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cheloneJune 17, 2007

Marian, I promised you I'd post some shots of the Peonies when they came into bloom. I haven't forgotten. My only regret is that I'm unable to send some the heavenly fragrance your way. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

AHHHHHH! Chelone, loverly,loverly...:-)
Am I right that the first is a Festiva Maxima ? I had them in my 'previous' life, but not here.
I 'can' almost smell them !
The poppies are beautiful too.
Thank you for remembering.

Out of my many peonies, only three had a full bloom. Most of them had none this year. Part of it was due to the late frosts, but I think something else killed the buds on others. The buds just dried up without opening.

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There is a story behind the Peonies you've just seen. ;)

I was, like most new gardeners, dismayed at the paltry size of Peonies for sale at garden centers. I lamented as much to a friend... turns out, her good friend was the chief gardener for Strawbery Banke (historic venue in Portsmouth, NH). They were dividing peonies that year. I donated $25 and received 2 huge divisions... I now have 2 clumps of the pink and two of the white.

I believe the white flecked with magenta are "Festiva Maxima", but I don't know what the pink ones are ("Sarah Bernhardt"?). Both have that wonderful scent, though. :)

I want to add a dark pink variety, and have longed for a "red" one, too. I think "Kansas" and "Karl Rosenfeld" fall into those categories... but lately I'm leaning toward adding some really "antique" singles. I don't have a ton of "full sun", so I have to be strategic is my choices. I have a solid month and half to go before the window of opportunity closes for the season.

I have to move the tree peony... and confess that I don't think it's much to "write home about". I so wish more of the Idyllettes were closer, as I'd happily pass it along! I prefer the herbaceous peonies; more flowers for a lot longer, and every bit as beautiful!

I'll try to get some more shots in the next week. (I really like the one on the Idyll that shows the ants!).

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am espacially fond of the singles. They hold up so much better in rainy weather. They look a lot like huge poppies.

What a deal on the peonies! Lucky you.

There was a long row of peonies across the front of the yard of the second house that we bought in Idaho. They were always covered with blooms. They did so much better than mine do here. We have such poor shallow soil, and lots more bugs and 4-legged varmints. :-(
I am becoming quite used to the draw-backs here.

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