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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)July 1, 2006

Well, my wife and I will be leaving for Alabama in the morning. A VACATION! My water canna bloomed this week and there is hope for having blooms on my water lilies. The big Live Oak tree that hung across the road and over the house is been cut way back. They also took down the sweetgum tree at the end of the house. This will let more sun hit my yard. The only thing that could have been nice was the Central Alabama Koi club having a meeting this weekend but their meeting is next weekend. :o(

At least I get to see the family, relax for 5 days(I'll try not to worry about the plants), and stuff my face full of barbeque Tuesday.



P.S. I might be able to check in while I'm there since we are staying with my sister and her DH. By-the-way, she's about seven weeks pregnant. This will be her first.

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Glad to hear you sounding better Scott! Hope you guys have a great vacation. Be safe!

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cool beans, scott! oh wait, you want it hot. happy sunshine, congrats on your new fam, and have a great vacation!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Glad to hear you have things to lighten the load this week. Have a great time. Sandy

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

That's wonderful, Scott. Maybe you will have blooms on your water lilies when you get back!
Congrats on the baby, Uncle Scott!
Have fun. :)

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Have some BBQ for me, Scott, and have a wonderful vacation! Many congrats to your sister and her DH, too! :)

Drive safe.


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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)

Well, we made it back safely but haven't had time to get to this forum to report. Something happened to my appetite. I only ate one pork steak and two beef ribs on tuesday with the potatoe salad, baked beans, and bread. It could have been the sixteen sausage balls and three banana nut muffins for breakfast or the two pieces of chicken with fries and biscuit and a chicken finger that my sister made me eat. Needless to say, I didn't go hungry while I was up there.

The weather was hot and humid until Wednesday when it rained early in the morning before I woke up. The two rats went with us but poor Frances was left at a kennel. I'm not sure which had it worse, the rats or the dog. When I went and picked Frances up from the kennel yesterday afternoon, if the doors had been open, she would have been waiting for me in the truck. She was happy to get home. I was glad to have her back, I had missed her.

My neighbor took care of feeding the fish while we were away and kept an eye on things. My other neighbor has been watering my plants for me, even the aquatics, even when I'm at home. :o) He wants my wild taro that is in the filter pond when I clean it out.

Well, I think that covers it.

Thanks everyone.


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Sounds like you had a blast, Scott! But...your sis sounds a little stingy with the food. LOL

Glad to know Frances is back home, too! Speaking of the "little" darling, we still need updated pics, ya know. :D


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

No rat boarding kennels? I believe that is discrimination. Hmmmmm!The nerve of some people! :-)

Happy to hear you and yours had a great time and all is well on your return.

Kindest regards,


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yeah? scott probably carried them around in his shirt pockets. could you imagine the looks. no worries, just my personal flight crew :)

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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)

Brenda, you asked for updated pics? Well here is a few from today. Y'all going to love these!

Here is Lilo, the Dumbo Rat, saying "hi" to all of y'all out there in Cyberland.

In this photo, Scratch, the Dumbo Rat, is holding "hands" with Frances for this special moment.

And the last photo, Scratch has had enough of the big, stupid beast.

I will try to get photos of Frances tomorrow.


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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Cute mousey!Sweet dog!
I had rats for years. Smart animals. Good pets. WHY CAN'T THEY LIVE LONGER?? Just as I was getting attached they'd die of old age.So,I went out and got a Chinchilla instead.They are cute and live 10-20 yrs. NOT their cousin the rat at all!
I guess longevity and brains can't go together. PJ

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Oh, just to see a glimpse of Frances! She is such a pretty girl! Lips like velveteen. Mmmmm!

That pic of Lilo is awesome, Scott! Those ears and little "fingers" are just adorable. :D


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i just adore that peek around the corner! oh, and the last pic....luuuuuuuuuuv it, looks like stalking and ready to pounce the dog,the "big" bully :). scratch just knows he is bigger than the "beast."

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