Idyll #444 Knee Deep In June...

prairiemoon2 z6 MAJune 8, 2009

A pearl of a month... :-)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Marian - I knew I could count on you! The left one has alternate leaves and the neighbour says alternate leaved dogwood sounds right.....

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good afternoon all! Thanks for starting the new thread, PM2, I've blown it so many times that now I am reluctant to try!

I have done a little clean-up in the house, hung out some laundry, swept some stone dust into the cracks between the patio stones. I will use the rest of the stone dust inbetween the flat rocks between the veggie beds, and plant some new tomatoes, and I think that's it for outside today.

After my lovely experience with Ajax and Tucker, which infuriated me but which my family found quite funny, I was presented with a new mailbox:

Meanwhile, things are slowly progressing in the garden:

Today's JJob is tidying up Adrian's dresser drawers. Not a big deal, but I feel better knowing his socks are matched and he has clean underwear and PJ's!

Indeed the summer is flying by. I wonder if this year's season will actually be long enough for my veggies to mature? Oh well, no use chewing on something that you can't fix!!

Things are sort of settling down again here, at least it's not raining - yet. Forecasted for the next three days, but we all know how those forecasts go!

I had better get back to it.

Cheers, all.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Having problems seeing some folks' photos here at the awfice - so forgive me, Julie, and Woody, for not commenting on yours - I'll look again at home tonite - it will be a lovely evening treat.

Had a busy weekend and did some much needed Julie Jobs and also deloused the kitchen floor, etc. Chauffeured visiting SIL and former MIL yesterday around for some garden visits - including mine. So not much garden time unfortunately, but life does interfere w/ that sometimes.

Kathy, love all your input from your staycation and photos -- I feel like Im taking a bit of one on your trips - it's a great stress reliever. I had to laugh -- we stopped at local public garden in my county, and they had some annuals planted - we were trying to identify the plant and so I pulled up the tag they had next to it -- it read "Annie's Annuals" -- go figure! I never would have expected a local public garden to have mail ordered from CA - it gave me quite a chuckle - I guess they're better "heeled" than I thought -- Im happy to have my tax dollars buying plants. Small worlds...

I think it's so inspiring to see so many different styles of gardens amongst this bunch and the creativity is so inspiring.

We're expecting more rain t-storms for the next several days - I confess Im very very tired of rain -- it's made the mosquitos fierce and the ticks -- I've had both attacking me. We're in the low to mid-80s w/ humidity -- it's definitely feeling like summer here. Then there are others who are wishing they had our rain....


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Thank you for the snake picture, Marian. I'd knew you'd come through with the "goods". ;) I half expected to scare at least one in the tall grass at THTTF, but no. I would definitely do the squeal and dance if I muckled onto a snake instead of a soaker hose. My reaction to the sudden, unexpected discovery of a snake is predictably stupid, but I regain composure quickly and HAVE to go back for closer examination. I've always felt that snakes have really "bum rap".

Having viewed everyone's glorious garden pictures I'm now feeling very inadequate here on the overgrown, unkempt Compound. I keep reminding myself that for nearly 5 yrs. gardening time was minimal and everyone's pictures MAY just be taken from an angle to hide the unsightly stuff... MAYBE. But I'm definitely with Cindy, it's such fun and so inspirational to see what you're all doing in your spaces. I love that Agaves are the left coast version of Hostas. Interesting how we view plant material and use it to serve various functions in the garden.

Which leads me to this thought: my brother has a nasty "slash and burn" mentality when it comes to mowing. He simply cannot wrap his brain around the notion that allowing the groundcover blueberries to just grow will eventually choke out the grass poking up between them. He insisted on mowing the entire area in spite of my plea that he just leave them alone. He did the same thing with the charming colony of native LOV. He does not understand what the presence of those plants is telling him about the soil; that it's acid and left to its own devices will become so inhospitable that grass will no longer grow there! I allowed him "to be right" and have his way but that sort of high maintenance nonsense is about to come to screeching halt. I own one half of that house, too. My home is considerably more "finished" with respect to landscaping than is his own and I've used the charming native material to keep the effort required to a minimum; he likes the result, too, having said so several times. It's not easy being a "little sister"... being perpetually 10 yrs. old can be tough. :) He has a tendancy to be unilateral in things (he's single, after all) and today when we were discussing the question of adding a roofed porch he interrupted me repeatedly. I winked at him and told him he needed to close his mouth before the ears would work properly. Seems I have two men like that in my life... good thing I only sleep with one of them, huh? lol.

Yes, Deanne, the canopy that is laced over the frame has screen panels that zip onto it and then zip together vertically at the deck's corners. We have a large, airy, bug-free deck when everything is in place. You'll see when you come over.

OK, I have to go out to the Salon and think about things for a bit... maybe listen to some of Errol Garner's, "Concert By The Sea", too.

Julie, mailbox cracked me up. I take laundry every bit as seriously. The helpmeet does the shopping and the cooking... I take pride in clean laundry and a clean galley. Fair is fair, after all.

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Okay Julie, I'm distracted from any other picture! Is that a woman picking at her toenails and a naked man sitting next to each other in your garden? LOL!

That's what I'm seeing as I sit here!


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The day here at the Kathy house has progressed as planed and the tree guy will be here either after 4pm today, or in the morning to asses and possibly perform the Liquidambar limb removal. A few containers were moved out of harms way. The plant most likely to sustain damage is Cecile Bruner, who will probably recover in about 15 minutes and have several new 30 foot canes by Saturday.
After my errand morning I dug up another nice sized patch of lawn- this will be the largest area in my digging project. I should get some b-4 pics so that the after pics have some meaning.

IÂm having quite an infestation of Rose curculio this year- donÂt know if any of you have these creatures, but they are a weevil about the size of a ladybug, and they basically drill holes in the rosebuds with predictable results. They are easy to see on the plants and if you hold a glass of water under the bud and tap it firmly the curcilio will fall into the glass and that will be that. I caught two today Âthey seem very partial to Fredrik Mistral , and after dispatching the little buggers I gave him a severe haircut. I also had to strip of much of his lower foliage as he has rust as well. I now have a nice selection of Âthorn wounds on my hands.

Marian I really enjoyed looking at all your Viburnums-what a nice collection you have !

Deanne, somewhere you commented that Doug too great care of the containers while you away on your teaching gig- I had to lol pondering the level of obsession in a gardener that needs a babysitter for plants when Âgoing outÂ. Thank goodness I have DS and my neighbor who is always happy to keep an eye on things.

Julie, your new mailbox is a classic ..did you have a green-tea toast to break it in ? Your Âboulder garden looks so nice and tidy ..and I love the color combo on those Iris Âdo you know their name ? And the plant with the hairy looking flowers to their left ?

LOL Cindy, the Annies Annuals tag way out yonder on the Atlantic side- She does grow some unusual stuff , and I can tell you her booth at the SF garden show is always absolutely jammed with customers. IÂm really looking forward to my visit there; think IÂm going to go on Wednesday, and do Berkely the same day since Annies is on the way.

Chelone, youÂve been mighty industrious in the last few days. I reflected on the screened porch- a feature not frequently seen out here. We have our mosquitos , but they have always been uninterested in me (with my luck IÂll be a gourmet treat to the NE species) and we really donÂt have anything else here besides yellow jackets that present much of a nuisance. You will get fruit flys floating in your wine when consuming it outdoors upon occasion !

Here is a pic from this morning- my first Dahlia of the season. This is Moonstuck. It lives in the front yard and is a nice counterpoint to the cacophony of color I have out there-or will have once everything starts blooming. From Garden 2009

Hi to all !

I miss Cynthia.
I look forward to Normas pond pics !
Hope V is not going off the deepend, and what of Mary ?

Kathy in Napa

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Kathy...See what happens when you leave off an "s"? Because now I'm wondering if your tree guy is coming over to show off his ass or assess your tree? LOL. Sounds like your staycation has worked out perfectly for you. Love seeing all the photos from your garden visits.

chelone...I envy you your bug-free outdoor space. It sounds devine. In no way does your Compound lack in comparison to anyone's else's space. I love your gardens! And I do think it's true that we only show the "good" photos.

My dad's party went well. My mom is an excellent cook, and knows how to cook for an army. Lots of pasta, basil, tomatos, fresh mozzarella, salads, roast, etc. was had by all. The cake had a cannoli filling. Can you tell there are Italian roots there? A gathering of fifty is nothing when you realize I am one of nine children, so with spouses and our kids and my parents, it adds up to a high number. Now the grandkids are having kids and the number is rising. My dad is 76 and my mom 74. I'm fortunate they are healthy and happy. Sunday dinners are a constant over there, and since we all live close by, we see each other frequently. I know my parents planned it that way, thus the dinners.

Today is a lazy day. We got a pretty good thunderstorm rolling through here in the early morning hours, so I'm waiting until tomorrow to plant the second fothergilla and a couple of salvias and a veronica. Then my "ghetto" will be empty. I'm nursing a migraine, too.

julie...sounds like you've accomplished some needs JJ's and are sounding is great spirits. We all experience those down times, and I believe they are even necessary. It's a way to actually appreciate all the good things. The garden is coming along beautifully. I LOL'd at saucy's take on the statue, and missed it the first time. I had to go back and take a look again. are made of way tougher stuff than me. No way would I grab the camera if a snake was near me...because you can't take a picture when you're passed out cold. :0! I'm getting queasy just handling all the tent caterpillars crawling around.

v...glad you stopped in for a second to let us know that the wedding plans are proceeding nicely. Can't wait to hear all the details. Good luck with everything, and remember to breathe! Did you pick out a song yet?

woody...I'm loving your newly finished beds. The grass strip frames it perfectly.

More to say, but I'm going to nurse the headache awhile.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

*LOL* The concrete scupture is supposed to be children, fashioned by the artist on my own two when they were little! Picking at toenails, well, yeah, probably *LOL again!

We did not have a green tea toast for the mailbox: DH saw the specialist today, she, too, is happy with his condition, and we had a glass of wine toast, for the first time in a while. It is still too cold and miserable here to sit out by the mailbox for a sit-down. DH's sister from Calgary called yesterday and they were having snow flurries. No idea about the Iris, they were here by the garage when I got here. The furry plants you see, Kathy, are Pulsatilla seed heads. Want some? The boulder garden always looks nice and tidy but I am finding it boring. I have planted some Cannas and some Pelargoniums out there now but the weather is too yucky to encourage them to do anything. I'll give it a few weeks.

Geez Chelone, OF COURSE we only take photos of the good stuff. The normal stuff - raggy, weedy, overgrown, sometimes pretty, we kinda leave for the general populace. I will try to take a photo of the awful (not awesome) rock garden for you tomorrow. It is very, um, realistic. or rustic. May not actually get to it tomorrow come to think of it. Have to drive two hours to another town to look at a fence we are thinking of buying. You know the saying "Good fences make good neighbours"? Well, I think it will take more than a fence, but ya gotta start somewhere.

Gotta run and tuck in the boy.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Saucy, I lol over your observations about Julie's statuary.

Love your gardens Julie, they predictibly look perfectly groomed. I'm falling down on polishing things up in my gardens this year. There was so much debris from the ice storm last Dec. that the amount to clean on the hill is daunting. I really need to get at it if I don't want the mess to be around for the IU gang. Love those lupins. That is one perennial I simply cannot grow. I've never had any luck with it.

Kathy, love that dahlia! how large is it? ~~ I've never heard of Rose curculio. I wonder if that's a West Coast insect problem. ~~ Yes there is no going away without having someone to water the containers. It's pretty stupid really but no getting around it.

Good grief Cindy, I can't believe you are still getting so much rain there. I still could use an inch or two here.

Chelone, love it that you told you DB that his ears don't work properly unless he closes his mouth first. I have to remember that to tell Doug at an appropriate time.

Here are a couple pics from this morning. One of the container groupings on the driveway. The are all my blue pots.

Diablo is putting on quite a show.

Can't wait for this C. 'Piilau' to open.

OK time to get ready for some shut eye.

Nite all

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LOL Saucy, you always catch the details. I was just admiring Julie's pretty iris and never paid any attention to the statues.

Julie that is a very pretty iris, and the mailbox is a hoot. Somethings you just can't live down Huh?

Woody, I went down to get a picture of my dogwood that looks like the one in your picture. It is a native one in the edge of the woods below the pond. It is loaded with flowers right now too, but was bending over so low that I ivestigated further to find that it has split. I am very disapointed as it is the only one that I have seen in the area. It has alternate leaves and they feel silky. I wonder if we have to cut it down if it will resprout.

It is so humid here this evening and we are to get more storms.
I made my shopping trip this morning and just felt worn out this afternoon so I took one of those naps that are so hard to wake up from. Wonder if I'll sleep tonite.

Chelone, count me as one that edits they uglies when I take pictures of the gardens.

Marian I hope the snake is taking care of your rodent problem.

V, Enjoy the wedding, we are looking forward to pictures.


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Anita you gave me a good laugh too, with your take on Kathy's typo.

Love the blue pots Deanne and you Diablo does look pretty. Mine was not so good this year. It is in need of a good pruning. I'm seriously thinking of cutting it all the way down to renew it.

I think my Piilau was mis labled it does not have the pink bars that it is supposed to have.


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My we are in rare form this evening ! I noticed Julies statue too, and after pondering toenail scenarios I decided she was pulling a thorn out of her foot.

LOL Anita, the tree guy was beyond the age of having a decent ass to show-off, but he did mention that he loved my front yard-what an intelligent fellow !!. They are a week out so I will call thier scheduler tomorow to get my day and time.

Deanne, when you think about the time and effort that is put into our gardens would be horrible to contemplate loosing a bunch of stuff while out of town ! I love your blue pots ! That's a color that goes well with almost anything, and adds a bit of oomph to the display I think.
The Dahlia is about a 3-4 footer in height, and the flowers are about 4" . It's a nice size and really pumps out the blooms. I got it from Swan Island.

Tomorow I will take some shameful garden area pics just for Chelone...

Kathy in Napa

PS Julie, Bet that glass of wine tasted mighty good to the DH !

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Does this qualify as "the good stuff" ??? :-)

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Looks pretty to me Marian.

Well I guess my question of sleeping tonite has been answered. LOL

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Yeah, Marian, I'd say it does!

Wonder if Norma is still up prowling around her home and the internet. Restless snights are the pits, aren't they? Seems to me that the only thought I have is how many other people are sleeping when I ought to be, too.

Kathy, mosquitos here should have stewardesses on them. I had forgotten the joy clouds of black flies bring... the only thing that saved us at THTTF was a very nice westerly breeze. Black flies cannot battle a breeze.

I had to go back and study Julie's statuary, too. I picked my own toenails last night after showering off the grime. ;) It's time to get out the nail polish and hide that sin, I think!

The helpmeet has battled some sort of curculio on his fruit trees for some years now. With moderate success. Too bad the fulll size trees will be mowed off at ground level in the not too distant future. They were supposed to be dwarves and are in terrible shape as he's never bothered to apply himself and learned to prune them properly. I will not be sorry to see them go away.

Good to know the party was a success, Anita. I'll bet it was fun. The chow sounds pretty good, too; mmmm.

I've polished off my egg and I have to make a list of elastic widths and make sure I have the correct thread for the mountain of alteration work that lurks in the Lab.. If there is nothing terribly pressing at the shop I may see if I can leave early and come home and put my hindquarters to the grindstone for the afternoon. Sure wish I'd insisted the new Juki be relocated to the Salon last week!

I heard a quick new story about very severe thunderstorms in IL. and wondered if they've affected any of our brood? Rain is definitely due here through Thursday (I think) and with the wind off the water it's probably won't get much over 60 degrees... pleasant spring weather for June!

Be productive today, kids.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Looks like we are finally going to get some rain today. I surely hope it is significant enough to give the lawn a good soaking. I had to wet down the compost bins yesterday too as theyd dried out and werent cooking anymore. I need to get a batch finished as the dahlias and roses seriously need the mulch. I went on a Caladium hunt yesterday and am here to report that there currently are none to be found around here. Not only that, it seems that the only plants around these days that are looking good are petunias. I have nothing against petunias but dont normally grow them here because I always get some sort of nasty little caterpillar late in the season that eats all the flowers off them so I just stopped trying. Anyway, there just isnt much to be had in the nurseries around here right now. Might have to go to VT again soon.

Love that wheelbarrow of flowers Marian. How cheerful!

Kathy, that dahlia sounds perfect. I need to look for one next year. I lol over shameful garden pics. ~~ RE blue pots, Im coming to love them and have my eye on one that has overlapping petals. Of course I love purple pots, and cement pots, green pots, and urns, and ~~ LOL about the attributes or lack thereof of your tree guy.

Glad the party went well Anita. Im intrigued about the cake with a cannoli filling. Sounds delish. Your family get togethers sound like a lot of fun. Fabulous that your parents are in good health and lead active happy lives.

Julie, fabu that you and DH were able to share a glass of wine. Things sound like they are looking up.

Norma, Ive never thought that the pruning would make the Diablo bloom better but I have to keep pruning mine all the time to keep it in check and a reasonable size for where its planted. I frequently cut back branches all the way to the ground.

Chelone, LOL about the mosquitoes needing flight attendants here. Now that is a true story and of course anyone whos never dealt with black flies hasnt lived. I swear that if you stayed still they would suck you dry. I really envy your screened outdoor spaces. Doug and I have thought about screening the patio but never done anything about it. ~~ This week is looking really busy for me how is your schedule next week? ~~ You do know that I only show the good stuff when photographing the gardens? Here is a photo of the driveway garden showing the full view

Sometimes the person next door also parks that pick-up truck between the house and the garden along with a trailer full of ATVs I need a fence!

Have a great day all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It's a wet muggy morning here at the farm. I'm hoping it will clear up later on because I have a job to do. You might too and may have forgotten about it! It's about sedums. They need cutting back before Father's Day, which is less than two weeks away. I don't think of myself as having many sedums, but in fact I must have about six huge ones that need attention NOW.

Last night I managed to sneak in a bit of knitting time...and that was a mistake. Now I don't know about Chelone, but I manage to make at least one stupid mistake every time I make something. So this time I made decrease stitches on the same side of each of the front sections...and of course that is wrong and I need to take out several rows and amend that situation. Dummy!

Deanne, the view of the pickups beyond your fabu-fabu driveway garden makes me laugh. That is the kind of thing that would bother me aesthetically, but DH yearns for a pickup...a chain saw too, and I'm sure other male toys. My wish list is more like a large load of compost, a load of mulch, someone to do all the tree pruning, edging and weeding...while I'm out plant shopping ;)

Marian, your wheelbarrow is so cheerful! Mine is in constant use here, so no chance of making it into a "good stuff" scene. Last time it wore out, DH replaced the "barrow".

Julie, so sorry about your need for a fence. I hope it helps the neighbour situation, but in our case in Toronto, it created yet more ill will. Jerks will be jerks!

The Persicaria polymorpha is taking off these days. I'll try to get a shot of it soon, weather permitting. That is one fine plant!

Happy today to all!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am eating my breakfast rapidly and will soon rush into town to the Farmer's market.

So only have time to point out...that is a very old, and long retired, garden cart, not a wheelbarrow. The sides were so snaggy Nolon put the hose edging on it to help prevent injuries to thin old skin. LOL

TTYAL, Marian

BTW, the Zinnias are in honor of this year's Zinnia theme.

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Another vehicular challenge... From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

How cool is this? I just found this pic on the FG website. Guess who's container the 'Fire' one is? Neato!

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I like the zinna cart, too, marian. Very festive.

deanne...I am LOLing over the pickup truck conversation. DH has one, and I actually like it, it's carried a lot of mulch and plants home for me. I just try to make sure it's never in the photos. I like seeing the whole scene in your pics, though, deanne. It gives me a better idea of your garden layout, and I always like what I see there. You use every inch of your land to great affect.

Very dreary forecast for Chicagoland today. They're calling for thunderstorms later today. Good day to get juliejobs done.

bug...I chuckled over your comparison over yours and DH's idea of wants. You captured it perfectly.

I googled persicaria polymorpha when bug mentioned hers. Very nice, and I have the perfect spot just aching for that. Is there a lot of work involved with it?
I wanted to share my very first dutch iris in bloom. I planted 125 bulbs in the fall, and watched the foliage come up in the spring, but didn't realize that the blooms come later. I'm so excited. Here's a pic...

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I've spent so much time ogling all the other threads posted over the weekend that I don't even have time to read here now. So just waving hi for now! I'm planning to try to get back tonight and catch up.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

It's raining finally! Of course, now that the Peony and the Rose out front, just opened And no camera to take a photo first. But I'm working on it. I did find a company that still sells my old Canon A630 that had that great variable angle LCD Screen and 8mp, but they are selling it for about $70. more than I paid for it a year and a half ago! How does that happen? So, I am considering getting a little more for my money. I did find another Canon that has the rotating LCD screen and I am checking that out. I am also looking at the Nikon D40 that is the lowest price of that D line. Did you ever consider that model, Kathy?

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I guess we cant complain that we dont have enough photos to look at right about now, can we ? Im on break from this mornings phase one housecleaning activities, and wishing I had some of Saucys magic ! Julie Jobs included washing the white pottery collection in the boudoir , cleaning the slats on the plantation shutters and cleaning the grout in the master loo. Now Im going to go outside for a bit and cut up some more of the debris from my various pruning activities of the last couple of days since tomorrow is trash pick-up day.

Marian , my next door neighbor has an old garden cart of the same style as yours laying on its side in his utility area. I ought to show him a pic of what you did with yours !

Anita, Dutch Iris are over with here, but one of the things I like about them is how different colors bloom at different times, extending their season and even better , they are sooo cheap ! I think that it the bulb that gives one the most bang for ones buck by far.

PM, I did in fact consider the D40, but as I was looking for reconditioned the price difference for the upgraded model at the time was insignificant so I opted for the D60.

OK, back to worklater

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My mad dash to town netted me very little from the Farmer's Market. I ended up buying one bunch of radishes!!! There was not too much to chose from, and none of it appealed to me. Sooo, I continued on and did my shopping. I ran all over town looking for a garden cart to replace the one I have been using for 20+ years. It is almost beyond redemption, too, and will become another planter if and when I find a replacment. All I could find are those big bulky plastic things! There was one nice two-wheeled wheelbarrow at Ace Hardware, but I passed it up too. I do want something I can tip up and roll heavy bags of potting soil into. Lifting all the way up from the ground is more than I can do now.

I went through Home Depot's garden shop, and left with nothing! In fact, I brought home no new items connected with gardening. I think I am cured..LOL.

Now, I need to pot up the 2 tomato plants and pepper plant that I bought at HD yestersday, and add them to my Toyota Top Garden...:-)

I got a 2 cu. ft. bag of Expert Potting Soil from WalMart yesterday.

My primary purpose for going to town yesterday was for another funeral! This time it was a dear 82 year old friend from The Harrison congregation. He was one of the kindest gentlest friendliest men I ever knew. He died of a very rapid cancer. There was a huge turnout, and only about half of the attendees could get into the funeral parlor's seating area. I was one of the fortunate. He had been a military man, and it was a military burial.

Today is hot and muggy. 84 at 1 PM. Possible severe storms predicted for tonight.

Julie, your flower pics are lovely, and all I can say about the male statue....a strategically placed fig leaf is needed ! LOL.

Chelone, not one squeal from me when I saw the snake. All I was thinking is...can I get back with the camera fast enough to get it's pic.

Kathy, I was thinking the word you printed following the report on the treeman sounded more like a remark from Chelone...LOL.

Anita, I am sure there is something that you are not afraid of that would give me shivers.:-)

I am envious of the Diablo pics. Mine croaked!

Re: vehicles in yard pics. I almost always have at least a hint of one in mine. It does not bother me all that much. :-)

Too, too much to comment that is all for now.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

All the sedums are cut back by half! YEAH! Turns out I have nine of 'em. Unless I missed some. Next I need to cut back the tulip stems. They look pretty awful. The temperature keeps falling today and it is chilly out there. I'd really like to do more edging, but I was too wet and cold.

Today I began using our new compost bins. I don't know why I find this exciting, but I do! The sedum bits all went in there as well as old grass clippings and kitchen waste. I should probably add a few worms too.

I'm amazed that your Diablo croaked Marian! Mine are in constant need of cutting back- after they bloom. Then too, they seed all about and I find loads of little ones in that bed. Who mentioned Midnight Wine? I think that is a smaller version of Diablo, intended for people with smaller gardens.

The Dame's Rocket is blooming everywhere. Pretty, but a pest. Also Sweet Cicely and Anthriscus Ravenswing need cutting back soon so that their seeds don't invade every corner of the farm. Never a dull moment in the garden! (All these exclamation points appearing in every paragraph....reminds me of Ei!!!! Wonder if they has moved from their adorable home.)

My yellow baptisia is starting to bloom. I just love it! My favourite is the white one though.

Chelone is onto something with the toe nail polish. Do you suppose Julie's lady statue is painting her toe nails? A good shampoo is the only thing that gets my nails anywhere near clean these days. My IU nail colour of preference is pale green. Remember Mary?

Back to laundry. I even ironed a few of DH's shirts. That's a first for this year!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Just a quick break before going back out to prepare pots for watermelon and cucumbers and put up some tripods for clematis....

Congratulations to Michelle! And thanks to Deanne for letting us know...

No trucks here but I do tend to try to take pictures that minimize or eliminate cars - ours or the neighbours' - from the shots.

gb - there's an overlap in desires there - a pick-up would be very useful for bringing home muclch or lots of plants and your DH could exercise the chainsaw pruning trees! Randy has a small chainsaw that comes in very handy at times - although it makes me nervous every time he uses it!

I add my voice to gb's in recommending Persicaria polymorpha. I have at least 5 of them - 1 in full sun where they're supposed to be grown and 4 in varying degrees of shade. They are stellar performers in all locations and have no bad habits that I can think of. If you don't have one, get one - at least one, if not more... They do get BIG though so give them room. They end up looking more like a shrub than a perennial although they die to the ground each year.

gb - I bought what is supposed to be a Rouge Cardinal today. It has two flowers on it now but they look nothing like what it on COTW so I suspect I've got another mis-labelled plant! But I pretty one... :-)

Chelone - in case you missed it... I answered your rose swag question on the end of the last thread.

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Kate's rooting for the Red Wings to win tonight!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a hoot Kate! Even your socks match! I guess Mom & Dad will eat the hot dogs and popcorn.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody I forgot to caution you, if you get a V. Onieda, or some other cultivar of V.dilatatum, and want lots of berries, you will need another one to cross pollinate it. My Onieda and Erie are older cultivars. There are newer ones that may be smaller. Erie is my smaller one, but it is reaching for the sky now. I don't know how wide it will get.

Marie, my Diablo croaked because of the very poor choice of location where I planted it. :-(
When yours reseeds are they true to the parent? Or do they revert to green foliage? BTW, the large Ninebark that I had Nolon cut down this spring has put up a multitude of sprouts from the stumps, just as you said it would. It also has jillions of seedlings all over the place. I don't mind. They are not that hard to pull when small, and I readily recognize them.
I presume you cut the sedums back so they don't flop? I put wire cages around mine to deter the deer, and that also holds them up.

LOL, Eden, she does look like she is rooting something on!

I enjoy the volunteer Dames Rocket, and do not see them becoming an environmental nuisance here. I also enjoy the volunteer Rose Campions, espacially the white ones with pink centers. The latter are offspring from the ones I started from seed several years ago. Most of them lack the pink center. I am espacially pleased with some that are growing and blooming at the base of the Ginkgo.
I have white Dames Rockets, too.

Yes, my congrats to Michelle also... That is a gorgeous combo pot!

There are yellow Baptisia along our driveway, they are through blooming (I think) for this year. The white ones in the woods are just beginning. I would love to have both in a flowerbed, and did save some seed, but never got around to sowing it. :-(

The six Heavenly Blue Morningglories are climbing the supports I put for them. With Nolon's help I extended them today. I don't want them to get too tall because I hope to enjoy the blooms from through our defunct sliding door.The only problem is the blooms will be facing the other way, and not toward the interior of the house. Oh well, we can go out on the deck and see their faces. :-)

We are seeing on TV the popping up of severe weather in Missouri. I sure hope the tornados do no one any harm, espacially 'our' Norma!


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Though Michelle is a known Container Queen, I beleive the Michelle referenced on the pic is a photographer , and the container is in fact Deannes - looks to be in her front container area with the Brug et al ? Note the bark and the stepping stone for the planter--all Deannes MO's

And a beautiful thing it is too...

Kathy in Napa

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Congratulations michele!! Beautiful planter. It is HOT! I've seen your name numerous times in FG, but never knew that name belonged to "Idyll michele." So, you are one and the same? Cool.

Nice to see a photo of Kate. She is changing rapidly...hang on tight eden. She is a doll.

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Anita, Those dutch iris are pretty with the varigated plant. I use to have those and they were by a varigated grass.

It has started to rumble and rain here again. I'm beginning to think this June is going to be wetter than last year. I was going to pull weeds today but had to make another run to the next town over to return some sheets that I bought yesterday. Then had to run around to find another set. I have been over there every day for the last four to get needed things and I am tired of running around. I am not a shopper, unless of course it is for plants. I stopped at the nursery today but found it lacking anything special. I find I am pretty picky with todays prices. I know that in the next couple of weeks they will start trying to clear things out and I will look for bargains to finish planting up my pots.

The temps today were much nicer without so much humidity.
I hope to get to those blasted weeds tommorow.

Kate looks very pretty in red. Go Red Wings!

Later Norma

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Yes, I think that is Deannes container as well. Way to go Deanne. Norma

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Wasn't it always tradition to throw an octopus onto the rink's ice before a Red Wings play-off game, Eden? You need to get one for Kate. I KNEW I'd have to suffer through a baby picture...


Lovely container... with all the hallmarks of someone we know and love.

Cold here (low 50s) and the woodstove is radiating its own special sort of warmth. All cats and resident canid are content.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I think Kathy and Norma are right about the Michelle. I think our Michelle has a differant last name.

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Yes, that's definitely Deanne's container. Congratulations Deanne! Oh and I really love the blue pot collection!

Marian, I love your zinnia cart. I've got my Idyll zinnias planted in an old tub with the seedlings that remained spread pretty much all over the garden. They're doing ok so far. I really liked your picture of Nolon and the kitties walking too. LOL on the car rooftop garden. Whatever works right?

Chelone, I have such a hard time photographing my garden because I have junky houses surrounding me. In fact with the MI economy the way it is the houses on both sides of me are empty. I also have the added challenge of trying to keep Bella's toys out of my pictures.

Like Marie my yellow baptisia and persicaria polymorpha are both starting to bloom now. I have the sedum pruning on my list too. I did the asters a couple of weeks ago. I also need to tend to the roses, I"m seeing aphids on Reine des Violettes, and feed the containers. And the list goes on...

Julie, great news that your dh is sipping the wine again. I love your statues, they made me smile. Beautiful gardens too!

Anita, how great that your parents are in such good health and your family is all able to spend so much time together.

Oh and Marian can you send along the cure for no plant buying. Somehow when I was out today 2 plectranthus and a mini hosta, Lakeside Cupcake followed me home.

Kathy, have you done the field trip to Annie's yet? I hope you post pictures. I'd love to get to that place someday! Hope you're enjoying your staycation! Bet it's flying by!

V, thinking of you as you finish up all the details for the wedding!

Chelone, I think once the baby sister always the baby sister. I'm the oldest and I think I'm guilty of treating my youngest sister like that sometimes. I see it with David being the baby brother to my girls too so it works both ways. I like the idea of the Christmas lights that you strung. I love them strung outside in summer better than at Christmas I think. Are you getting a bit anxious now that IU is coming up so soon? No need to with this great group but I know any of us who've hosted have felt that way too.

PM, was it you who was wondering when the gardens would only require routine maintenance? I don't believe that'll ever be the case, at least not in my garden. Hope you find a new and suitable camera soon so you can get back to taking pictures for us!

The conservatory is finished! I like the purple! I'll get some pictures as soon as I can so you guys can see too! Now I need to think up a new project to keep Brad busy. I think it may be painting the basement if I can talk him into it.

Just about dinner time. Hi to those I missed, Cindy, Saucy, Norma, Martie, Woody... but I've run out of time for now.

Later, Eden

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

The Michelle whos name is below that pic is the associate editor of Fine Gardening mag. Too many of us were confused by Deanne's comment. :-(

It is, obviously, Deanne's container!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to confuse you all, yes Michelle Gervais is an editor for FG and the container is one of mine from last summer. Michelle took that photograph when she came to visit last August. Thought you'd like to know and didn't mean to cause a problem.


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Yes Chelone, the octopus tradition is here in Detroit with the Wings. I think she does have a stuffed octopus now that I think of it. A toy from Bella at the baby shower. I thought I could sneak that Kate picture past you under the ruse of a hockey picture, guess not :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eden, The zinnias in my cart are "Profusion Fire". I bought them in packs. I wanted "Persian Carpet" but found no seeds locally. I had them in a bed in the old chicken yard (after there were no chickens). They reseeded until the weeds snuffed them out.I loved the wide assortment of colors. The seeds that I sowed were " Lilliput" . I ended up with ony 4 plants. :-(
I may send for some "Persian Carpet" next year. And there is another candy stripped one that I liked. I don't recall it's name. If I had a Park's catalog, I could probably find the name. I guess I could google them....

GW will not let me Submit this until I changed the title!!! What is with this???

Deanne, no problem. We (I) just were not using our noodles. :-(


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

I thought it looked like a Deanne container - but Michele does some nice ones too so the name under the photo confused me.... - I confuse easily :-)

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Hi everyone, I skipped the 2pm beer and went straight for the 5pm wine. My last task for today was to haul the vacuum upstairs and give it a once over. I made the mistake of peering into DSs bathroomai yi yi ! As I was not wearing safety gear, I made a hasty retreat. I also would like to remark that I hate my vacuum cleaner. I just bought it last year to replace my previous vacuum (which I also hated ) that finally gave up the ghost. I was so thrilled that it died I made way to hasty a choice in my new purchase and now I dread having to use it. Im stuck with it for the present.

I felt like I had sort of an aimless staycation day today, but now that I look back I really got quite a bit done- guess I just performed the tasks in a fragmented manner. I caught many rose curculios- they were having a field day on one of my Lavender Dream roses in front and absolutely ruining the new buds and they have now paid the ultimate price.

Deanne, (or anyone) do you have a technique for deadheading Dahlias that minimizes the stem stump look ? I dont do disbudding , but I cut for bouquets and deadhead, and the narrow space between the stems of the individual flowers always leaves a little piece of stem that looks so crappy.

Marian, I grew Persian Carpet a few years ago and I love it ! I found a packet of them this winter but they were at least 5 years old so I discarded them. They are available from Select Seed. LOL my Chelone-like remark..I work in a very male dominated industry and Im afraid my delicacy went out the window many years ago- not that I had much in the first place. One just has to be aware of the environment one is in and use language appropriate to that setting- and words that are overused lose their power.

Eden, even the tony Napa Valley is not immune to the real estate meltdown, the house behind me has been vacant for several months , along with two others that I know of in the neighborhood. (I realize this is small potatoes compared with the goings-on in your area) Someone comes and mows the lawn etc once in a while-I think its bank owned. Its actually kind of nice to have no neighbors back there our homes are all very close together here, so its quieter in my back garden now. The last family that lived there used their back yard way more than most the previous owners never went outside so it was almost like having no one there. Annies is tomorrow; I swore I was not going to make a list but I capitulated and spent my lunch break on Annies website today, pen and paper by my side. So here is the justification: Im on vacation, have had no air fare, hotel , meals , or car rental. This means I can spend my vaca budget on plants . Viola! Im going to do UC Berkeley Botanical Garden in the AM and stop at Annies on the way home. Unfortunately , Berkeley also has a plant shop. And I will definitely post picturesand I cant wait to see the conservatory !

bug, I have cut back the Aster Frikartii which has the same flopping issue as the Sedums if not dealt with. My Autumn Joy is in a pot, the pot is in the border and the roots have grown through the drainage hole-it never flops. I have two new ones this year "Purple Emperor and untagged selection that actually looks exactly like PE in leaf form but the foliage is mostly green. I wonder if I should snip these a bit ?

Allright, Im going to cook up some dinner and get ready to settle in for some baseball-since Im at leisure I can actually stay up to see the end of the game for a change

Later friends !

Kathy in Napa

This Epiphyllum opened today From Garden 2009

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Cause a problem deanne? No way, I am proud of you! The container, of course, is gorgeous.

All this talk of yellow baptisia and persicaria polymorpha, and I don't have either one, so it's going on my list. I do have the blue baptisias, though.

kathy...beautiful bloom on the cactus, is it? Is that hardy for you? I, too, am looking forward to photos from your Annie's Annuals visit.

eden...that is so sad regarding your neighbors having to vacate their homes. Do you worry about vandalism with them being empty? Does someone come to mow the lawn?

Hi norma! I, too, would much rather shop for plants than sheets any day of the week. Hope it dries out for you soon so you can get those pesky weeds outta there.

Here's a couple of random photos. I finally got the computer download program working again.

Thalictrum, blooming for the first time...

peony in an upright position still...

And peonies that aren't upright...look familiar chelone?

And around the corner, to the left in the above photo a 'Wine & Roses' weigelia in bloom...

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

What a day!

We drove half way to Toronto to look at a used fence for sale - I am having "issues" with my next door neighbour (read: She's nuts), and found that the fence would work well at Fort Knox but would be a bit of overkill for a suburban back yard. So back we came and I called the contractor and he hotfooted it right over (too cold and wet for him to get much garden/lawn type work)and measured and calculated and gave us the bill. YIKES!! Gonna do it anyway. DH has agreed to sit with me, maybe on Friday, to redo our budget so we can pay for this darn thing. For him to agree to have anything to do with family finances is a real big deal.

Then off to soccer with TCS (I should have worn my winter coat) and then grabbed a cab and the two of us went to the Hort Society meeting. Kinda boring, left at 9 p.m.and walked home so TCS could get to bed. The Men, Of Course, were Playing Golf. I hate golf. OK that vent's over.

Although I loathe chain link fence and DH loves it and that's what we are getting, and the NDN is so miserable that we are putting the fence inside the property lines, it does mean that I get to rethink and redo some garden space. The rock garden will be let go (well darn) and the plants that are in it that I like will get moved to the front of the house and ground cover will get stuck in the rockery wherever it fits. One Korean lilac will go to DD. My three shrubs that were stuck in front of the laneway because I had no other place for them will be moved.....somewhere. The crummy little strips of grass that defy the lawn mower will be GONE. I will have a place to sit the wheelbarrow when not in use. Changes, even small, are usually fun, so I will have a great week next week. The fence will likel.y go in a week from Friday. Then we can set up TCS's little pool also. With a change in town by-laws it was no longer legal to have it unfenced.

Would love to take time to comment but I hear the patter of large feet overhead and DH and I have not yet had our late afternoon sit and chat and wine!



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi all! I'm thinking of you all and writing little notes to you as I dash about doing last minute things, but since my brain has no wireless access, you are not able to read those posts!

All is going well. Tomorrow night I will dig a secret bunker under the house and all the cr** that has not been put away will be stashed there until after the wedding - I wish! Clean up plans were disrupted tonight when I had to make an "emergency" run to my son's boss's house to pick up eight smoked pork butts for the Sunday brunch. He threw in a smoked turkey as well. You wouldn't have believed the size of the smoker he had in his driveway!

Back to cleaning, my friends.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here's an antidote to crummy neighbours, rude drivers, bosses content with surrounding chaos, thoughtless people who forget to thank others for kindnesses, employees (or employers!) who whine or act slowly without thinking, folks who need to close their mouths so that their ears will work...and more. Imagine these people greeting you with delight and a big smile every day. Just think what a one month old could teach! Ivy smiles when her dad whistles or someone sings to her. She loves music it seems... She's been smiling for about a week now...
(If I make this small maybe Chelone won't see it...)

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I recognized the container as Deannes of course, but Im flattered that some of you thought that it could be mine. Congrats Deanne. Funny that the photographer gets credit but not the creator of the container.

Kathy, cut back the Purple Emperor as it tends to be somewhat floppy. Persian Carpet is planted in the front of the Welcome Garden here this year.

Eden, do you have your mini hostas grouped or as edging? I grouped a few in a small bed. I added Remember Me since it is staying so small for me. Is Kate a future cheerleader?

Little Ivy looks so happy, almost like she could be giggling.

Yesterday 3 six packs of salvia came home with me for 1.27 ea. Today a bacopa and a couple calibrachoa for 99 cents each. I just cant resist bargains.

Marian, I had a Diablo that croaked too. I had two side by side in full sun and they were quite large. I intended for a screen effect. Mid-summer it croaked I had no clue. It turned out for the best as that is now where I put all my tropicals. I love your purple and orange combination.

Persicaria polymorpha has been on my "want list" for a number of years and I just havent run across one locally.

LoL on all the vehicle challenges. Mine tend to be tractors and other farm implements.

Deanne, the containers are looking so nice and lush already.

I put together one more tonight.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

How did we get to 48 posts already? Such a busy place! :-) Is it really June 10th already? It's freezing here this morning. Brrrr! We have yet to have much real summer weather here. DS is craving some sunny warm days. The annuals and the tomatoes are just barely holding their own and nothing is taking off at this point. It has been gray here but the rain we received has been miniscule. The honeysuckle is just starting to bloom. I had the house fan on the other night and it was drawing in the scent. Delicious!

Imagine, the wedding is this coming weekend! All that anticipation and preparation and it will be a fait accompli.

Look at the babies in their 'hot' colors! :-)

Very cute mailbox Julie! Someone has a sense of humor at your house. [g] Your garden bed is looking very good! Pretty Lupine and Iris. That Saucy is always so observant. [g]

Kathy, sorry to hear of visiting curculios. I wanted to see how that is pronounced...[kur-kyoo-lee-oh] evidently. Isn't it interesting how one year is so different than the next? I am amazed to see a ton of aphids in the garden this year, never having been a big problem before. I've seen a couple of ladybugs feasting, but they are definitely outnumbered. Lately, I have found myself wondering how these sudden changes in bug populations happen? It is not something I see developing. It reminds me of that movie line 'If you build it, they will come.' lol .... I have an Electrolux that is about 45 years old and very banged up but it still works. We have a cleaning service every two weeks, so it hardly gets any use now, but it used to take a beating. ..... Hope you have perfect weather for your day trip today. :-)

Anita, you're very lucky to have such a big family and that you are all so close. Sunday dinner Italian style sounds wonderful. Your description reminded me of that Prince Spaghetti Day commercial, 'Anthony!' :-) .....Very pretty in your backyard right now! So restful.

As usual, Deanne, all your photos are a delight! I'm not sure I believe you that there is a mess up on the hill to clean up. [g] I love your Ninebark! Mine only has a spattering of blooms on it this year after moving it for the second time last fall, and mine is 'Summer Wine' not 'Diablo', but they look so similar.

Sorry about your Dogwood, Norma. I would bet that you would get a lot of new growth from the base. I thought all the Cornus are pretty vigorous. .....I'm not a shopper either and find it a chore.

Should I really be cutting back sedums? I haven't cut back my chrysanthemums and asters yet either. When is the cutoff date for that? I haven't started zinnias yet either, still behind. ..... I always wanted a pick up truck too. Compost and leaves and mulch, oh my. But I settled for a van and it works fine and it's prettier. :-)

Speaking of Father's Day, anyone planning any interesting celebrations or gifts?

Deanne, you are famous! lol No wonder they printed your photo, that is one amazing pot!

Sorry about your gentlemanly friend, Marian. Wonderful that he lived a long life and sounds like he will be remembered well. .....Loved your Viburnums too!

Woody, our DS has a chain saw and I cringe every time he uses it and I'm so happy when he is putting it away again.

Eden, I have a junky backyard beyond my post and rail fence that stops me from photographing too broad a stroke. I'm waiting for my shrub border to mature. Plus, DS is often working on a woodworking project or something similar that I photograph around too. Imagine the nerve of him trying to use the backyard for something other than gardening. [g]

Three houses in our neighborhood are for sale and one has been on the market for over a year, but I've been surprised to see two sold.

Michelle....I can't resist bargains either and as usual I have a few containers still to finish, so this weekend, I will probably pick up a few things. It might be nice if I planted what I have first. [g]

Waiting for pics of.....
The Conservatory from Eden.
What about pics of niece Kate and bathtub from Denise?
News that Mary has a new position with health benefits.
Photos of Norma's extended walkway.
An update on the Secret Garden at Michelle's house when it's ready. [I know the annuals are slow this year]
The last of the weeded and mulched edge of Marie's veggie garden.
Daylily thread from Kathy
Photos of 'the Wedding'.

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No Polymorpha persicaria here, nor is there any yellow Baptisia. I will happily entertain your suggestions when those of you who will be attending camp arrive. I am looking forward to seeing the Compound through new eyes. As for concern about the relative condition of the place? not at all. This is how we live and it's comfortable. I quit worrying what "people think" when I was about 14 and realized that most people really can't be bothered to think at all!

Now, about cutting back Sedums. I never have. Did you pinch back the taller ones, 'bug, or just the creepers?

You have to admit that both Kate and Ivy have plenty to smile about. Let's face it, they have not a care in the world, they can even load up a diaper without fear of recrimination or ridicule. In fact, someone will happily clean them up and tell them how great they are for dooing it. Would that we all enjoyed such universal acceptance.

I did not get much done on the alteration front yesterday so will have to knuckle down this afternoon. I was surprised to find the helpmeet wandering around the yard when I got home. Happily, I believe his run of 6 day work weeks has at last come to an end. He was much more relaxed yesterday and he deserves to be that way.

We have one jerky neighbor but they're wicked boozers and when she deigned to lecture me on rights of way I've had no trouble telling her to call her lawyer but that she should save her money since our ROW is clearly stated on our deed. She's from "away" and I hope she decides to go back there some day. Life would be a lot easier if they kept all the as-holes in one central location. Bet she feels the same way about me, lol. Our other neighbors are great, but we've always made an effort to get to know them, too. I can't even feature living next door to people and not at least knowing their names. That's a very strange way to live your life.

I heard an extensive interview with "the world's worst Mom" yesterday afternoon. Far from being a "kook", I found her delightful, pragmatic, and a decided breath of fresh air in a world that seems bent on focussing on gloom, doom, "potential danger". Knowledge is power, baby. But hey! I know my neighbors by name, I know their dogs, and I refuse to live in fear. ;)

I have to leave for the awfice now. But daydreams of blue pots, field trips to fun plant places, and the like will help propell me through another dank, chilly day.

Woody, your rose swag sounds great. I have some more questions about it but am out of time now and have to go. :(.

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Good morning friends! Busy day on tap here, sadly none of it takes place out of doors!

V., sounds like you're headed into the home stretch! You're going to have fun in your clean house afterward :) What do Mystic and Sunrise think? I'll bet they're wishing you'd quit disturbing nap time....

Anita, I don't think I've seen your garden before (at least not large stretches of it)! It's beautiful! I've got my eye on that weigelia right now - my neighbor's got one blooming.

I keep losing my train of thought as Nick is behind me talking work at me at 6 in the morning. I don't do work at 6 in the morning....

I have yet to get my z. envy and s. faranacea in the ground....maybe this weekend.

Michelle, I found cardoon for sale and bought 3. I'm so sorry I couldn't get the seeds to germ....but I will have "the look"!

The babies certainly grow quick and find the way to their caretaker's hearts with a smile :) It's fun to see them change so quickly.

Julie, I hate neighbors. I really do. I need to live on my own little island :) I want a fence, too.

Can't wait to see the conservatory in action, Eden.

Deanne, I think I saw that picture in the magazine and for two seconds considered the idea that I might take a picture of my pot for consideration in the contest....then I fell asleep and woke with my head on straight.

I'm attending a play at Sarah's school today. It should be fun since the class wrote it. She doesn't know this, but I'm a "mystery presentation" coming up soon....I'm bringing the bees in an observation hive. Should be fun.

I'm going to make her a bouquet from the garden for this morning....she told me that she might like to get one, lol!



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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning all! Wet, cloudy, warm and muggy today - the kind of weather that makes you realize that you have dogs and cats when you walk in the door - cleaning time again *LOL

Thanks guys for all the commiseration about the neighbour. Between that, the cost of the fence, and the lousy weather, I was pretty bummed out. And of course, that leads to no sleep last night, which makes things look bleaker. But I think I am getting past it. I love Chelone's mantra "Refuse to live in fear" -

Yup, Marian,. that cart of colour is surely The Good Stuff! Sorry to hear about your loss of a nice friend....

Mosquitos: do you keep them chained up behind the house *LOL* We have a zapper thing on the wine deck which seems to work for a small area. I try to not have much standing water, clean up the birdbaths often etc. but I guess the frogs gotta eat something!

Deanne - what a lovely container. I surely have a lot to learn about container gardening!

Laughed about the vehicle instrusions in the photos - I almost always have a car or truck somewhere in my photos. At least yours are clean!

The babies are dolls!

Anita - I love those "random" shots - and I LOVE your FENCE *LOL*

Anxiously awaiting wedding news/photos.

This afternoon I am womanning the book fair at TCS's school, so I had better boogie and dig out the crud in this house - just on the off chance that tomorrow will be nicer!

Cheers all


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Rainy day on tap here, but it's a work day so let it rain the whole day! I have a colonoscopy scheduled for this Monday, no issues, just part of the after 50 tune up. So my week-end, which is Sun. & Mon. will involve other things and not much gardening. The caterpillars, whether Eastern Tent, Forest Tent, or Gypsy Moth (which the county is spraying for) are out in force. I found two on me the house...and went into panic mode looking for any pupating ones. They are liking the south side of the house and eaves looking for a warm place to pupate, I guess.

saucy...Neat about the upcoming bee presentation. Sarah will be so proud of her mom, how cool. Hope the play goes well. She will love the home grown flowers, they have a much better scent than the florist ones.

julie...I'm on a corner, and the fence is only on two sides, so don't envy me yet. I wish it was fully enclosed, though, to keep the deer out, because I do like all my neighbors. In fact, two doors down is my DH's brother and a few more houses down from him is my daughter. We have largish lots, so privacy can be had and neighbors aren't pests at all, but being on a corner with stop signs does make me feel I'm on stage sometimes. Hope your day goes well, and have fun at the book fair.

PM...I think bug numbers do go up and down in cycles. The caterpillars I'm seeing now have never been this numerous. And look at the 17 year cicadas, for instance. We had that last year-or was it the year before? Time is going by way too fast.:( And for the first time ever, starting last spring, I have four lined plant bugs. So now I have to vigilant in doing a fall garden cleanup since they lay their eggs in plant stems. I did this last fall, and have been rewarded with slightly less this year. But you get rid of one bug, to be replaced by something else. At least the aphids are easy to get rid of with a blast from the hose.

I second PM's list of photos and updates that we are all eagerly anticipating.

Eden...I'd like to know more about your conservatory. What do you use it for and where is it located? Attached to the house? Is it like a sunroom? Looking forward to seeing it.

bug....Ivy looks precious in that photo. I agree with chelone, what's not to smile about when someone is cheering on your bodily functions. LOL. Babies and young kids have all that energy and great dispositions because they live in the moment. No cares beyond the immediate, and it helps that someone lives to take care of their every desire. There's a lesson in there....

v...three more days. Are you stocked in tissues?

Seems strange that kids are still in school, my DGS has been out May 26th.

Have a great day all,

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A few quick notes during my break.

Saucy, I didn't get any germination either on the cardoons and now have a large blank spot in the front of the potager. I may try direct sowing.

One good thing about farm living is that you have neighbors but for the most part they can't annoy you too much since they are at least 1/4 mile away.

When I cut back the sedum 'Matrona' one year it got such puny blooms. Did I do it too late? I usually divide as they only seem to flop when they get too big. Or I cage them like the peonies. What I have found that works well it this 14" tall green decorative wire fencing that comes in a roll. You know the stuff with the scalloped top. It works great for caging since its green it really becomes invisible. I have lenghts cut and you can just over lap if its too long and use the cut ends of the wire to hold them together.

We all should try to smile like Ivy today.


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Beautiful day so far! We're scheduled for rain later and we could use it so I'm not complaining. We've had a bit but not enough to really soak in and make the plants happy.

Anita, thanks for sharing you garden with us. It's beautiful. I love the weigelia, just wish I had room for more shrubs. Many houses around me are rental properties, both my neighbors included. So yes they are still mowed by the landlords. The conservatory is just a little building, approx. 4'x5' that Brad built for me out of recyled old windows we ran across while out on a drive one day last summer. Really just a garden decoration.

Julie, when you live as close to your neighbors as I do fences always make for better neighbors. Hope you get some good gardening weather soon!

V, just think, once the wedding's over, your house will be so clean you won't have to worry about it again for quite a while which translates into more garden time. Can't believe it's only a couple of days now. Time flies...

Michelle, I've been collecting the mini hostas for a few years now. Some are along the path under my lilacs and some are in my laundry tub miniature gardens. I've decided to turn the clawfoot tub into another mini garden area. The bog was great last summer but didn't overwinter well. I'm thinking a bog really needs to be in the ground. So on to tinier but better things. The recently purchased mini hostas will be a part of that project. I also found a really cute mini arbor to add. We could sure use a recent picture of Kenzie. Maybe you can get dd to send something you can post for us? It's been way to long :(

The smiling Ivy picture made me smile too! And I do believe it would be great if we'd all take her example and smile more :)

PM, I've been seeing a few aphids around here too. I cut back my sedums because if I don't the splay out and flop. Not an attractive look. With the asters I fool around with pinching them until about the end of June, keeping them around 8-10 " until then. Now that I'm thinking about it I'm wondering how the rest of you handle your asters?

Chelone, I wasn't refering to the condition of your place, just the general stuff people do before company comes. Glad you're not stressing about it :) As for living in fear, that's laughable considering where I live. If I lived in fear I'd never leave my house. I could tell you stories of the goings on in my neighbor that would curl your hair. It's survival of the fittest here in the city and one must stand their ground or the underbelly of society would quickly take over. I compare myself to Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino. "Get off my lawn", lol. I read an interview with Lenore Skenazy. No mention of the subway ride which I stand by as being a kooky idea. She didn't say anything in this interview that I haven't done with my kids. It's all just common sense really. My take on her is she's promoting her book ($$$).

Time to cross a few more garden chores off the list. Jen and Meg took Bella and Kate to the zoo today but Bella will be over later to help me in the garden. Have a great day everyone.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Just sharing a pic of my Toyota Top Garden:

I need to thin the cucumber plants. :-)

We had a downpour during the night, and the rain gutter leaked vigorously from a joint on to my poor little Lilliput Zinnias, washing 3 of the 4 out of the potting soil. In attempting to repot them, I broke the stem of one. I have taped it back to an upright postion. Time will tell if it will heal. It frequently works. :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A few here for those not familiar with them.

Baptisia Carolina Moonlight

Persicaria polymorpha in front of Ninebark Diablo.

With Aquilgia Canadensis.

I'll post others on another thread after I grab some lunch.


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Marian, I do believe you've outfoxed the rodents! The TT Garden is looking good. Bummer about your zinnias. Chalk it up to the trials and tribulations of gardening I guess. We all experience them now and again.

Marie, I just quickly looked at your new June threads. Your gardens are really outdoing themselves this year.

Hope Kathy is enjoying her staycation field trips today. Can't wait to see what she shares with us!

My exciting news for today is... I'm now in the process of decorating the little conservatory so I figured I'd swing by Homegoods and Tuesday Morning and see if they had anything that I could use. I found a couple of small things but the real prize I found on my way home. I was driving along and low and behold sitting at the curb was a white wicker chair. Just enough wear on one arm to make it look a bit shabby, which I love, but very sturdy and in good shape otherwise. I turned the car around, pulled in the driveway and proceeded to stuff it in my back seat, not an easy task, but I was on a mission. It's now sitting in the conservatory and it will seat a nice large container garden. Makes my day when I can find something great for no money!


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Great Score Eden.

Anita your garden is lovely. So nice to see it.

I was going to talk to all of you, but yet another storm is coming , so I'm outa here for now.


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Ive returned from my journey to the East Bay I took a couple hundred pics so I need to sort them out and post on separate threads. Its a good thing Im digging out more lawn- I bought 19 plants at Annies you guys would have loved it, she has so much oddball stuff it is truly hard not to buy everything in sight and her display gardens ! Talk about colorthere is no restraint shown there for sure. Heres a pic of the store front. From Annies Annuals June 2009

I took a few pics there that were crooked- I think I was in a shopping frenzy ! The place is very large too- I was there for well over an hour and half. I can only imagine the madness that would have ensued had I drove up with a busload of Idylls-
Also enjoyed my visit to Berkeley , a totally different type of experience, very educational and interesting. The garden is divided into geographic areas , and since it is a research institution it is not what you might describe as a manicured or pristine garden. I know I missed a couple sections this time, but its only 7 bucks to get in and under an hour drive (if timed right) so I can easily go back in a few months if I wish.

Anita, great to see some photos from your garden- I sure miss my Thalictrum, but I have way less shade now and it would not care for it here at all. Yes, that is an Orchid Cactus and had I moved it inside this winter I would probably have more that one lonely flower. My yellow one is probably not going to bloom at all this year. They are extremely marginal in my zone.

Marian great shot of the Corolla Garden ! Everything looks pretty happy so far I think youre on to something .

Eden great score on the chair I really need to go to some garage sales once in a while to look for garden items.

OK, going to work on some dinner , watch some baseball and sort through photos

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

I'm too tired to do anything but look at pictures at the moment - nice pictures....

We (Randy, Laurie, me, Misty and Blue) spent the day at my friend Naznin's trying to rescue a bit of her garden from weeds and grass. (This is their second summer in the house and their first garden. Last year I tried to help her learn how to maintain the garden that was there but it got ahead of her badly - very agressive grass.) At the end of the day today we concluded that much of it will likely have to be put back to lawn and just keep a couple of smaller areas near the house in flowers. My friend has macular degeneration so that complicates matters as it is hard for her to see problems - weeds - when they are small enough to remove easily.

It was hot, hard work and I'm off to bed - should sleep well tonight!

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Its stayed in the 60s this week and overcast and weve had 1.5" of much needed rain. The cool temps have made a perfect time to get all the seedlings planted out.

Weve been eating good these days from the vegetable garden. Asparagus, radishes, green onions, spinach and lettuce.

Kathy, Annies looks like a very colorful place.

Eden, great find on the chair. I love freebies.

Anita, lovely shots of your garden. Is the bench vintage? I like it.

Julie, wow what a stand of lupines. Mine are always one here and one there. The statute is so unique.

Now over to check out the picture threads.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im calling in tomorrow for a home stay to look at photos and threads - do you think they'll like that excuse? LOL - just kidding -- but wow, it will take a day to catch up on all here -- the idyll gardens and visits are busting out all over!!

Deanne -- congrats on the FG Garden container - Fire! Yes, I too wonder why photogapher gets credit, but not the creator - very weird... but it's still definitely a Deanne creation.

Sounds like everyone is working very hard and diligently in their gardens - Im a slacker - it's horribly t-stormer every evening and the mosquitos are out in droves if it's not raining -- I may need to buy a suit of armor to work outside. The bites I've suffered are huge this year for some reason; and even the ticks have found me... I've never had such a problem before. Well, guess I'll be working Saturday instead of going to Open Days - there's just too much I need to do.

I can't wait to see photos of the purple conversatory, Eden.

Anita, your garden looks lovely and cool. I cant grow a Lupine if my life depended on it.

Is it Friday yet?


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

It looks as if Michelle sent her weather this way. Weve had three days of heavy overcast, rain, drizzle and unseasonably cool temps for this time of the year. Ive got to spend the day in the studio working on a new painting for class the end of the month so dont mind it so much. The roses are loving their extended blossom time due to the cooler temps and overcast. And I am too! The fuchsias are also very happy with this weather and if the fuchsias are happy Deanne is happy.

This is one I couldnt resist buying at Walker Farm in VT a few weeks ago and it is a star at the moment

I keep telling the banana and brugmansias that their turn will come. LOL Speaking of bananas. The Red Abyssinian Banana Sue gave me three summers ago is going to be spectacular this year. The leaves are already more than two feet across and it is only June.

The white brugmansia is smothered in buds and is just waiting for some warmer temps to put on a show. Im guessing it will be beautiful the beginning of July. I did a walkabout with the camera yesterday morning and will put a link to the gallery below.

Anita, your gardens are lush and lovely! I quite like that bench. How much time do you get t o sit and enjoy the view? I have W. Wine and Roses too and really love that shrub. It always looks good. Im thinking of planting another in my side garden where I have a peony that just doesnt get enough sun to do well.

Julie, Oh dear with the chain link fence. I have one and Ive spent my gardening life trying to cover it up. Doug likes it and cant figure why I want to disguise it. As permanent fencing you cant beat it though. Ours has been here since 1980 and is still as good as the day it was installed.

Bug, that smiling pic of Ivy is way too cute! What a sweetie! ~~ RE sedums, I pinch mine back except for a Purple Emperor and a Matrona in the driveway garden where I want them to get as tall as they can. I do use those stakes with the arms to keep them upright. ~~ Great pics! I love Persicaria polymorpha too! Its such a performer.

Michelle, I cant believe the bargains you get on plants. Are we going to get to see photos of your containers???? ~~ I cant believe you lost your Diablo! And no clue as to why? I thought they were as tough as old boot nails. ~~ great idea about using that green mesh fencing to coral the Matrona.

PM I do assure you that I have messy areas that need attention. I just dont take pictures of them LOL. ~~ Yes I prune back the sedums like I do asters and mums. It keeps them in a shorter nicer form that doesnt require staking.

Saucy, how was the play?

Eden, I keep pinching my asters to about eight or ten inches until the end of June. They bloom later but they stay shorter and bloom profusely. ~~ what a score on the chair. Cant wait to see it and the purple conservatory.

Love the tomato garden Marian.

Kathy, sounds like you had a great day.

Cindy, cant believe you are still getting even more rain! Those mosquitoes will be carrying you off at this rate.

OK waving hello to one and all. Have a great day all,


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No rain yesterday and none forecast for today but it looks like it could. If not,I'm going to have to drag hoses later. I went plant shopping for the conservatory yesterday. I went with old fashioned plants, a boston fern, geraniums, petunias, allysum, ivy, lavender, a canna tropicana, a kong coleus...I want it to be blowsy. I also got a cute little garden gnome to live there and I found a house for my new miniature garden in the tub. So lots of projects to work on today. First we have "Family Breakfast" though. Something we've been doing since back in March when Jen went on maternity leave. Brad, me, Randy's mom and grandpa, Jen and Kate are the regulars every week with other family members shuffling in and out week to week. Sometimes David, or my sisters and neices or Randy or his dad if they can get away from work. We meet at the same restaurant every Thursday at 10am and it's been a nice way for us to get to know Randy's family better and gives us a little extra Kate time every week.

Cindy, I can't believe the rain you're having. I'm hoping for sunny skies for you soon! That would get me down I think. Bella's allergic to mosquitoes. Megan too but Bella's worse. When she gets a bite it gets big as an quarter, then developes a blister. We really try to keep her inside when the mosquitoes are out as much as we can. She's only gotten one bit so far this year. We don't have a problem with ticks here. Wonder why they're both picking on you this year? Maybe there's just an abundance of them due to all the rain and they're really hungry.

I love lupines but they fade away in my clay soil :(

Woody, what a good friend you are to do weeding for a friend. That's my most dreaded garden chore I think. Sounds like you and Randy are enjoying his retirement.

Michelle, how nice to have all of the fresh veggies already. Makes me want to make a trip to the Farmer's Market for some of the things you mentioned. Bet your gardens loved that long drink of water. I always notice mine jumping up and greening up after a good rain. The hose just doesn't do the same trick.

Off to start the day. Omelet or pancakes will be my first big decision. Have a good one everybody!


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Marian, roof top gardens are really an in thing you know. I would gladly thin your cucmbers for you. Mine did not come up. Guess I need to replant them.

Michelle I noticed snow peas on my vines yesterday and a baby zuchinni. We have had radishes and greens too. I didn't do onions.

Eden, What are a few of your favorite mini hostas? I am planning a trip up to the daylily farm next week and he also has a lot of hostas, which is really the main reason I am going. I have daylillies out the wazoo but of course I'll probably wind up with a couple more.

GB, I would love to walat at the farm some morning. In fact I would love to walat with any one of you.

Woody how sweet of you to help out your friend. I hope all of you got a good nights rest.

Michelle it is still raining here this morning. I am going to have webfeet soon.

Cindy, I know what you are dealing with. Both the wet and the bugs. At least I don't have to go to the awfice.

Wheres Chelone this morning?

Waving to all the rest of you. Gotta get started on something. Norma

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Eden, what a wonderful idea the family breakfast is.
Isn't it great that there are always new projects in the gardens? Thats the fun of them.

More photos from Deanne. Yeah! Will I ever get out to pull weeds?

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Fabulous Deanne, I was going to point out my favorite containers, but will have to look again. The rex begonia in the shell pot was one, and the hay racks are really neat. So many great combos in the containers and the terrace gardens and the long views are so inviting. I bet it is hard to keep from staring at it all right now. All that work wintering over those plants is really paying off.
And His highness loves exploreing it all.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It's really hard to know Im supposed to be working when there is so much lovely distraction and daydreaming I could do to get the day to move along here!!!

Superlatives are becoming terribly mundane and repetitive for me here -- so much beauty.

Deanne -- that fuschia makes me think of a marvelous milliner's creation -- just like someone's fancy Easter bonnet or Las Vegas showgirl head ornament. I have that shell container but I have struggled as to what to put in it -- you have put the most perfect combo that just strikes perfectly against it -- you have such an eye... Im shaking my head in wonder....

Norma -- rooftop trendy gardens, LOL.... Im sure Eden has me beat on the mini hosta collection but I've been buying a few since IU in Pa where we saw some wonders -- I actually love Blue Mouse Ears (which Walmart has this year for $3 a healthy plant - which is incredible); I also like Cameo. I've found a few of them or at least the ones I got from a couple mail order places (I think one called Lemon Lime) is a bit of a dud - it's very weak growing and struggling -- or it could be the plant that was sent to me ... Since I've got a small yard though, they appeal to me to tuck into places where they wont crowd other things out...I'll have to look at my list to see which others I am enjoying -- but Im sure others here will have some to add yea or nay to.

Eden -- that is such a wonderful idea re the weekly breakfasts -- no wonder you have such a lovely and warm family! I seem to be like Bella this year -- the bites Im getting are swelling to over 2 inches and in odd shapes -- went to the dr to make sure they were indeed just mosquito bites -- he was even impressed -- but said it was just "me" reacting -- I do think I'll be having squito ponies landing in the yard -- and I would not mind a ride away from the rain, Deanne, LOL - they are saying another entire week of daily t-storms - heavy flooding today -- Le grand sigh.... a Desert somewhere is sounding pretty nice right now.

Ok - reality check now - back to work....


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Break timeIve actually managed to find homes for several of my new botani-kids , all in front so far. Pulled some weeds, did some hose hauling ,spread some worm castingsjust about time to move to the back . What a lot of stuff there is to look at around these parts good thing Im off work this week !

Jeez Cindy, I thought Seattle was fungus corners but Im not so sure now !I dont blame you in the least for being sick of it . WALATing with an umbrella and a can of Off just isnt the same. So glad to hear there are so many others out there with Lupine incompetancy.

Deanne, enjoyed your latest gallery this morning over coffee. Who cares about the newspaper when you have stuff like that to look at ? Im not going to even try to ask you the names of all the stuff ,Ill just bring a notebook with me to IU ! Wonderful combos this year as usual ..Sounds like youre going to need a crane to get the banana into the basement this winter

Ok , time to head back out

Kathy in Napa

PS. Planted this morning

3 Ageratum h. Blue Horizon (this is the long stemmed tall version not the little soldiers used for carpet bedding. I used to be able to get it in 6-paks not not to be found the last couple of years-Annie had it

3 Convolvulus tri color Royal Ensign

Echium platagineum Blue Bedder this is a low growing Echium that I am putting in an area that does not hold water well in my hell strip it will replace a struggling Tapien Verbena.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We had a the dentist's this morning. So there's a new lady hygienist there and she was really nice and inspired confidence in what she was doing. Good!

So 1 hour for DH, then 1 hour for moi...and then lunch. After which I begged for a few minutes at the nursery that is half way home. No interesting clematis (phew!) but I picked up a few annuals that appealed to me: Alternathera pin gris, Felicia variegata, Abutilon Savitzii, Euphorbia First Blush and Coleus 'Bipolar By Golly'. Who invents these names anyway???

So it is pouring once again... and I don't mind. I'm too tired to weed and I have been loaned a good book to study, The Hostapedia, an Encyclopedia of Hostas by Mark R. Zilis.

Now, how to get more seeds of that Angelica purpurea? Hmmmmm.


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'bug, Eden is growing angelica 'Ebony', that's the one I'll be looking for.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

I slept very well last night - and a good part of this morning too! :-) Which meant I didn't get as much done as I planned today! The morning - what was left of it - was spent on misc. uninteresting things. This afternoon we went to a new nursery - have you been to Taylor Nursery in Milton gb? They had some nice stuff - I was strongly tempted by a Gipsy Queen clematis - what a fabulous color! (It was in bloom...) But I resisted... They had some interesting statues, wall ornaments and water features. Here is a picture of some of the wall hanging things:

And they had this great delphinium - I didn't look at the name because the color wouldn't work in my garden but it sure was eye-catching!:

Best of all they had big containers of Myke - the mycorrhizal fungus supplement I use every time I plant something. It's getting hard to find around here so I was very pleased to find the largest size containers - with a 'best before' date in spring 2011 so it should be good for awhile.

You've got to love a DH who, when leaving the nursery, says 'should we swing by Tera (another nursery/garden center); there's one not too far from here....' So we went to Terra and I bought a Snow Queen and a Star of India clematis. I'm really annoyed though because I was looking for a white group 3. The tag on Snow Queen says hard prune but COTW say group 2.... I guess I need to find a different home for it and keep looking for a white group 3. GB - do you have Rouge Cardinal? If so, can you please post a picture of it? Do the blooms start off a purpleish color and turn red as they age? If not, what I bought yesterday is a mis-labelled plant again!

On the subject of chainlink fences - all ours here are that. I don't mind the black ones - they fade into the background; green is bad because it's always the wrong color green and is thus more noticeable. They make great climbing frames for vines....

I smell the rhubarb crisp burning... gotta go...

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Today was another go-nowhere day ,the garage was opened for easy access to tools etc, but the car remained stationery. I did quite a bit of digging in my new areas; I need major soil amendments before I can plant anything. If the wind ever dies down this evening Ill go perform a WALAT for the purpose of planning my garden strategy for tomorrow. This wind issue weve had this spring has been very annoying-although Im sure its preferable to Cindys incessant rain !

Woody, what interesting stuff at the nursery you visited- it also made me think about how we all seem to travel with our cameras ! There are always ideas out there to be photographed.

Wondering how Vs world is shaping up

All for now..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, it was a really wet and buggy day here. At least I didn't have to move hoses around. I never heard of Taylor Nursery before. That delphinium is an amazing colour! I have to stick with blues though for that area of my garden. Good to know about them!
Terra I do know and we used to pass by there on our return trips from Buffalo when visiting my Mom. I always needed a pick-me-up! For your white group 3 I strongly suggest Huldine. Others may be pretty, but not as healthy and floriferous. People talk about that on the clematis forums a lot. There is another one with small bell shapes that does really well for me, called Kaiu. Sorry to add that I've never grown the others. I've not ever seen Rouge Cardinal in real life. Star of India has always looked very dark and fantastic in books.

Eden, I'm wondering where you got Angelica Ebony from...or if you started it from seed. I've asked a friend in UK to look for seeds for me. Canadian Google only showed up a porn star when I looked there! LOL.

DD's family has finalized travel plans for an August visit here, combining it with a trip to her former room mate's wedding in NH on the 8th. I'll probably get to keep the dog, but I'd sure love to attend the wedding! She's a real sweetie of a lady and I am so happy for them! DD and Ivy will stay 3-4 days longer here at the end which will be great, but Skyler and his Dad must return early so that the young man can leave on yet more holidays with his Mom.

This weekend is the beginning of a long week of work and fun at the NC Fair. A time of very mixed emotions it will be as Reed's birthday takes place then as well as Father's Day. Today they received my pirate ship gifts and were delighted.

The dentist discovered that my teeth are worn from grinding. "Have you been under any stress lately?" Oh brother... Now talk of night guards...which can be DAY guards if I need that as well. Life...

Tomorrow I hope to get some more weeding accomplished if things aren't too mucky. Maybe Sue will magically appear to cheer us on to this last work day of the week? V, I know all will go well and want you to know that I've put in my request for SUN all weekend.

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It was a drizzley, dreary day. Glad again that it was a work day. Things are looking up in the salon, clients are thumbing their noses at the economy and getting their hair done again. Nice to see.

I think it was michele who asked if the bench was vintage? I don't think so. It was a hand me down from my MIL. I do get a chance now and then to sit and enjoy the view, but then I see a weed and off I go. I need more seating areas.

Cindy...Sorry to hear you haven't had much sun lately. And ouch on the bites. I've been getting some very itchy mosquito bites this year, too. Not too welty, just very itchy. Global climate again? Did you get a tic bite?

woody...what a good friend you are. I bet she over the moon happy with you. Mascular degeneration is a mean disease.

eden...Great find on the chair. Don't you just love those instant surprises? I mentioned your weekly family breakfasts
to my sister, saying it was a great idea and we should start that. She agrees. Thanks for the idea. We'll probably do a monthly one, though.

deanne...What can I say that hasn't been said already about your gardens? I'll need my thesaurus to find some new adjectives, LOL. They are simply outstanding and gorgeous. What do you feed your pots with? And how often? I'm going to copy your pot regimen and see how close I can come to your "greatness." the "roof top" garden. Very healthy looking veggies.

'bug...You must be so excited about the upcoming family visit. And it's icing on the cake to get your two girls alone for a few extra days. Have you planted any ivy for Ivy? I have a night guard, and it helps a lot. I don't grind my teeth, just clench, but it does wear the teeth down just the same. You can wake up with headaches and jawaches from all that night time clenching and grinding, so get the guard. You won't be sorry. When is Reed's birthday? You will all be in my thoughts that day. Glad they liked your playground contributions.

Hi to all, and to all a good night!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello friends! Things are moving along well here. The house is clean, the lavender plants have been prepped, table assignments are ready. Today, DD and I are getting manicures and pedicures, then we will join the rest of the group at the reception site where we will start setting things up. Although you only have to pay for one day at the reception site, they never book back-to-back events so that you can set up a day early. How nice is that?

I'm very glad that I had yesterday off. Two of my nieces and a couple of the wedding party came over to help prep the lavender plants, we carved up a smoked turkey from my son's boss fur lunch sandwiches and then had grilled hot dogs and brats for dinner. I'm kind of glad that the rehearsal dinner is at a restaurant tonight, so that someone else can do the cooking and cleanup!

I'm going to get back at it here - some small clean up to do and things to pack up before we go. I hope to have some photos Sunday evening!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A very rainy day with heavy overcast yet again. Im going to start growing mushrooms if the sun doesnt come out soon. Im starting to lose a few plants from a few of the containers because theyve been too wet for too long. Grrrrr.. Its always something isnt it? Thanks for all the kind comments re the gardens.

Anita, I give my pots the recommended dose of Osmocote slow release fertilizer when I plant them up then after a few weeks I begin a weekly liquid feed with either Algoflash, Maxsea, Miracle Grow or whatever liquid feed I happen to have on hand. I like to switch them out too. You can tell by watching the growth on the container plants whether or not they need a feed. The growth slows down a lot, in the case of the brugmansias they begin to get a lot of yellowing on the leaves. Or with flowering plants they stop setting buds. I do a daily walkabout where I take a look at everything and make mental notes of which containers need attention. Im having a dickens of a time with aphids this year and dont know why.

Woody, great delphinium and I love those faces!

Kathy, that Echium platagineum Blue Bedder is gorgeous. Ive never seen that around here. Im looking forward to seeing how it does in your gardens. ~~ LOL re the crane and the banana. You are probably right.

Cindy, Id been looking for B. Escargot for that shell planter all year and couldnt find it. This B. Evelyn Weidner is supposed to curl like Escargot and Im hoping it does its thing. ~~ Hope you get some sunshine soon..

Eden, I just love the whole idea of your weekly family breakfasts. Thats pretty special. ~~ I cant seem to grow lupines either.

Norma, I got those hayracks from Kinsman company and theyve been there for a while now. They make a really great product that holds up. I had to replace the coco fiber liners this year but I believe this is the fourth or fifth season Ive had them.

V. how great you were able to pop in here. Sounds like the event is in full swing there. Cant wait for pics and to hear all about it.

OK Ive got to run and get my day started. WE are having our Friday evening with friends get together here and Ive got to get some painting done today as well. Have a great day all.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Woody - I just love love those planters -- I have a collection Im working on of "head" planters - Im weird I know, but they just strike my fancy - instead of cupids or something -- I've spent hours online looking for them - I've never seen a Greenman one like you show among the others -- very very cool.... so they're out there - just have to figure where in the U.S. they are. I think you hve a gem of a spouse -- truly well trained for DH of a plantswoman -- he knows the proper itineraries and order of things, LOL. Sounds like you had a special day. I concur w/ 'bug who's the expert of course -- Huldine is really a gem -- I will try to post some pics of mine that's been really putting on a show this year. You're brave to go w/ the Type IIs; I've about given up on them for this region.

V -- best wishes for your special weekend -- sounds like things all came together -- that's a special place that doesnt book 24 hours before another event -- in this neck of the woods, they book 'em by the 1/2 -- there can be on in the a.m., and then one again in the p.m, and then another in the evening.... it's a big rush and hassle/stress ridden planning.

Well, must start the work day.


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Sending out wishes of luck, happiness and sun to V and her family. Looking forward to seeing the photos on Sunday, if you have the time, of course.

Thanks deanne for the info on pot feeding. I think I haven't been feeding them often enough.

Have a great day everyone. Hi to all.

I miss chelone's morning posts the past two days and Sue's TGIF posts.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Has anyone heard from Chelone??? I am concerned about her.
And I miss Sue's TGIFs, too.

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Good Morning from the left coast

Mixing up the gardening with some indoor stuff today-staycation is on the wane and as usual the inside of the house has gotten short shrift . I had good intentions at the start of the week. But now I have all these plants to install !

Deanne, the Tower of Jewels and Pride of Maderia Echiums are used quite a bit along the coast, but are way to gigantic for my garden. I also purchased a Fuchsia called Sharpitor which I am going to plant in the ground , very pale variegated foliage and slender pale pink flowers.

Glad to hear that V is still in one piece as the great day nears.

Cindy , maybe we need a photo series of the garden heads ! If it stops raining long enough for you to get yourself outside with the camera !

OK, got to get going here back later

Where has Chelone gotten to ?

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Yes, where is Chelone...?!

'bug and Cindy - I did manage to find a Huldine this morning. I planted one a week or so ago on the north alley fence so now I have two! I'll plant the Snow Queen to climb into the Japanese wisteria. The Chinese wisteria has two Henryi climbing into it. I think the Japanese one is big enough now to take a clematis starting to grow into it.

gb - there are lots of Terra locations around here. There are three we stop at fairly regularly. They have a surprisingly good selection of plants and the prices are not too bad. How exciting to have the August visit to look forward to! If they'd like to go for a drive and garden tour when they're here, you could always head down this way.... :- ) Indy's coming too? You'll have to take lots of pictures of her at play with Phoebe!

Cindy - the heads were a mixture of ones to hang on a wall and ones that were curved so they fit around a pot without being a planter. I guess that is so they could be used as a small statue if that seemed appropriate. I didn't look at any of the tags in detail so don't remember the manufacturer's name. The link below is to the nursery. Maybe you could e-mail them to ask who the manufacturer is. I was tempted by the greenman but I didn't dare look at the price!

V - have a fun weekend. We expect pictures.... :- )

Deanne - i will try to give my brugs more ferilizer this year when I see the leaves start to yellow. They seem to be more high maintenance than I like but I'll give them one more year before I decide their fate!

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I have been reading posts and writing posts as well, but then mostly hitting delete afterwards. This was last night's post for a flavor:

"Rhubarb still my beating heart! We've been living on lentils and couscous most of the week. Just got back from seeing my dad at the hospital, where he's been since Monday. His C02 levels were dangerously high but are stabilizing. Lungs just aren't exchanging gases like they're supposed to. A few minutes after I arrived he starts declaring he needs ominous turn of events, since he's been known to call a cab in the middle of the night and bolt from the hospital, against medical advice, in nothing but his hospital gown flapping in the breeze. My poor mother...

The spring/early summer photos are glorious. PM, here's a photo taken yesterday of the bathhouse. No new photos of Ms. Katie though. Bathhouse screens are in place, sheeted object in background is the tub, which will go about where the chair sits on the porch, grey cat skulks in the foreground. It has a treehousy effect, right under the Chinese fringe tree. Under the screens will all be enclosed, of course. The cats and Ein think we are building it just for them:

So you can now be thankful my delete key is fully functional!

Some photos from this morning. Some pots lined up in shade against the creeping-fig covered southern boundary wall, a concrete fence we inherited with the rampageous fig already planted on it The Paisley abutilon hanging on from last year but very thin in the leaf dept. Obviously needs Deanne's intensive care ward.

Why brown flwrs are hard to photograph but lovely in the garden, Nicotiana 'Hot Chocolate'

Grape now frames the potted agave

Gladioulus, iresine and plectranthus and Euphorbia mellifera peaking in

Some of the "aerial fizz" going on, gaura and alkanet and yarrow. Coreposis 'Full Moon,' is in here, starting to flop but finally budding up, new to me this year. That senorita cleome is my new fave plant. Pots against wall can be seen in the background. Our lot is 5400 sq ft

that's about it from me. Hoping for fine weather in Chicago. (If I remember correctly, Chelone pulled a "runner" about this time last year and I asked Saucy to check up on her!)

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Denise, sorry to hear about your dad being in the hospital. You paint a pretty funny picture of him running out into the night in nothing but his gown, but that must be a real worry.

Your garden is GORGEOUS and so very different from anything we see here. I do hope to see some West Coast gardens someday! I hope you'll let me stop by if I ever make it.

I sent Chelone some personal emails about IU6, so you'd all better bet if I don't hear from her soon, I'll be giving her a call....but I'll bet she's just got computer problems or is really busy.

I'm filthy...I just came in from volunteering at the community barn to clean up/weed/mulch the GIANT butterfly garden (it looks small because it's in a field, but it's as big as my front yard!). I need to go clean myself up.

Tidbit....ever heard of Nun's Farts? LOL, it's a pinwheel cookie. Today was immigration day in Sarah's class, and we had to bring snacks that pertained to your family background....

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Cold and wet today - 57°
Mostly sunny. High: 77°. Wind: Southwest 5-15 mph is the promised forcast for Saturday. I sure hope they are right.
Last week I got buzzed by a hummingbird that is. The first this year. I just love it when Im working in the garden and hear that familiar buzz. Last night was another pleasant one for gardening. The frogs in the wetlands were trilling and the Brown Thrasher was singing his heart out. For you west coast gals who dont have them, the Brown Thrasher has one of the largest song repertoires of any North American bird.

V, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Just relax and enjoy.

Norma, Im not far behind you in the veggie arena, I have blooms on the snow peas.

Deanne, that new fuchsia is incredible! I noticed you have a link I must check out.

Eden, what a nice idea with the family breakfast. The conservatory plants sound just perfect, very Victorian.

bug, I believe Eden mentioned getting the angelica Ebony seeds from Plant World Seeds.

Anita, good to hear that things are looking up in your business.

Cindy, LOL on the heads. Thats whats so fun about the Idyll gardens is that we each have our own unique style. Although, Ive only incorporated one so far, I have collected 3 old sinks for possible garden use LOL

Speaking of unique style I really enjoyed the latest pictures from Denise. I like how the grapes frame the agave and that last picture is just yummy!
Denise, sorry to hear about your dad, the hospital escapee ;o)

Back to the grind, only an hour left.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Aaargh -- poor Denise -- I hope they hold your Dad captive until they get things regulated properly - I was wondering about him -- thinking of ya - I know how stressful and worrisome that can be.

Thanks for not deleting the info or the photos, tho! I especially love that last "long" shot of the one bed -- glad to see the spa bath is continuing to progress - Im sure you'll be joined by more than just your pets when it's done -- as in, neighbor pets too!

Im envisioning Chelone either stuck at the White Elephant slaving away or working on deadline for the mounds of alterations she took in recently.... she'll resurface soon I expect.

Happy Friday and weekend all....


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

We are having five friends over for dinner tonight and Ive got a few minutes before I have to leap into action. I just wanted to thank Denise for posting those fabulous pics of her gardens. I love, love, love it! That new bathhouse is going to be terrific. That Paisley is a terrific Abutilon. Have you ever just cut it back? Im forever pinching and cutting them back to get good branching and form. Love that Plectranthus under it as well and that last photo just says it all. Wonderful! ~~~ So sorry about your dadWhat a worry.

Saucy, I didnt know you were from Acadian stock LOL about the Pet De Soeurs.

Michelle, hope you get a great weekend of gardening in.

Cindy, hope it stops raining long enough for you to get outside as well.

OK must run, have a great evening all,

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Good Friday evening Idylls. It's been a busy day. The weather was perfect. Bella's been here all day and Jen and Kate spent most of the day in the garden with us. I did get the conservatory mostly finished, still a couple of things I want to add but it's done for now.

Marie, Michelle's correct. I did order the Ebony seeds from Plant World. I'll try to save some for you guys though if you don't mind being patient.

Norma, I'll be back to discuss the mini hostas. I just have a minute now and wanted to put up some pictures of the conservatory.

and I couldn't resist adding this one of my girls in the garden this morning.

OK gotta run. Hope you're all having a great evening! Thinking of V and hope she's enjoying the festivities!!!


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It's been a decent day weatherwise here today ,but I only got one vine planted and tried to help DH on his project.
I woke up at 3:30 this morning from a bad dream and didn't want to go back to sleep, so I got up.
After lunch I laid in the hammock and dozed off only to be awakend by DH's fourth call(so he says). He needed me to make a dash to town for more concrete mix. It was crucial. So I dusted my knees and swiped at my feet and figured if I was buying concrete they would understand. I think I was still half asleep on my trip to town, but mission accomplished.

V have a great weekend.

Bug, how nice that Ivy will be making her first trip to Grandmas house. I'm glad you reccomended Huldine for Woody. I need a type 3 white to plant with my Jackmania. I'll probably have to order it.

Denise, I'm happy you didn't delete your post. The bath house is interesting to me and we get to see more of your garden. I wish I had a large agave like yours. What a worry with your dad. I hope he improves soon.
Love that Gladioulus, iresine combo.

Saucy, Those nun farts look yummy to me.

Everyone enjoy the weekend. I had to ask DH what day it was today. This week flew by.

Later N

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Oh Eden it is just as cute as I thought it would be! Brad and you make an excellant team. We will need a night shot too.

I'can't believe Kate is strong enough to be propped up in that chair even for a instant photo op. A precious photo of the two of them suitable for framing.


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Eden...I love the Conservatory! It's delightful and cheery. I can't believe Bella isn't scrambling to get it for her very own "doll" house. Is that the wicker chair you picked up curb side? It looks to be in excellent shape and goes perfect in the C. Love the photo of your girls. I echo Norma's comment that I can't believe Kate is strong enough to be sitting up like that. My, how fast they grow. sorry to hear about your dad's health worries. Hope he'll be fine very soon. Great shots of your garden and bath house. I love that last photo with a wide shot of the area. You and Kathy can plant so many cool things in your zone that I can only dream of.

Gotta get me a Huldine, too. My want list grows every time I read the Idylls. Bad influence all of you.:-)


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Hola mi amigas, (and amigos in the event of any dude lurkers )

The wind has died down here thank goodness and Im whipping up some pasta for dinner. I had all intentions of doing housework today, but the road to hell etc..

I did do some work on one of my shameful areas , the bed that Eden is planted in. This rose is so frustrating but I put up with it to enjoy her first bloom which is always spectacular. I spent a long time removing diseased foliage and trying to make something happen beneath her. I am going to put in some Aeoniums as it is poor soil and inconsistent lighting.

The conservatory turned out great Eden ! I notice the white lights and wonder if you will be able to get us a pic of the lit-up version ?

Things are looking good at Villa Denise too. I had to laugh re: the Deanne ICU for your Abutilon- I have an A. savitizii that also needs a Deanne intervention. Mine have to recover from a winter outside and they often struggle. Sorry to hear of your Dad stuff, but you should know that we are vent central here, and if you need to unload we are ready to listen. Funny how one figures one has it made once the teenagers have been disposed of that lasts about 20 minutes ; adult children, parents etc. etc. theres always something to deal with.

OK, time for an evening WALAT before the sun goes over the yardarm

Buenos Noches

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Eden, I love the conservatory!

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner went great. One of the bridesmaids hugged me as I was leaving and told me our family was the type of family people dreamed of having. After growing up with an alcoholic father, never wanting to bring friends home, this was the highest praise I could ever hear from someone.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I wish you all were going to be here with me!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Aw V, what a great compliment! We wish we were going to be there with you too. We WILL be in a way you know! One of a Mom's great moments...which you'll remember always!

Yesterday I tried to post twice...and failed. The messages are getting tired for me, so I'll simply join in to say that Denise's photos are fabu-fabu and that Bella is a lucky gal to be able to enjoy her grandma and grandpa's fantasy garden!

DH rented a chain saw yesterday and spent an hour or two cutting up trees and branches on our property. I couldn't watch, but later observed that lots was accomplished! Then we were off to dinner with our French Club friends. Today is another busy day of cleanup as well as DH's recital practice. I hope to get some more weeding done too, keeping in mind PM's list. I fear I'll be the last to complete my assignment!

For all you Huldine lovers, try to plant your clematis in a position where you can also see the backs of the blooms...because their veining is a treat to look at. Check out the photos below. You may recognize one of the photographers. ;)

Time to get up and go!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

O.K. so here's the thing. If you look into my current backyard from the wine deck, there is a large garden shed at back left of the lot and a large and beautiful perennial bed at the right back of the lot. Behind the shed is a beautiful old log building and the apple orchard, and the view also includes a greenspace park. DG has always maintained that the shed should be on the right and the garden, which is now full of huge mature plants just about the burst into flower, should be on the right. Of course now that we are getting a fence, getting any kind of heavy equipment in here will be impossible.

Do you see where this is going?

The shed is being moved one week from Monday.The fence will be going in the same day.

This gives me one week - one week- to dig out and bag up or pot up or whatever, about a hundred huge plants. And of course, the contractor says, the clothes line will have to be relocated. and we realize of course that using a tractor and a "dozer won't do our lawn any good...

My backyard, which I finally declared complete this spring, will be a construction zone all summer. *sigh* It never ends...

On the bright side, redesigning the garden will be fun, and as the contractor also said, by next summer it will all look gorgeous and you'll never know what a mess it was.

Oh V -This will be such a wonderful day for you and your family! And I agree, you have been paid a wonderful compliment.

Eden, I love the conservtory! I am going to show that to my DH - he is excellent at putting things like that together and maybe I could have something similar too. If that is the freebie chair, you really lucked in! Looks great!

Oh Gee, I thought the photo was of Bella with a dolly! How cute, the two of them in their little chair!

My goodnes, Denise, your gardens are lovely! The bath house is coming along - a very neat idea. Such an inventive and creative group of people here!

I'm going to run off to start my day now. I will be digging up plants...Maybe I should take some pictures first....

Deanne - I too am overrun with aphids - ugly black ones that I've never had before. I am trying to just wash them off, but there sure are tons.



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Hello all! I believe my computer has experienced a catastrophic failure, seemingly electrical in nature. Thunderstorm, perhaps? dunno. But am awaiting the expertise of my 2 favorite computer gurus. I'm on the helpmeet's machine right now.

I've decided things like this happen for reasons, though. I am buried in work right now and am facing a strict deadline that precludes too much screwing around in front monitors, lol.

Cross your fingers that the problem can be easily remedied. I'll try to catch up on my reading later today, as I see the Idyll du jour is blazing right along.

Best wishes to V. as I know this is the BIG DAY and everything will be picture perfect and the newlyweds will live happily ever after. May time stand still today.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A beautiful sunny morning here. What a treat. We had a fantastic time with good friends and a dinner for 5 turned into dinner for 10 at the last minute. I was scrambling around trying to make room for the extras, added more veggies to the salad etc. But what a great time we had. I havent laughed that much in a long time. I so wish you could see the gardens right now, so many lovely things going on. My Piilau is opening up and will be a curtain of color in the Sundial Garden. Another few days. Ill have to grab a pic of it for you.

V. Wish we were going to be there with you too. All the best to your family on this great and memorable day.

Eden, just LOVE the conservatory and that chair was the find of the year.

Kathy, I lol over your "shameful areas". Too funny.

Bug, congrats on your Huldine photos being featured on that web site.

Julie, sounds like you have your work cut out for you but youll be so pleased with the final result and the truth is that next summer youll be sitting on your wine deck enjoying the view with the shed where it should be. Maybe you should install a sprinkler system while its all torn up? LOL ~~~ Yes Ive got those nasty black ones here to and Ive no idea why so many or where they are coming from. I hose them off and there are as many the next day.

Chelone, bummer about the computer. Hope it is an easy and inexpensive fix.

OK Im burning daylight and have to get outside and get some work done. Have a great day everyone.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The chain saw is buzzing as I type here....I believe it is willow branches this time. Huge impossible ones.

I planted up a few more things in the yellow and blue garden this morning. After that I tried an ant treatment. We are subjected to ant hills here every year and they nest under particularly valuable plants usually. Anyone have the perfect solution? I've tried boiling water, Raid and other things, but they do little good. Then I needed to collect things around the house to carry off to the dump. That will be a trip for me later today. I'd prefer a wedding to all this stuff.

Julie, who would have guessed that your dogs would be such an expense?!! To have to revamp the entire backyard is a bit much... You always try to find the positive and I am amazed how you succeed. You really should have moved closer so we could all help move plants. Would a small group from your Hort Society come lend a hand? After all you do for them it seems only fair to me! Gee, two or three hours and eight people would accomplish a great deal I think.

I still haven't made it to my edging project. Still a couple of indoor tasks before that will be possible.

Good luck with your computer gurus Chelone! Tell them it is an emergency, that your public needs you.


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There's Chelone!

Thanks for the comments re my dad. My mom is still laughing -- dunno how she does it. The smartest thing that man ever did was marry her!

Saucy, you see such different plants in my garden because I've tried to grow most of the plants you guys grow and they vote with their roots, i.e. die! Your cast leaves are unbelievably gorgeous, whatever color. I'm always on the lookout now for more Saucy-leaf material.

Eden, I just missed your post. The conservatory came out beautifully. What an enchanted garden you have. Does Bella look like one long-limbed little girl in that pose, and I admit it gave me a shock to see Kate in an adirondack, Your agave hits the road today at last.

The very best to you today, V. It sounds like all the prep is well under control and now you can relax and have a marvelous time. What a lovely but deserved compliment to your family.

Julie, that contractor sounds a little too philosophical about all your upcoming hard work! I like a challenge too, but to dig up your mature garden...sigh. The view without the shed does sound stunning. That's exactly what we do, jump from one project to the next. I swore this year there'd be no construction but I'm the worst instigator, I'm afraid. I have a very old door that's going to be a long table for the tiled area near the bathhouse. A neighbor does welding so we'll see if we can get a metal base to it.

I do see the excellent photographer's name on the Huldine photos. What a beauty. My Betty Corning survived, is growing lustily - what a gal! -- and has a bud. I grew her in the large pot all last summer and have just moved her to under the smoke tree Grace, some low branches to grow on and she's scrambling.

Kathy, I bet that week flew by but was a very productive staycation with the occasional excursion. I kept meaning to post before you got to Annies to look out for Calceolaria mexicana, a little annual that blooms it heart out in shade, screaming yellow pouches. Deanne would love it. I'll collect lots of seed this summer from it.

Michelle, I'm going to look for that bird on youtube.

Anita, your garden is so beautiful, thanks for posting those photos.

I started from seed some "bucket" plants, stuff I've never done before like sunflowers. No space in the garden so they're in a silver dustbin lined up against the house. The Moulin Rouge just opened two blooms yesterday, and I think I'm hooked.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Keeping it short today, but wanted to thank everyone for photos, I've enjoyed them.
I'm in love with your Conservatory, Eden! Very pretty color and the way you've staged the plants in it and the 'chair find' is perfect there. I have to agree that the lights must be something at night and require another night photo. :-) Denise, I am jealous of your bathtub retreat too. Still love all your tile. I can't wait to see it completed. It is really coming along. It reminds me of that photo you posted once of the screen porch with the metal tub on it. Lucky ducks! Marian, you are amazing with your Toyota Potager. Your plants look nice and healthy. I think you've outfoxed them. [g] Love the latest fuchsia, Deanne and Carolina Moonlight, Marie. Woody those heads are a riot. Keep sharing the baby pics, I look forward to them. Still a few more photos and news to come in but plenty of time, it's only the middle of June. Yes Anita, one bug is replaced with something else. [g] Thanks for the cutoff date for pinching back the Asters, Eden. Camera purchase has been put on hold, momentarily. I will pop in when I can. Looking for wedding photos next....I'm very happy with the amount of rain we have had lately and no watering needed for awhile. A very good thing. That's all for now....happy sunday. :-)

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