a poo picture

fairy_toadmotherJuly 3, 2006

for poo, not of "poo" that is! :)

scratch and sniff technology included, but you must use your imagination for the full benefit. the cilantro has become top heavy so is flopping. it isn't quite as pretty as before. the other day i broke off 3 plants. even after a shower, i could inhale the aroma on my hand.

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incidently, at the top left corner is the square squirrel feeder box that the coon squad has been raiding (on the far left post). i am not sure if they emptied the jar to the right of its peanuts.

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

What, How??? I had to tell myself to close my mouth! Oh how jealous I am! Oh yes, I could smell it the moment I closed my mouth. (Doing the Homer Simpson drool...gawww gawww)
What kind do you grow and how warm is it there now? My cilantro never gets more than 10" high with about 5 or 6 stems before it gets hot and it bolts. :(
Also wishing I could smell your fingers! ;o

Yes, you're right, that's the feeder and there is that fence that I so vividly pictured from your description, with mamma and babies climbing. :)

Oh, teach me Fairy!

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I have been really getting into plants lately and want one of everything! I want those!! I can imagine the wonderful smell! I have something planted in my bog that has the same name as an herb only it was sold as a marginal, I just can't remember which one, but you can smell the fragrance if even a breeze disturbs it. It smells so good.

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would it be lemongrass, debbie? also, as far as this cilantro, it is the foliage that is fragrant. i also should add there are only 2 groups of people- they either love the scent or totally hate it. :)

well, poo, i wasn't trying to make you jealous! our climates are definitely not the same. temps haven't reached the 100's yet though they probably will be august. we range from 60-70's at night (sometimes 50 as it has also been cooler than usual). day temps are 75-95 depending on the day. we have had more rain than we usually do, or at least compared to our drought last year. i also have nearly clay soil.

i wish i could tell you what "variety" my cilantro is. i can't. i dont' even think it was on the seed packet. let's see, about 3-4 years ago i sowed some seed. it reseeds itself every spring. i may also add it sprouts even before the last frost, if i remember correctly. what also amazes me is i don't even turn the soil in that spot. it is pretty compacted compared to the rest of my bare veggie garden. i am not growing tomatoes and my sunflowers didn't sprout this year :(

i still have loads of last years seeds that you didn't take me up on....oh, mine may even be tall due to not getting enough sun. it is close to full sun, but may not be. maybe if you gave yours a little shade. wait, it is the heat and not necessarily the sun, eh? and, sow successively- a few one week, then a couple of weeks later, etc. even the tiny seedlings are loaded with scent.

seeds from 2005, anyone?

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

I will stop trying on my own...I give up! I place a fluffy ring of (your) cilantro upon your head for a crown to complete your tu tu and wand costume.
Bowing down in humble adoration...
Please send me some seeds. But, won't I have to wait until next spring to plant them?

As far as the heat and soil; My soil, in my veg/herb garden is a mix of compost and manure, very light, fertile and well drained. It is in full sun. My tomatoes and peppers do great. Maybe the soil gets too dry for cilantro and it needs a little evening shade? My temps here had already reached 100 in May!
Mental note: Early, hot temps, not good for growing cilantro.

We are in a rainy period now and the temps are mild for this time of yr, low to mid 90's, but the humidy still makes the heat index unbearable. In no time, it'll be back up at 100. :(

Should we wait until next spring and use 2006 seeds?

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does anyone have a mirror? *curtsy* and i, ftm, dub thee "poo princess of good smellings" for your strong efforts and perserverance!

i have lots of seeds! i see no reason why you couldnt try some now, some later, and some fresh for next year! do you get some cooler fall temps with rain? do you have a fall???? let me rephrase that. does texas have a "fall" type season. i fall year round but my state doesn't. :)

i would even try throwing some on the ground after a frost to mimic a self sow. they come up pretty early here! i just realized. i have never seen pics of your yard. i may be able to give ideas, though really i am no expert.

i believe you can still link my email from my page. if not let me know.

according to this article, poo, yours are more typical. it says 5" tall, if i remember right. climate warm and dry- more like yours than mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: ok, now i am hungry! pico de gallo

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Thanks for the dub.
Good article. I've researched my butt off about it and still can't grow it. Your mention of successive plantings is something I definately need to try. Had read that somewhere also, AFTER this crop failure.

I think there is a conspiracy; there must be a secret club for people who can grow cilantro! All I want is to be able to go out WHENEVER I want and pluck some leaves for a taco, WHENEVER I get the urge!!! (to taste cilantro, I mean)
I had read that there is a type that won't bolt so fast and grows taller, more bush like...like what YOUR'S looks like! I want the kind YOU have!!! (stomping my feet)

Yes, we have a fall, but it is usually still very hot thru Nov. only interrupted with an occasional cool front. We usually don't get a freeze until Dec. We've been known to celebrate Christmas in shorts down here! So ya think I can grow a fall crop? (Fingers crossed!!!)

No pics available. I couldn't even figure out how to post my grandkids pic. I couldn't get the pic to the photobucket album. I'm not patient enough to read and retry. ***DUH*** Maybe one day.

I'll e-mail ya w/my address. :)

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so that is what that tremor was. here i thought it was percussion from some fireworks. well, poo. once it flowers it gets bitter, so you may not get your way all the time :(

wouldn't hurt to try a fall crop. i bet it would work. adn, yes, i have noticed your lack of pics. no worries. i took me forever and a day. now, i think i am set. it feels so great to be able to take a pic and post it all in one day without leaving my house (well, except to the yard)!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

This may not be helpful but many herbs do not do well in fertile soil. They do better in coarse, lean soil such as what you might find in the Mediterranean or Southwest plains areas. Heat shouldn't be that much of a problem. I can't say for sure since I am one of those people for whom it tastes and smells like burned basil so I don't grow it. Sandy

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Maybe I should start growning Basil again (something I CAN grow) and just burn it! hee hee

Sandy, Yep I think you're right. My main problem is that mine bolts really fast so I don't get to use it but a couple of times.
Now if Fairy will also ship me some of her lovely earth. ;)

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lol sandy (and poo)- burned basil. you are quite right sandy. i always have read that they prefer lean soil. same with the natives.

and cooler winds, poo? they aren't cool to me but they must be compared to the lonestar.

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poo, i sent you a reply but it bounced back.

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

You may have used my old address.
My new address is in the body of my e-mail. :)

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That is a gorgeous cilantro plant, FTM! I've found that most people either really love the taste of it...or they really hate it. I'm the in the latter group, however, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have it in my yard. :) I feel the same about rosemary, but I love having it in my garden, for the blooms as well as the foliage.

Debbie, did you ever figure out the herb you have in your bog? I'm curious now!

I have many different Salvias (sages) in my yard, and the minty-smelling ones are my favorites. Of course, I also love the (potted) mints I have, too. And speaking of smell-good plants....I think lemon verbena is about the most mouth-watering plant I've ever grown. I'm salivating now!! LOL

Happy herbing!


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hmmmm, all i did was hit reply, poo. i will check again.

why thankye, brenda dear. i timed that pic just right. the very next day my borage (seen behind) flopped. i love sage, thyme, etc. oooh, but have you ever smelled "chocolate" mint? oh, yeah. i would have every kind of mint you could find if they didnt' cross polinate.

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MMMM, I bought all of my mints this year (I couldn't wait any longer!), FTM, and Chocolate was one of them. So delicious! I also have pineapple mint and pennyroyal, all in pots, of course. :D

I've always wanted more property to plant a huge section of any and every herb I could get my eager paws on. Borage is definitely on my "want" list (ok, that list is HUGE...LOL), and it would look so pretty next to my Peruvian sage (dark blue flowers; dark green, rugged leaves). Yours is so beautiful!


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