Maximum feet away from ponds edge can filter be?

inluvwitmypondJuly 26, 2007

Hello everyone I am new to this board and have searched the archives for this question before I bother you with it but can not seem to find the answer.

I have just purchased a new filter system with a 25w uv light(I have not seen my fish all year due to severe algae:() and my husband suggested we put the filter under the deck to protect it from the elements and to keep it out of sight. My only concern is that in all diagrams I see the filter is always at the ponds edge. The deck is approx 10" (on a slight downgrade to my waterfall) I have a 2000 GPH sub. pump in the pond that travels approx. 10 FT up to the filter at a 3' height increase. Then I would like the filtered water to travel another 10' back to the waterfall. Is this doable? My pond is approx 1000 gallons.

Thank you for your time and help in advance!!!

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It looks like ILWMP has posted this over in the Discussions area, so I'll move this one down. :)


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