wmmalletteSeptember 3, 2013

I live in the north part of Mississippi, not too far south of Memphis, TN. I have about 700 feet of gravel driveway. Either side has about 2 - 3 feet of grass, then a fence then pasture land. There are small drainage ditches on the pasture side of the fences on both sides. I want to widen the flat grass area inside the fence where my driveway is, so there will be a wider path to cut with my mower. Plus it will look better. Coming up the driveway is very narrow.

My question is: if I do that and use a dozer to move the dirt and cut the ditches out wider into the pasture, is it too late in the season to plant grass on the dirt? If not, is there a type of grass that would do better?


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You're in the southern part of the transition zone. You can grow any grass there, but I believe the southern grasses would do better with your humidity. If you want to seed bermuda, then you are too late. If you want to use either bermuda sod or St Augustine sod, you can still do that. If you want to use a northern grass like fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, then you can likely still get away with that in your area.

That's a small area for a dozer. You could use a box blade on a tractor and be done in a morning. It's a lot more maneuverable than a dozer.

What kinds of grasses are growing in the pasture?

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I am ignorant about most grasses, so I am not sure of the type growing in the pastures. I have no preference on these strips.

I have a tractor, but do not have a box blade with cutting teeth to be able to do it myself.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where were you going to get a dozer? Maybe someone else around you has a box blade and knows how to use it.

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There is a person about a mile from me that would charge me $500 to come and move enough dirt to cut the ditches out wider.

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