Kudos for my new PetSafe Invisible Fence

sheepco(MN z4)June 10, 2006

Used to have a "nationally known brand" invisible fence bought through a sportsmen's catalog. I did the installlation myself, and the training. My dogs are only outside when I am home, but not constantly supervised. It worked great for about 6 months, then the dogs figured out they could run over snow banks, etc. and get beyond the fence. The dogs would run through it at top speed this spring at least once a week. The company was wonderful about mechanics (had one transmitter zapped during a storm, they replaced it immediately), but worthless for training support.

Saw a presentation from a PetSafe professional - they GUARANTEE containment. I bit...

I live in the country but on a moderately busy tar road. Had a 4 month old golden retriever killed by a gravel truck 4 years ago...my fault, she shouldn't have been in the road (thank god she wasn't a child)...but I SWEAR it will not happen again!

Anyway (sorry so windy), the guy installed it, (and after DIY the first time you'll never do it again) around ~ 3 acres. He came 3 times over 2 weeks to help me train (included in the price, as is a 5 year warrantee on the fence and 5 years worth of batteries, which last ~ 5-6 months). The fence also has hundreds of settings from barely a tickle to ZAP for a top speed 'run-through'.

The part that impressed me the most was their training method...totally positive reinforcement. No BAD FLAG!, No dragging the dog by the collar into the fence so they feel it. Just constant treats and praise for backing off from the SOUND of it! They do feel it once or twice, but only if the DOG goes too close. DUH!

My 4 dogs, including the 4 month old puppy, were trained within a week. And my big success was yesterday when at 7am my neighbor jogged by with her dog and mine barked but STAYED in the yard! Then in the afternoon a guy went by slow on a motorcycle, and 2X's a girl rode by on her bike...same thing, they barked, they ran up to the boundry and DIDN'T cross it.

5 stars! Sarah

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sheepco(MN z4)

Though I did feel like an idiot yelling "Good Dogs!!" as my neighbors were goin' on by my yard and the beasties were barking...but there's a sign out front "Dogs in training"...

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lol...they probably think you are training them for security :)

i didn't know there was an installation program.

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Sarah, I have an invisible fence too (non-national brand). It was expensive - but so worth every penny of it! In our case, the man installed it and did the first training session (same as yours, only positive reinforcement), then consulted with me on the phone - this was a reduced rate thing. He would have come out for another session if needed, but we were OK.

We still avoid saying "CAREFUL!", because that was part of the training... it makes them nervous... I mean, her...

:) Mary

One thing though! NEVER get lazy about putting them the collars on and ALWAYS have good batteries! Our poor Sasha was only able to leave our driveway because her collar needed recharging and it was lying on the counter. If it had been on her neck and beeped, she would have turned back.

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I too have the PetSafe fence and love it!! I installed it myself and the dogs were trained in a week. We can now go outside without the collars and they stay in the yard. I do still use the collars as a reminder but not all the time, but most of the time.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Well I'm even more impressed now. Since last Saturday I have had a kid ride by twice on a bike, 2 more joggers, 1 gal out walking, a slow moving motorcycle and a crop consultant that parked on the approach at the edge of my yard, backed a 4-wheeler out of his pick-up, putted around the surrounding fields for a long time, then returned, loaded up, sat there for 5 minutes...the dogs NEVER left the yard. Even when I had friends here and THEIR dog ran out into the road to greet the walker, mine stayed inside the fence.

AND, this morning, best test of all...at 6:45 the dogs and I were just headed out into the yard for a walk-about when a small deer stepped out of the evergreens on the edge of the yard. The dogs gave chase and stopped 8' inside the fence while the deer bounded across the road and off across the field.


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