My cat is sick

catherinet(5 IN)July 9, 2009

A year ago, my cat was really obese. I put him on a diet, and found food that he would eat without throwing up. The vet said he just had a hairball problem and that's why he was throwing up so much.

Later last year, he had a bowel impaction and they gave him an enema. They checked his labs and his sugar was a little high, but I chose to ignore it, since he was stressed so much at the time.

He's lost alot of weight....which we were glad of, since he'd been so obese.

But about a month ago, he started not eating again, and began losing weight really rapidly.

I took him to the vet this Monday, and he sent off labs including thyroid. I wanted a thyroid the last time, but he said the cat didn't have the symptoms.

Anyhow.....the labs should be back today, but kitty is really slowing down and not looking good. I guess I'm a bit disappointed that the vet hasn't taken some of kitty's problems more seriously. But I guess cats go through various strange times and it doesn't always mean anything.

I did switch his food last year to Blue Spa Select. A few months ago, I switched to Brandon's organics. I don't think there's still any problems with pet food and contamination with Melamine, are there??

Kitty is 13 years old. I didn't think that was that old, but I guess its getting there.

Any input would be appreciated.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Well, I just called the vet and his T4 was normal, but his free T4 was greater than 100. (Normal is 10-50). the vet said that it could be a plain thyroid hormone problem or it could be a thyroid tumor. He said he didn't have the equipment to run a scan, but other places could, and it could easily cost $1000, without the surgery.
I've chosen to try the oral medication first.
This makes me so sad. I couldn't find him this morning and was afraid he'd died somewhere. I found him under the easy chair in the living room.......which he never does.
Here's hoping the pills work.
Darnit. I hate losing things I love........but everyone does. :(

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

The hyperthyroidism likely is due to a tumour of the thyroid. The radioactive iodine treatment targets the abnormal tissue of the thyroid and kills it. If too much tissue is involved then you'll have a hypothyroid situation and a lifetime of a different kind of pill.

Treating with the radioactive iodine may also result in a rise in blood ammonia *IF* the hyperthyroidism was masking an underlying kidney proble. Once the blood isn't flowing through the kidneys at a faster rate, there's less filtration and the ammonia goes up. Doesn't happen often but it could.

There is a topical gel that can be applied to the ears made of Tapazole, the medicine to control the hyper condition, if your kitty doesn't care much to take pills.

Most people opt to use the pills or the topical medication and kitties can live many many years with the condition. Is this the same kitty who had dental problems a few years ago?

Sorry your kitty isn't feeling well now. Once the thyroid is under control he'll be feeling better and will quickly add on the weight again.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! :-)

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks CD3,
I asked the vet if it came in a shot or liquid and he said no, but there was a patch that he hadn't tried yet.
someone else told me about the stuff you can put on their ears. I will look into that, because Kitty has never liked pills!
I felt like he was going to die this skinny and weak. I hope he can make it until the med kicks in.
No, he didn't have a dental problem.......although several years ago the vet told me he needed to have his teeth cleaned, but I didn't do it. He never said anything since. He did have to have an enema last year, since he was impacted and appeared very sick from it. At that time his blood sugar was up, but it was normal this time.
Hopefully, we'll get a fairly good decrease in the thyroid hormone with the Tapazole.
In your experience, is it fairly unusual for a cat to live into his upper teens? I guess I thought it was common, but the vet said 12-14 is about average.

Fortunately, I happened on a canned food that he likes. Its Brandon Organics, from the east coast (at Krogers). I don't think it has corn, soy or wheat. I added a little water and mashed it up, and he ate it, and then drank that was good.
Its funny.....he quits eating and moves away from the I move the dish to under his nose and he eats some more, then moves........and I move the dish under his nose and he eats some more! Whatever works!
Thanks CD3.
I'll probably have more questions before long!
(I just took Brownie the injured chicken back to the coop yesterday. He's pretty well healed up. Now this. There's always somethin'!)

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

I think the average kitty age is about 16-18 years here. But we've had kitties die from kidney failure at 4 years or live through a multitude of issues to 24 years. Our oldest kitty patient now is 23 years. She's a Siamese.

Good to hear he's eating and that dear Brownie is on the mend! :-)

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hardin(7 SE OK)

I hope Kitty gets to feeling better. I know how easy it is to get very attached to the pets we love and care for all their lives.
I had a cat who was 14 when he died. His name was 'Big Cat.' About a year before he passed away, I had noticed that he was getting frail. He started to lose his teeth and I switched to soft food. I knew deep in my heart, I was going to have to make a decision soon.
Sadly, the circumstances of his death were really bad. My youngest daughter, who was 15 at the time, ran over him when she was moving her sister's car out of the way. I received the call at work, and rushed home. It was hard enough losing our old boy, but it really broke my heart, when I seen my youngest, laying on the ground, rocking slowly, with BC in her arms as he was dying.
The funny thing is, those two came full circle. Daughter was a year old, when she came to me, and pulling on my leg, kept telling me, "A kit, a kit." I didn't know what she was trying to tell me, until she pointed under the couch. That's is where momma cat had given birth. Big Cat was the first-born, and he wasn't doing well. After I rubbed on his tiny chest, he started to breathe.
Through the years, if you seen daugher, not far behind was Big Cat. She was there with him when he was born, and she was there when he died in her arms.
We buried him in our yard. She ran into the house and returned with her favorite blanket, and wrapped him up. We had a real genuine funeral. I think that helped my daughter alot.
I know this story isn't really cheerful, but I do feel deeply for your concern. I will pray that all turns out well. Reading this, just made me think of all the great times we all had with our beloved cat.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Sorry about Big Cat hardin......but it sounds like he had a good life.
My cat is actually doing better today. He was even trying to get into the bag of dog I know he's feeling a bit better! I'm just glad I finally found a food that he would eat. Hopefully he's on the mend with this new medicine.
I think I will lose weight, just trying to give him his pill.

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I am glad your kitty is doing better. I hope all goes well with kitty and with you.


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koijoyii(NE Ohio)


I am glad kitty is feeling better. Watch him closely around the bag of dog food. My fat siamese loved Iams mini chunks and it was the death of him. Too much protein. Their kidneys can't handle it.

His sister, Boa, the sole survivor of the family we adopted just celebrated her 18th birthday on July 4. She has been on tapazole for 3 years now for hyperthyroidsm. She, too, doesn't eat unless I follow her around with her dish. When I feed the cats in the morning she will eat a few bites, walk away, and is back every 10-15 minutes till she finishes it all. She drinks a lot of water. She is still spry at 18. The only problem she doesn't clean herself and is full of knots. She used to let me brush her but won't let me lately. A trip to to groomer to have her shaved may be in order, but I hate to stress her out. She has her spells when she vomits, but I think that's a side effect of the medicine.

I think C3D is thinking of Boa. Two years ago she had an abcessed tooth and when they tried to pull it her jaw broke and it had to be wired to heal. Then I had to take her back to have the wire removed. Everyone advised me to put her down when she was on the table, but until you are ready to let them go you try every available option. She has had 2 more years since the surgery and we hope she has many more.

Give kitty a kiss for me.


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Catherine, I am glad to hear Kitty is doing better!

Pets are just like kids - when they ail, we ail too!

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Appearing to be, just little brats,
Nevertheless, they are caring cats.
Qualified to leap, to unreachable heights
Always more frisky, particularly at night.

Able to run sideways, even on walls
Keeping in balance, never to fall.
Accused of being finicky, when I call it class
An affectionate nature, they're caring cats.

When talking to a cat, to make you aware
They shift their ears, to tell you they hear.
The light that shines, from their eyes at night
Alone in the dark, a mysterious sight.

Captivating your love, with a relaxing purr
Displaying affection, attentive to words.
Their spirited nature, being mischievous cats
Compassionate felines, they're caring cats.

Author Unknown

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks everyone! :)

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catherinet(5 IN)

This story doesn't have a happy ending.
Titter Tat died a couple days ago. He just couldn't tolerate the medicine, plus it didn't seem to help. So I'm thinking maybe he had a thyroid tumor and maybe it even metastasized.
We were glad we could be with him almost constantly for his last few days.
I so miss his fluffy body and sweet purr.
He's resting in a really nice spot in the woods under some big white pines. We will miss him forever.

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

I am so sorry Catherine. Titter Tad had a wonderful life with you caring for him. It is never easy when we lose a pet. No matter how well we think we are prepared, we are never prepared.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Thank you Jenny.

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Oh, no. I am so sorry about about Titter Tat. Do you suppose, between yours and mine, they are creating havoc in Kitty Heaven? I like to think so. One thing I am sure of, they do live in our hearts forever.

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