A video for Janis, but everyone is also free to watch

rob333July 17, 2014

Just thought of her the most. Really cool video!

Here is a link that might be useful: an adorable infestation of humming....

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I used to have that sort of traffic, several feeders going, re-filing them more than once a day - 100# sugar per season. But I quit when I really thought about it: there are hummers around and they visited the garden, but mostly hung out in the trees across the service yard and lived on the sugar-water, not such a good diet, they need tiny bugs and the varied nectar. The area could not sustain them in a natural way, so I quit,
There are hummers around, they come and shower in my sprinklers and visit the planters and the Rose of Sharon.
There is another upside: the hummer-poop attracts ants and the feeders attract yellow-jackets.
I did enjoy the show tremendously, but it was better for all concerned to close the production

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We have a few around, they visit the flowers as well as the few feeders in the neighborhood, but mainly chase each other. The flying saucer feeder gets visits from the Downy Woodpecker as well as the Red-bellied Woodpecker and the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

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Cool picture Lilo. I totally understand. I too try hard to sustain whatever wildlife I like to see by natural means, e.g. plant life and vegetation for housing. I remember yellow jackets in California, they seemed monstrous! Yikes.

That's probably the best part of bird watching anneliese, one thing you do might attract many birds. Too many cool birds to see.

Speaking of which, we just had two students visit from Germany. As I was walking them over to get identification cards for work, S shouted "Look J!" and pointed at our highly ubiquitous male Cardinal. I realized Cardinalis cardinalis are probably only here, and promptly gave her my Eastern region (of the US) bird book. She only gave it back on the last day. She could've kept it. It turns out, it's very specific to where I live... Eastern side of the US, well, and into Mexico some.

I love to observe flora and fauna wherever I go, and cannot imagine what birds they must have in Germany. What was either of your favorites there?

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Robin, sure brings back memories for me.
Imagine 30 of those feeders . I used to buy fifty pounds of sugar
for the little pigs and they could empty 30 feeders in a day during
migration. Lord luv a duck, I can't do that any more. Sure was fun to sit out in the gardens and watch them feed.

Thank you for thinking of me and remembering about the birds.

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I will have Missy read this thread and list the plants that they visit constantly.

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In that case Don, also tell her Agastache cana. I had to look it up, but funnily enough, the website had a picture with a hummer feeding. That's the plant where I offered it for trade, and while I waited for the hummer to quit feeding, it gave me the most horrified look as I dug it up. Like, "Where the heck do you think you're taking that?! You put that plant down, young lady." Second for me was the butterfly bush.

Here is a link that might be useful: from High Country's website

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