormones, Chelone, but that doesn't make it any easier), I am feeling somewhat caught up. I should be putting back all the "stuff" that I moved out of Charles' closets-the dining room is FULL), but can't quite get psyched for it. I spent the weekend at Father Martin's Ashley in their Family Wellness Weekend program. It is an incredible place if someone needs it and we sure did. Lots of work, long days, but very helpful. DH is looking better than he has in years and we actually talked for a change! I'd forgotten what conversation with him is like-very nice! I go up there on Wednesday to pick him up. I hope he is able to maintain his recovery once he comes home. We are trying to convince him to just use his sick/annual leave since he was planning to retire in December anyway. We'll see. I sort of (change that to very much) would like to stay there myself for 28 days! What a place-right on the Chesapeake Bay. Nothing restores one's soul like water. So, Chelone, maybe we could both work out a garden-for-room-and-board deal with them...they could use some help in that department and we could both use the break. You can be the boss and I'll follow directions-ha. Wrecks and Clouseau could romp. Annabelle...not so much-sleep, chase (and sometimes catch) any critter she spots, eat.

Appliances-hmmm. Hoping mine last a bit longer. I have a Bosch front loader and dryer. Years ago, DH was fixing the dryer vent to the outside and after that, it vented into the kitchen cabinets-color me not pleased-except in the winter when I would open the cabinet doors and heat the place-heehee. So, now I always have to get a condenser dryer (unless I want to spend beaucoup bucks having someone redo the vent from the basement) which has meant European in the past. I do like these, though-much better than the Asko I had before the Bosch. I think the US is catching up with front-loaders now and you will be amazed at how little water they use (mine at least), Very cool. Don't need near as much soap either. Who woulda thunk as a young person that new appliances and mattresses would be so much fun to get?!

I hope all the reunion attendees have an absolutely marvelous time. I have no doubt you will. I will be there in spirit. Which reminds me-no more cooking with booze-the alcohol doesn't all really cook off-aaarrrggghhh. Somehow, grape or apple juice as substitutes does not sound quite as delish. Oh well.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi there Chele! how fabulous for you to drop in on the Idylls! it was so TERRIFIC to meet you and your DH. It really made my weekend that you took the time to drive up and visit.

Michelle, Kenzie asked what clematis it was????? Incredible and wonderful! Definitely a gardener in the making. You must have just loved that!

Cyn more hugs going out to you and family. It's a long road to recovery and a challenge for everyone. HOping for everything positive for you.

Saucy, looks like you are making great progress on the GG! I miss seeing them there though. Cant wait to see it all put together.

Denise, Love that pic of Jen the dock dog! what a hoot! Bummer you are not happy with the house color but what a riot about Mr Gonzalez. Too funny

V. Glad you are ok after those terrible storms.

Julie, what a dilemma about the fence situation. You could always attach a reed fence to the chain link on your side so you don't have to look at the DMZ.

It looks like I'm missing a couple fish but can't tell for sure. The Great Blue Heron was back here this morning and Doug saw it yesterday as well. I'm going to have to get some fishing line and put up a barrier to keep the dratted bird away from my fish.

OK waving hello to one and all, I must get off this computer and get down the the studio!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Not feeling tip top today so I'll offer up some photos instead of my deadly prose.
The yellow & Blue Garden


Astrid Lindgren


Persicaria with Ninebark

Fernleaf Buckthorn

Corydalis elata with hosta

Astrantia with grasses

Clematis Tentel

I didn't succeed in avoiding clematis entirely...;)

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