Hi there!

jschoonyMay 24, 2014

Another question for yas.

I am in zone 5a in New York. Just wondering what these might be.

Thanks :)

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Looks like Asclepias/Milkweed.

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Yep, host plant for the Monarch butterfly.

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Thanks so much. Is this safe around dogs and cats? I have one dog and feed a feral cat colony, I also have a little house for them :)

I don't currently have the plant in my yard. I have seeds from it.

My dog eats grass but has never eaten a plant I don't know about the feral cats though.

I did a quick search and it came up with a warning about it but then said it may be a myth.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

just about everything is poisonous on some level ...

i trust my animals are smart enough to figure it all out ...

and neither has ever bothered such ...


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Thanks for all the info :)

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

We have milkweed here and when I was growing up. NONE of the dogs and cats ever bothered it. One taste of the bitter latex would keep them from going back for another bite. Monarchs are so beleaguered keeping a nice patch of these plants, which I do find attractive, would be awesome.

FYI - The Native people of this region, the Haudenosaunee (aka Iroquois) eat the young spring shoots. I seem to recall its prep is similar to pokeweed spring shoots. Though making sure you don't have its poisonous look-a-like is important for foragers. (See my blog article in the link to challenge your identification skills with milkweed and its spring look-a-like!) I've also read the flowers can also be battered and fried like fritters. So toxic? Sure, but nothing that is going to kill an animal after one nibble which they will never repeat.


Here is a link that might be useful: Blog link

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Thanks so much! I will check your blog out. So far none of the seeds have come up. They were just taken off of a plant at the end of the season last year. I may buy some seeds next year, or later this year.

I also heard a little about them being edible but I don't think I will try :P

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I love milkweed

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