Too late for crabgrass control? Bermuda lawn (pics)

twolabsSeptember 21, 2013

We moved in 3 years ago, a new build. We sodded our 1/2 acre lot in 419 tifway. I've been mowing frequently, and fertilizing with a high nitrogen fertilizer every 4-6 weeks, and trying to get an inch of water on it a week. However, we did build on a pasture...and pasture surrounds us on all sides (2 sides they are directly next to us). So I know that I'm going to have problems.

Right now, crabgrass, is really starting to take over my back lawn. I'm in Northeast Texas, and today is the first day we've had high temps under 85. I do have some weed killer with crabgrass control bought at the big box stores, but it says it could kill my bermuda if applied when daytime temps are too high. We are staying below 85 for the next 4-5 days, then it goes closer to 90 in the middle of the week.

My questions are:

1) Should I forget about applying a post-emergent herbicide this late in the season? I did put on a pre-emergent this spring, but I didn't pay too close attention if it had any crabgrass control in it. Not smart by me.
2) If I do spray a crabgrass control now, when do I need to apply a pre-emergent fall application? Or do I at all?

I'm really clueless here and would appreciate any help. I have attached closeups of the biggest infestation areas (not long after mowing), as well as showing whats just over my back fence. FYI, these pictures were taken a few weeks ago.

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Close up of yard.

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Whats just on the other side of the fence.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Part of the problem with crabgrass in bermuda is they both love the same conditions. The advantage you have is in withholding moisture, especially in the spring. The crabgrass will die at first frost. The bermuda will slow down and go dormant about the same time. No advantage yet. Whatever you do, do not over seed with rye grass to keep your lawn green over the winter. There are several reasons for this, but one is so you can get the earliest green up of the bermuda possible. You want every sun ray to hit the grass and bring it out of dormancy. Over the winter you should be watering once per month. When the temps rise into the 70s, you can move to once every 3 weeks. Temps in the 80s you can go to once every 2 weeks. Above ninety and go to weekly watering. Crabgrass needs continual moisture to germinate. If you withhold moisture, the soil will be dry most of the time and the crabgrass seed will not germinate. If you have a very dense turf, the crabgrass will not move in.

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