Credit Report (shrieking)

meldy_nva(z6b VA)July 14, 2010

DH answers the phone at our house. I've told (and told and said and explained and repeated ad nauseum) to NEVER give any caller private information such as credit card numbers, bank numbers etc; if someone wants a donation they should mail us information about their organization and we will or will not make a donation. He understands and agrees. So...

This morning, he's on the phone as I walk by. Hanging up, he says, "That was our bank. They are going send an up-dot-date credit report." Me: "Why? and how much are they charging?" DH: "Only $12.99" I look at him. He says: "I didn't give any numbers, they already had our account number."

Sigh. DH has his credit card (paid in full each month) and I have mine, also paid in full monthly. We owe no money and we are not likely to owe money in the foreseeable future. Our finances have been in this state for the past thirty years. In this age of easy identity theft, I do check our accounts regularly for unauthorized access.

So why did DH think there was any need for credit rating review? Well, after he considered it, he didn't think so... the bank did a great hard-sell and he finally agreed.

I'm furious at this bank. And if they call you... please don't agree to their hard-sell!!!

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I have tried and tried to get dh to "Just say no" The best I can get is for him to hand the phone to me and let me be the Meanie. Cancel it if you can.

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Under the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) the three main credit reporting agencies are obliged to give you this same information for free. Your bank charged you for a free service, essentially. Alls you had to do was pick up a phone or hit a few computer keys. Link below.

That's about on par with those companies who will see if you have unclaimed monies when it's online and public record. Cheesy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Federal Trade Commission Web Site

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The greatest 2 inventions in the world,other than pecan pie and minced garlic in a jar are caller ID and an answering machine. You can see who is calling and decide if it's someone so important you have to drop everything to talk,and if that isn't the case,they can leave a message.I rarely answer my phone anymore and it's my decision when I want to talk to someone.It's such a waste of time to jump up the minute one hears a ring and pick up the phone not having a clue who is on the other end,and then having to try and get out of a conversation so you can go back to whatever it was you were doing.

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I don't have caller ID - but the answer machine does very well for me. My demographic doesn't support a lot of telemarketing, it's mostly robo-calls and they don't leave messages, usually hang up when the machine comes on.
Political calls at election times are more of a nuisance.
Currently, because of my problem and because of Ron's health status, I am more inclined to answer the phone, but I never talk to those who don't identify themselves or their organization, I just hang up on them.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I too, prefer the answering machine as a means of previewing callers.

Unfortunately, DH has become fixated on quickly answering each ring, salesmen, political, and all. A few years ago, he finally agreed to no donations... I did a follow-up for a couple months' calls and showed him that 99% of those donations were using less than 10% of monies received for charity (the remaining 90% went for "adminitrative costs"). We're on the do-not-call list, but there are still an awful lot of calls coming through.

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Banks used to be entities that could be respected. In the present financial situation many small ones are being gobbled up by the big ones that got us here. They are doing any thing they can get away with to make bucks. Some of the things they do are illegal but get under the radar till a class action contest brings them to light.

The commercials you see for credit reports may have very small print disclaimers saying that you are signing up for a daily, weekly or monthly report that will cost on a regular basis. That is why the bad "rock" band is no longer blaring at is. Check to see if there is a fine print agreement to consistently charge for regular credit reports.

I think looking for a small local bank or a credit union is the best move to make at this time. Why use the ones that messed up the economy?

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